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Dream About Losing The Sense Of Taste meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my dream mean?

So last night i had a dream that I was with an angel.me and this angel were looking at a road. the road had sign next to it with a 5 on it. it looked like one of those signs you see on the highway. and on the road a car was going by and i could see who was in it and it was me. i was in the passenger seat and my best friend Alex was in the driver seat. so i was looking at myself and i could feel myself in the car but i was next to this angel. at the end of the road there was a city. the angel was extremely bright. all i could see was its hand. but for some reason the angel kept pointing at me in the car. and then the me that was next to the angel. it told me that i was going to leave somewhere, not very long, then it pointed to the five sign. and sayed "do not be scared, i will come back again" i remember the taste of the air. it was very summery. the thing that scares me though is that when i woke up i could taste and still smell that air. somethign about this dream though is that my girlfriend moved to L.a. because her mom kicked her out. and me and my friend are going to pick her up, or so we plan to. and the road that we have to take is I-5. i dont believe in god that much. i was raised in a christian household but over the years i started doubting. so i dont understand what is going on. can anybody please help me understand this?

I only know the very basic methods of psychoanalysis, but why not take a stab at this?

Alright, so! Your dreams are a manifestation of your unconscious, specifically your unconscious desires and urges. The angel in many cultures and religions was seen as an unconscious force even before Freud came around, with the demon as its opposite. So if the angel is so bright you cannot see it, then it may suggest you are blocking out many positive influences that you could be having; it would make some sense as you mentioned doubting your Christian upbringing. Your unconscious may desire for you to give in to these positive influences, but your superego may not allow it because you may have built a sort of external defense against it, so it comes in dream form of a guardian angel.

As for the car with you and your friend, cars, or transportation in general that allows for control, is a symbol of how well you can control your life, yet your friend is driving. Not you. It may be you are so heavily influenced by your friends and whatnot that you lose control of your life and submit to them; this would match up to you neglecting the angel mentioned above.

Going to the city often would symbolize leaving your home, very simplistic and hassle-free, for the big city where you have all those complex scenarios and situations. This may mean that you are headed for unavoidable complex troubles, according to your unconscious.

All of this together, according to how your unconscious sees it, means that you are neglecting the positive guidance in your life for your friends and their burdens, often letting them take the wheel instead, and this will lead you towards further complex troubles. The angel is a reminder of what is happening to you, but reminds you that when you return from this city it will still be there, meaning that once you leave those troubles all of your positive influences will be with you at the end.

Hope that helped! And remember: this is not the whole truth! It's just how your unconscious perceives your life right now.

Example: Why do my dreams become reality?

I always have a lot of dreams, whether they're terrifying nightmares or beautiful dreams. When I have nightmares I usually don't really think about them, I just say "it's just a dream it means nothing." But every now and then i get this horrible feeling that my dreams will come true. For example, when I was 10 I had a dream my mom was in a car accident and I saw the car hit her and then I saw her on the hospital bed surrounded with doctors yelling "give her oxygen! we're losing her!" And i woke up crying and when I told my mom she said it was just a dream. But then about 5 weeks after I had that dream my mom was in a horrible accident and she almost did die. I also had a dream I was sitting in a room surrounded with people wearing black and I was crying and asking god "why did she have to die, she was an angel, she helped everyone." and 4 months later my grandmother died. I can tell when it's just a little dream, because I instantly get over it. But then sometimes I get this horrible feeling that goes on for weeks, my heart is always pounding, my stomach has butterflies and I feel worried. And then a horrible tragedy happens. My mom wants to take my to a doctor, but what can a doctor do? Give me a bunch of pills that will make me tired all the time and just ruin my life? I have a history with depression, but that just had to do with my grandmother dying and few other things. I've been through a lot in my life, I'm 14 now and I've having these dreams for 4 years now. I've dreamt about 6 things that've happened, they weren't all bad things though. I'm just so confused...what's going on?

Example: What's the meaning behind dreaming about guys from my past?

