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Dream About Lynching meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Help what does this dream mean?

The night before I had a dream where I was chasing a crab. And every time I was close to catching it it would scurry across a wall or something. And I couldnt catch it.

Yesterday I had a dream about one bat (it was black). I tried to run away from the bat but it would lynch onto me on my back. Everytime I tried to peel it off and fling it away it would come and attach itself. It would cling to my back like velcro or as if it was magnetic. I couldn't get rid of it.

im not a physiologist or anything, but, heres a thought? do u have any pets? do you want a pet? maybe God(or some1 else) is trying to hint to you not to get a pet? i dont know..

Example: What does this dream mean?

Ok. In this dream I was sitting on my toilet doing a poo when I noticed a man in the toilet. Then he came out of the toilet and he was a midget and he danced then he was eaten by an elephant which had big teeth.

Example: I had a surreal dream, wondering the meaning?

I dreamt I was on another planet with a group of people and we could barely breathe and we knew we couldn't exist on this planet and we were doomed to die there. It was a very dark night with bright moonlight all around. I was standing next to a river, talking to one of the girls in this group and she was holding a mouse or a ferret, some kind of fuzzy animal and she kissed it on the nose, handed it to me, (I was crying because I knew she was commiting suicide), said goodbye, and dove into the river and swam with the currant underwater, but it looked like she was also being swept away, the currant was very strong. But she looked bright white and pale under the water and the water was a sparkling silver blue color, like lava but blue.

I have these kind of dreams every night but this one stands out for some reason. I swear, it was like a crazy acid trip dream.

Example: What does my dream mean?

Usually my memory of dreams is hazy but whilst asleep last night i dreamt and this morning it was still perfectly clear in my mind. So i'm taking the oportunity to have it anaylsed from an objective perspective...

The earlier part of the dream is hazy although i found myself in a sort of small mountain village, very green with people living in chalet-style modular housing. All of a sudden i remember arguing with a girl about something big and due to this arguement, the other inhabitants (none of whom i recognise - this includes the girl) of my dream and the village see me in a very bad light. I felt compelled to be acquitted of the blame which i undeservedly recieved and somehow i manage to turn the tables on this girl and thus everyone is hostile towards her. All of a sudden a sort of lynch mob comes and grabs her...time for vigilante justice. I am present the sort of informal trial that goes on outside her home and find that the only way to sort this out is to execute her by shooting. I then leave the trial and suddenly my conscience hits like a brick wall. I ask myself "would i be able to live with the death of this girl on my mind knowing it was only over an argument?". I feel compelled to go and save her from her fate and run full pace through the village until i come to a rather modern looking bookshop. Morbidly, i ask the bookseller where the execution is taking place and she points me down a small flight of stairs to a sub level of the bookshop. Luckily i get there in time and i steal the girl away as the executioner is holding a snub nose pistol towards her forehead. I remember holding her tightly in my grasp as we climb the flight of stairs, yet the bookshop has now turned into a typical pub. As we near the exit of the pub, randomly these asian men come out and try to seperate me and the girl and so i must try hard to keep hold of her and fight them off. As we fight, in a sort of spinning motion (randomly) it seems the me and 'girl' are in the centre, spinning, me keeping hold of her and killing (i presume) these assailants. Finally when all is done and dead (oh dear), my arm i grasp her in an embrace and she returns it...then i woke up.

This, might sound like a cliche dream and i already have my own interpretation but i would really appreciate and outside view on this.

Example: What does my insane dream mean?

Ok very long story. First I'm in front of a shop window with my dad, everything is grey accept for a group of squeaky preteen girls in front of us. A bunch of chuckie dolls walk by and tell us that if anyone laughs they get shot. The preteen girls keep giggling despite my pleas for them to stop. Then im opening up a gigantic makeup kit in a mall, it's also a store where I see Jane lynch, I beg her not to kill me and she tells me she won't. Then I'm in a big department store, like a macys, with a bunch of teens my age. They know that if we run around well get shot but they run anyway because the store is empty. Suddenly a man comes out and tries to stab us all, I get away and I'm suddenly at home with my mom and hitler (WTF?) my mom and I dive into the worlds sh!ttiest car and hitler follows us and we shoot at him and kill him (good!WTF was he doing in my head to begin with?) then we drive off and I wake up...WTF is going on?!

Example: Does the end of "Mulholland Drive" really mean that it was all a dream?

On Wikipedia, a writer indicated that Mulholland Drive was all a dream, based on its ending. Is this the understanding that most people have?

Example: What does it mean when you kiss someone in a dream?

Ok this dream was about Ross lynch. I mean I like him but not that much. Please answer!

Example: What does my dream mean?

So very often at least three times a week I have this dreams where iam having sexual intercourse or about to have it with my grade school teacher (from almost 10yrs ago).this been going on for like a yr now.i still see him couple times a week since he is now teacher at my siblings school..

Example: Why did I dream of lynching myself!?

okay so i had a dream i hanged my self with a towel in my hallway! . idk why i am kinda isolated and im in love with someone of the same sex but the dont know it and they left back to NY today ;( im scarred i dont want to be depressed but i dont know what to do .. whats the point of life i just want to be with this person . but i never can and its driving me crazy. I hanged out with my friend last night but it wasnt as fun as it usully is and i was kinda qiuet HELP ME

Example: What does this dream mean?

So one night I went to sleep really early I was just really tired and nervous for some reason. I drifted to sleep a few minutes later. I had a very detailed dream. I was walking into somewhere I was not allowed to go in and then Ross Lynch walked in as well. I was looking at the CDs the store had and he walked over to me. He asked me my name and I told him Paris for safety reasons. He asked me for my number and I gave it to him suspecting something bad to happen(it was a dream I did not know what was going on). I was really shaken at this point and went back to the CDs. Later on when I was at my house he texted me to come over. Then in a flash I was at his house sitting on his bed. He looked in my eyes as if trying to tell me something. He leaned in and kissed me then.

I had awaken after that. I had liked Ross for a long time then I had gotten over him. I was twelve when this happened. What does it mean? Then after that I had heard voices in my head. This was all just really scary because I don't want to fall for him again(as in falling for him was a mistake) please help me.

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