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Dream About Medicinal Plant meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Hinduism - why and what will be the reasons...?

Some trees are considered sacred.

Dear Good

In Sanskrit, the word for tree is vriksha. Indian scripture mentions specific ones, such as the Kalpa vriksha and the Chaitya vriksha.

The tree has always been associated with wisdom and immortality. Hindu scripture describes a celestial tree having its roots in heaven and its branches in the underworld that unites and connects beings of all kinds.

The spirits that inhabit trees are the yakshas, feminine deities; male figures never appear in such a connection. Veneration of the tree is a form of Shaktism, the cult of the Great Mother.

Some of the important trees and plants are described below.

The Ashoka Tree is one of the most sacred and legendary trees of India, and one of the most fascinating flowers in the Indian range of flower essences.

In India, Bael tree is considered to be very sacred because it is associated with Lord Shiva. It is said that Lord Shiva is pleased by offerings of leaves from the Bael Tree, also known as bilva or bel tree.

The banyan or barh tree (Ficus bengalensis) is the national tree of India. It represents the "Trimurti" or trio of gods, Lord Vishnu, Lord Shiva and Lord Brahma. Lord Dakshinamurthy, the ultimate source of wisdom, sits under a banyan tree.
The banyan is prominent in the grounds of old temples. A yaksha is propriated with offerings such as food, bits of cloth tied to the branches and red-smeared stones put at the base of the tree.

Though banana is not a tree but it is considered a tree because of its structure and size. It is a very sacred tree and all parts of the tree are used for some purpose or the other.

In Hinduism, the kadam or kadamb (Neolamarckia cadamba) is the favorite tree of Lord Krishna, and of the mother goddess (called Durga, Parvati, Radha Krishna), who lived in a kadam forest
To all Hindus, the Bhang Tree is a very Holy Tree. There are many beliefs associated with the Bhang Tree. It is believed that a guardian lives in the Bhang leaf. To see in a dream the plant or water or leaves of Bhang is considered lucky as it brings wealth and prosperity into the dreamer's power.

In Sanskrit, the name for the coconut palm "Kalpa vriksha", which means "the tree which provides all the necessities of life" or "wish-fulfilling tree". The coconut tree is given a special place in most Hindu households and great care is taken to nature the tree.

The mango tree is another sacred tree of the Hindus. The significance of this finds mention in the Ramayana, Mahabharata and the Puranas. The mango as a fruit is a symbol of love and fertility. The leaf of the tree is used during most religious and social ceremonies of the Hindus. A "Purnakumbha" is a pot filled with water and topped with fresh mango leaves and a coconut and considered to be the "staphna" of the puja.

The neem tree besides having various medicinal benefits is a highly revered tree among the Hindus because it is a manifestation of "Goddess Durga" or "Maa Kali". That is why the tree is sometimes referred to as Neemari Devi.. In Bengal, neem is considered to be the tree which is the abode of "Sitala" (the great Pox-mother who can cause or cure disease).

In South India, there are a number of tree shrines. Notable ones include the mango (ekamra) tree at Kanchi, a black plum (jambu) at Jumbukeswaram near Tiruchirappalli, the Indian plum (panai) at Tirupanaiyur and the "blinding' tree (tillai) at Chidambaram. Shrubs, too, can be considered sacred: the jasmine (mullai) at Tirumullaivayil and a gooseberry (nelli) at Tirunellikka.

In Puri, state of Orissa, the original image of Jagannath was found at the foot of a fig tree, in the form of an Indranila or Blue Jewel. Its blinding brightness, had prompted the deity, Dharma, to request it be hidden in the earth.

Women have been known occasionally to marry trees, either to avert an astrologically bad match, or to retain certain liberties that maidens do not have, or to avoid the consequences of eventual widowhood. Bel marriage is a way of avoiding the social sanctions that are imposed in traditional Hindu society whenever a woman's husband dies. In this way, she can also be free to leave her (human) mate, or to divorce him, and then she can also remarry as she chooses.

Example: What is the meaning of chemistry?

Example: Is this tea safe? I am six weeks pregnant.?

