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Dream About Magnifying Glass meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does THIS dream mean? Itll stump you!?

This is my second "What does this dream mean?" Question.

Anyway, I was in a basement.quite small,but,it seemed ENOURMOUS. Why?i was equivalent in size to a pencil's eraser.

I was not human. I was more of a cat-like animal.I was definetly a mammal,but i had pure white fur,and everything was tipped in red. I had cat like ears,a tail (only instead of it curving up like a U,it corved down like an n.)There were many,possibly two or three hundred of me,quite simliar.the difference was some had streaks of fur going over one eye,some appeared to have pigtails,etc.. all base colors were white,but a wide variety of tip color.

We were busily at work liek ants. Im wasnt sure what exactly we were doing,but we were collecting scraps of food.Then i realized a small windo,our only source of light that didnt do much.It was still very hard to see. I gathered everyone to try and jump up there. after jumping on much furniture(we were so light,we jumped as high as fleas) we reached teh window.It was slightly open,so we walked out.The secon i stepped out,we all fell over the edge,and hit -hard - against the floor.

Next thing i know we were walking along the gravel. Well,sand to you,but we were so small it was gravel.There were four or six train tracks.We were walking right on top of one.I was leading the way (we had NO idea what we were doing.)And then,we heard a rumble. We all jumped off the tracks.A giant piece of machinery (the train,but it was so big,you couldnt tell.) A ramp folded down.We kind of jsut looked at it blakly.We started to walk on.

We sat down on really tiny chairs. It hadnt occured to us that people (we lived on teh same Planet.Earth.) Coudl fit on thesemand they would be pointless to them.The train shrunk,faster than you can blink,And we were trapped in idividual cages.

A man,Who looked much like a ringmaster,the top hat and dramatic clothing,held us up.He smiled evilly and took off with us. I collapsed.

I woke up in a giant circus tent.Well,compared to the ringmaster,it was puny.I,was still in my cage,but i had something through my ear. A tag that said..Well,i dont remeber,but it was in the sixties. ANYWAY,Iooked up.There was a giant magnifying glass.My real self,the one that was sleeping,remebered flea circuses.Then my dream self,the odd creature,got the message.The man thought we were a breed of fleas.He was calling peopel to come look at us.

When i look back at te bars enveloping me,i almost exploded laughing! We were so small,we coudl slip right through the spaces!I put my finger to lips,and motioned everyoen to follow me.While teh ringmaster was turned,we sneaked away quietly.We went backstage,and were stricken with surprise.

Infront of us were ants.brutal,-rip-you-apart-so-we-can-eat ants.They were blood red,and hanging to the wall,Which had threads hanging down.My mouth gaped and we just stared.We couldnt get past.Then,teh weirdest thing happened.this is the first convorsatio ni had in my dream.

A girl creature of my type came up to me. She was tipped both pink and baby blue,one eye pink and one eye blue,and wore pigtails.

"I know how to get past them! " She said.
I let my head fall to one side.
"I read it in a human book.Soemthing about..(here she grabbed a thread)Gymnastics."
We all looked at her like she was crazy.She turned to the ants,and swung with all her strength.She kicked the ants off,and they fell into a bug zapper.She kept on swinging,and mentioned "Do the Tarzan!"Apparently we had heard of it before,so we went.We swung,and we swung,and we got across,.we fell into a soft bed of moss.We looked around.there was ponds,flowers,paths made by bugs,everything made for our size!Thats when everything started to fade.

Whenever a dream ends,I start to get pulled toward teh sky,and whatever characters that joined me would wave,and i could feel myself morphing into my actual self.And i woke up.

What in the WORLD did this mean ?!?!?!I bet nobody knows :[

No offense, but did it ever occur to you that there isn't always a meaning to a dream? Just let it be and enjoy it for what it is... a simple, yet strange dream.

Example: My really weird dreams wat do they mean?

I get alot of dreams in which i get bitten by snakes or i am away running from snakes they usually are ancondas or pythons.
then i also get alot of dreams in which i fall down a mountain but then the other second im back up on it.

lastly i had this dream when i think i was four and then again when i was 6
i still remember it . I am in this building im wearing a dressed like a detective and my gradnpa is dressed up like sherlock holmes he has a magnifying glass in his hand there are 2 other people i do not remember they had my neighbours time dog in their hand then we went in this place where i saw a tree with snakes on in it like coming out of it then we went in my grandpa took me on this lift with a glass pane in between on the other side there was a guy i dont remember wat happened next

can someone tell me the meaning of these dreams.


Example: What does this dream mean?

my friend had a really clear and vivid dream and we want to try to interpret it. She was in a playground and her sister kicked woodchips up her skirt. then it started sorta tingling but she didnt worry because sometimes woodchips irritate your skin. Then she was suddenly in her nurses office with some friends who left to talk to her gym teacher. My friend took a little magnifying glass from the nurse and they looked at her leg, and it had little red bumps. When they looked closer, there was a white worm coming out of her thigh. My friend grabbed it with tweezers and tossed it into the sink. Then her friends came back and were grossed out that the worm had been in her. The nurse then told her that she was sick and she had to send her home. She said that my friend had all As so it wasnt a problem, but my friend freaked out and said "no my grades are horrible!" Then her arm started to tingle, and there was another white worm coming out of her bicep. She tried to pull it out but couldnt, as it wouldnt come out. She tried poking it to try and coax it out, but that made it recoil back into her.
then she woke up.

what can you tell me? please dont say "oh its just a bad dream" cuz she just really wants to know what all these symbols mean. any help or websites you can give would be awesome!

