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Dream About Magic Mushrooms meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my chase dream mean?

I had a very vivid dream last night, so vivid that I almost feel like it was a vision into the future. So it all started out at a new apartment on the 3rd floor. I was selling magic mushrooms and a friend/customer was coming by to pick some up. This friend/customer is actually someone I know in real life and means two things to me. One, he used to sells a lot of drugs for me. Two, I don't trust him and I consider him to be a shady person. Right after he shows up, all of a sudden there are about 10 people in my apartment that I have never met before. The weird thing about that is that I never let anyone that I don't know personally come into my house or even know where my place is.
Then a little bit later, before anyone leaves the cops show up on my porch. I'm outside along with 2 older women I have never met and the cops. The cops make me lay down on the ground and they search my pockets. They find nothing in my pockets and they don't know I am the resident of the apartment. A couple of important things to know now is that one, there is a party going on inside now and two, I have a closet full of magic mushroom growing. After the cops search me, they do nothing to me and walking into the apartment. Then one of the ladies said "Then didn't handcuff you so you're not in trouble. You're free to go." I immediately jumped up off the ground and took a running leap off the porch onto a pole and slid down it as fast as possible.
Once I got to the bottom I took off running through the park lots, hopping a couple fences and continued running through people's yards. About 2 minutes later I heard dogs coming after me and when they got closer I sprang up into an old dying needleless pine tree. There were 2 dogs, 2 brown pitbulls with big teeth. They were jumping off the ground and trying to bite my feet and they were barking a lot. I never did get bitten because I kept kicking them in the head. The 2 dogs kept trying to bite me but somehow a really old lady appeared next to me and the tree. Like a guiding voice she said "You know you can stop this any time you want."
Then all of a sudden I was no longer in a tree or being chased by dogs. I was on my way back to my apartment. When I got back to my place no one was there, no even the cops, and my place was trash. I hurried back to my room to see if the cops found the closet. They didn't but there were plastic bags one the floor. The bags were see-through, flat, and were designed like an envelope. They were bags left by the police. On one bag it read "Evidence: MY NAME" and there was something small in the bag. I felt a sigh of relief because the cops forgot the evidence. The second bag had paperwork inside it and in big letters it read "MURDER". I was shocked and scared that someone died in my apartments. So I reached down to pick it up and as soon as I grabbed it I heard a knocking on my front doors.
At this point I actually remember thinking in real life that this dream is too real and scary so I woke up. I was actually mad at myself for not waking up earlier because I felt like I could of woke up at any point. So I looked up at the clock and the time was 5:55 AM. That is what really freaks me out because I've been waking up at 5:55 AM almost everyday for the past week and my birthday is on the 5th. I don't ever wake up that early because I don't have to and I always go to bed after 12:00 AM.
Now here's a little background information for you about my life. I did used to grow magic mushrooms and I did have a closet full. Just to give you an idea I was making on average at least $2,000 a week if not more. At one point 10 guys did break-in to my apartment while I was in my room. The guy I was referring to in the beginning of my dream, friend/customer, I was actually letting him sleep on my couch. They were all there to beat his *** and they hit him in the head with a crowbar. While I was in my room, I didn't know anyone had broken in yet. All I heard was a loud slam and I thought maybe my entertainment stand fell over. I hurried out into the living room and all I see are some dudes standing there and one guy yellings "Get him! Get him!". So I ran back into my room, grabbed a sword and an axe and came out swinging. I chased them all off and the cops never came because no one called them. Turns out they were only there to beat his *** (friend/customer). So I ended up kicking him out and 5 days later I moved to Denver, CO from OH. That incidence happened over a year ago.
As of right now I no longer sell any type of drugs and I actually live at home with my parents. It's been over 8 years since I've had to live at home but considering what recently happened to me I pretty much don't have a choice. After living in Denver for 8 months I moved back home and moved in with a couple room mates. Six weeks ago I was assaulted by one of my ex-roommates and his friend from behind with a weapon in the back of my

I think you've done a pretty good job of determining what the dream was about all on your own. It was partly a flashback from your past and your concerns from then. The two dogs that chased you up the tree are likely embodiments of that as well. Dogs are most often viewed as companions, or reliable partners. Having them turn on you almost brings about a sense of betrayal. This could be related to your previous selling of illegal substances as while it was bringing you a good income, at any moment you could have been betrayed and even potentially killed.

The old woman made a good point. You could stop it any time, as in, stop selling illegal drugs. Once she said that, the dogs, and thus the threat, vanished. Mind, your past could still catch up with you. The evidence left behind by the police may not be as comforting as your dream-self thinks. It's all there in your old place.

Mind, this is just my thoughts. You mileage may vary, since symbols are typically highly personal.

Example: I had a dream about magic mushrooms, what does that mean?

I was with my bro and mom walking idk where, but then out of nowhere we saw magic mushrooms everywhere. Since I was with my mom I asked if we can get them and bring them home to eat . Then my dream ended. But the mood was happy in my dream as if my mom was gonna say yeah let's bring them.

