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Dream About Lungs meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean?

I have a recurring dream that I am a trout and my family (also trout) are are in mortal peril. I swim off to help them but get tangled up in the tape from a broken an VHS cassette. The water i'm struggling in starts to get gradually warmer and then an otter, with the face of my father, releases me from the tape only to lung towards my face as if to bite it off. I always wake at this point to find i have wet the bed. Or sometimes worse.

Go see a therapist a*sshat.

Example: What does my dream mean? And what is happening to my family? (Ghost believers only please)?

Okay I am asking for my mom she was telling me about it and it really made me wonder what it means. Her boss has a son in a band called ember and her dream starts out that she is at there consert and they are playing outside of a huge building. once the consert is over she goes inside this building. It is complety empty. (these next parts are a little unclear) she gets scared like somthing is watching her. It was dark but it gets darker and darker and this thing knocks her down and she is laying on her back and it is holding her down. She cant see she cant breathe and she cant hear. Then she wakes up and she feels the presents of this thing in the room.

My mom and dad jusst resently got a divorce and we are living with my grandma for a little while. We have had so many things happen like lights going on and of by themselvs the cabnet doors in the kitchen open and we can hear foot steps in the hall way. But resently things have been getting worse. The spirits i guess thats what they are have been attacking our dreams. A couple of weeks ago my grandma started screaming NO! NO! NO! and GO AWAY! at the top of her lungs and me and my mom rushed in there and she was crying so we stayed with her till she went back to sleep. In the morning we asked her about it and she didnt remember a thing. What does my moms dream mean and what is happening to us?

Is someone trying to get rid of us? Please Help! And please no rude answers. THANK YOU! (sorry for the spelling i was in a hurry)

Example: My mum died 4 yrs ago,i had this awful dream last nite,what does this mean?

my mum was with my dad who is still alive,she looked really well,but when i so her in the bath she had a rash on her upper body under her arms,and there was cysts and lumps on her head and neck,i so her again dressed with my dad,i put my arms around her and begged her not to go,i told her i loved her,she died of lung cancer and secondary cancer just about everywhere,does it mean anything,i was really close to my mum,please anybody who understands dreams,let me know what it means,xxxxxxxmany thanks

Example: Can any1 tell me what my dream means? (Little graphic)?

Ok So Here It Goes...
It Started With Me In A White Room In A Straitjacket And I Fell Through The Floor And Landed On A Blood Stained Floor When I Look For Whose Blood It Is I See That I'm Bleeding From Two Large Holes In My Chest Where My Lungs Should Be But It Dosnt Hurt I Look Around And I See That There Is A Bloody Knife A Little Farther Off And Just Past That Is A Dead Mutilated Alligator I Walk Over To Look At It But Just As I Do A Man Comes Over And Slits My Throat, He Starts To Steal My Organs And When Hes Done He Kisses Me On The Cheek And Shoots Me Through The Forehead. A Little Later I Wake Up And I See The Same Man And I Notice That I Have A Tail And Scales I Look In The Window And I'm An Alligator And The Next Thing I Know I'm Eating The Man Whole! I Dont Remember The Rest...

Any Ideas?

Example: What does my dream mean?

Here's my dream. Note: It's weird.

Okay, myself and my friends were walking down a street next to a slightly rusty fence. We get to an opening which was just two bars of the fence bent outwards. Stepping through, we enter into a dark forest which looked quite suspicious.
A while after walking, I stopped in the dream and looked around. "I don't like it here...can we turn back?" I sounded scared. They looked at me and giggled.
"It's okay, I've been here before" one of them replied.
I continued walking and soon after, I tripped, and when I looked at my knee, I saw a syringe was in my knee.
I pulled it out and started to cry but while I was trying to stand up, I noticed more and more syringes were around me and my friends were laughing at me.
Eventually I stood up but at this point I was actually covered in these syringes. I saw a blue car driving past me and my friends were pointing and laughing from the car.
All I remember then was that I was screaming "HELP!" from the top of my lungs and it sounded painful...

Any answers...? -_-

Example: I had a weird dream what does it mean?

