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Dream About Maze meanings

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Example: What do these dreams mean?

I keep having really creepy dreams the past 3 nights...

3 nights ago: I was at my university in a building (a building that doesn't even actually exist at my university), and it was like a haunted-house maze..I kept trying to get to the end, and I would get soo close, but I wouldn't be able to get there. And the design of the building was like a mix of places that I've been before - the stairs were the same as the apartment stairs that I lived in 7 years ago, and a part of the building was the same as the elementary school that I went to (also 7 years ago). I woke up before I got to the end of the maze.

3 nights ago: I was in a building again (this time not at my university), and I was in another haunted house maze...and again, I couldn't get to the end.

then last night was the creepiest one. I was shopping for houses with my parents in a town near where I live, so we were at one of those offices where you can get information on houses. While my mom was talking to one of the people that worked there, a creepy-looking man with piercing blue eyes (he was around my height, which is 5'5, but maybe a bit taller) walked beside me and started talking to me. I forget exactly what he said but it was something like "you're looking for houses...you seem young to be buying a house...I know what university you go to, it's not even in this town.." in a creepy way. Then my mom noticed and got mad and it was time for us to leave anyway. So we left, but in order for us to get to our car we had to go through a tunnel that had 2 exits(the side exit and the front exit).. it looked kind of like this:


-------l |-------

The man was leaving at that time too.The tunnel was pretty empty and we were afraid that the man would follow us, so we took the side-exit because there were more cars in that parking lot, and the man was going straight anyway. But then we realized that our car was parked at the other parking lot. So we RAN to the other parking lot (we didn't go back into the tunnel though), and we saw the man coming out of the tunnel at the same time. He took out his keys and unlocked his car from a distance (they were the remote-control keys). I even remember the colour of his car, it was an orangeish-red. And so me, my mom, and my sister RAN to our van which was parked farther away than his, but my legs wouldn't move. So I had to hold on to my mom and sister so that I could get to the van. I barely made it into the van, and then we zoomed off...and I woke up.

It's weird because the last dream (and first dream) are SO vivid! It's so eerie, they felt so real... what do you think they mean?!

I'm not sure what all this means, dreaming about a maze of places from your past might represent a struggle to make sense of your current situation, the tunnel with two exits would suggest either you are trying to make a decision or have recently made one. I don't know what the last dream is all about with the creepy man but I think it's important that your mom and sister got you to safety, probably meaning you feel you can depend on them.

Example: What does it mean when you have a dream of a maze and at the end there is a dragon and you have 3 lives?

and there are 3 wizards you get tuched by one and you lose a life and i have this dream every day for life

Example: What did this dream mean?

I was in my room and all of a sudden i start levitating in my arms are apart and my legs are straight down. i start yelling for help. and i yell for John to stop. In real like i dont know who john is though. but i think it might be my landlord's dad who passed away in the house that i live in. the only reason i think his name is john is because ive had a dream about him before where i just knew his name is john. but back to the dream. i stop levitating and me and my family move out of the house and we go to this giant warehouse. the ceiling is super high and its like a maze and its only me and my family. and then i woke up.

I don't believe that dreams tell the future but i believe that they are telling you something

Example: What does my maze dream mean?

I had a dream I was in my classroom with my friends and there were cardboard boxes making a maze. I couldn't find my friends, and I was lost. Then, one of my friends found me and kept trying to put a caterpillar on me.

Example: What does this dream mean?!?

There's this dream which is really weird. Here it is:
Okay, so I'm this kid, walking up on my porch about to go in when a voice says "No don't go in there! Come here he's gonna shoot you!" So I ignore the voice and see this guy with a rifle smiling at me so I run to the voice and so it turns out to be my dad. The dude runs after me and my dad says "Run! He's gonna kill you and he has other men too! Go!" so I run into this fenced area which is like a maze and the guys have a truck and follow me and then I meet two kids named Violet and Clyde and we run out of the fenced maze together and onto a sidewalk. Then we see police officers and they hand us a folder that has the plan to get these guys in jail so we do the plan and the end.
It happens frequently and I have NO CLUE what this means.. Does it mean that I might get killed by riflee?

Example: What does this dream mean? I'm trapped in a maze.?

In this dream I often have I am trapped in a never-ending maze. There are evil spirits stalking me and I am being forced to eat against my will. The food tastes bland, although sometimes I stumble upon a pretzel that tastes a little better.

