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Dream About Machine Gun meanings

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Example: What does my dream mean? :P?

So the other night I had a dream. Maaaaainly what I'm wondering is why I'm always male in my dream. I never see myself, sometimes in glimpses but I just always know I'm male. However, I'm a female >_<;

Anyway, like I said I had this dream the other night, but I've had it more than once so I'm just wondering about it haha.

In the dream I'm hangin out somewhere, like in a mall or something and I see someone starts to walk strangely. After a while of odd behavior, they start attacking all the other people in the mall and everyone goes crazy and it turns into a very cliche zombie movie-type deal. So, I run out of the mall, get into my car, and start calling all my friends and anyone who's important to me. (including famous people XD)

I tell them to get to Home Depot because there's quick cement, a garden center, things to defend yourself with, etc etc. So we all meet up there. The Home Depot looks NOTHING like they do in real life, but in my dream I don't really consider it abnormal. There's lots of dim neon lighting and posters and kinda actually looks like a really ghetto club or something haha.

So anyway, I get a bunch of machine guns for everyone and start telling them all what to do, but am not currently fighting. I continue to call people on my cell phone, but there's one famous person that just REFUSES to come along. I finally convince them that they're going to die if they don't get to that home depot, and when the show up they're getting chased. So I grab a huge-o gun, jump in front of them and start fighting zombies like the craziest action movie you've ever seen XD

We have to keep moving around for food and gas and junk, and we end up in Arlen Texas. I've never been there, and I live in California... Anyway, it's winter and by this point most of the zombies are dead. So we go into a regular little house in a neighborhood that pretty much looks like King of the Hill neighborhood >_>;;

After all the fighting I'm very very tired, so I sit down by a window and look outside for what feels like weeks. Snow keeps lightly falling, and falling and falling, but it can never cover the entire ground no matter what. I keep obsessively staring at the snow, hoping that the snow falling will fill in the bare patches on the ground but they never get filled.

Is this all just totally random junk or what? Seems like it, but I keep having this dream o_o

I don't know what that means, but you could totally make that into a movie. I loved it. You need to make that into a movie. Sorry I didn't have any info, Again that dream was the best :)

Example: What does this dream mean?

I was walking in the mall looking for things to buy. They were picking a new M&M color so there was like a bunch of advertising for it everywhere. I voted for the white color. Then these terrorists came into the mall with machine guns and started shooting the people who chose white. Before they could kill me, this giant earthquake hit and the mall split right down the middle. Afterwards, I went outside and everyone was in a panic because they thought it was the end of the world. Then these giant rocks fell out of the sky that were meant to signal when the end of the world would be over. The numbers were 4, 20, and 09, in that order.

Example: What does this dream mean?

Now, it may not mean anything. That is the case often times. But it felt SO REAL, it felt as if it could have actually happened! If anything, it makes for a great story.
It was vivid. Perhaps one of the most vivid dreams I've ever experienced. My vision was the most stimulating sense in the entire dream: the colors were sort of saturated and so lifelike. I was sitting in a long classroom, facing the teacher on the other side. Behind her was a wall made entirely of windows, it had a sort of modern look to it, but I couldn't tell, it was sort of blurred because of the sunlight coming in. The classroom seemed very familiar, I could almost say it was my Spanish classroom from last year. I was smiling, and could tell there was a very carefree atmosphere in the classroom as the teacher was speaking (I wasn't paying attention to sound at the time.) Mere seconds after the dream started, a walkie talkie turned on, the teacher picked it up, and whoever the woman was on the other side (probably a school administrator) said something along the lines of ". . .there's someone here. . .," and then... GUNSHOTS. From a machine gun. At first they were shot parallel to the window, and the bullets were all very vivid: you could see each one of them flash past the windows. Right when this happened everyone immediately got under their desks, except for me. The thing is, I have been over this sort of situation in my head in real life before: what would happen if I were in a classroom and a shooting occurred? I always told myself if something like this happened, I would definitely do something besides being a sitting duck and hiding under a desk. This particular classroom, as I mentioned before, seemed like my old Spanish classroom from last year. In real life, it had a backdoor, and that would definitely have been my escape route. So, just as the shooting started and everyone got under they're desks, I immediately looked back at the door, then look back at the shooter who had now turned to face the classroom and begin shooting, and finally made for the door. At this point my dream ended. When the shooter faced us and began shooting, it felt like one of those movies where the good guy is getting shot at but somehow manages to miraculously dodge each one. Of course, the dream didn't last long enough for me to find out if I survived. But from the time the shooting began to the ending, it was the most terrifying thing I have ever experienced. Never mind dreams with scary monsters and what not, this dream was insane! I remember feeling death, so close, I remember the feeling in the dream. . . my God, it was so real.

Any idea what it means? Or any thoughts in general?

