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Dream About Magician meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What do these dreams mean?

I am a female who has had somewhat of a fallout with a male friend. Can you help me with interpreting these dreams?

Two nights ago: I dreamed he became a magician/illusionist. He started out at Walgreen's doing illusions for his co-workers and then got his own show in Vegas. He also had a pet alligator and he hired me to give it baths and clean up its poop.

Last night: I dreamed I hacked into his e-mail and in one e-mail to one of his other female friends, he said I was a "persona non grata" to him.

Your friend becoming a magician/illusionist - That may signify losing control. In other words, you are feeling lack of freedom in terms of relationship. You were hired to clean up and give bath for alligator may reflect something that you feel reluctant to do. The alligator may symbolize fear, in this case, you are having conflict about doing things against his will.

As far as hacking into email may symbolize some non-trust in you. You may be feeling lack of trust and lack of attention. Projecting hacking is a way to show you that you are feeling helpless.

Example: What do these dreams mean?

Recently I have been having really strange dreams.

1. My friend's sister and my other friend were married. They had a daughter who was my friend Brittany. The couple wanted to leave so they put Brittany in an oven and turned it up to 350. They left. I wasn't actually present in the dream (kind of like a 3rd person view) so I could do nothing and I remember feeling as helpless as Brittany when she was hitting the oven door trying to get out..

2. Last night I had a dream about candelabras(sp?) coming to life and talking. They then turned into people. They had human children and took them to school. While their kids were at school, the candelabra people went to a magicians house and turned back into candelabras... Idk. lol. This was in third person as well.

3. Another 3rd person dream... a man came down the stairs in a warehouse with his hand over a small boys mouth. When he reached the ground, the man took the boy by his ankles and swung him into a metal pole. I then saw the boys broken body covered in blood. The room then flooded with water and the man drowned.

4. I'm actually involved in this one. I can't remember it terribly weel but i was being chased by someone my age. (I think I was some kind of royalty considering i was wearing a red and gold gown. and I think I was supposed to marry this boy) I hid in a woodworkers shop and he was the only person willing to help me. But the king found me and dragged me back to a small hut thing... I talked to a songbird until I woke up.

All strange and I really want to know what they mean. I know they sound weird... haha but please help.

Example: What does my dream mean?

I'm playing in high school football and I take the handoff and sprint down the field, easily beating the last man back for a touchdown. Side note: in one of my recurring dreams, I can never run, I try to but I always go slow.

After the touchdown I walk back up to this pier and I see my Mom. Then there's this magician who tells me to climb on this bear, which I do. The bear jumps into the air and starts flying over the water, dipping down and flying back up again as I cling onto it. This goes on for about 5 minutes until the bear lands on the other side of the pier. As I get off, the bear tries to attack me me, but I push it into the water with a chair and I just run. I run into this building to see if it's still chasing me. As I leave, I walk out with Kelly from Saved by the Bell. As I walk out, Slater is sitting down, I look at him, kiss Kelly on the cheek and walk down the stairs, and me and her start looking at watches.

What exactly does that **** mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I recently had a dream which I found disturbing. All I can remember is a small part of it. I was out somewhere in nature, it almost looked like I was at campgrounds. I was walking barefoot or in sandals and noticed a piece of leaf sticking out of my right foot. I thought maybe I had a piece of leaf stuck to my foot or a piece of plant pricked my skin and stuck. When I pulled the piece out of my foot, I noticed that there were a lot more pieces inside my foot. I started pulling out small pieces of Christmas tree garland, about 4inches by 5 inches at a time. Once it was all out, I noticed my foot has a huge cut on it that started at my toe and went to my heel. It was hurting or bleeding and kind of looked like a seam. The last thing I remember was considering sewing the seam shut like I was mending clothes or super gluing it shut.
Any ideas on how to interpret?

Example: What could this dream mean?

I had a dream where I was attacked by nine snakes. I know there's a lot of meanings for being attacked by snakes, but is there a meaning for a certain number of them? Please and thank you

Example: Often repeated dreams.what do they mean?

dream 1- i am shopping for clothes (alone) and someone is following me.i try to get out of that place and suddenly a lift catches my attention.i go near the elevator and press the button.making sure that someone is not following me i get into the elevator .i press the button for first floor hoping to check out another department of the store..but the lift opens out into some sort of a maze and right in the center,opposite to the lift some strange looking magician (with a wand fixed with a orb) whom i assume to be evil.i choose to go back down and press the ground button,as soon as this happens the magician comes running and gets hit by the closing elevator (dies).i press the button hard realizing that the lift is not moving.it opens into the same floor.i see the dead man...his orb is broken but as soon as i come out of the lift the orb gets fixed up by itself.a female infant comes floating towards me from no where.it is chanting (or scolding) in some language i do not know.i grab it and kill it by throwing it down..

sometimes the dream goes after this too...but mostly only till this
please i need to know what it means...

Example: What does my dream mean?

I woke up this morning with a weird dream. Because I transfered schools I remembered two of the meanest girls in my old school being in my dream (they were my friends at that time). We were in a sports competition and there was this boy. I dont know this boy in real life but I really liked him in the dream. The problem is I dont know him in real life and how could I like him without even knowing him?

Example: I dreamt I was a wizard/magician or something, what does in mean?

I was a wizard or something magical, I was with some people in there but I don't even know who they are, they think I'm their pal or something. They all have these powers too. And then some other people arrived and tried to get rid of us or something (they also have these powers!) But when we ran away and went back to where we started(with mortals), I got weaker, and then I woke up.

What could the dream mean?!

Example: The meaning of this dream please?

My sister dreamt that there was a magician that kidnapped her and tried to rape her she tried to hit him but she couldnt so I came to her then the magician threw a stone on my eye so she told me my eye ball was about to go out and it was bleeding and puffed and big. Then my mum was screaming and asking what happened. The end of the dream.

Explanation please?

Example: A dream about a blind magician?

I had a dream about a blind magician. He was performing a magic trick. I can't remember the trick though. But i did manage to see him taking his blindfold off at the end. As he was doing this a presentor or somebody was speaking about how the magican had lost his sight in an accident. But is still able to be one of the world's best magician's despite the loss of sight.

Does this mean anything?

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