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Dream About Lungs meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What could this dream mean?

i had this dream last night. it was really weird. here it is...

ok, well, my best friend/ cousin and her brothers and sisters and parents and my brothers and sisters and parents and i were going on vacation somewhere. i dont know where though, lol.
we first started out in a town, (very nice place) with restaurants and stores and stuff like that. we went into a restaurant and talked to the chef. i forget what we talked about. then we left.
while we were there, we went to the docks. there were 5 ships. one was a pirate ship, one was a yellow/white/orange/redish ship marked "the duchess", one was a blue and brown ship, one was a canoe, and the last one was a big cruise ship. the duchess was only about 4-5 yards around. i remember my best friend running around in it. the boats were all in the water.
so then my best friend and i walked to a piano and we found her older brother sitting on the bench. we talked about random stuff. then all her other brothers and sisters and my brother came to the piano. we were all talking about the vacation. but then i just ran off into this mansion i see in my dreams a lot. i was running around in there, passing our parents and other people in there. and for some reason someone called me "the rainbow goddess". my cousins came running after me. i ran up the stairs into a room with a green carpet and a computer that looked worn down. it was an ugly room. but then my brother come bursting through the door and i ran to a terrace and jumped. i landed into a fountain. everyone crowded around me and started shouting "artemis!" and i was thinking i thought i was the rainbow goddess lol. but then at the end of the dream i started rising from the fountain, and was clothed in "clothes of the moon." everyone was awestruck, and i was just plain confused. i asked someone what was happening, and they said, "lady artemis, goddess of the hunt and moon: you are being bathed in the liquids of the stars and moon." i was very more confused. my cousins and brother came out of the mansion and started chanting "ARTEMIS!" at the top of their lungs. i didnt understand what was going on until i realized why they were screaming for me. i was rising up, up, up- and then the day suddenly turned to 4 in the morning (even though it was the middle of the afternoon). then when my cousins looked very small, but still big enough to see the tear on my best friend's face... i woke up.
i think i had this dream before. what could it mean?

Well this could be that you are somehow connected to a god of somesort. So you think you have had this dream before... well if you have then it definitely means something. Maybe you should try looking up "the rainbow godess", "clothes of ther moon", and "artemis".

Example: What did my dream mean?

i had a dream that my mom and i were at a mall and people came in and told us to get down they had mask on and guns well my mom and i got away some how and ended up out side there was this cop and he was telling me to go do something and i told him no cause they would see me and shoot me then he shot me in the lung and the other cop got down and started breathing into my lung to make me breath so i wouldn't die it felt so real i woke up crying what does this mean

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had this dream last night and was wondering what it meant -

I was with my two best friends, and another girl I was friends with a few years ago who has recently returned in my life, and this random boy from my class (I just want to say I have no feelings for him, he's just a mate!).

We were all sharing a room on the school ski trip (that is actually taking place but me and my friends aren't going). We stayed in the room during the day and I was really flirting with this boy and having fun but the other girl, who has been real depressed these past days, was like isolating herself and just being sad.

Then the boy and one of my friends went outside, and the other friend disappeared. I was left with this girl on my own in the room, I was trying to go to sleep on a mattress on the floor (that I had pushed during the day to be next to the boy's) and she was on like a iron bed. She was crying silent tears and I had my eyes closed. She got up and went out the room and I watched her. I closed my eyes and opened them when she got back in the room, I looked up at her on the bed and she was crying really hard and hugging a knife and a pair of open scissors. She was like hugging them like a small child hugs their toys.

I closed my eyes and then I suddenly realised what she was going to do - self harm and try to kill herself. I was suddenly screaming LUCY (that's her name) DON'T DO IT. STOP IT. NO. LUCY STOP. ect. at the top of my lungs, crying. I was really upset but she only cried harder and ignored me.
I was knocking on the wall trying to get the teachers who were having a disco and they wouldn't come. I was screaming at her to stop but she wouldn't and her eyes looked funny, like real big. Then I woke up.

What does this mean? Thanks x

Example: What do you think my dream means...?

A dream came to me a few nights ago and I was wondering if anyone had any explanations for it...

It starts with two unknown males in this huge underground pit. They are looking at these cages as they come up and down carrying these flying monster things. One of the men suddenly goes crazy and opens the cage releasing the animals/monsters. The monsters start to open other cages and then they start biting people turning them into monsters. Meanwhile me and my friends are at school heading to a pep rally. It is weird though because it isn't my actual real life school, and I seem to know that in my dream... Suddenly the flying creatures come into the school flying around and biting people. I manage to ward of some of them from me and my friends, but then I get bit. I transform into a monster but inside I still know that I shouldn't bite my friends. I ask one of them to kill me, so they take a fork and stab me with it.

Example: What does this dream mean?

in my dream i had a gray dog and i played fetch with it outside. i later found the dog drowned in a pool but with no ribs or lungs. i asked friends and family who did it and no one would give me a direct answer they all just told me to bury it. it was very sad

Example: What does this dream mean?

I'm 13 and I've never smoked but last night I had a dream where i smoked 5 cigarettes and then got really mad at myself and threw them away to hide them cause I was ashamed but I really wanted more but really I don't want to... I'm not a fan of lung cancer and looking twice your age.. and I also had a dream the same night where I was in an exam. I can't really remember it that well and it was really dark and... the rest is kind of fuzzy.. but I was calm during the exam and I think it was an art exam.. in the dark... it's confuzing.. but what do they mean?
Thanks! ^-^

Example: What does it mean when you keep dreaming that your mom is dieing?

I keep having this dream that my mom is dieing or has died. She is sick. She is in and out of the hospital. She has lung disease and cannot breathe and it seems to be getting worse. She does not have cancer just bad lungs. She is on oxygen but that doesnt seem to be helping much anymore. DOes this mean that she is going to die soon? waht are your thoughts?

Example: I do fly in my dreams, what does it mean ?

While walking or running i start to fly in dreams, can anybody explain it what does it mean ?

Example: What did my dream mean?

I had a dream I was shot once in the stomach but it took a while before anyone noticed (the day just carried on though i knew i was bleeding and it hurt) then once someone helped me and I was nearly healed I was shot again in the stomach, it wasn't a scary dream.. More
so sad in a way

Also whilst we're on the subject, is it possible to feel in a dream, because swear when I feel pain in a dream it feels so real! For example when I was shot it felt like a peircing cold pain that spread into a burning and the night before I was trying holding by breath under water (there was a tsunami type thing) and it felt like my throat and lungs where burning , does anyone else get this in vivid dreams ?

Example: What does this dream mean?

Alright, so I'm a fifteen year old girl and a couple months ago my grandma died. Of course, her death hit me hard and personally I think it affected me the most. Well, I was talking to my mom earlier and she was telling me that she had a dream about my grandma. I asked her what happened in the dream. She told me that in the dream she was talking on the phone with my grandma and I asked if I could talk to her. When my mom handed me the phone, my grandma hung up. My mom said, "I don't know what that means." and it bothers me that I don't really know either. It also kind of hurts me that in this dream my grandmother hung up as I was about to talk to her. And one thing that I noticed is that a couple months ago (probably a month after my grandmas passing) I had a dream that my grandma called me and was telling me she's okay, she's not dead and so on. So, I see that in both dreams there's a connection with phones. Though that might just be because towards the end of her life, when she was getting very sick, she didn't come see us as much so we only connected through phone calls. Anyways, I just wanted to know if anyone has the slightest clue as to what my moms dream meant. I don't get why my grandma would hang up on me, and it honestly (as stupid as it may sound) makes me sad and bothers me.

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