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Dream About Magic meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this mean? (dream meaning)?

So last night i had a scary dream, like a nightmare. This has happened to me before. Like i was asleep and having a dream but in my mind i knew that i was dreaming and since it was a bad dream i was trying to wake up from it, but i couldnt.and this has happened to me alot before, and i wanted to know why? like why couldnt i wake up, i mean i knew i was dreaming and i knew that i was asleep and in a way i was sorta awake but not completely.so yea i just wanted to know why that happens?

Dreams mean nothing to anyone else, only the dreamer, so please don't fall for the whole dream analysis thing. That is as credible as homeopathy, bach flower remedies and tea leaf reading.
Look at what is happening in your life and maybe interpret it yourself.
BTW this is words and wordplay, maybe try the magic site, or whatever it is.
Good luck!

Example: What does my dream mean?

I keep on having dreams that i have magic powers from harry potter and all that. Do you know what it means.P.S If you write stuff like harry potter is gay and all that then don't write an answer.

Example: What does this dream mean? Magic force pulling back my hand?

I was dreaming that I was sleeping in my bed once, when I heard a child's voice from my living room shouting 'mama!' in a scared voice (i do not have any brothers or sisters and the neighbours dont have a child either) so I ran to the living room fast and, since it was in the middle of the night, the room was dark and I pulled my hand to switch on the light but some magical force pulled my hand back and didnt let me switch the lights on. Then i woke up.

Does this have a meaning? Or was it just my brain thrilling itself with a little horror movie?

Example: I had a dream about magic mushrooms, what does that mean?

I was with my bro and mom walking idk where, but then out of nowhere we saw magic mushrooms everywhere. Since I was with my mom I asked if we can get them and bring them home to eat . Then my dream ended. But the mood was happy in my dream as if my mom was gonna say yeah let's bring them.

Example: Magic and spell dreams, what does it mean?

First off I wanna say I'm not on drugs, but as far back as I can remember I've been having the same dreams of where I can do spells, magic and move things with my mind. The dreams stop and just started up again about a week ago, an been goin on every night since. These dreams are not based in this time period, and they seen so real like I've actually lived it. When I wake up I remember all of the dream and if I fall back asleep it picks up where the dream left off I've tried lookin online and have found nothing can someone help plz

Example: Magic The Gathering card meaning. Dismiss into dream?

Dismiss into Dream
Each creature your opponents control is an illusion in addition to its other types and has "when this creature becomes the target of a spell or ability, sacrifice it."

what does that mean and what does this card do?

Example: What does my dream mean? (Scary/Magic/Pirates)?

Here is my dream:
I was on a pirate ship, then I got off the boat in a weird neighborhood when it was dark outside and was decorated for Halloween. I walked around, just looking. Then all the sudden it becomes day time, then turns back to night time quickly. I run around and stop in front of this giant magic face thing that was attached to something. The weird face said, "You'll learn to be a wizard, and you'll never leave this dream." So, then he gives me a wand and starts talking about magic. I all the sudden can't breath, and start running. Then I can breathe again. I hop onto the pirate ship that I was on before. "Ready to get out of the dream?" One of the girl on the pirate ship said. Then I get in a cannon, they all wave bye, and all the sudden I wake up.

Example: What does this dream mean? Could it be because of black magic?

(magic is real so don't give me bull that it is not) so first of all i might have done a black magic spell a couple hours before i went to sleep(it was a love spell)( A very strong one someone paid me alot of money to do the spell) (don't ask me why) So i know this really means something.My first dream was that I had this object (a red glass pyramid) that I was caring and that it allowed me to go forward in time. Then I stopped going forward and I was at a park whit this girl and then all of a sudden she summons weapons (she instantly draws a circle whit a star that is black and there seems to be writing like alchemy put her hand in the circle and the guns spawn) ( they look black whit red details that shoot out what looks like lava but like hawaiian lava, they look like waterguns whit two handles and about 6 to 15 of them spawn) I then tell her that if they were from an evil god (which right now I think Is cyric I said the name in the dream but I can't remember. I've NEVER played or read dungeons n dragons only finding out that later when I woke up from searching the name online and seeing what comes up she was wearing all black) She says yes.I shoot myself but it dose not affect me.Telling her that the guns choose an acceptable host and to find out if you are that host you must shoot it at yourself. If it does not kill you that you are in full control of the weapon. (real life now) I woke up from that dream at 12 feeling like I was in the past until I conformed it was not. (also we are not famous but this major league football player is at the house at the moment when I woke up talking to my mom he has only been to my house two times) Reading that cyric is a master of deception you think this means that he is deceiving us somehow? Or that who ever saw me doing the spell is giving me a symbolic message?(i have done black magic before so I do know all the consequence of doing so,it was not a nightmare)(hope my new friend the human brain comments and tells me where h

Example: What does this dream mean?

Last night I dreamed that I was riding a magic carpet through the sky. Around me there were a bunch of tornadoes but I didn't feel scared, it actually gave me a rush.

Example: I dreamed of using magic to save an wounded panther and her cubs in my dream. What does this mean?

I was walking through the countryside looking for a lost girl in my dream. I found lil panter cubs crying near their dyeing mother from a gun shot wound. I rolled her over and used magic to heal her. I fell asleep with the cubs and when I woke the mother panther was rite beside me puring, she licked my face and rubbed up against me than she and her cubs walked away back into the wild. WHAT does this dream mean?

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