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Dream About Machetes meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my extremely vivid dream mean?!?

so i had this dream like a month ago but it still bothers me :/

my dream:
so i was all ready for school and when i walk out the door and down the stairs i see a guy in my class and he is VERY quiet! he was giving me an evil look and i asked what he was hiding behind his back. then he pulls out this huge knife machete thing and automatically runs up the stairs at me. i didn't know what to do so i take a piece of paper out of my bookbag and throw it at him and he keeps walking. then i turn the paper ball into a paper airplane and he falls down the stairs when i trhow it at him. then i take an electrical box off of the wall and throw it at him and he dies. but then the box was going to blow up so i run out the house and my house blows up. i start criying becaue my family was in there so they're dead but i had no phone to call 911 so i run to school in tears. i cry in all of my classes and when it was lunch time in my dream i sit away from my friends. i sat at the 8th graders table but on a far corner of it not wanting anyone to talk to me. then my crush sat next to me and he asked what happened to me. when i explain it to him he says that he feels sorry for me and that i can live at his house. then he pulls me onto his lap and we start kissing. he says that we both should tell my friends that we're noth boyfriend and frilfriend now so we walk over to my friends and i sit on his lap again and we tell them. then my friends got really mad and pulled me off of his lap then dragged me into the bathroom saying that i shouldn't be his girlfriend and all this other stuff. i got mad and start crying again and shout that if they aren't going to except me and him that they aren't my friends so i run out the bathroom and to my boyfriend (who is actually my friend in real life who i have a crush on) and tell him what happened. then we both agree that we don't need them and sit at an empty lunch table and kiss and hold hands then the dream ends.

SO what does it mean?!
the thing is that the dream felt SO real! when i woke up i thought i lost everything... but in the dream i actually feel everything! everthing felt real (especially my crush's lips they felt real)! it felt so real that i thought it really happened when i woke up.

Well, the truth is that our dreams reflect our emotions and experiences, things we witness and feel, and these are all mashed up with things we see and read in our daily lives. Everything gets jumbled together and it is not always clear what something means. From what you are saying, you have a lot of conflict going on, there's violence, high emotions and fear. I wouldn't take anything specific to mean what you dreamed, but I would say you have reason to be skeptical about who people are, if they are who they say they are. If I were you, I'd just take a step back from everything - that may give you a bit of a better perspective. Just try not to be so engaged and see if you can read your friends a little better and get a better sense of what it is you are really feeling. Don't run headlong into anything, stand back and observe, see what you can learn. The dream really only means something to you, what you are feeling and experiencing, it may be your own intuition playing out in your dreams, so you are going to have to feel this one out a little bit more. Now, one thing I would say is that this guy could mean trouble. I'd back up, just see.

Example: What does this dream mean?

in the dream i was being hunted down by a machete wielding 7 foot tall mickey mouse.. in an abandoned building with hallway lights on. i hid from him in a room. as he approached the room i was hiding in i could see his shadow then he peered into the room, scanning it back and forth and he slightly looked passed me then suddenly looked back and stopped staring directly in my direction... i knew he saw me and the only exit was the doorway he was standing in front of.

so i went running directly towards him and tried to duck is machete swing but instead he caught me right in the neck and next thing i know i was dead and floating away from my body. then i woke up.

Example: What does this dream mean?

It started like this video game, and you played this sorta generic dude, and I in the dream saw a trailer for it, and you had to protect this little girl with beige blonde hair from the everything later. But on the first level you had to escape this building and the area it's defences are in. So it was sort of like a mix between Roblox and minecraft in scenery looks and tool bars, as the outside looked a LOT like those weird roblox things and I got a minecraft sword to cut a screen door. Also, the building was dark and maze like.
Then I get caught by this asian family in the sword room, and it turns out all those swords were plastic except for mine. I escape, die, respawn and escape again, but then I sort of have no idea what to do and I just run around.
It cuts to me and my mom play fighting, and she gives me some pointers, one that stood out was the one were you put your leg arond the opponent's.
Suddenly, I have to escape my principal who wants to kill me. I run around a bit before she catches me and ties me to a chair. We were outside, and it was snowing, but it turned into rain after a few minutes. I remember seeing geese flying at this point. And then my principal monolouged while I started drowning from the rain.
I woke up later, to my suprise. I was still tied to the chair, my principal and my math teacher and my science teacher were talking to each other. I managed to escape and swim from a beach to an island. That's all I remember in order.
There was one part were I was with 3 other girls and we were behind a glass window in a glass box watching my principal walk to some sort of ultimate power source or something. The other girls were screaming at her not to do that. So I used the move I mentioned earlier on a doll in front of us, and she (The principal) told me to stop, but I didn't.
Then I found myself pushed into the snow, I looked up to see that my principal and I were in front of an apartment building I remember my friend lived in. My teachers came out of the door. Then I guess I died or somehing.
I also remember seeing a girl that I saw in the trailer for the game, and I remember (In the dream) she died near the end.
There was also this part where I ran out of math class and was going to escape my school (Looked nothing like my school, it had a cafeteria, a lounge room for the students, and a balcony of upstairs above the cafeteria, and the walls were red, and ceiling windows were everywhere. I was running around the school, When the principal announced over the pa system that I had escaped and needed to be punished, and that the students would help in doing so. So I saw a bunch of machetes being spawned in but I didn't get any. I was running around trying to escape my fellow students and my teachers. I climbed this pole thing and then my friend Aleesha stabbed me in the back. As the other students began to drag me down, another student, who was on my side, AJ, went on the pole next to me and suggested that next time I should go along the bars holding up the ceiling, and make the glass ceiling break. I told him that it was a little late for that, and then I got pulled down and macheted to death.

