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Dream About Magic Mirror meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Interpret my dream please? (Mirror/Reflection)?

I was walking in the rain by myself around the neighborhood by my house and everything looked so beautiful for some reason, for whatever reason their colors stood out a lot, they were very vivid, and pretty.

I walked down a street where somebody had left their kid on the sidewalk in the stroller, her leg was scraped and she was crying. They were on the other side of the street unpacking their van, it looked like they just got back from some sort of road trip. I felt bad for the little girl and I decided I would go over and help her. I thought I had some band-aids on me but I realized I didn't, so the only thing I could do was to try and cheer her up. I started tickling her and making funny faces, you know just doing anything possible to make her smile. After trying for a little while she started laughing and was happy. Once I was able to cheer her up, I told her that I need to head home now and said bye.

I had a short conversation with the people that were unpacking their van, me and some random guy sparked up a conversation for a few minutes but then I had to head home. The conversation ended and I was walking again, it started raining really hard and I was soaking wet. I had my sun glasses on because I was wearing mascara and I figured it was probably running off my eyelashes and probably looked really bad, so I covered my eyes with my sunglasses. While I was walking away I over heard the guy and some people talking in the background. They were telling him "Go catch up to her and tell her what you think, if you don't do it now you might never again have the chance to. You might not ever get to see each other again, just go." I heard the whole conversation but I kept walking, I was interested in the guy and everything but I figured that if this guy wont make the effort, he wasn't worth it, if he did make the effort, then he was. I was close to the end of the street and it was raining even harder than before, and I couldn't see out of my sunglasses anymore because the rain and the moisture fogged them up. I was really hoping this guy would actually come catch up to me because I liked him, he seemed really nice but he was also shy. I just got to the end of the street and I heard someone running up behind me. I wanted to turn around and hug him really bad but I refrained from doing it. When he got up next to me he didn't say a word. We looked at each other and knew exactly what we both were thinking and feeling. I was too excited not to say anything so I said "Hiii" to him and our conversation went on from there. I was so happy in that moment. We ended up in his car and we drove the rest of the way to my house. I pulled down the mirror and took off my sunglasses, I looked at myself in the mirror but for odd reason I had green eyes instead of the color brown. I didn't mind though, they looked good, I just wasn't expecting a different color of eyes lol, I was also a different skin tone, I have fair white skin but when I saw my reflection I was darker, it was like rihannas skin tone. I can't really put in words the emotions that went on with me in this guy but it felt like a "love at first sight" type of thing, like we already fell in love with each other right away. It was a really good feeling :)

Why would it be that when I looked in the mirror I saw different features on my face (different eye color / skin color)? :P

Your mind may be telling you just how unreal love at first sight is. What you saw in the mirror wasn't you, it was someone else, love at first sight being a dream that, deep down, you know won't ever come true.
Perhaps you miss an earlier time in your life when being tickled made all of your problems go away. The distress that you felt as you were walking through the rain, worrying that the boy may not come after you, may represent the same pain that the girl felt when she scraped her knee. You feel that something simple, such as a boy simply taking initiative, will solve all your problems. You're hoping for magic. It could mean nothing!

Example: What do these dream mean?

I have dreamt the following recently and im sure its linked to possibly whats going of around me of late can anyone shed any light on them please ...

Not sure if you'd want any background information or stuff like that so get in touch if you do, if it helps i have had a male, late 20s, who is Polish, on my mind and i have been thinking about him a lot and wondering how he is doing and that, havent spoken to him in messages on net since December last year, a lovely lad down to earth fun character pick anyone up when they are down is my take on him. He does tend to linger on my mind as i drift to sleep and usually his smiley face is clear to visualise.

Anyways the dreams i have had and this are just the key points i recall not too much in way of detail i am afraid ... but

dream one - its raining (no surprise) - something about tiny islands, the next thing i know im at a ticket booth a female early 20s behind tells me the coach can drop me off at the university but i say im not wanting to go to the university i can walk im purchasing a ticket London to Leeds, upon purchasing ticket i make my way back to waiting area and notice a silver key on the floor its a typical yale style key the floor is marbled and the key is on its own and i pick it up. I sit next to a female early 20s i would say with my bags.

dream two - a field grass colour is prominent, but on this field is several black balls similar to bowling balls but they have number 8 on them (i know you are probably thinking magic ball i did too when i woke up and thought about it), one of these balls is located near a metal chain linked fence and i go to this ball and go to pick it up but i dont i keep walking on. I then find myself sat on a toilet but the toilet has a curtain for a door and im consciencely aware of the fact i can see people 2 males whose faces i cant see i try to turn in so i am not exposed in any way there is a female mid-late 40s i would say cleaning around me and she has a conversation with me (i cant recall what she was saying sorry)

Example: What does it mean when u can control your dreams? i hate waking up sometimes...?

Example: I had a VERY vivid and detailed dream about watching a helicopter crash. What does it mean?

