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Dream About Magic Arts meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Dreams...what does it mean?

well, basically this dream I remember in full detail, it was very very strange and I somehow tricked myself in it, like one of those movies where you are like WHAT?!?! at the end...

It started with me being in a class-room, all of a sudden there was a weird sound kind of like lazer beams and the walls and windows turned purple and yellow really fast for about a second and i was just like man the hell was that? all of a sudden im at work (pizzahut) and this person comes up to me and has a frozen baby, saying she just gave birth to it. Another lady now comes and has a second frozen baby, saying she just gave birth too and that both of them won some kind of world wide pregnancy award or something and thats what the sound & lights were. so they put the babys and sweet potatoe fries into a freezer and left. after that these two hydras (were long neck dinosaurs though) were coming out of a river and they had the two frost babys on their back and the landscape was filled with a beach full of evergreen trees and my friend tyler was throwing rocks and fries at them and he needed food so i scouted the trees and found blocks of butter, jello and lollipops (i remember this like it literally happened) and i gave it to him, then we were infront of a school walking around and we were going to go into a pool when someone asked me if i was going to his party, i said i could that I had work and proceeded by telling him that I am going to the pool; he said good luck the guard will never let. Turns out the guard was one of the frost baby bearers and let us, when we got there I was randomly in this holy shrine-like room with statues and weird pillars and all of a sudden a big long head and neck rolls in, I tell Tyler to be quiet so it doesnt attack us, it couldnt see clearly but it was sniffing around and tyler started making weird noises so i flicked a rock away and it hit the far wall and it turned and went for it.. turns out the neck with the head was just a badger? after this a weird man in a purple suite comes in and says good luck. followed by a little girl who says her mom wont give her any art supplies, so i pulled out some paint brushes and equipped her. After that she just decimated into the wind and dissapeared, so we went outside the room and saw a schoolbus outside. we got in and it started driving full speed towards the river. I asked tyler what would you do if it went right into the river? he said " i wouldnt like that lake anymore!" and as it was about to go right into the river and I started to panic a bit and all of a sudden the bus did a drift on the sand, but really fast, fast enough that it shot me out the back and I could see myself flying far across and i just saw the land under me moving.. (like 1kilometer up in the air) ... all of a sudden i wake up (in the dream) and people are surrounding me, I woke up as one of the frost babies..when I looked over, Tyler woke up.. as the second frost baby. kinda a mindfuck just woke up and was like what the **** just happened?! I told my friend tyler in real life and he was like the hell?! post it on yahoo answers see what you get! so I am.. I know it's probably nothing but theres some type of theory to such dreams, why did I remember it so well? how could you possibly mindfuck yourself? not sure. might've just had a higher release of dimethyltriptamine during my sleep.

if you actually read all this congrats :P

Okay, I can't sleep, so I am actually a captive audience for you psychedelic, magic mystery tour, acid induced dream. I have absolutely no idea what it means, but it is refreshing to find someone who still seems to a have a firm grip on the English language and know how to employ the spell checker. And know, after your Tolkien like saga, I'm not sure if I want to sleep with that novelette so fresh in my mind for fear of the dreaded ice babies. Oh and also it pisses me off when no one answers my awesome questions, so I didn't want you to feel the disappointment when you checked back. There, hope your happy

Example: What does this dream mean? Could it be because of black magic? Plz help it's important!?

(magic is real so don't give me bull that it is not) so first of all i might have done a black magic spell a couple hours before i went to sleep(it was a love spell)( A very strong one someone paid me alot of money to do the spell) (don't ask me why) So i know this really means something.My first dream was that I had this object (a red glass pyramid) that I was caring and that it allowed me to go forward in time. Then I stopped going forward and I was at a park whit this girl and then all of a sudden she summons weapons (she instantly draws a circle whit a star that is black and there seems to be writing like alchemy put her hand in the circle and the guns spawn) ( they look black whit red details that shoot out what looks like lava but like hawaiian lava, they look like waterguns whit two handles and about 6 to 15 of them spawn) I then tell her that if they were from an evil god (which right now I think Is cyric I said the name in the dream but I can't remember. I've NEVER played or read dungeons n dragons only finding out that later when I woke up from searching the name online and seeing what comes up she was wearing all black) She says yes.I shoot myself but it dose not affect me.Telling her that the guns choose an acceptable host and to find out if you are that host you must shoot it at yourself. If it does not kill you that you are in full control of the weapon. (real life now) I woke up from that dream at 12 feeling like I was in the past until I conformed it was not. (also we are not famous but this major league football player is at the house at the moment when I woke up talking to my mom he has only been to my house two times) Reading that cyric is a master of deception you think this means that he is deceiving us somehow? Or that who ever saw me doing the spell is giving me a symbolic message?(i have done black magic before so I do know all the consequence of doing so,it was not a nightmare)(hope my new friend the human brain comments and tells me sumtn)

Example: What does this dream mean? Christians answer please...?

So there is this guy named Adrian, he was a total classist, idolatorous jerk in middle school and now he is so kind, selfless, humble, faithful, joyful and religious... he talks about God 24 hours a day 7 days a week to everybody and tries to convert them. As well he was incredibly ugly in highschool, didn't have any friends and is VERY goodlooking now.