Example: What does my dream mean?

ive been sleeping for 13 hours straight and just woke up (its like 5 in the morning right now) and i couldnt help but ask about a crazy dream i had while i was asleep. i woke up in a hallway, there was a machine gun in my right hand and a grenade in my left. the hall ways were lit quite poorly, everything had a shade of black on it due to the lack of light. a man was in front of me, he looked like doctor, he had a gun too. he was talking to me about something and then ran off. suddenly, these monsters came out of no where...they were covered in exstatic vines that were red, they looked like veigns almost. the monsters themselves had the bodies of beetles (these monsters were bug-like but coated in these stringy maroon vines) and they were attacking me. i had a weapon so i walked down two all ways, fighting these things but suddenly my dream took a turn. i kept walking, down, down, down the hallway, the flourescent lights dimly revealing my path. there was these painting to my left, coated in the maroon vines. the vines, or paintings were speaking to me. near the end of my dream, i was confronted at the end of a hallway by one of the beetle-like-creatures, it was standing up right, its belly revealed (layers of exo-skeleton sapped over one another and a mustard seed yellow but dauler) i threw an explosive at it and it then disenegraded while the vines around it clung to a painting next to it. i looked directly at the painting the vines clung to. the vines were throbbing and beating like a heart while a voice echoed in my head "the vines spoke to me as i curled my fingers around the 100 year old stairway". i woke up in pure awe. the dream was so authentic and odd. im 14 and ive never had a dream like this (or one i couldnt remember)...can you help me analyze it?

Example: What does this dream mean?!?!?!?

So, I had this dream that there was a school shooting at my school on the first day of school and everyone in the class died except me. It was so life-like and real, like I could hear the guns shooting and stuff. It started out that there was everyone sitting at their desks and the teacher introducing himself and handing out some sort of paper. Then these two guys came in with machine guns and were like "get down on the ground!" Everyone got down on the gorund and since I was in teh back I went behind this board thing and layed agianst the wall. The guys shot at everyone and the guys killed them. Somehow the lights went out in the classroom and the dudes had flashlights and were checking all around the room but they didn't check in the back where I was. OIne guy then said "any comments...Good" then they walked out

no one said anything cuz they were all dead..except me. Then I woke uup and my heart was pounding. What could this mean?

[Sorry this is long]

Example: Ramadan: i dreamed of being in a helicopter shooting muslimes with a machine gun... What does this mean?

It felt like killing swarms of Mosquitos

Example: Machine Gun Dream, what does it mean?

I had a dream I was visiting my family at a hotel and they were going to a party and I for some reason didn't join them. I was walking out of the building trying to call them to see where they had parked my vehicle and I see a man walking on the other side, talking very loudly and he begins shooting. He has a machine gun. A man randomly takes me and my son, who I have in my arms to safety. We get into his vehicle and he takes us as far as he can go, and we wind up at a little shop. There are people there who open the door and we take cover, the man leaves and gets out, he says he's going to get my son something to eat.Meanwhile I'm trying to call my family but can't get through and then all of a sudden, where I'm taking cover I see the man walk by the building start shooting, and he gets to where I'm at and he stand over the window and begins shooting. I'm hit multiple times, as well as my son. From there, I wake up. I woke up crying cause it felt so real. Does this mean anything, or is it some random dream?

Example: What does this dream mean?

i keep dreaming about getting shot with machine guns! is death near?

Example: Dream meaning please:?

This dream was very vivid:

I was in a Nazi camp, just seperated from my family. I was a father standing in the front of a line of 100's of Jewish men. The captain of the Nazi's were walking up and down the line shouting...

Soldiers with machine guns were all around, we were very frightened. He is further seperating the men and stands in front of me.

He wants me to open my mouth, I do...and he sees the gold fillings in my mouth and tells me to step aside, I hesitate...

He takes out a gun and shoots me...I wake up in bed...with a cold chill.

It was so real.

I am not Jewish, have not seen amy type of these movies recently. Any help...would be welcomed.

Example: Pregnant, and had a dream of being shot in the stomach multiple times by a machine gun in slow motion.?

i literally had to deal with the pain, it hurt so bad. i've never been shot before in my life, and the baby isn't stressful at all to me, we're all prepared and everything. mainly it's just been about money and sorting it out, i had a dream i found money on the ground and i kept resorting it into a wallet and dropping the money. i was debating whether to let thisguy live or not, because it was my moms money, (guy from a gang was in this restaurant saying he was going to kill himself, if he didn't get any money) then just when he was about to, i suddenly changed into the gang member who ran out and a guy was like waiiittt then said something really mean like just kidding, "insert insult here" in waayy slow motion, then he had a machine gun and the gun shots bullet hit me in super slow motion and i had to deal through the pain.

it hurt so bad but then i woke up and everything seemed fine after that. what do you think happened while i was asleep.. is the baby ok? i seem to have crazy nightmares all the time. i'm terrified to go back to sleep.

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