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Dream About Magic Wand meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream I was back together with my old boyfriend.. What does this mean?

It means that you will be walking on the sidewalk and you will find a magic wand that will grant you a wish.


Its a dream. It most likely means nothing, other then you just missing your ex.

Example: What does my dream mean? (Scary/Magic/Pirates)?

Here is my dream:
I was on a pirate ship, then I got off the boat in a weird neighborhood when it was dark outside and was decorated for Halloween. I walked around, just looking. Then all the sudden it becomes day time, then turns back to night time quickly. I run around and stop in front of this giant magic face thing that was attached to something. The weird face said, "You'll learn to be a wizard, and you'll never leave this dream." So, then he gives me a wand and starts talking about magic. I all the sudden can't breath, and start running. Then I can breathe again. I hop onto the pirate ship that I was on before. "Ready to get out of the dream?" One of the girl on the pirate ship said. Then I get in a cannon, they all wave bye, and all the sudden I wake up.

Example: What do you think my dream means (WITCH!)?

in my dream I was a witch and this old witch was attacking me with her powers, we each had wands and were like dueling harry potter style, with magic shooting out of our wands at each other and i was trying to keep hers at bay as it was shooting at me (i think I won) what can this mean?
(and dont say, "stop watching witch movies before bed") lol

Example: What does my wolf dream mean?

Last night I dreamt that my house had been changed into a sort of school, except a lot of the pupils were wolves. They were all in groups, like packs, and they had to work together to complete challenges. The headmaster was very strict. I was still a human, but I was in a group with three wolves- a grey male, a reddish male and a white female. We (and the rest of the class) has to complete the challenge of making some kind of vehicle using only sticks and straw, The whole class was trying, but it was really hard because the statue kept falling down.

This is were a kind of Harry Potterish feel comes in- I suddenly had a wand, and I found another one and used them both to secure the vehicle/sculpture. (I didn't use them for magic, just as a kind of framework for the straw.) The rest of my pack didn't realize I'd worked on it while they were away, they thought we wouldn't have a statue when the Headmaster came to judge them.( By the way, the headmaster was a wolf too.) So, when competition time came the next day, they were surprised to see that we actually had a fairly realistic model of a wolf made out of straw. (None of the other groups had managed to complete anything)

The grey wolf somehow slipped inside it, and could walk, so it looked like a living wolf made of straw. Then we had to race them, doing a kind of performance as we went, and he would time us. So we ran out of the door.I have a kind of field across the road from me, and we ran across to that. As we ran, all the straw blew away from the grey wolf, which was apparently part of the performance. Our performance was meant to be about the unity of the pack, and basically involved us playing together on the field. I remember noticing that I could keep up with the wolves as they ran, and being pleased.

Then these group of about five people appeared on the edge of the field. They lured the white female to them and picked her up (they were wolfnapping her.) I held on to the reddish male to protect him (I don't know where the grey was at this point.)

One of the guys came up to me, and I backed off and started insulting him. He got angry , and lunged for me, but I managed to (just) keep him back by pinching and nipping. Then the rest of the group came over and surrounded me, trying to take the reddish wolf away. I suddenly felt a lot stronger, like I could beat them all, and I kicked out and caught one of them in the stomach. He doubled over, and I did the same thing to the girl standing next to him- or tried to, because unfortunately I kicked the side of my bed in real life, which woke me up rather sharply ;)

I'm a 13 year old girl. Thinking back to my dream, it seemed a wee bit strange, and I was wondering if anybody has an idea of what (if anything) it could mean. Thanks for reading!

Example: What does it mean to freeze someone in a dream?

A man suddenly appeared next to me and was all frozen up, but he was able to breathe.
When I realized he had disappeared I started having a bad feeling.
He suddenly appeared a few miters away from me and started coming closer and had an aggressive look as though he wanted to attack me.
Every time he appeared and disappeared I was in fear until I found a magic wand and froze him but it was only for a few seconds and then the ice melt again and he began appearing suddenly and scaring me until he grabbed my hand and threw the wand into the snow where I lost it.
In the end I was walking in a forest, he was right behind me stalking me and pretend to hide though I could clearly see him.

What does it mean that I had the ability to freeze him and that he was following me while trying to hide?

Example: What does my dream mean?

Last night I had a dream that I was in my sitting room and suddenly I had a magic wand, looking like the ones in the harry potter movies. I used it to change what I looked like. After a while of experimenting it just stopped working and I soon woke up. Does this mean anything?

Example: HELP! Need a dream expert..?

First off, I don't want to sound like one of those pathetic ex's who desperately wants their ex back but this has been bothering me...

My boyfriend and I broke up in January and its been very hard to get over him. He's told me many times that he misses me and all but he just won't get back together with me! By now, I feel like I am a lot stronger but I still miss him a lot.