I'm in my mid 20's and at a point in my life where I'm not settling for less (anymore). I know who I am, I know what I want, and I'm craving the right person who's the same as I am and will offer me real love. I'm willing to not rush or look for it and just better myself in the meantime and it comes whenever it comes. I'm single by choice now and also because I'm at a busy time in my career. I'm learning more and more about myself (deeply) and what I want in a person.

I'm very traditional and old fashioned in love but because of past experiences and people (i know) and their marriage troubles, I'm a bit cautious (as I should be). I'm not a "fairy tale" kind of girl but somehow I have this strange faith, it'll just happen; however, there are times when it's so hard for me to believe that a decent guy exists. I don't mean to be negative or jaded but for me to imagine a decent good guy, who will simply love, respect/accept me for who I am (as I will for him) seems impossible. It might have to do with the fact that my dad hasn't been a good role-model and that he and my mom's marriage sucks (for lack of a better word). When I learned to ACT and stop settling (not just think), my life shifted. The guys I've been with in the past (and have been interested in) were never good for me. Even though I'm a better person now, you meet wrong guys and can't help but feel down sometimes. Before I go to bed, I pray to be positive in love but for some reason, for the past few months, I'll have a dream of a guy from my past. Once, it was a guy I dated when I started college; 2 weeks after that, it was a guy I went out with (once) last summer; another was my high school boyfriend who happen to give me "he's not into you" advice but in a way about that same guy i went out w. in the summer; and last night, was a random cute guy I met a party way back in college... it's like random "boyfriend" episodes I have in my dreams and it happens to be right when I pray for positivity. What is up with this? (maybe it's just a final goodbye to all of them... and these are guys that range from years ago to a year ago... it's not like I think about them before bed, that's why it's so random)

Example: Possible past life dream? Please help me make some sense of it...?

I've never had a dream like this... I woke up very affected, and have felt down about it all day. Does anyone know about past life dreams? Any closure or advise would be very appreciated! Thank you...

My name was Natasha. I was brunette, young, and very pretty. I wore a white, fancy big, puffy dress. Like something you’d see in a western movie. The location was somewhere western, very dry, very few plants outside, just dirt and cactus. I was in a house, with other young girls. They didn’t feel like family, I don’t think I had family. I have a feeling it was like a prostitute home, where men came and paid for the girls. There were men there, I think maybe a saloon on the bottom floor, with a bar and a piano. Upstairs there were small bedrooms, with high beds that had pretty blankets, flowered. I lived there, but I wasn’t a prostitute, I was a virgin. I was engaged to a man who was to be arriving the next day from a war, when we were to be married. My fiancée was a tall, handsome, dark brown haired man. I didn’t know him well, but I thought I loved him. This day, a group of older men came to the house. They had been somewhere for a long time, without women. Maybe war, or off on some cattle drive? I was upstairs and alone. An older man came upstairs. He was middle aged, balding, smelled bad, repulsive. He pushed me into a small room with a bathtub. He ripped my clothes off and pushed me into the dry bathtub. He raped me. I remember begging him to stop, that my wedding was tomorrow… I was crying hysterically. He kept saying he was sorry but that I didn’t understand, that he needed to. This was while it was happening. I don’t remember him hurting me, I just had a sickening feeling in my stomach, because I was a virgin and this could not happen. Not the day before my wedding. I remember I didn’t or could fight him off, almost because he was a customer? Or because I knew the woman in charge would beat me. And because I had a feeling this man didn’t know that I was NOT a prostitute unlike the other girls in the house. This part of the dream was very visual, I remember it clearly. Once again, repulsive. I was crying so hard that at one point he was looking away during it, like he truly did feel bad. I was somehow able to wiggle out from under him before he finished. I remember looking back at him with disgust and him saying how he didn’t get to finish, and me saying finish by yourself. I felt swollen and sore down there, I remember how it felt trying to walk. I went back to my room and next thing I know it’s the next day. I pulled myself together, had on another pretty dress, my hair in a fancy up do. I was walking down the hall where all the bedrooms were and saw my fiancée. I was so excited! I ran up to him and hugged him and pushed him into my room. I was trying to kiss him but he was very tense, emotionless, wouldn’t kiss me. Next thing I remember is the old man walked into my room, with me and my fiancée still there and he shut the door. The two men were talking and my fiancée pushed me onto the bed and ripped off my dress. Him and the man who raped me help me down as my fiancée separated my legs. He checked me and the man said something like I told you so. I guess the old man had told my fiancée he had me before I saw him, and my fiancée didn’t believe him at first. My fiancée wasn’t mad at the man at all, but at me. He looked disgusted, like it was my fault the man had raped me. I remember during this I didn’t speak, like at that time women didn’t speak out to men, even while being violated like this? My last memory was my fiancée forcing me to drink some clear liquid. Some kind of poison, he was trying to kill me. Him and the man held me down while doing this. I remember choking and trying to spit it up, it tasted horrible. It slowly and miserably killed me. My fiancée killed me, on the day of our wedding, because a man raped me.

