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Dream About Magic Arts meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What would you do for an Art project titled ''Fantasy and Magic'' ?

I'm stuck on ideas for Observational Drawings at the moment, I was thinking maybe a few sketches of owls, broomsticks and cats, and spooky trees. Anyone think of anything else? That would be a great help, and any ideas on what I could take photos of? It's for my G.C.S.E Fine Art
Thank you!

It depends whether you have an idea for a final project or not. You should take a look at what other artists are doing in that area, and get ideas from there (when I did GCSE art, we had to base our work on another artist - their style, or composition, or something). If you want to do magical/fantastical creatures, you could start by doing observation drawings of people - these you could then use as a base to become elves of fairies or whatever. Trees and animals are also a good idea.

You could also take a different meaning from 'fantasy and magic'. Fantasy is essentially your imagination, so you could look at nightmares, or explore the idea of mental images or hallucination. Hallucination could be a good one actually, you could do a diptych, perhaps, portraying a scene as it is, and how it is seen in the eyes of the hallucinating (or dreaming) individual. That could allow you to explore different styles of art, or even different mediums, and observational drawings could just be people, or landscapes. Magic could look at a more literal idea of magic - you could set up a composition of wand, playing cards, top hat and so on, and draw that, playing with different styles and compositions.

Example: What is Art?

I don't need the answer from a dictionary, because I do know what 'art' means.
What I meant from my question is the importance of this activity within our community.

Example: What does it mean to speak to God while being electrocuted in your dreams?

Hello to all. Just was curious if you could help me with a little insight as to what my dream meant. Last night, I had a dream that I had been blamed for some "distant relatives/ friends" of mine house accidentally catching on fire. It started in the kitchen, while they were cooking. Even though it was not my fault, and everyone knew it they blamed me. In the process, I stood my ground and told them that it wasn't true and that I am not backing down from the truth. I am innocent, but what I realized in the dream that they were looking just to blame someone, especially me. Later that night, I left there and went over to another friends house and everything was fine for a while until the angry mob followed me to there as well. I didn't feel comfortable there anymore and decided I would leave. While heading to my car I was trying to open the door and leave but these little girls kept hanging onto my car, making it hard to drive away . In the process my car ended up sliding on water and hitting an ambulance and a fire truck. Also there was sparks of flames and fire, which my car slid into, causing it to electrocute me. In the process of me being electrocuted, I could literally feel the electricity going thru my body(it felt so real) and it felt like I was dying, and I saw a bright light. Kinda like the "white tunnel" you cross before passing away. It's almost like, I could feel me passing away, but I screamed out to GOD "No, not like this, i'm not ready to go." So i guess God spared me in this dream. I am still shaken up from it and would like some insight on what it could mean. I have been going through a lot lately and I could use your insight. All replys are welcomed, but only serious replys please. This is important to me. If you are a psychic, study magic or arts and crafts your input would be greatly appreciated. Thank you all.

Example: What is black magic and why does it have a bad reputation?

Example: Dreams about the Moon ?

I had one were it changed phases from cresent too a full moon. The moon was rising over a mountain it was a faded yellowy -orange. Then there was one where there was moon phases all over the sky. Another where there was are moon and three other planets it a cresent form. These are all seperate dreams. They are what I see right before I wake up. What does it mean ? Thanks.

Example: Is conjuring a no no{magic wise}?

explain plz

Example: Why was Daniel called "the chief of the magic-practicing priests" in Daniel 4:9?

or was Bel•te•shaz´zar another person?

Example: Hi i am Pisces girl what does that mean?

Is it supposed make you act certain way?

Example: I had this really weird dream. Ten points for best explaination?

Ok so in my dream me and this boy were trying to escape somewhere. Like our town turned into some kind of utopia. So we went into this forest that had a stream and sand. He was shirtless and i was in a swimsuit and my hair was messed up but for some reason i didnt care. We were talking to each other casualy about stuff and then he drew a weird picture of me and him in swimsuits and carrying surfboards. (The drawing was sloppy and childish) i remember i laughed and stuff and then i tried to kiss him but he turned his face, and i kissed his cheek instead. Then i said "oh, sorry. Well there goes my first kiss" he laughed a little and said "its okay" and then i remember feeling a little dissapointed that he didnt kiss me back. Later we went back into the town and we both got in trouble and so did my family for something. So went back to the forest (including two of my younger sisters) this time the guy made his drawing look better, like he constructed it to look 3D. And then my 2 sisters thought it looked good and they started taking pictures with their phones. Then my dream ended

The boy in my dream was a guy i used to have a crush on but stopped liking him because he didnt like me back and had a bunch of gfs. This year we talk to each other on the bus and we joke around and stuff but not in school cuz his girlfriend doesnt want him talking to other girls or have any female friends. I might have a tiny crush on him but its not major. So in the dream when i kissed him and he turned away and didnt kiss me back, could that mean i should just try to stay away from him and not interfere with his and his girlfriends relationship? And what about the picture he drew and the forest island we went to? I wasn't even thinking of him when i went to bed or during the day. So what could everything in this dream represent?

Example: Is this a dream?

I've had a recurring dream that there is a magical extra world where people can communicate with each other, despite not being in the same room or even village as one another!

The dream continues though, as this magic world enables a total and utter intrusion into other people's lives, and allows them to examine all aspects of your own!

This world enables instant access to whatever desires lie dorment in our hearts, and has allowed people to disregard thought in order to immediately gain an answer to whatever they need, or ""need""" to know.

THen I woke up and stopped being a luddite, realising this type of world could spread peace and allow fellow minds to unite and discuss and even differ peacefully.

Am I stupid?

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