Example: Last night, I had a dream that I took magic mushrooms, and I was tripping out in the dream. What could this?

dream mean? Plus I have never taken magic mushrooms before?

Example: Dream meanings? Mushrooms?

I've had dreams of finding magic mushrooms about 23 times since summer began. Yesterday, today, and the night before I dream t of them, my longest streak of having them in my dreams was 7 days in a row. I'm not trying to pay attention to them, and I read somewhere that if you are closer to unity with the earth it shows you it knows you're looking for it through dreams. Of course I've read that they also represent possible trauma, and i dislocated my shoulder not too long ago. But I am not seeing regular mushrooms. I've been seeing all sorts of magic mushrooms, glowing ones, cubensis strains of different variety and strange new strains I've never known about. Now before you go on telling me it's because i think about mushrooms alot, (which i don't). I know for a fact dreams are completely symbolic DMT trips. Every bit of one is a symbol towards your life, so in that context what do you think all these mushrooms mean? They're not the center of my dreams they're just parts of them.

Example: Does anyone know what this dream might mean?

Let me start off by saying this dream was literally, SO realistic. I felt so upset and scared, it felt more vivid then any other dream I've had.
It started off with this woman getting tortured with crossbows. But then she joined up with the killer and they both went on a mass murder. But it seemed like their victims also turned into killers. Then there was like a flash through my neighborhood, showing people who have been killed. Two people I really don't like were pinned to a tree with an arrow, and they were slowly dying. (Sadistic, I know). Then there was a large group of us in this dark room, hiding. Steel cages were put up to try and deter the killers, I was sat on top of it. Then the woman in charge shouted 'they're here!' and I pulled her up over the gate. For some strange reason, Kristen Stewart was one of the killers (LOL?) and then I just ran. I ran through darkness and took multiple turns etc. I was one of about five to survive. It ended with me walking out into the light to meet the public holding hands with some guy saying 'Are you ready?' Then I started crying.
I know it seems stupid but it was really scary at the time.
It's basically about surviving a mass murder.

Do you have any idea what this might mean?
Best answer receives full points.
Thanks. :) x

Example: Dream about curmudgens and trolls eating fudge and pop tarts?

Very strange, what does it all mean?

Example: What does a white rose mean in a dream?

I had a dream and I saw and remember a white rose given to me or my house... Can this mean anything does it mean anything?

Example: What does my dream about a talking mushroom family mean?

Last night I dream that there was a family of mushrooms - the father mushroom, the mother mushroom, the son mushroom and the daughter mushroom. Along with all of the other mushrooms where they were growing, they were plucked, put into packets and taken to market to be sold. The mother, father and son mushrooms were in one packet together, while their daughter was put in a seperate packet. But both packets were put next to each other on the market able, so they could still see their daughter. Along came a man and bought the packet of mushrooms that the daughter was in. He walked away with it and her parents were going frantic. All of the mushrooms knew what was going to happen to them, they knew that they'd be chopped up, scalded and eaten, so they knew they were going to die but the parents wanted to spend their last moments with the family all together, they didn't want their daughter taken away and dying alone.

Somehow, although they were apart, the parents could still communicate with the daughter, and together they planned to assault the man, which they did by squirting hot fat into his face while he was cooking. The mushrooms could talk and he could understand them, so the daughter asked him to return her to her parents and eventually he was so worn down that he agreed.

What could this mean?

Example: On kingdom hearts 1 where are the hidden dream weapons located?

and wat i mean iz the dream sword,shield,and staff.And if u can iz there supposed to be a hidden organization person in hollow bastion?

Example: Aftermath of Magic Mushrooms?

Last summer a friend and i took magic mushrooms.
At first the trip was great, but after some time, when we came back from the forrest where we took them, i realized that my mother had called, so i tried to call her back, but by then she was obviously was talking to someone else.
this sort of started my ... i guess it was a rather mild, horror trip.
well, from what i've heard so far it should have been a mild one, though it was the most horrible thing i ever had experienced.
i felt like i was completely lost, my live was irreparably destroyed and i would never ever be happy again.
then, about two days later IT started.
i struggled through weeks of deep depression, but i finally found my way out.
but still i feel like i don't know who i am anymore, i tend to have breakdowns in very extreme situations, and all in all i feel like i've lost some important part of myself.
before, i had a really strong and stable mind, but by now i'm very confused about many things.
i know i'll never be the same person again, but i knew that before.

now, my question is, has anyone ever experienced something like that?
can you give me some advice how to model my mind into a stable one again?
because i truly HATE this labile state that's been clinging to me ever since.

i've read a lot about this, watched documentaries, talked to people,
some sources say that i would be helpful to take another trip to solve this.
what do you think? (btw, i'll ignore all 'oh my, don't ever do drugs again'-and-no-useful-information-at-all-...

I know mushrooms can bring up latent psychosis, but i don't think my case is that bad, i lead a 'normal life' , but i feel that this is still affecting me somehow, sometimes i still feel sad and left alone (or is this part of 'my latent issue' ? ) i mean, after all psycadellic drugs tend to bring up unsolved problems within oneself...

So please, if anyone knows something that might help me, feel free to do so ;D

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