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Dream About Lure meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my dream mean?

I dreamed that I had to chose either a place or room. In the room there was a lady and in the other place there was a mall. I decided to go with the female ;) that's a hint. But then after that I left and went to the mall and hung out. When I did I thought if I made the right decision? Should I've stayed with the blond who wanted me to stay there forever. I'm south american. What does this dream mean?

This dream simply means that the choices you make mold who you are. The woman indicates lure and guiltiness. Since she was blond, it symbolizes that you feel a need to live the rest of your life up because you only live once. The mall signifies your efforts to establish your individuality. At first you chose a temptation over your own will, then you realized that you gave in. But you are contemplating on whether you should just let go and live your life how you want, or to put more of a challenge on yourself and avoid the temptations that life throws at you.

Example: What does my dream mean?

Hello I had a dream last night that I cant seem to get out of my head,
I dreamt a nice elderly woman waved me into a room for shelter and safety,
however when I entered the room it was a small, cramped, dim lit area with plants. It reminded me a bit like the rainforest except it was cold and did not feel full of life even though there were lots plants, and the what once nice caring elderly woman had transformed into an evil old lady. she then began picking up crickets and cutting them in half with a pair of rusty old scissors, she handed me one and forced me to cut it in half. could you please help me to understand what this dream meant as it has been worrying me all day. thank you.

Example: What does my dream mean?

Lately i've been having a dream where I start off in this market and I have the power of Telekenisis. Then one day my friends and I are all chilling and the army calls us for help. We go into this enormous stone building built of cement and theres a huge battle. We're killing everybody and destroying tanks when I use my power to break a stone column and the building starts shaking. We race out and some guy tells me 'Good job, go up and get your reward!'
I remember it looked too small to enter, but I went inside this little spot and climbed up to the top of a tower with some other guy. I saw a car and screamed dibs and the guy opens a closet that looks like mine. Its filled with bolts,metal, wires, tools and all this stuff and he says 'This is fine with me'. Then I remember I looked at this other part, that i've never seen in the dream before. Its this huge bedside that stretches across the room, with drawers all over it. I remember I started feeling scared because the place was religious. I remember opening a drawer and it was filled with thousands of scrolls that were neatly organized in triangles. I pulled one out and my name instantly was noticed at the bottem. I have a very unique name, so it scared me to death, and I felt like my heart was dropping.
It said '[My name], Nathaniel [which isnt my last name], Shall fly with wings unless he changes his ways' Or something like that. I remember freaking out and then going home. Then the rest is a blurr and then my uncle and I were hanging out and I told him about the experience and he says 'You should have taken it with you. Those religious things sometimes predict the future like Nostradamus and those people'

I freaked out and ran to the place which was now a best buy. I grabbed all the things and shoved them into the cart and my mom, who's poor, said 'I can't afford this!' and I said 'Im sorry, you need to.' And I grabbed everything that was inside the drawers and stuffed them into the cart. Then I just walked around and felt like my dream was getting messed up.. Like I was being watched by those religious guys that left those scrolls around. I got so freaked out, then my dad woke me up

What does it mean? Is it just some wierd dream, or does it mean that if I don't change- or If I do, I might go to hell? Because I remember in my dream I was thinking the wings were me going to heaven, or me going to hell.

By the way, im muslim if that changes anything.

Example: What does my dream mean?

First, I was at a pet cemetery and I opened up someones hamster casket, and There was makeup and a letter in there, I took the make up [Grey Eyeliner, White eyeliner.
and she was a tokio hotel fan and left a note in the casket,


I was at a store parking lot, and a black men named ''Siege'' was there.
He kept following me around asking me for sex, I just kept running/walking away.
Later on He raped someone and I watched..

