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Dream About Lost meanings

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Example: What does it mean to dream you lost your child at an amusement park? ?

I had a nightmare last night 9/14/12. It went like this "My whole family and I went to an amusement park as a family outing. At the end of the day we had to give in our bracelets for any rewards or pictures we had taken in the park. Everyone had turned in their bracelets except my two oldest so my oldest brother stood til we found someone to take their bracelets. But the lady who did everyone elses' had left to go to bed. We found another lady who did it. And my brother left to meet everyone at the car while I stood with my two oldest children turn in theirs. And I so thought my family had took my 1yr old son with them back to the car. After my two oldest were done we starting heading towards the parking lot but some how got lost and there was alot of commotion going on that we ran and ended up on a large slide. As we slide down there was and toddler by me that wad sliding down but look like he was going to fall off so I grabbed him. Til we came to a stop. Where we had found his parents that were so worried they couldnt find their child. They thank me and inviting me and my children to their house for a party they were going to have in the upcoming future. As we left to go find out way back home I kept telling my children we needed milk for the baby he must be so tired and poot thing doesnt have milk at home. Finally we found our way. while walking towards our car for a split second I thought I saw my 1yr old son was crawling next to us and came across my mom where everyone was in their bathing suit and so happen that we were lost for a whole day and they didnt realized we were lost. They assumed we went home with them. I automatically asked where was my 1yr old. They thought he was with me so I said "No! You guys left him home by himself with no milk and alone!" I automatically began to cry and got in to fear I lost my son. And woke up. I didnt find him. And this dream made me wake up wanted to cry. What does it mean? Please does anyone know?

It means your pons is working just fine.

Example: What does my dream mean i lost my ring?

lost engagement ring

Example: What does it mean you dream that your own kid gets lost?

My mom had a dream that we were at a mall, and that I got lost. She wants to know what that means. Thank you!

Example: Dream meaning? Lost hearing and eyesight?

I was in a restaurant with friends and then when left. My friend was a bit ahead of me when we were walking out. Then they yelled: "You have to run, hurry!" and there were fire hydrants that had exploded and were releasing toxic gases. So I was running, but then I couldn't like move. I got stuck and I started losing my eyesight and hearing because of the toxic gases. Then I woke up. What does this mean?

Example: Dream Meaning: Getting lost and flowers?

Ok, I apologize if I go in to too much detail here, but I've been having these dreams pretty much my whole life and I'm wondering if anyone knows what they mean. In general I know getting lost represents being emotionally lost or unhappy, Flowers usually mean happiness. I think the meaning must lie in the details:

In almost every dream I start out lost. Generally a little stressed because I can't find where I was going- but not fearful or anything. Always a different lost situation. It's not like I'm having the exact same dream over and over, but the situation is the same. Upon searching for wherever I'm going I come across flowers. Not just any flowers, always something special. Like if it's night, the flowers are glowing. Or I come across gigantic flowers, or a field of flowers. (I'm not talking a few, like millions, in intricate patterns. The last dream they were iris, for example, but it's always something different. I never smell the flowers, but I'm always so moved by them. In some cases I'm sad I don't have my husband with me to witness how amazing they are. (I'm always alone) In others, like one at night where these huge clusters of flowerd in the trees were glowing and illuminating a path) I am joyous and dancing. They are always wonderful dreams, so much color, and so vivid. I remember every.singe. one. in detail.

Any ideas?

Example: What does it mean to dream you are lost?

I got into a lift in a big builiding ,but when I got out of the lift
I ended up in a small builiding or house was being used as a talent school?

I walked out to the st [which I thought I knew] but then I realised it was the wrong street.I tried to go back to the lift but could not find the house/talent school and was completely lost.

The neighbourhood looked like a very rich surburb with very well trimmed lawns.A rich old couple dragged me into their house they were having a party there was beautiful Art everywhere,they gave me two pastries?

Then another lady wanted to invite me in but I did'nt want to go into a strangers house.I ended up finding the talent school/lift but it was closed and all the lights were out but there was a security lady sitting out the front who I thought would let me in.

Example: What does it mean to dream about being lost?

I was at field trip with my teacher but my two friends wanted to mess around so i followed them,we went to a train that had murky green water,so we went back but i saw my teacher.My friends were terrified,so we tried to hide in the train while they left.My mean teacher knew we were hiding but she didn't care.But then the train started to move fast as a cheetah,we were scared and nervous.i felt tense but i saw someone.She had pretty red hair and dark brown eyes,it was rihanna!She was sad that her boyfriend broke up with her,so i tried to cheer her up while my tears of homesick came dripping down.She stopped the bus when i told her that i needed to go home i went out but then my friends were still there.I went back and told them it's over but i went over to rihanna to thank her and then i asked her for her phone number.Then i woke up. :(

Example: What does it mean you dream you are lost?

Just about all my dreams are variations on this same theme.

Example: Have my dreams lost meaning?

Recently I have discovered that I can control portions of my dream. I usually have adventurous dreams, and a couple recurring adventure dreams (theses ones I have not tried to change as I like experiencing them). Some dreams however, don't have a specific goal. I have taken to name these dreams "sandbox dreams" because I can control almost every aspect of the dream except for my surroundings. Giving myself powers, such as telekinesis and flying have by far been the hardest thing to control in my sandbox dreams. Occasionally I get them, but a majority of the times I don't. Lately I have been having thoughts that these sandbox dreams don't mean anything because it feels like my conscious is more at work than my subconscious. Does this mean because my subconscious has less control, my dream isn't showing problems that I am unconsciously worried about? Do these sandbox dreams have no meaning?

Example: What does a dream of being lost mean?

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