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Dream About Male Organ meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Anyone know the meaning of this dream?

I'm a teenage male, and in my adolescence I've had many a weird dream. But the one last night was just... disturbing.

I don't know how it happened. But somehow, I had female genitals. Freaky I know. But I could somehow feel inside my "vagina" and touch a rough spot (my "G-Spot"?) and touch my "clitoris". I would go to the bathroom, and rather than leave, I would masturbate. I also went to one of my female friends (one of my favourite female friends) and asked her how I could pee sideways :S What I think is even creepier is sometimes I had a penis.

You probably think I'm a creepy git now :P But I really wanna know the meaning behind this. I'm guessing it's probably something to do with the epic search for the vagina... but I'm not 100% sure. I'm also kinda scared of what was happening with my fingers as I could "feel" what was going on...

Have you recently been pondering what it would be like to be a woman? Or perhaps you have had a falling out with a female companion? The whole dream centers around sex, but dreams have a way of using puns and literality to make their points. Sex has a couple of meanings, the physical act or identifying gender.
The masturbation would signify to me that perhaps you have been a bit self indulgent regarding the opposite sex. Having both sexual organs alternately seems to show that you need to have equal empathy for both sexes, putting neither above nor below the other. So, in your dream, by putting yourself in the woman's position you learn to be more in tune with a woman's equal need to be understood and appreciated.
The bathroom is where we go to get rid of bad things. So, your (possibly) self indulgent (masturbation) attitude is what needs to be gotten rid of regarding women. If you are unsure about exactly where you go wrong in your thinking about women, ask someone who might be able to point out where your thinking goes astray and needs correction
( how to pee sideways) regarding them. Ask a woman.

Example: I had a dream and I don't know what it means?

I dreamt about one of my best guy friends and I kissing and dancing in the street, I don't know what it means. I mean I like him an all, but I'm not sure if I love him, I have heard that the person in your dream is someone who fell asleep thinking of you, and that a dream is a unconscious desire... What is it really?

Example: What does it mean for a man (20's) to dream (few times) that he's loosing his organ,that kind of fear ?

to dream that your male genitalia is actually detached/apart from the body ! why would that be ?

Example: What does my dream mean when I am shot and killed and then brought back to life?

I had a dream that I was at my Grandmothers house and I was wearing an actual outfit that I own and wear alot, and when I came outside to exit my nanas house with two strangers that I have no clue whom they are, then two black males pull up in a car and start shooting at the two strangers and I ducked down on my grandmothers stairs, well they came around to me and I stood up and said "please don't shoot me", well the one did shoot me in my stomach and then they left, I went to the backyard to where my other grandmother on my moms side was, and my mom was back there too, when I got there one of my livers fell out and I threw it out of reaction, because I ws holding my stomach where I was shot the whole time, then I collapsed when I got to my mom, I can actually remember that my dream self was wanting to wake up and kept saying "this is just a dream" over and over again, I died and then was brought back to life, and this may sound silly but they said that since I lost a liver I wouldn't be able to eat as much as I used too, this is realllllllyyyy freaking me out, please tell me if this has a meaning and if I am predicting my own death, I am only 14!

Example: What do these dreams mean?

the past week i've been having a dream. more of a reoccurring nightmare. i'm at my great grandmother's grave. i see my mother and sister crouching over it and i'm a bout 50 feet away them watching. then i see a man in the distance he is slowly walking towards me but every couple seconds he teleports a god 15 or 20 feet in between steps. he finally comes up to me inches from my face. he had a cruel smile on his face.

he grabbed me by the hair and threw me at a wall a few feet away. throughout the nightmare i was switching from first person to third person views. as i hit the wall i went to third person to see the wall break from his throwing me. then his mouth unhinged itself and a black slimy tentacle looking thing came out of his mouth. he shoved it into my mouth all the way to my intestines. i could feel the excruciating pain. i screamed. when i looked up, my vision blurry from the pain i saw my father,mother,sister,cousins,aunts, all kinds of family member. but they were half decayed and laughing hysterically as if me being in pain was the funniest thing they had ever seen. then the tentacle started to slowly expand. i felts my organs rupture, i felt the blood in my heart being squeezed out like a sponge, blood coming from my ears and my eyes as my head got bigger. when i finally died in my dream i wake up. but i never wake up violently. i just open my eyes as if i had gently blinked my eyes.

the other dream is as follows: i find myself some distance from a huge battle. a battle between angels and demons. there are no humans to found. the battle is massive it looked like close to a million on each side. then all of a sudden i was in the far past and i was looking at humans against angels. an epic battle with hundreds of thousands. a voice in my head began to say, :the humans will have to choose a side. there are 3. the side of angels, the side of demons, or the side of humans. each side provides protection for themselves but the human side provides ultimate freedom. however, they must battle the gods of heaven and hell. the battles past and future. what will you decide?" then i wake up.

what could these dreams possibly mean? I've been a lucid dreamer since as long as i can remember. these were the most vivid dreams I've ever had but i couldn't control any aspect of them and that frightens me.

