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Dream About Loss meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What do our dreams mean?

when we have dreams what does it mean?

Dream meanings often are random or could be said to 'not be there' - only discarded information as the mind defrags in your sleep.

Other times, often enough there is meaning. In that people seek meanings there generally is already a base sense of meaning or they would not seek the 'answer' - which is truly more of an 'affirmation' or 'clarification' in most cases. The dreamer already holds the meaning but may need awakening as to what it may be.

How? Consider:

What did the dream leave you feeling like?
Who / what circumstances were involved and how do they relate to your personal life context, past or present?
What symbols, if any, held some intriguing interest for you?

Symbology is not a constant in terms of meaning or substance in dreams - much depends on what was suggested as you reflect in your personal context. They can however strongly imply general ideas - the royalty, stealthiness - or even evil as some see it - of the common house cat may figure in. How you see it depends on your personal feelings as you review such a thing.

Money, relationships, loss, fears - all these and more come and go in dreams for all kinds of reasons. The meaning simply depends on what any of those things, as they may occur in the dream, mean to you in your own unique circumstance.

It is largely a matter of piecing together and understanding feelings and carefully considering the source for the things experienced in the dream - then an answer usually gels in the mind and the story comes together. A 'dream interpreter' is more of an observer who can offer comments as to what is described and how it may relate to your own life - but is wholly dependent on you to find the precise answer. We can only work in generalities compared to the magnificent detail stored - if trapped - inside the dreamer's own mind.

I hope you find this information useful, all the best to you.

Example: Dream Meaning?

I had a dream when I was very young and here's what had happened, I was standing ontop of a broken old house that was a dark brown color and there was this big tree by the back of the house and it was bare, the sky was cloudy and the sky was a color of light gray. I was standing and looking around, all around there were no houses but there was concrete on the ground then I suddenly jumped from the room and literally dived for the concrete but right before I hit the concrete I woke up with my heart racing and breathing quickly.The dream was blurry too.

I know it might sound weird but this dream is the one of many that I can remeber the most detail about from when I was young. All I want to know is what this dream probably meant.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I've had several dreams about my teeth falling out. No blood...no accident...they just fall out. If my tongue touches them they fall out...what could this mean?

Example: What do you think my dream means?

Last night I dreamt that my husband and I awoke, only to discover that we were not in our own home. We woke up in a hotel room in New York City (we are from Oregon) and there were piles and piles of blue beetles crawling on the floor. I was yelling at my husband to call the hotel manager for help, but he refused because he was scared for some reason. What do you think that it means?

BTW, I'm three months pregnant.

Example: Meaning of dreams ?

i have had about 4 dreams about aeroplanes blowing up in the air , doea anyone no what these could mean

Example: Dream meaning?

I for a while now, for about 2 years now that I can actually remember, I have dreams that are of me dying, as in. In the dream, I see my self die as a human being. as I am now, in each dream a diffrent way. such as, 2 months ago, I had a dream where the world was ending and I was besides a ocean and a huge explosion was nearing, What confuses me is how my dreams have something do with a religous figure. I beileve in God and the devil, but I worship none, I feel that I follow both not through worship but through morals. Either way, in my dreams when I die, I end up in hell. In the dream with the explosion I remeber before I died, I started to pray to god. Which is odd for I have not prayed for years now, but either way I got to hell. In hell in my dream I remeber it not being all that bad, The last dream which was last week was that I died and went to hell and as a spirit got revenge on the people who ended my life. Does anyone have a good idea or meaning on what these dreams mean?

Example: Dream meaning?

I had this dream that I was at work(I work at a Dunkin Donut's) and that it was raining outside. I had mopped the floors because I was closing the store and I started to realize some parts of the floor were puddled and I look up at the ceiling and there are about 4 leaks making these giant puddles. As I start to try to grab buckets a bunch of customers start to come in with just barely any time left until close. Im too busy to attend them trying to fix the problem and they all continue to stand in line. What does this mean?

Example: Hair loss in dream meaning?

I had a dream the other night. I was combing out the back of my hair. It was straight and black like it is in real life. But when I took the comb away, I had a chunk of long, straight hair in the comb. I knew I lost some hair, but when I went to go touch the bald spot, there was none.It was just a short patch of hair in its place, so it didn't look like there was a bald spot. I've tried looking on different sites that tell you about dreams, but I've gotten mixed answers. Anyone that can help me, I would really appreciate it! :)

Example: What does it mean to dream i had lots of kids and memory loss?

In my dream i woke up and had 7 kids and two were new borns, and the rest were toddlers and like 5. Im only 17 but in my dream i woke up and as a adult who had kids young. I wasnt ready and everyone was going alone normally and my family was there but they werent helping. I didnt even know where my babies were in my big house. After dinner there was like dishes everywhere and i went off at everyone saying i need help i cant look after all the kids and them aswell. So i kicked them out.

Then i found my kids and naturally was a good mother but it was so hard with so many and they asked me so many questions, like why one of the babies had a different daddy and i didnt know anything about it, for some reason this guy that sexually abused me when i was five was helping me look after them and i walked in on him changing my new borns nappy and i was crazy and threw the nappy at his face and my mum had to stop me from hurting him for going near my child and i told her what he did and i kick him out and then she tells me he is the father of my youngest child and i feel sick and gross and dont understand how i got here, cause i hate him?

anyway weirdest dream, what does it mean?

Example: Meaning of dreams?

I have three dreams that I think have same meaning I had them at least five times each.
1) I have a cancer sometimes people are ok sometimes people leave me alone and I loose my hair but that's it
2)I have a boyfriend who is in the marines and he has to go to Iraq and gets injuried
3) I play hockey and get injuried and am not able to play for the rest of the seasson

In real life I'm single, no cancer and don't play hockey

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