I had a dream that adrian was talking and leading a bunch of people, in the dark night, where only the man made lights made things bright. There was a small pit behind Adrian that might have been man made and was shaped exactly like those pits that people use to practice skatboading tricks on... and lights flashing on either side of the pit... and adrian stood right in front of the ravine shaped pit, right at the mid point between the two ends of the ravine side and I was listening to him talk.

And then Adrian came along with this large triangle, that had other triangles attached to it in a tree-like formation... like a triangular pyramid, that had been divided into many subsets of triangles... and they were hung along by strings and even the strings themselves were extended in triangular formation forming the subsets and each triangle was in the shape of a pyramid. I wanted Adrian to give me one of those triangular pyramid trees for myself but he would't reproduce one for me and it I couldn't get it on my own...

And then... I saw that each person had a "magic" book in their hand... the book had a collection of "magic" electronic photographs of different people in their life, and when you opened the book, you were brought into this surreal hall... where they had many portraits like an art gallery, each portrait the same size, width length and height about about 2 times the size of a grown man... and each portrait had the image of someone on them... I went to the first portrait and saw an white old lady who was my grandmother, and she came magically to life and started talking to me, she was sitting down in a repose sort of way, was very skinny and had an excellent figure. She had a pony tail up, wore glasses, and was drinking tea. I believe her hair was orange.

I am chinese, so it's strange that in my dream the grandmother was white. I believe that chinese symbolize wisdom, or mysticisim and that white symbolizes an outgoing type of person.

Example: Help... what do my dreams mean?

we were in some random art room... looked like one that would be in an elemnetry school...
Then we were making posters and we were sitting really close... then he needed a green and purple marker/pen
So he moved to the other side of the table (across from me) and then i found the pen/ marker he was looking for... so then i started drawing on a piece of paper to see if it would work... and it did...
i kept tell him that the pen was working... but when he'd look... it would stop, and there would be no ink on the paper! but when i started to use it again, it worked!

What does this mean!

Example: Magic and Psychics?

Do you believe that magic is possible. i don't mean slight of hand, cards tricks or mirror tricks...I mean actual MAGIC!

And what are you feelings on pyschics? Real or just charlatins out for financial gain?

Example: On kingdom hearts 1 where are the hidden dream weapons located?

and wat i mean iz the dream sword,shield,and staff.And if u can iz there supposed to be a hidden organization person in hollow bastion?

Example: Very interesting dream?

sorry, I was on spellsofmagic. Plz give specific info. the last paragraph is where to read.

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Dreams are an open window into our subconscience. Often the things we see in our dreams can be our minds trying to tell us something that our conciounce mind can't understand.
Dreams can sometimes be messages from spirits, ghosts or other supernatural sources.

Our dream interpretation can give you an insight into what your current dream may mean. Your dream was:

Me and my family were at someone's pool in a backyard, at sunset. My little brother was sitting out, and me and the rest of my family were in the pool, and my father told my mother that if my brother drinks some water, he'll swim in a figure eight motion. When drank the water from a cup, he actually swam in a figure eight motion. I then joined my youngest brother. I felt a force push me and my little brother down, and made us drown in the pool. I quickly held my brother, and swam to the surface. My little brother and me rapidly started to cry.

Example: To the magic users two sides thats how i feel does the mean something?

i am a gemini lately and i have been having dreams the i am walking with a guy and he hands me somthing it is a flute in two does that mean somthing?element wind number seven color gold

Example: What do my dreams mean?

Hi, I keep dreaming of viscious dogs chasing or attacking me in some way. The dogs are always different types, but all of them are big, threatening and viscious. I'm either running away from them, or I'm getting attacked by them. In one dream one of the dogs appeared friendly, and I went over to pat it, then not soon after, the dog changed into a big dog that started attacking me! Perhaps this means that I'm misplacing trust to someone in my life. I never die from any of the attacks. I think the dreams might represent fears that I haven't yet faced, or need to face. What does all this mean?

Example: Weird and amazing dream what does it means?

Well in the dream I was a witch/wizard and I was being trained in the art of magic by a coven. later in the dream I met up with this vampire girl named Eve who wanted me to go with her to somewhere. I chose to go with her. soon in the dream the Coven I was with found out I was missing and went to looked for me. and must had thought that Eve kidnapped me because they didn't know what happen to me. I shown Eve so pictures I drew and she seem to like them for some reason. Oh yeah I also learned some new spells in the dream which seem to be easy even for me to used. in the dream Eve kind of missed me. and we may had Lay on the ground close together. in the dream the magic was kind of a rip off from magic in Fantasy books and on TV. So it wasn't like magic in real life. In the dream I was in this coven full of Witches. they was training me to used magic. I went to this awesome house and everything. So what do you think? know what the dream means? please no rude or mean comments, I know it's a dream and I know it have to mean something otherwise I wouldn't had have it right? So please give a reasonable answer that wouldn't be insulting okay. So what do this dream mean got any ideas?

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