Now here's what you really came here for...Every night these past couple weeks, he is in my dreams. Some nights the dream will be about him wanting to get back together and others he won't. Or sometimes they will be memories that we had together like the first time he said I love you. Today I was reading that "When someone appears in your dreams it means they miss you." Do you believe that is true and what might my dreams mean?

Example: What could a dream of the past mean?

Last night I had a dream about the day I came home from school with an award from some dream foundation for latinos for my writing skill. I went into my house with the plaque and showed it to my mom, just like that day, and she looked at it said congratulations and gave me hug. During this time though, my sister and her husband were going through a rough time so my parents worried about her a lot. I don't remember the day clearly to know if this really happened or not but after giving the plaque a glance in my dream, my mom asked "Have you heard from your sister?"

I honestly hated when she asked me that because back then I wouldn't get a hello, how was your day? Was everything okay at school? Anything new going on? Instantly both my mom and my dad would say Hey, heard from your sister?

After that I calmly said no and took my plaque and back pack and excused myself, going up to my room and tossing the plaque on my bed. I laid down stared at the ceiling for a while then closed my eyes. When I reopened them I was awake already, staring up at the ceiling.

I'm not sure if that really happened in real life but the beginning where I went home with my plaque did, that I'm sure of.

Is there any reason for dreaming about the past?

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a weird dream last night last night. I was at school, my middle school and my mom worked there. I was walking around and my crush came up to me and we started talking about random things. Then i heard him say this wasn't a regular school, it was for magic people and we were somehow magic.
When you learned a spell there was a word that kept the spell on longer but i didn't now what it was.

Then i went into a class room with two teachers and no students. There was a lady and a man. Everyone knew the lady was evil, trying to steal the school from the man. For some reason i was sorta on both of their side, evil and good. Then the teacher said something offensive, cant remember what, and i grabbed her neck and pushed her up against the wall. I said Freeze so she would stay that way and not move, then the guy teacher put a wand up against her neck and said VIRO, which i guess is the word that keeps the spell on longer. i walked away while the evil teacher walked out of the classroom and said "I thought you were on my side"

I felt sad but a rush of people came down the hall and pushed me away. Then my crush was back and i knew why the spell hadn't stayed on her. I put my hand to his face and he said they were hot. My body temperature was really high.

Can anybody tell me what my dream meant?

Example: What does my dream mean?

I usually have very strange, long and detailed dreams. Does anyone have any idea what this one means?

The first part; I was Harry Potter (but no magic was done during the dream) and I was with Ron Weasley and his father and we were working late at night and early into the morning. We were doing some kind of hard labor, but I remember feeling very masculine after this part. As Ron and I were leaving, we got into a car and the character of Ron turned into someone else. (During my dreams, I usually have one other person that's always with me, but this person constantly evolves into different people). He turned into guy with shaggy dark hair and was driving, whereas I was in the backseat. We were driving through the city and a huge dragon started chasing us. This dragon had human hands and it was reading through the windows, grabbing onto the driver's wrists. The hands had black nail polish. I was reaching up front, trying to pry them off, but I didn't know what to do. I remember vaguely wondering why I didn't have a wand or I couldn't do magic. Then the dragon finally released his wrists because we went under a crumbling overpass into a body of water. We got out of the car and hid under the surface of the water and the dragon couldn't find us. When I came up, the person with me was Hermione Granger now.

Then my dream shifted and I was at a super huge dark movie theatre. (A reoccurring element in many of my dreams). I left to go to the bathroom and it was huge and both males and females went in to use it. The toilets weer all open and they were just holes on huge benches with padding to sit on. I was wearing my bathing suit and I remember feeling very uncomfortable during this time. I took a long time and couldn't go because there were so many people around. It was no privacy. Then I left to meet my ex-boyfriend outside, and suddenly we were at a rest stop area. We started driving with my dad and his girlfriend and I do not remember seeing my ex again, but there was someone else sitting beside me. We were driving along the beachroad and at one point, there was my friend's car (the one she left me to watch while she went to another state. I do not like taking care of this car, nor can I use it, and I don't really like her either). We were driving toward it because I was going to get in and drive it before the flood came. This huge wave was coming and we were about to make it but we had to turn and leave to higher ground before the water came. We returned later and everything else was washed away, but her car was left, as well as the concrete it was parked on. I tried driving it, but the engine was flooded and would roll but not start up.

I often have dreams about floods but they never hurt me and I do not fear them. Their just... coming. And I have to get out of the way, but if the flood reaches me, it isn't harsh. It's gentle water around me.

?_? Any ideas. I have dreams like this almost every night. I just don't know how to interpret them.

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