My dream started out like this: There's these triplets in my family there name are Amaya,Raeem and Rayan ( I love them a lot) anyways they were showing me there report cards and what was weird was that they are only two in my dream and in real life as well.Rayan had gotten all B's and Raeem had gotten Y's ( I didn't understand that part at all) and my dream didn't have Amaya's results.Here comes the part that I'm confused about. My mom just woke me up (in real life) and I asked her why she didn't tell me until I asked her the 3rd time and she said that Rayan had died.
Additional Details
Rayan had a lungs problem and he wears a machine to give him oxygen but in the dream Rayan didn't have that machine connected to him
His grandma's sister had just died 8 months ago he loved her so much he sat out side the bathroom door when she went to the bathroom she also loved him a lot she told the parents to pick him up first when they came home from work. Me and everyone in the family think God took him to her because they love each other so much.

and please no rude comments i love him a lot and I don't want any rude comments against him

Example: I've been having dreams about girls with tails, what do they mean?

I've been having dreams about girls with tails, what do they mean?
I been having a really weird recurring dream, and I don't know what to make of it. Its one of those really vibrant ones that seem real. In the dream, wake up in my hotel room(I was school field trip at the time), and I realize my roommates are gone. find a note telling me that I'm going to be late and I need to get to the lobby immediately. I rush down to the lobby and the first thing I notice is that the lobby is filled with arcade games, all of them strangely pink. Also, it seems that there are only boys in the lobby, no girls. I walk to an open machine, and as soon as I touch it, I am sucked in. When I am inside the game, which happens to be Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3, I see three girls who where on the trip with me. To keep there identities a of them secret, I will speak of them as the short girl, the tall girl, and the medium girl. All three of them I know, they go to school with me and are in the band. but I neither like nor hate them. But that's not the strangest part, all of them have TAILS. A fox tail, a wolf tail, and a cat tail. Also, they carry weapons,M16, a Barret 50 cal, and a UMP .45 respectively. Then I do something that's out of character for me. I choose the sniper. Then the screen flashes with the message CHARACTER CHOSEN. I then BECOME that girl, the one with the wolf tail. When I say become, I mean BECOME. I looked like her, I sounded like her, I was her. When I turned to touch her tail, MY tail, I felt me pulling on it. I fight through the game, and I then come up to the final boss, which turns out to be one of my annoying roommates, Jake. I defeat him. Then, I was hoping that by finishing the game I would return to normal, but I didn't. In the end, I screamed NO at the top of my lungs, which was freaky because it was a girls scream. I woke up then, sweaty, contorted, and almost exactly thirty minutes after I fell asleep. That's just not it. I have had five six different dreams, all with the same trio of girls, always with the tails, and glowing amber eyes. Do you think this means anything?

I'm not Gay, I'm sure of that, I am attracted to women. I don't agree with Homosexuality, but its not my place to judge or tell them what they can and cannot do.
Thank You.
BTW, I have had eight dreams in which this trio of girls where in, but this was the first time I became one.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I woke up feeling weird after this dream. i remember it perfectly. what does it mean?

i was at an amusement park with my best friend anna. my mom came up to me and i was complaining that whenever i spoke i made no sense, and she started touching my head and then announced to everyone around that i had a dangerous brain tumor called a titus, and she wouldnt tell me anything else. i cried and ran over to anna and pulled her into a random building which was just a hallway completely painted grey. i told her "i have lung cancer" and she started crying, after which i said "i mean brain cancer, i mean, a brain tumor." and at that time a teacher from my school who in my real life is insignificant laughed at me and said "you think anybody will believe that?" so i walked out of the building and started wandering around under a red rollercoaster and everybody was gone except this little boy who looked exactly like this guy who is a 10th grader at my school (however very insignifiiant to me in real life. just a hot guy i see in the hall every now and then.) and i was like oh thats his little brother... but in real life hes an only child. then i woke up.

Example: What does my dream mean...?

I have been having the same dream over and over for the past couple nights. My mother had passed away from lung cancer when i was eleven i am now twenty years old and keep having a dream about her. I am dreaming that i am in my old house in which she died in but she is living with a completely different family. And when i try to talk to her she just stares at me. It could mean so many different things, or it could just be a random dream. But i was hoping someone could help me out.

Example: What does this dream mean (recurring - it's about dying in ocean)?

I am drowning in an ocean
and I get the feeling that I'll
die there...
holding my breath, thinking of death
but right before I die
my lungs get a supply
of the desperately needed air.
Life. I am alive in the sea.
But I am dead, at the same time...

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