I did have a dream like this in the past, It was a black man who looked the same, We were inside a store and he was touching me.. There were people from all around the world there, I rememember seeing everyone running and it was a mixture of religious people there like Catholics, Muslims, etc

I dont have anything against black guys so dont say ''You're racist'' because Im not.
What does my dream mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

i dreamt i was with one of my female friends and we were being kinda touchy feely/joking in a friendly sence and while this was happening she said youve gotten more mature since youve been away (because i had been away for nearly 8 weeks), then she was whispering stuff so i was like hugging her to hear what she was saying and then when i was close we started hooking up . that was end.

i got a weird feeling bout the dream.
and now about my friend help?

help lol?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I was standing on a sidewalk near an old wooden fence, on the other side of the fence was a two story house. Out of the house comes a man in his 40s and a young boy about 8, they both have suitcases. As they walk towards their vehicle in the driveway I can hear the boy sniffling, it sounds like he's crying, he stops and the man says "we have to go now son, get in the car". The man is in a hurry obviously and seems very bothered about something. So they drive away, I looked back over at the house and notice the door is wide open. For some reason I decided to go up to the house and check around, I have a feeling something bad just happened in there. Next thing I know I'm in the house and there's broken dishes on the floor and furniture tuned over. I go upstairs and there's a closed door in the hallway with a light on. I open the door, it's a bathroom, there's a woman about 27 laying there naked. She's face up draped over the side of the bathtub. I said "hello" nothing... So I go over to her and check her pulse, she's cold and she's dead. Right then I hear the front door slam shut, it startled me, I didn't know what to do. So I closed the door and decided to wait a few minutes then hopefully whoever it was would be gone and I could leave. I looked back over at the woman, then I pulled out my penis and pushed it into her vagina, I had sex with her for a while then finished, then I left the bathroom to check if anyone was still in the house. After checking downstairs and up discovering I was there alone again I went back into the bathroom and picked up the woman. I bought her to a bedroom and proceeded to have sex with here again. After that I woke up.

Example: What does this religious dream mean?

I had a dream that the Lord was building a roller coaster for me in whatever direction I happened to lure this guy that I knew. He was a black doctor that I used to talk to in University. In my dream I had only one hour to talk this guy into proposing to me and he had an inflated image of me because he had seen my good qualities but not my bad. What does this mean? I've been chatting with somebody online who is not a doctor but works in a medical related field and he is super good looking. I don't think I look as good as him.

Example: Awful dream. What does it mean?

Last night I had a dream where I shot my little brother.
He's 14, I'm 17. We have a close bond -- sort of like best friends.

In my dream, I somehow obtained a pink gun (I can't identify it, since I don't know my guns, but it was small and sturdy), and lured my brother to an abandoned shed. He walked in, and I contemplated whether or not I'd want to risk testing my gun out on him. I knew authorities would eventually discover it was me, but I suppressed the thoughts, called his name, and shot him in the neck, somehow decapitating him.

After seeing him fall dead to the ground, I broke out crying. I ran home, then returned. The blood from his neck somehow glued his head back on and he was up and walking again. Relieved to tears, I tried to call 9-1-1, but in my shock I kept messing up the number.

Eventually, my brother was back to his old self and didn't even remember the shooting...

This dream had me awaken in tears. What do you think it means? I'd NEVER harm anyone, and I love my brother...

Example: Can somebody tell me what these dreams mean?

3 weeks ago I dreamed that I seen a tiny little white mouse, and it was running around. So I went to follow it. I ran into some sort of box. So I opened the box, and the white mouse was gone, and a lot of black mice came out.
So I woke up and thought that was a weird dream...

Today I dreamed about something that I believe might have a connection to the first dream.
I dreamed that I saw a dead cat, and I went to pick it up. I turn it around, there is a lot of white worms and one black worm, and the white worms were eating the black one.

What can this possibly mean? If I would think about worms and then later dream about it, then I wouldnt find so weird. But I never actually thought about the worms or the mice, yet I had these dreams.

Any answers would be highly appreciated!

Example: Does anyone know what things in dreams mean?

I had a dream about my following year of school and then I went to New York, and somehow ended up in the ocean as a mermaid. It was beautiful, clear, clean water that you could see 1000 feet down. Anyone know what this means?

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