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Dream About Male meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: ?Dream meaning?

I'm an 18 year old female,my crush(35) man came back to work at my school,he replaces other security men temporarily. On the first day,he searches for me because I'm not in the lockers(mine is far away from the bigger ones)it's in another area. And when he finds me,we talk and I wrap my legs around his waist and he caresses me really tightly and we kiss passionately. So what does this dream mean? He used to work before at my school. And his job is to replace people who get hurt and so. He once grabbed me by my rear arm and took me away when I was talking to another guy. Is this jealousy?He attracts a lot of women of his age(I can tell cause they all flirt with him)but his behavior is different with me. He is a gentleman. He would do anything for my attention. He once looked at me and when I looked at him,he quickly looked away. Why? Does he like me or so? He can easily get women of his age. He once asked me what I do after school. He looked at me a lot. Trying to get my attention. Explain the dream. Please and the situation. I don't have a problem with age and love doesn't have an age, so don't give me that age gap crap. We both are open minded. He used to talk to everybody,like the girl we call sluts at school. And his behavior would be different with me.

The dream is clearly what you feel for him, and your subconscious is tempting you to bring it into reality. You have many years ahead of you to understand the male psyche. Just because he looks like a gentleman doesn't mean that he is. But since I'm not somebody who forces people whom they can and can't love, I'm just suggesting that you wait until you graduate from this school. If he can wait for that and still finds you attractive even when you've left that school -- the test is maybe he'll find another schoolgirl when you're out of sight; if he doesn't then he passes the test -- then you two can pursue this relationship. But for now, I suggest the two of you just stay as acquaintances, NOT lovers.

Example: Dreamt best male friend was rubbing my stomach. what could this mean?

I have now had a dream a couple times where I'm laying on a couch with my best male friend. He's cuddling me then starts rubbing my stomach, I push his hand away once. He does it again and I don't stop him the second time.

Example: What does it mean if you dream of a male figure who looks like a soldier?

He was standing, and pausing like a soldier. This seemed to be inside a house; there was a window a few steps behind the man, and the daylight was coming in through it. Because of this, the man seemed to be almost like a silhouette, it was not possible to see him very clearly, however I could see him clearly enough.The man was leaning on a piece of furniture with his right elbow, and he had his left hand on his left side, at the waist level, He had short hair that seemed wavy, and the hair was black like his eyes; he had fairly thick eyebrows. He was young, 25-30. He had a regular face, not long and not round, and he had thick lips. He had a strict and serious look about him, and he was in front of me but he was looking downwards, although he had his head up; it was as if he was looking down on me, kind of, and it was as if he was waiting, or expecting some sort of action or reaction from me. He was slim and good looking. His clothes didn't seem to be exactly those of a soldier, they were more ordinary than that, not elegant, rather casual, anyway the way he was dressed seemed to be old fashioned or somewhat unpretentious; his whole appearance seemed to be old fashioned. Indeed this figure really reminded me of an old picture that my family keeps, of a relative of ours whom I never met because he was of my grandfather generation, I think I wasn't born when he died... That picture shows him as a soldier or military, and it really looks like the man in the dream.

Example: What it means to dream of a male angel with black wings?

I dreamed i was talking to a tall angel with a white cloth around his lower body and his wings were black his hair was black to his shoulders , i saw his back and side of his face. i was calm and not scared. what would this angel be and what he was there for and is he a good angel?

Example: What does it mean when you dream of being a male cheerleader?!?!?

is this wierd for a guy? because im not gay, and this dream came out of the blue...

Example: What does dreaming of pregnant male cat mean?

I used to have a male cat that I really loved. He died a few years ago. I have dreamt about him on two consequitive nights now. The first night I dreamt he was nursing kittens that had been abandoned by there mother and last night I dreamt he was pregnant. I was worried in the dream and wondering if I should take him to the vet to get a c section as I wasn't sure how he was going to deliver them and did not want them to die.

Example: What does it mean to dream that an african american male has a crush on you?

I had i dream that a black guy at work had acrush on me, i dont know who this male is but it was just weird. What does it mean to dream of african americans?

Example: Dreamt of kissing my male colleague? what does it mean?

Example: Dream meaning? Male pregnancy and growing too fast.?

I had a dream that my boyfriend was pregnant, and delivered our son on our bed. I cleaned the baby off and dressed him while my boyfriend cleaned the bed. The next day, the baby was the size of a 1 year old, sitting at the table eating pancakes. Any idea what any of this means?

Example: What does it mean if you dream about a male relative...?

An erotic dream about a male relative (older cousin) and when the lights go on in your dream and you realize who you're with you wake up screaming?
I think it means you're maybe craving male attention? I don't know. My friend thinks she's insane for dreaming this, but dreams I think should be a guilt-free zone. Yes? No?
Do dreams always mean something?

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