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Dream About Magnitude meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does it mean if you dream of dead animals?

I had a dream where I was in my backyard with my dog. I suddenly saw this huge rattlesnake in my pool and he was kind of just swimming around, it didn't seem harmful. When I went back into my house to tell my parents, They didn't seem like they cared. I just remember my cousins and my brothers getting really interested. When I went back to the backyard to get the snake and to release it somewhere safer, the backyard was a mess.
I remember the atmosphere being a lot more cramped, dark, and tense. I couldn't find the rattlesnake in the pool so I went through my backyard (We live on a hill so there are levels of the backyard). When I went through the levels, there were dead rabbits, birds, possums, rats, and skunks. Then, I saw three dead snakes in the highest level of my backyard. I remember my body being really heavy and slow but my cousins and my brother were laughing and having fun with the dead animals.
What does this mean?

This dream has within it many situations that you may find difficult to deal with.
You have had a vision of incredible mayhem. Such carnage and death is a kind of subconscious warning that you feel threatened and indeed terrified with some past or present parts of your life.
From a pleasant image of a boy in the backyard with his dog surrounded by a scene of raw but natural beauty, a visitation of evil and devastation devours this whole tranquillity. The magnitude of the evil is overpowering, Firstly rattlers are not swimmers and in this image the serpent for me is the devil in disguise. The disinterest of your kin folk is the embellishment of loneliness and abandonment. Evil will always want to create you in a single one-to one situation. He engineered the fall of man by being able to speak to Eve alone. He shows then the reign of his carnage through the scale in the s dead animals you described. Total wipe-out, a killing field, possibly poisoning the ground with the blood of the dead.
You have been chosen to give a wake-up call not just to yourself but perhaps to the world. The Evil One wants back his kingdom! In a personal way now you have to review your own life. Is there any upcoming way you are contemplating major change? Are you about to invest in real estate or to take on a major job change. Is there someone that you need to rely on to make this happen? Check all this out.
I think you have received a premonition in the form of a dream that potential disaster, failure and tragedy awaits such a venture. There is a snake waiting in human form wanting to devour your future and leave your life like a giant grave. Please, please take great care.

Example: What does my dream mean?

In my dream, somehow my marriage was arranged by my family. I wasn't ready to get married; I didn't even know the person or even seen him. My whole family was excited; everyone from my church even came. Throughout the dream it was like I was mute. I didn't say anything but tried to make people see that I didn't want this. The day that was set up to meet him, I did all I could to avoid the elaborate party they throw for our engagement. I found errands to run to stay away. During one of my errands I ran into a former friend who I can't stand this day, she followed me around everywhere. She was saying that there no way anyone would marry you, and this whole wedding has to be a lie, and just giving me dirty looks. Finally I made it to my dressing room and I was waiting for my mothers call to come meet this guy. I was a nervous reck throughout the whole dream. I dropped the phone under this huge bed. All of a sudden I was wearing this beautiful gown; I bend down to fill under the bed when I finally found the phone. I looked at it to see if my mom called, and the dream ended.

*** I'm not in a culture that arrange marriages. I can marry whoever I want.

Example: What does it mean when you have dreams of snakes hanging on walls around you?

Every time I fall asleep I dream of snakes. My most recent dream was i was house hunting with my fiance and the house was in the middle of a lake and somehow i was in the water and a snake came and attacked me. i shook it off and made it out of the water. i was waling around this house and snakes were hanging in the rafters and in the corners of the house everywhere that i turned they were there.

What does this mean?

Example: What does this dream mean? Jesus healed my scars?

I had a dream a couple months ago that has really bugged me ever since I had it.
I used to self injure and I KNOW I know. It's stupid, and retarded, and whatever- I know.
But all I remember of the dream was a man that looked like Jesus holding my arm and touching my scars. As he was touching them, they disappeared.

What does this mean? (If you think it means nothing, Don't BOTHER answering my question)

Example: Dreamed about a rabbit what dose it mean?

i dreamed about a large upside down rabbit what dose it symbloize?

Example: What do these dreams mean?

My first dream is my parents house has a flood that destroys everything. I ve had this dream two or three times

My second dream is a city being destroyed and there are people falling out of windows to the streets.

My third dream is being in a church or some kind of building and the people are dressed in weird clothing and there are bar codes on the back of some the peoples' necks.

