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Dream About Mangy meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What could my dream mean?

I had a dream where i am standing on a huge body of water and there is this boy standing a few feet from me. He calls for me and i start running towards him but, before i could reach him he sinks under the water and i can see him floating down. I start pounding as hard as i can on the water and it felt like i was hitting cement causing my hand to bleed. soon i fall through the water and land on a side walk in some kind of city. when i look up i see the boy again he laughs and starts to run off still calling or me and telling me to follow. i quickly get up and start running after him he then turns down an alley away and when i run down the alley way it's a dead end and a huge black mangy dog is snarling and growling at me. he then lunges at me and knocks me to the ground, i try to scream but nothing comes out and right before he is about to bite me i wake up.
I've had this dream 3 times now and I really wish i knew what it meant. could it be a warning?

i would suggest keeping a dream journaldreams can be o=confusing but if you write down every last detailyoumay haveto put the peicesof the puzzle together in your rela life, also, it could mean that your trying to get something but its not workingor something different try buying a dream book and solve the mystery, but just think now, is there something tha could relate to this?stay positive:)

Example: Freaky dream tell me what it means please?

I had the weirdest dream last night… Tell me what you think…

I was in the jungle and there was this secret place where misfit animals go… sick animals, etc. And although I don’t remember any people in my dream someone was telling me about the place. You see there was this old bear and she decided which animals were allowed to live there. And I saw a lynx that was soooo skinny walking by… like unnaturally so… and then I saw a gorilla with mange and missing part of his left arm walk by … and then I saw a young healthy looking polar bear female with her cub approaching- not sure why she was there, and then a mangy moose brushed near me. I felt sorry for the poor animals at the same time i was repulsed by their sickness.

Example: What does my dream mean?

I dreamt I was late for my high school graduating ceremony, but when I started driving, I was speeding in the right directions but my car was backwards, so I suppose I was driving forward, but with my car in reverse. I got pulled over and the cop ended up coming with me to this huge mansion where the pre-ceremony was and he told me he was only giving me a warning and that I was pretty, even though I was in a sweatshirt and jeans around everyone else who was in formal wear. When I opened the door, four or five dogs came running out but they looked mangy and old. There's more but I know this is long enough already.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I was in a condo/ townhouse by myself even though it had 3 bedrooms. The other two bedrooms seemed to be abandoned by previous roomates, with multiple items left behind. The general abandoned quality of the dwelling did not concern me. I was just happy to have a place to call my own. the portion of this dream that disturbs me is that there was a dog, just as abandoned as the belongings left behind. He was mangy with grey hair and had a pencil lodged in one of his eyes. I was not disturbed by this but rather just compelled to remove the pencil and take care of the animal. When I went to remove it the dog pawed at his own eye driving the pencil in further... but I grabbed the animals paw so he could not do that again and pinched the end of the broken pencil and carefully removed it. Afterwards I tried to fish up a bowl of water for the dog, but there were no bowls in the kitchen so I just filled the first piece of cooking ware that would hold enough water for the dog to drink from and I did so then laid it out for the dog who was happy to receive it. Then I woke. What does this mean ?

Example: Have you read inscriptions on any of Boot Hill's . . . Tombstones?

Note to the squeamish: The last one may be a bit gory for delicate sensibilities.


This marks the grave of Annie
whose aim was just uncanny.
She shot from hip or shoulder
at twelve or maybe older.
The guns that brought her fame
made legend of her name.
Though wrapped here now in cotton
she'll never be forgotten.

Poor Billy's just a kid
who cared not what he did.
This wanton William Bonny,
always kinda scrawny,
made an awful eyeful
in baggy pants and rifle.
Since Pat has laid him low
he's stiff from head to toe.

Old Sam was really coarse
even meaner than his horse.
He stole it on a Monday,
brought it back on Sunday,
but no one gave a hoot
about the mangy coot.
Now he's hanging from a tree
just as dead as he can be.

Here lies a man named Shorty
whose age was two and forty.
We knew he wouldn't last
and now he's finally passed.
His drinking did him in—
He barfed on boots of men
who propped him up on poles
and shot him full of holes.

The man beneath this dirt
was too much of a flirt.
They found him in an alley
as he was kissing Sally.
To cool his heedless passion
he got a gruesome thrashin—
They severed both his feet
and rolled his head down the street.

Example: What does it mean to have a sexual dream involving a beautiful woman that turns into a mangy old dog?

Example: What does this dream mean?

i was out with a friend,he was driving and suddenly the car stopped. Then he was talking to a woman and i was there walking alone. I saw 2 cats. the first one was beautiful, white with blue eyes. the second was scary, grey with glowing yellow eyes and he was mangy. i caress the white one and he start to tear me to pieces.

Example: Why do I dream he''s cheating? What does it mean?

Ok I’ve had a lot of dreams to do with my boyfriend cheating on me with one of his ex’s. I had a dream he would cheat on me with this one of his ex’s that hates me (but she’s says she will be nice to me around my boyfriend for him) I’ll call her L. so he goes to drive round L’s house and makes sure I don’t know. She quickly invites him in and they get straight to it. I’m wondering where he is so I call him but no one picks up and I just see they image of them screwing.
He says he would never cheat and also one of mine and his mates (I’ll call her R) says that he wouldn't’t cheat (this mate is also one of his ex’s but she the only one of them I really like). I’ve had dreams about me my boyfriend and R having a threesome (that may sound kind of wrong) but he wants to be screwing her instead of me, but I didn't’t let him so after a while he got bored with doing me and went away with R.
I’m so scared of any of this happening because I really love him. But I can’t fully trust him because of these dreams and other paranoia’s like them. As much as I want to I just can’t and it’s quite upsetting.
The most upsetting dream I’ve had of him is where he is with this girl I do not even know and the ‘camera’ if you like was like zooming in on all the very intimate points between him and this girl.
I am the peron he lost his virginity with, vice versa. But I think that because I am his first I have opened up new pathways he has yet to explore... If he wants.
Im not sure if I've kind of answered my own question a bit there, but if there's any advice anyone would like to add.
It just kind of helps just writing about to all you guys

Example: Disturbing dream - does it mean something''s wrong with the baby?

I just found out I'm pregnant today. But two days ago I had a dream and I'm worried it means something will be wrong with the baby:

I dreamt I had two dogs. One was a normal male dog (maybe representing my twelve year old son) the second dog was a stray female dog. She had tiger stripes down her face and scary, wild eyes. She was mangy and hard to call to come to me. She was new and the dream had a narrator who was telling me how to look after her and tame her. Then the dream switched and I saw two boys standing against a wall. They were brothers and one of them I recognized as my twelve year old son. They both looked healthy and happy. Yet the previous dream is bothering me a lot. I'm worried it means there's something wrong with my baby. I'm not normally superstitious, but I was pregnant before and dreamt that the baby was girl, that she died, and then that they couldnt get her out of me - and it all came true - she was stillborn after a long labour. I'm worried this new dream might not/might be true, but I don't want to worry all through my pregnancy...

Example: What do these things symbolize in a dream?

in one dream, i was running down the street
and i saw a mangy dog eating some food.

and in another, i was in a room with kids
and we were flying paper planes.

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