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Dream About Lungs meanings

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i was hanging out with the guy i like (no we r not a couple), and we were just hanging out. and then i also remember in my dream that we wer on a school bus (probly for the sport we do) and he was smoking weed and i was choking on the smoke? does this mean anything

Yes, it means that you should tell your friend not to smoke near you.
And if by any chance, you smoke...it is time to quit. It may harm your health!
Your lungs are telling you ...'please do not overuse us..."
Remember to listen to your body signals...

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had this dream a few nights ago, I don't remember much of it just what I said. I just told my friend it so I'm going to post what I told him and Christina is my girlfriend and the love of my life. So if you can tell me what any of it means, thank you. And I believe in God but I'm not religious...I never have been..I'm not all about God is what I'm trying to say? I'm trying to accept it because my girlfriend is really religious but she doesn't push it onto me.

okay so i was at this like HUGE ******* hotel..looked like the future...and..i was with someone famous? i don't remember who..and i got to the hotel. I don't remember all of it..but i went inside and up the elevator...and it went freaking HIGH as **** ...got to the top floor...and i saw Christina..we hugged and kissed and we started walking to our room...and we started passing a window..and a guy ran past..and pushed her out of it...and there was a rope that she grabbed onto..before she fell out..and i grabbed the end of the rope..and the end i had..was wire..and it was cutting into my hands..but i wasn't going to let go..and every time i tried to pull her in..it sounded like the wire was going to snap so i stopped..and no one was helping me..and this guy with a tiger? came out of nowhere and tried to help me. i don't know why he had a tiger >-> ...but at one moment i just stared into its eyes...and after awhile i was talking to this guy..and like...i guess we had these like watches? or something...that gave off holograms of yourself..and Christina used hers..and i saw her...and i told her "i love you..I'll always love you, no one else." and she said, "I know sweetheart, i love you too."
and I tried to pull her up again..i barely pulled on the wire..and it snapped..i looked out the window and just screamed out of the top of my lungs No..and i just saw her laying there..dead...blood forming around her...i ran to the elevator and pressed the button to the bottom floor..
and as it was going down i clenched my hands and started praying to God saying "please God don't do this. Don't take her from me, I can't live without her. Shes everything to me I can't live without her. I'm nothing without her, please don't take her. Don't take back the angel you sent to me. I need her, please God, please.." and i was crying so hard in the dream..and i just woke up.

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream that i had a 12 year old son and we decided to race each other in an olympic sized pool. We dove in at opp sides (width wise), but when i dove in i dove in deep and realized the pool was something like 70 feet deep. When i reached the bottom I realized everything was getting darker. I decided to keep swimming ot the other side so I could eventually surface but I calculated wrong and I was beginning to feel like I had no air left at all. I looked up to see if I could see my son but he wasn't in the pool any longer. Instead was a Cretaceous sized Shark swimming at the surface. I tried to surface at the moment iwih extreme fear and panic/desperation in my body, but after rising 10 ft my lungs gave out and I drowned. It was so disturbing it woke me up immediately and i was gasping for breath with my heart beating extremely fast. I just got out of a relationhsip with a boyfriend i'm still in love with and I was with him for over a year.

Example: Do you think dreams mean something?

About two years ago one of my best friends was killed in the war in Afganistan. I went to his funeral and never really had a sence of closer. For months I kept having these dreams that he would come to me and SCREAM at the top of his lungs, "I am not gone, I am not Gone" it scarred me and it hurt even more because I felt like I was just holding on to something that wasn't there. DO you think they could really mean something, or I was just greiving?

Example: What does suffocating in a dream mean?

I dreamed that i was sleeping and my lungs started to collapse or something and i couldn't breathe. in my dream i began to slip into death but at the last minute i could breathe again...what could this mean?

Example: I dreamed I had lung cancer?... Help?!?

I'm 16, I'm a smoker. I have been for 2 years, but I am giving up this year. I tried last year and failed due to the stress of my GCSE exams (not a good excuse, but I was in a bad mind set and trying to cope with a lot of personal and family problems at the time, too.)
Last night I had a dream about Lung Cancer. In this dream, I was standing outside with some friends, having a cigarette when I started coughing. I coughed up a load of blood and phlegm. I went to the hospital and it turned out I had lung Cancer, but the doctors wouldn't do anything to help me.. What could this mean? I am currently giving up, lowering the number of each cigarette I have, week by week. Right now I'm on 6 a day, going down to 5 a day this week. This dream has terrified me SO much. Can someone please help me?! Is this a premonition of what might happen?!

Example: What did this dream mean?

today while sleeping i got a bizzare3 dream about me having bipolar and screaming at the top of my lungs at people (weird thing is is that i have depression that i hide from everyone)...then it went straight into a dream where i was still super mad at everyone and screaming at people then we went to the beach and i met a guy 3 years older than me (im 13) and him and i walked around and eventually kissede (My first kiss/and basically boyfriend) but then someone i knew came along and while we were holding hands he let go to hold hers...it actually heartbroke me in the dreamm hahahah what do you think this meant

Example: What does my dream mean?

Okay, nightmare, here goes
*please no rude comments like wow, it mean nothing u dork. stay polite, just wanted to know. just because you don't believe in this stuff, doesn't mean I cant.
The dream goes Like this
(Names Changed)
Opal = Me
Holly = My friend
"So you really think she made that rumor about me?" said Holly
"Totally! you could see it on her face when we walked by!" I said
"well if you say so...hey, whats that?" She said.
We both looked at on spot in particular in the mirror, our hands with our brushes at our sides, we saw a small light, it made us flinch, and we dropped our brushes.
We picked them up and looked in the mirror, we saw the door was open through it.
"Hey shut the door, and don't try to scare me" Said Holly.
"wasn't me..." I said
I turned to the actual door, and it was closed.
"Holly, Holly look." I said
We saw the door shut, looked at each other, then the mirror, in it, the door was open.
"What the heck? Is this a joke or something-"
We looked at the mirror and saw that light, then a girl appeared in the mirror, we looked closer.
She looked like she was wet, in a short white night dress, and look like she had been crying, most importantly, she was the ghost i have been seeing in my house.
We screamed at the top of out lungs, I could feel my heart burning and speeding up, my breathing uneven. We backed up, and hit the door, nothing was there in the mirror of course, but we felt it. we started sliding down the door. screaming.
All we saw in the mirror was us sliding down empty space, screaming, and the girl getting closer, and pulling out a bloody dagger.
I kept screaming and threw the brush as hard as I could at the mirror, It shattered
Then I woke.
I know It looks like it was out of a book but this really happened, (yeah im writing a book and out it in there but hey, i wanna know, it is freaking me out)
true dream
whats it mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

My Granny recently died from lung cancer in her house. In my dream she went to the hospital instead of staying at home, and somehow she didn't die. She came home from the hospital and was fine. She said there was something wrong with her heart, but they fixed it. She could move her legs again and didn't need her wheelchair anymore. She was holding my hand and smiling at me telling me she was ok, and she loved me. I miss her so much, and my dream felt so real, does it even have a meaning?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I was at a dock in the early morning and I walked over on those wooden things. I was gazing at the lake until something caught my eyes. It appeared to be something slowly comming to the surface. I got on my knees and bent over to get a better look at it. A hand shot up and grabbed me by my shirt and drug me down into the lake. Soon I was able to see what had grabbed me. It was a little girl about 8 years old that had greyish decaying skin. Her whole face was emotionless. She came closer to me and whispered "welcome home" as soon as she did my lungs filled with water. Then I woke up. I've tried to brush it off but I can't get over it, I need to know what it means!

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