Example: Strange dream i was collecting human organs meaning?

in the dream I'm in the city (think it may have been London) and i was a boy and i had this wardrobe thing, but when i opened it was full of shelves and on the shelves were jars. in 3 jars there were a bunch of human reproductive organs, in another there was a unborn baby, and in the last there was something i think may have been a kidney because it looked like a giant kidney bean made of meat.there were other jars but i didn't see what was in them. then i was suddenly falling and i woke up from falling off the bed

Example: What does my reoccurring dream mean?

i need help figuring out what this means, i know its long but its interesting. please read it all.

the dream itself somewhat changes each time, but i have this dream once a month or so ive noticed.
the setting stays exactly the same. its an island of ruins, on one side, there is a tower resembaling the king chess piece with vines all around it but not covering it completely. the opposite side has another tower, but i never focus on that tower so it has no distinct shape.
i always start the dream as if im on a tour starting at the front of the island except im by myself.
when i face north there is a straight dirt path wide enough for two people to walk side by side, the path ends at the edge of a jungle, or forest.
on both the right and left sides of the path is grass.
sometimes i will attempt to make a journey to the king chess piece tower, i actually got to it once and it is on its own little island like a light house.
the island i am on ends with a cliff and it has water like the ocean and it is dark, deep, and had vines floating on it like seaweed. i jumped in once and when i came up i was bobbing there, not exactly swimming, with a few people i didnt quite recognize but somehow knew they were important to me. then i wake up.
ive never actually made it to the tower, just to the water. all the other times ive dreampt this im only on my journey towards the tower.
can you tell me what this means?
and thank you for reading!

Example: What does my DREAM mean? Please help.?

Ok it started off at my house and I remember that it was a series of murders around my area. It was winter time as the snow poured down I walking on the sidewalk then I passed a warehouse and I immediately knew it was the killers. So I broke out in a run and they chased me I found myself at a skate park it was a lot of people there, but it seemed like I was invisible. Then I found myself at the mall looking out the glass as the killers began to shoot down everyone looking for me. The police soon came and arrested them but they forgot one and he rushed into the shop I was in He began to shoot me repeatedly ... It was so painful but I didn't awake up. My killer suddenly stopped firing at me and walked up to me and cradled my body to his as he looked into my eyes then softly he pressed my lips to his. The kiss was passionate sweet I liked it but I felt remorse and hatred too. That was my dream weird right can anyone interpret it I usually don't have dreams. Oh and my back is hurting even though I wasn't physically shot.

Example: What does my friend's dream mean?

He told me that in his dream he randomly saw me running into someone's house flailing a spatula or something

Example: What does my dream mean?

Hi, I had this dream a few nights ago and it is still so vivid that i can remember it cleary. Please can someone explain what it means?
Ok... here goes sorry if a little long:
I am at a crossroads, with one path leading towards what i will call the 'sea', and the other towards a big glass building.
I go down the path leading towards the sea, with the path being made of sand, and wisps of bright green grass blowing in the wind. However, i get to nearly the middle of the path, and it suddenly turns so stormy, and sea and waves have covered the middle of the path. The waves are crashing down on the path, and looks so scary and suddenly very deep to cross. I can see the other end of the path, but it is so difficult to cross. The other side has blue skies, and the sun is out. There is a little girl playing at the beginning of the path, where the sand is, and I want to cross the path with her, but i get scared as the waves etc are so big, that i turn round, pick up the little girl for fear that something may happen to her and go down the other path.
the other path, leads me to a big glass building where the little girl and i meet a man in a suit. He sits us both down and pulls out a yellowish diary. He tells me that a friend (wont mention name) called on the 11 Nov. She is also a libraian or does something with books. I say no, she is a mum with 3 kids. I need to write that down in blue biro in his diary, on the opposite page to where his notes are written. Apart from his notes about the friend and mine there is nothing else written on the page. His notes are scrawlly and in pencil. He then explains that this meeting also involves a number (I can remember the number). He is a kind, caring man, but i still feel scared by him. throughout the time the little girl has clung onto me, and wont let go. I then wake up... Please can someone explain this?!

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