Example: Have any good band name suggestions?

i recently joined a band and we need a name. were going to play rock and metal so we need a name that would fit for that genre. were going to do covers for system of a down, five finger death punch, escape the fate, paramore, evanescence, and more. plus some songs that i wrote myself. i would appreciate it if you think of a cool name thats orginal

Example: Does this dream mean anything?

I know this is another question about dreams, but I'm really curious. It's nothing about Sleep Paralysis this time though..
Last night, I can't remember my full dreamt, just bits of it, but I dream that I was watching a film; but it looked so real. It was about WW2, (I think its because in school I'm learning about this). Anyway, there was one part of the dream that made me think the most. I saw someones dad get taken away from them. I don't know why, but I was crying, and I can remember thinking about my dad.
He lives 100 miles away, so I can only see him twice a year, sometimes less.. I think maybe the dream was about me missing him so much.

Sorry if the question isn't very understandable, I hope someone can help me from this. Maybe, explain if the dream means anything?

Example: What does my dream mean...?

I was in this store looking at thing to buy and everything that was food was opened and it all had ants crawling on it. I saw something that looked pretty neat, it was a butterfly see-through glass with a black rod and a magnifying glass. the person who owned the store was frustrated because no one was buying anything, and came up to me and asked me if I wanted to buy it and I told him no. I started to use the magnifying glass but it wasn't that good, and it didn't show me much of what I didn't see without it. Then I saw a girl with it walking my way, she had short very light blonde hair, her arms and legs were grey, her skin on her face was very light, her stomach, and shoulder, and she had grey eyes. She was wearing a light bluish grayish dress. I wanted to talk with her but it looked like she was in a hurry, but I did say she was very pretty looking. The girl looked about 12 years old. what does my dream mean...?

Example: What does my dream mean?

I just had the worst dream of my life yesterday. My father died 4 years ago while in a coma. I had a dream that he was laying down and collapsed and died and my mom and someone else went to his body and told me frantically, to give him mouth to mouth. He then came back to life. It seemed like a day later (in my dream) that we were at my great aunts house and I went into my 30 year old cousins room that doesn't exist and went into the fetal position and just cried. Then that same women I don't know who told me to give my dad mouth to mouth came to me to comfort me. My dad came into the room and fell to the floor with his body curled over I went to him to try to bring him back to life like I did before and the lady I don't know went to him to him too. She told me to not to turn around as I was crying about my dad. I turn around and there's my cousin with a knife ready to kill me. It was the worst dream I've ever had in my life. If anyone at all read all of this can you please tell me what this means.


Example: I had a weird dream last night what does it mean?

I dreamt johnathan ( my boyfriend) and i went to the cowboy stadium to watch a game n we entered a room n if u go down stairs n the room it was just water n fish b we had this stick with a magnifying glass on it so we could see all the fish in the water ...n johnathan went to go catch a fish with his hands n he was sitting in the water with alligators...then this woman came out a room n went to a desk which was down stairs but wasn't covered n water n she sneezed then she started eating an m&m cookie n I told her I liked heath cookies better...lol...I've never had a heath cookie if candy bar...lol

I'm 9 weeks pregnant does this have anything to do with it?

Example: What does my dream mean...?

Ok I had the strangest dream ever (ok, maybe not the strangest but it's definately tied for first with the one where my spanish teacher's hair was pink...yes I am this screwed up, and i admit it :D) and I was wondering if anyone could help me decode it.

Ok In my dream I think I was nancy drew, or atleast I Looked like her. I had my hair like her, the skirt, the socks, and I was holding a gigantic magnifying glass in my right hand. I was running down a street lined with trees and I was running like Velma does (you know, from scooby doo? - and no I don't run like that in real life :D)
Anyway I was running (and at this point I don't know what I'm running from) and I run into this forest clearing that's all sparkly (even though I was just on a suburban road a second before) and I see this guy I know (I sort of like him, I think he likes me I've known him for a year but we haven't really done anything yet, we just flirt) and he's playing a guitar (though I'm pretty sure he can't play ANY instrument in real life) and at first I think its Crosby Stills & Nash but then it like morphs into Simon & Garfunkle (the song that he's playing)
and then I yell "Eric! Run!" and I turn around and I see what was chasing me. There's a silohouette (not sure if i spelt that correctly), like a person but I couldn't tell who it was, riding a polar bear. With a saddle and everything.

I'm taking it so far to mean that I like smart 80's cartoon characters (though actually nacy drew never was a cartoon was she?...) or I'm really scared of polar bears and fields straight out of twilight (aka the field where eric was playing the guitar).

If you just think I'm nuts, it's ok, I admit that :) But I was wondering if any really smart people out there have any idea what this dream means. I've looked up some of the individual parts up online but they all seem to random.
What do you think?

Thank you!

Example: What does my dream mean...im 9 weeks pregnant does it have anything to do with it?

I dreamt johnathan ( my boyfriend) and i went to the cowboy stadium to watch a game n we entered a room n if u go down stairs n the room it was just water n fish b we had this stick with a magnifying glass on it so we could see all the fish in the water ...n johnathan went to go catch a fish with his hands n he was sitting in the water with alligators...then this woman came out a room n went to a desk which was down stairs but wasn't covered n water n she sneezed then she started eating an m&m cookie n I told her I liked heath cookies better...lol...I've never had a heath cookie if candy bar...lol

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