Example: What does my snake dream mean?

I had a very interesting dream last night.

I was with my unborn son who looked to be about 10 years old. We were fighting these black thick snakes. I was cutting their heads off with a machete. I cut a lot of their heads off until finally one bit me on the ankle. My son rushed over to me and sucked the poison out. As soon as he did that I knew everything was going to be all right.

What does this dream mean?

Example: Whats This Dream Mean?

I Had A Dream Where I Went To School On A Normal Day BUt When I Got There It Was A Scene OF Horrific Murder. There Was Blood Everywhere And Bloody Drag Marks On The Ceiling And ON The Ground Along With Bodies OF Former Class Mate And Teachers And When I Tried To LEave The Doors Turned To Brick Walls And I Saw A Man In Overalls And A Weird Halloween Demon Mask And Was Carrying A Former Girlfriend OF Mine And A Bloody Machete But When I Ran To Her The HAll Ways Got Longer And Longer MAking It Impossible To Get To Her And I Could Hear Her Scream My Name But When I Got TO Her She Was Dead. So i took Off Looking For A Way Out Of The School Just To Be Chased By The Pyscho And When He Got Me HE Killed Me But I Wasnt Dead When (In My Dream) I Opened My Eyes I Was The Murderer.

Please Someone Help Me Find Out What This Means

Example: What did my dream mean?

The dream started when I was in a building surrounding by police who were just walking around. One officer kept trying to grab me by my arms and hands. For some reason my gut told me to get away, I feared him. Other officers pulled me away and me onto an elevator where the other officer that I feared (now dressed in winter coat and hat with ear flaps) forced himself onto elevator. He smiled as he took my arm and pinned it behind my back and pulled another officers' gun from his holster. He told the officers they were going to kill me and cut me to pieces. One officer reached his hand to help me and the officer who had me pinned from out of nowhere has a machete type knife in his han and chops the other cops' fingers off. I made myself wake up.

I know studies say you dream what is in your mind, and what you eat can cause dreams. I eat a bowl ok Special K with 1/2 Banana every night (to stay healthy, go figure).

When I woke myself up I felt fear and checked on my family and made sure all doors were locked.

Any ideas on what this means? (besides go back to eating chocolate and forget Special K lol)

Example: Scary Apocalyptic Dream--What Does It Mean?

A few nights ago I had this dream about an apocalypse. I don't believe in that end of the world on the 21st craze, but I AM wondering what my dream meant:

I dreamed about snakes. Tons of snakes of all different sizes. I think a lot of them were probably pythons and rattlesnakes. I remember that as far as I knew they were poisonous. They were brown with designs on them (like a rattlesnake I believe). Anyways, I was terrified and it was extremely dangerous. I had a machete at some point I think, and I know I also had a shovel. I was killing snakes the best I could. I was trying to keep my dog and family safe, and it seemed like there was someplace I was supposed to go. I remember wondering if the neighbors were still alive or if their yard was safe.

My ex boyfriend who is a total bastardo was in the dream towards the middle. He actually saved me from getting snakebit and ended up getting bit himself in the process. I remember asking him if he was going to die numerous times, or something like that, and if he had done what he did to save me.

At one point I was standing in the middle of the snake filled yard, and telling myself how I wished it was over and that I hoped things would return to normal soon. At one point I ran outside to save my little one-eyed kitten named Jack from the snakes. I ran, got him, and through him inside. I also used a stick to fend off the snakes once I believe.

What does all of this mean? I'm sure the snakes must symbolize something, at least.


Example: What could this dream mean?

So, last night i had a dream about an old ex-boyfriend, from about 6 years ago. So the dream goes like this. We're standing inside a house and i'm at one of end of what seems like the main entrance and he's standing midway down a winding set of stairs, he's looking over to me and he keeps trying to talk to me and he keeps walking down the steps, as he does this i find myself getting angry and walking away from him. there's a very small gazebo inside though, that he keeps trying to get to, but there's a snake coiled at the top, and i don't want him to have it. however, my grandfather looks over to and says to me "you need to get rid of that snake, so he can have that gazebo, you know it's his." so i start to walk over to the gazebo as does he and the snake starts to uncoil itself and just slither away, right past us. it was a medium sized snake, but i take a machete and cut it's head off. so my ex starts to make his way inside the gazebo, and he's standing there hands reaching towards me telling me to go stand with him inside. and then my dream ends .. kinda thrown off, because i haven't seen or talked to this ex in, probably over 4 years.

Example: What is lucid dreaming mean?

I saw another question on lucid dreaming but I just wanna kno more of wat it is. I saw something about evil aliens raping you but them it said, "sweet dreams!" Were they being sarcastic? Is this actually real ? It's possible to do lucid dreaming?

Example: What does my horror movie based dream mean?

Okay so I've been dreaming about a girl from a horror movie over and over again, she's always telling me I'm weak, that I should commit suicide and stuff like that, she's always been taking my stuff for an example she took my necklace and a guy that I kissed in that dream, she always tries to kill me and she creeps me out. What does it mean, why do I keep dreaming of her?

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