Example: I lose my senses in my dreams, does that mean something?

When I dream, the only sense I have is sight. I can't feel, smell, taste or hear. But I know what they're saying. It's like I'm thinking of what they're saying and remembering but not hearing. I also never have it from my point of view. I can see myself, and know what everyone else is thinking. Then sometimes, I don't hear, see, feel, taste, hear anything, it's just me thinking in my sleep. Does this mean something? I never really have "nightmares", just weird dreams. (I.E., I keep breaking the fence--don't know how that would work in real life, but I dreamed it)

Example: If having everything you want meant losing your sense of taste, would it be cool?

Your dreams are all yours at the trade-off of your taste. Good>?

Example: People of R&S? What is it that makes you lose all sense of reason? You have no sense of danger? ?

It's like you're living in a dream?!...

It lets you float through crowds and makes you smile at strangers! It's just the greatest state of being, Oohh... !

Example: I had a really vivid dream can anyone tell me what it means?

i had a dream that was really vivid: My mum took me to a shop and i asked her if we had a family secre she looked like she had seen a ghost and told me that she wasn't my real mother.I asked her who was and she said my dads grandmothers/mums great aunt i was going to look her last name up on the internet when my 'mum' started screaming at me telling me not to. i secretly researched my real mum and found that she was a vampire who had these poweres that later i found out that i had; i could hear peoples thoughts and could pick out one persons voice in a crowd of noisy people i could also point at a certain thing and see it more clearly if was in the distance kind of like a zoom.However i was a vampire that didn't thirst for blood. I met a really goodlooking vampire who had a human girlfriend and tracing through his thoughts she had been captured by this beautiful but evil vampire me and the goodlooking vampire soon found her house and while he went to look for his human girlfriend i distracted the evil vampire the only way was to kill her. so even though i didnt thirst for blood i bit her throat and i could taste the blood in my mouth while i was sleeping! and when i pulled away tearing the flesh from around her throat and could feel me tearing at her skin with such force and disgust and the same again i really could feel my teeth tearing at her skin. After killing her the boy came out with his girlfriend and thanked me.

I do have vivid dreams but the taste of the blood in my mouth and the lifelikeness and vividness of me tearing at her skin i could actually feel myself tearing away at her throat was abit too vivid is this abnormal?

plz help

Example: Why cant religion tell us what happen to us after death ,in a psychological sense?

now ,they cant tell us what god thinks ,and wants ...but yet are all over the place when it comes to this subject...they say we will feel ,pain joy bliss...but with no bodies ..how are we meant to do this if we leave our body for the spirit world
some say we will have a new body but without our old brain ...are we even the same people

so enlighten me
can a body survive without the world it was designed for.or evolved in

Example: Vivid dreams?

i havent been having a very good pregnancy upt to yet but i have started to get better this last week where i have come down with a cold etc and feels like hell, but the wierdest dreams are happening to me well i say weird i mean horrific, scary and certainly not normal (i.e about murderers and rapists and stuff like that ) now before u say n e thing i hvent got a screw lose in my head, but im just worring cos there a bit scary and i have heard of weird dreams, whilst pregnant but never heard of n e thing like that !

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