My fourth dream is I'm being chased by evil zombies that are all over the earth killing people. These zombies knew where I was no matter where I hid and I end up caught at the end of my dream. ( And most likely shot and killed)

I know these dreams are pretty biazarre but they are actual dreams that I had. I summarized them as best as I could remember and I do remember some of my dreams detail for detail sometimes but that would end up being quite a story to write.

Example: What do you think this dream means?

Well it was a very strange dream I might add, tons of different events had occurred in it, and one of which really creeps me out.

The first part of the dream started with me going to bed. The next morning when I woke up, I looked into the mirror and noticed that I had become obese. I was way over weight and I started to cry, because I had no idea what happened. In reality I am pretty tiny, and I have no idea where this would have come from. In the dream I would keep trying to go back to bed to wake up as my normal size, but it would never work. Until one day I just kept looking at myself in the mirror and saying "I can't believe I kept calling myself fat, and now that I really am, I know what it is." And the next morning I woke up regular size and looked in the mirror and thought that I was still a bad size.

The next part was where it got really weird and creepy. I was in this one mansion looking place, and I was with this guy that I really liked (in the dream) and when we would walk by windows that blinds were closed, I would see these really disturbing shadows, and for some reason I was scared of them. We then went across the street to a restaurant and again the shadows were following us. If I remember right, we were in a part of my favorite ghost town. When we were in there these psycho's were after me. I remember that their main objective was to kill me, and so I resorted to begging for my life, then I promised that if they let me live I would have one of their babies.

Later in the dream one of them said "you are to have the devils baby." and they led me into a room where he was. And i found this completely disturbing...I have no idea why I would dream such a disturbing senario..

Any ideas?

Example: What do you think this dream means?

I dreamt that i was with my auntie going to a music festival but id forgotten something so i went home. on the way home it switched to a third person view and two people attacked me and stabbed my multiple times, the person ivolved then stands over me and is about to drive it into my chest but somehow i managed to over power him and put it through him, i then crawl to the pavement i died, which then made me wake up.

Quite a violent dream i know but its not the first violent one ive had. What do you think this could mean?

Example: What do you think my dream means? Very Intriguing...?

My dream occurred in little fragments. Like a film or documentary.

I saw the world as it might look two thousand years from now. There were some vehicles, but I couldn’t see the details. The people were all in uniform white.

Then I saw a man light a fire. He was mysterious looking, with a black suit and red tie. His hair was curly blonde and combed back. He had a young appearance, but with wrinkles. He stood in a pitch-black room. All I could see was him, well lit as if there were some light over him. He lit a fire with his hand, in mid-air. Then somehow I put it out by taking the fire in my hands, and suffocating it. I didn’t feel the burn.

Then once that was all over, I saw part of the universe. Little clusters of stars and galaxies. Then everything started zooming in, like I was flying towards something in space. I couldn’t see anyone but I didn’t feel alone. Then I zoomed into a galaxy. It must have been a rare day for it; all seven of the planets were aligned perfectly. They were single file, but not in order according to size and magnitude. I don’t remember how all the planets looked, but I saw one planet… that resembled Earth. Wait—it was Earth. It was our galaxy. Then I heard a voice. It told me something. I can’t remember how it sounded but I remember how it felt. It was very calm and warming. Faint like a whisper but yet strident like the crashing of a waterfall. Then after the voice told me something, I saw another galaxy come from the left and slowly collide with every planet. One by one, each planet was trampled by this strange galaxy—a cluster of stars shaped like an elongated pinwheel that seemed to give off a bright golden light. Then clouds of dust and rock were suspended into space from the collision. I saw Earth as the galaxy slowly made its way near it. Then it collided with earth. Within eight seconds, the galaxy had broken Earth apart into minuscule pieces of rock and was on its way to the other four planets. Then the voice that I can’t describe said something—most of which I can’t remember. But I do remember the voice saying, “I asked him to wait…” Suddenly that strange golden-yellow galaxy went backwards in slow motion (or what appeared to be slow motion) and all the planets assembled back into whole pieces. The strange bright galaxy moved out of sight.

This is all I was able to remember of my dream. It still confuses me.

Example: What does this dream mean, about the upside down cross?

Last night I dreamt the following: I was in a room, and I looked at a paper and I saw 2 normal crosses on the sides and I turned it around and I saw an upside down cross with a pentagram on it. And there was blood on it, like something scratched it. And I feel uneasy about the dream, I know its not much but can anyone please try to tell me what that means? Many thanks

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