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Dream About Male Ostrich meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: I have a dream, a song to sing, to help me cope, with anything!?

Hey! I had a dream about a male ostrich in woman's clothes eating cloves, pineapple and hubba bubba! WHAT COULD THIS MEAN!

IT MEANS YOU WILL DIE (and then be reborn as an ostrich)

Example: Can anyone make sense of this dream?

so a few nights ago i had this dream... any guesses as to what it means?

i'm in a car with some guy (i don't know who) and for some reason, we were told to park in this big muddy field cause we were part of a protest trying to block someone from something or stop them from building something, i dunno. anyways, we were fine, chillin' in the car and then the car next to us suddenly drops into the mud. and then instantly after that, my car drops into the mud, like totally submerged..the whole car is under mud in a matter of seconds. for some reason, the mud got in the car, but i managed to reach up, open the sunroof, and swim out. the guy in the car with me grabbed my pant leg and got out as well. later, we went to the grocery store and ran into my dad who was carrying a clear plastic bag of big (think ostrich-size) eggs. all of the eggs were missing their tops, exposing the yolk and i was like "dad..what's up with the eggs?" and he said "i need to drink them." and i laughed

Example: Please help me with my dream? (chapter 2)?

I opened my laptop and I watched an amateur video of male kids acting like zombies… there was a teddy bear full of blood, its head where inside the wall, the rest of the body hanging down facing the ground so all I can see is its back. In a blink of an eye I was now in the scene, a third part spectator… I looked at the 5 boys who acts like zombies to scare their audiences… 3 of them got tired and went home… 2 were left, a chubby naïve boy and a villain looking boy. The villain boy transformed into a alien robot, he spoke to the terrified chubby boy, “we will soon dominate the whole place! We are just hiding in the walls…” he lived in a robot house… then the robot house is attached to the wall, then I saw hundreds of robot houses attached to the wall… then they are all piled up in rows then transformed then they are built into a corporate house… an illusion of a corporate building. The chubby boy was more terrified to see all of these, that he had located the “main” or “nest” of the aliens… he don’t know what to do because he is weak and powerless so he ran away, I followed him but I recall where the nest is located… it is quite far from the residential area, it has rocks… and is isolated. The chubby boy discovered something no one in the village know about… he ran as fast as he can I am following him then he disappeared… then I prayed to God. I asked for help, then He lead me somewhere… it is a house that I knew when I was 6 years old, then there was this forest, I didn’t went inside the forest, I observed the old house… I stared at it (in waking life the house doesn’t exist anymore, we built a new one in the same area).

I was disgusted to see two dogs consummating facing each other. The male dog feel uncomfortable when people are watching them, so he went away, then the female dog transformed and began to look like my cousin! It became human! And I am more disgusted to see her like that.

I woke up.

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