I occasionally have vivid dreams, but rarely as vivid as this one. I began doing a little dream research online and found little explanations for certain symbols in the dream, but nothing that really comes close to this scenario or brings it all together.

Here’s the dream:

I’m driving down the freeway (in the fast lane). For some reason, I think I was coming home from doing something in Los Angeles (not sure what).

I noticed a red helicopter (a little 2-seat Robinson R-22) flying very low (at traffic level) several cars behind me in my rear-view mirror. It veered left, then came up the carpool lane, passed me (it was flying on it’s side at this point) then veered right (about a quarter-mile ahead of my car).

Traffic slowed (including me) as if the helicopter was a highway patrol car running a traffic break. The helicopter’s rotor blades cut into the ground and it crashed (right in the middle of the freeway and right in front of my car).

I’m a news photographer by trade, but a human being first, so my first instinct was to call for paramedics. I reached for my cell phone, but before I could dial I heard the distinctive sound of an approaching ambulance’s siren.

Satisfied that the EMS system had been initiated, I got out of my car and grabbed my camera equipment. By the time I was in my safety gear and in position to start shooting firefighters had already extracted the pilot and I heard one EMT shout, “Get this guy to the hospital fast.”

I managed to get a few photographs of the pilot being hurried away on a stretcher before they disappeared.

Somehow, I noticed, they’d managed to make the rescue without dousing the flames still coming from the helicopter, so I took a picture of the burning vehicle. Then, like magic… the flames went out on their own.

I was amazed that anybody was alive and even more impressed at how controlled that crash seemed.

Then I woke up.

Oh, it was partly cloudy day (late afternoon) in my dream.


Example: What does dreaming of magic mean?

I keep frequently having dreams i can do magic,not the smoke and mirrors stuff i mean the kind of magic you'd see watching harry potter.In a recent dream,i was teaching magic to others in my backyard they were kids i think and there was a mean snake in my backyard and it kept hissing and bearing it's fangs and i turn to the kids and say "watch and learn" and i don't know what spell i used either incendio or depulso but i killed it.What could that mean?

Example: What does it mean when you dream looking yourself on the mirror?

i remember that i was looking my self to the mirror..the mirror was completely clean and my face was also clean like real life..i also remember that i admired my face in the mirror..:P what does this mean?btw...i am in love with a girl that rejected me..:P..can this dream mean anything / be involved with that?:P..i want to hear all oppinions about what it means..

Example: Dream interpretation on mirrors?

in this dream, I was in a room with another person and two dogs. In this room, the other person (not myself though) and the two dogs were looking into the mirror, but it was a version of their younger selves reflected back in the mirror. For some reason, we were all frightened by this phenomena and thought the room was haunted, so I went to another room and closed the door, what could the meaning be behind the mirrors, and the reflection of a younger self?

Example: What does my dream mean?

Last night I had a dream that I was in my sitting room and suddenly I had a magic wand, looking like the ones in the harry potter movies. I used it to change what I looked like. After a while of experimenting it just stopped working and I soon woke up. Does this mean anything?

Example: Im having a reoccuring dream...help! What does it mean?

I keep having a dream where I a being watched by a little girl. I am first out side and she is just following me around, then in my room, and she is in my mirrors. This is where i woke up for the first little while. After that, i began to see more. Afterward she is watching me through a crack in my door and i see her face, she has long dark hair, and her face is like nothing i have ever seen in my life, in no movie i have ever watched, i don't believe they could make something that scary. But her face was angry, and shaking, and big big eyes, but dark eyes, pale skin, bloody face. Ive never seen anything like it. I get up and chase her into the hall, but when i get out she isn't there... The last thing i see before i wake up is her about to push me down the stairs. Can anyone tell me what this means? It is scaring me quite a lot and i don't know what to do!

Example: What does this dream mean?

It started at our house, we were all busy packing our things, our car (more like a small version of hummer) was the last one to leave because i cannot choose a footwear, i am taking too much time looking for a proper fit. It was 4 pm when i was finished. We went searching, i cannot clearly remember where, but it was like we were looking for a door, a door to an unknown place, then suddenly one of my companions was like “sucked” by a toilet (for men) into that unknown place, then all of my companions were cheering bec. We have found the door.We all went into it and we end up in a dark place with a man (good looking) waiting for us. He said we need to go back to fetch our other colleagues who was looking for the door in another place. We went back through a hole made in the soil. Our colleagues were in a cemetery-like place (i cannot clearly remember exactly) my other companions fetched them, i was the last to go back because i was looking for the last person who was left. Then i found him, he went first into the hole in the soil full of moss then me. We ended up in a room like the one in castles (high ceiling, elaborate decorations and the like but kinda weird because that’s a different place) and then the person i’m with must choose which “hallway” to go in order to see our other colleagues. But when we looked into them, both are just the same and we found out that those are just mirrors, and we found a door and that door is the correct way to our colleagues. We went into it and we ended up in an outdoor setting, wide and peaceful, relaxing, there are white chairs and we saw our colleagues sitting in a stairway (a big one, like in parks) then thats the last.

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