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Dream About Mars meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What dose this dream mean ?

Okay this is all I rember okay.
I was at school on the playground .
My friend was playing with another friend in the dream in the sand box.
I needed to leave and said goodbye and my friend was not faceing me and then did and said bye bye ps this friend i like . The i said again he turned around i was joyful . PLeae help what dose this mean ? Hey thanks for all your help okay.

When you say you like this friend, I assume you mean you have a crush on him? (or romantic feelings)

I think it is just a symbolic dream of wanting to be noticed by the guy you have feelings for. Dreams are symbolic, but no book can tell you what your personal symbols are. Some people might love rollercoasters, while others are terrified of them, so rollercoasters in a dream might mean two completely different things to two people! It applies to everything! Dreaming about money might be good for the person who is about to get their tax back, but bad for the person who owes a lot of money to someone. Find out what each element of the dream means to you and you are closer to finding the message your dream is sending you.

It is a romantic dream, and they can usually be the most literal. (meaning the dream plays out without much weird stuff in it like flying antelopes and talking elephants and your school being on mars. they are realistic)

Think about what playing in a sandbox means to you. Is it a place where you feel comfortable? A place to have fun, or a place that you don't like much or have had a scary experience. depending on where you place your romantic dream scenario has an impact on how you feel about the possibility of starting a relationship with that person.

If it is a scary place, or a place you don't like that much, it might mean you are nervous about wanting to have a relationship with your crush. perhaps you like him but you think you are too young/not ready?

Perhaps if you have fun in a sandbox it might mean you are comfortable with your friend as a playmate, but asking to be in a relationship might mean you have to 'leave all the playing around friend stuff" behind. perhaps that is why you were having to leave and say goodbye to your friend. you might think that you won't be able to be friends anymore if you start going out together?

These are all just speculations, if they don't feel right to you, then they are probably wrong.

Example: Meaning of dreams?

i dreamed that i was getting married to my current boyfriend n before the wedding my ex told me he loved me.

Example: What can my recurring dream mean?

It might just be a series of meaningless dreams, but being the person I am, I love deep conversations and analyzing everything. Lately I've been dreaming about me walking on what seems to be the planet mars and i end up wandering into this broken pillar with a naked red haired girl (doesnt resemble anyone i know) sitting on said pillar telling me " let it all end". can someone interpret this?

Example: What does this bad dream mean?

I was in the mall with bunch of people in the mall then suddenly I see a person with a gun look at me and hide behind a big advertisement wall. without hesitation i started to run toward the exit i didn't even warn anyone. then i heard gun shots and people screaming i didn't know if the guy killed everyone he sees or only me. I hid behind a sell phone market and then the guy appeared out of now were. I didn't have time too look him over or too speak. I saw his legs and at that secound he shot me. Then i woke up.

Example: I keep having realistic dreams of colonizing mars. What do they all mean?

Ok so the funny thing is though is that these dreams keep matching up with each other...and i learn more as i dream of them, but they do not go in order...they jump from the perspectives of different people and each person seems to give me a new aspect to this "reality" my mind is creating if its someone pulling this information from the world around me its doing a damn good job at not making it obvious...so what do these dreams mean? What is my fascination with the red planet? Ever since these dreams started ive looked at that planet and i've kind of considered it my home >.<

Example: I had a dream that i was marring my bf and i was pregnant i was woundering what that dream meant?

Example: What do these dreams mean?

1st. I had this dream when I was only around maybe somewhere between 10-12, but is was just the sun in the sky and I heard a voice saying this is my son.
2nd.I have dreams like this one on regular accounts. But what does it mean to dream of just standing in the middle of the universe, if incase you're wanting to know any special details, I was only able to see Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and all the stars and thier constellations. So yeah what do you think about that?

Example: I had a dream/OBE of going to Mars...what does it mean?

I was at a canyon at sunset and I walked into a huge man or martian made opening that was the shape of a front of a clown shoe. When I walked inside, it was deserted and there was another opening just like it in a distance. I faintly heard machinery in the background. I then turned to the left and walked into a mid size room with a giant cone on the middle of the floor. I figured out that the cone was the front door to someone's home. The cone slid to the side and a whole in the ground appeared leading down into someone's home. That room with the cone was like the front porch for them. What does this all mean. I saw no one during the whole dream or OBE...which ever it was.

Example: Your Question what does it mean when i dream im marring someone.?

Your Question
what does it mean when i dream im marring someone.?
i had a dream about me getting all ready and i could see me in a white dress with red lipstick. i was very detailed. but i cant remember who the groom was. i believe it was some one i know but not positive.i know its not with who i have been talking to though. i remember also seeing family members and friends but thats all...

Example: Dreaming of marring my bestfriends boyfriend.. what does this mean?

I had a dream that i was going to marry my bestfriends boyfriend. But before the ceromony started my mom talked to me and asked me if thats what i really wanted and that i still had to time to stop the wedding. i went outside and saw this guy that i had a huge crush on. then i saw my dad walking away. i thought about it. then i got up and ran after my dad. me and my dad ended up going for a walk and i didnt go through with it... what does this mean?

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