An alarm is constantly going off, as if to alert the evil spirits that I am trying to escape. They won't stop hunting for me. My only solace - and this is the really weird part - is that just when I feel I'm about to die from all the binge-eating, I have to eat a huge serving and suddenly I feel lighter once again, which keeps the spirits away briefly.

There's a hallway in the maze with a light at the end. I run through it...and I'm back in the maze. Suddenly, there's a pain in my shoulder and my thumb is going numb. What does this all mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I was walking in a mueseum maze of the street on Mexico. There were chambers along the side of the walls. In 1 chamber saw a wax wolf. Then I got lost so i freaked out and scrambled to find the exit , eventually I did. As I ran out the door in saw a red headed girl (15) That was walking in. I screamed in reallife and in the dream. Then awoke

Example: What does my dream mean?

I am walking through a maze and suddenly i turn into this great snake-like creature and start killing off random people. The only person i remember hurting is my younger sister who emds up havjng a huge scar on her ace. Afterwards, i somehow end up in a sunny field where i gain the power to control fire but i lose my temper for some reason and burn down the field. I woke up screaming from this dream about four times now. Its always the same. Please help me.

Example: What does my dream mean?

At first it seemed like I was going to a
movie. It seemed like a movie theater, and there was a
particular girl I think a couple rows down from me. The
movie turned out to be some kind of The Simpsons thing.
Well, I don't like The Simpsons much, so I got up and walked
to the left of the seats. But it wasn't like a normal
theater. There were people over there, and a bar or
something. I passed this area and went to the restroom.
When I came back, the girl was close to the bar. Then the
wall opened up and some kind of ship was floating in the
water. Something was said on the movie (or whatever it was)
about a couple (i.e. gf/bf, married, etc.) swimming to the
ship and carrying something with them. I mentioned that it
would probably be me and the girl that they asked to do this
thing, and she was looked afronted. So then, of course, I
had to explain that I was only talking about carrying the
thing, not about our anything romantic between us. I only
said it because we were the only girl and boy standing
around talking, as far as I could tell. So after that, we
started to walk back toward the seats and we saw Tommy's mom.

I don't know how it happened, but then the "movie" changed.
It started talking about science fiction technology. At
first, I thought it was just Star Wars stuff, but there was
a ship from Freespace there, and also a space
shuttle-looking thing (possibly from Gundam Wing?) that
launched some kind of probe. Anyway, it started talking
about an airstrip that was on the water, and when the
airstrip got blown up (a bomb or something), it starts to
regrow. But it regrows with grass and flowers and stuff, so
obviously you have to cut it. Next thing I know, I was
cutting this field of a regrown airstrip, and some guy was
helping me. We were almost done (the other guy had already
gone back inside) when I somehow lost control of the mower,
and it went into this hole, where ants engulfed it. There
were ants all around the hole, actually, but they weren't
coming out. It wasn't like a huge swarm or anything, just
like you had stepping on an ant bed. Anyway, the other guy
didn't seem to care much.

Oh yeah, Tommy is a guy I went to high school with. I've seen him a couple times in the 3 years since then. Also, I don't know the girl. It looks like a girl I had a class with, but I don't even know her name, and I never had feelings for her. I don't think I had ever talked to the girl in the dream before. I just noticed her in the seats.

If I had to guess, I would say it means I need a girlfriend, but I'm scared I will screw it up and nobody will care. What do you think?

Example: What does my dream mean?

dreamed about many stuff over the pass years, but this one seems to be the most confusing and scary. I dreamed about a maze where me my sister and 2 cousins wandered off and found. It was in a circus. I was too scared to go in so my sister and cousins went in. I waited for I don't know how long but when they came out they were acting strange. I told one of my cousins what was in it? And he said a house at the end. He also told me at some point you only get 2 hours of sleep. I don't know what that means. Finally my sister was acting wierd. I thought there was something wrong with her so I decided to try the maze. My 2 cousins decided to take me. When I entered the first part of the maze it was all dark and I just followed my cousins shadow that I can barely see. When we reached the middles I got stuck in an obstacle and went a different way. Suddenly I lost one of my cousins and started running in random directions. A monster of ghost type came out and started to grab me. I kept running, and reached the beginning again. Then I decided to go back in still trying to help my sister but wen I reached the middle where I got stuck I saw my cousin being grabbed by lots of ghost type figures then I woke up from my alarm. Long story but my sister is older then me btw. If u know what this mean can you please tell me in kinda scare something will happen in real life.

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