The tea is "sweet dreams" herb tea by bigelow. The ingredients are chamomile, hibiscus, peppermint leaves, rose blossoms, spearmint leaves, spice, and orange blossoms. I am thinking of drinking it to help relieve migraines. Would it be safe to drink it? What about drinking it with two tea bags steeped at once? And also what about 1-2 bags steeped for like 20 minutes. Thanks for your help. (there is supposed to be a length of time to steep tea that will make it medicinal strength, anyone know off hand how long that is and would it be safe to do?) Thanks so much for your help:)

Example: What if ...?

What if ...?

We could restart a better society by going to a desert island and starting a new community?

Now imagine with me. What would your new job be? Play to your strengths, would you be a builder, a firewood collector, a magistrate? A child bearer? No formal qualifications required, the only rule is that you can do it on the island and it must help the community.

So what would you be?

What about rules, how we treat the environment?

How would you want to live?

Marriage? on your own, in family units, in communes?

I would chose to be a childbearer, look after the community's children and cook.

It is Sunday afternoon, dream a little here with me.

Example: How do you use vinegar to kill weeds?

I mean, do you dilute it with water or use it as it comes in the bottle? And does apple cider vinegar work the same?

Example: To make this world green and lively? one tree per household will make this dream come true!?

10 billion people around the world are too much and will cause imbalance in ecology.in effect, mutations of pathogens plus extreme changes in climate/temp. will reduce greatly the numbers of inhabitants in random levels.urging every humans around the world to plant at least one tree(bearing fruit), one perennial vegetable , one herbal(medicinal), one ornamental will make this whole world lively green again and with sufficient oxygen in the atmosphere for us to breathe. for example in all tropics. coconut is the best as a plant/ tree cause it is good source of water, oil and food for the well being of every individual, for more exciting results, choosing diff. tree species assigned for every towns will make availability of fruits and food for the communities all year round as a part of good nutrition and practicality. now we can say that it is nice to live in a green environment! the uncontrollable destruction of the principal forest will mean that taking care of the diff. species of plants be assigned to all humans in all races individually/ per group/ per family/ per organization etc. so that this will ensure the perpetual existence of various plants vital for human existence and equilibrium in the ecology of the world!gebein kitam ni makedepat de pag yedi ni-oh.(may GOD guide us for this role)

Example: What the heck does this mean?! 10 POINTS! Help please?

So I've never done any drugs in my life before. Just magic mushrooms and some cannabis, but those aren't really drugs, they're just plants. I know a lot of people that have had problems with cocaine use and sometimes abuse, and then last night I had a dream that I was addicted to it. And I actually FELT the urge to do it. It was the weirdest thing. So I was with a few other guys that I don't know and they were doing it too. I just kept smoking the crack then snorting the coke and it went back and forth and I couldn't stop even though I thought I wanted to.

And in reality, I am sorta curious about how it feels but I would NEVER EVER EVER try it. Curiosity killed the cat. Satisfaction brought him back. But I would get no satisfaction from doing that. I would only be hurting myself.
Could it be that in my past life I had a cocaine problem and that's how I died in the 1980s? Overdose?

Please help me figure this out. It's really beginning to freak me out because this is not the first time I've had a dream about cocaine. Another time I was riding on a white horse that looked like a unicorn almost and I was riding up a forested hill with my buddy and then we hopped down into a different dimension, right into a car, and we started to do it but then the cops came and my friend got busted but I hid in the back of the car and didn't get caught. What is this about?
I don't even want to do cocaine. So why do I keep having these dreams?
Oh and I had another one too. I was in this prison factory where they made food for the prisoners and I was eating a box of whoppers and I started to get an adrenaline rush then it was like I was floating and I realized they put cocaine in it. Then I woke up.


Example: If you cloned someone, would they be considered a human being?

I didn't quite understand that and I wrote my essay and apparently it's not politically correct. I didn't hand it in but my dad proofed it and he was like "wow, this is disturbing". I didn't mean for it to be, as I thought clones would just be "existing" and not real people. Here's my essay:

Cloning in biology is the process of producing populations of genetically-identical individuals that occurs in nature when organisms such as bacteria, insects or plants reproduce asexually. Cloning in biotechnology refers to processes used to create copies of DNA fragments (molecular cloning), cells (cell cloning), or organisms. By learning more about cloning and by being able to clone organisms, many doors of opportunity would be opened for the present and the future. For instance, if someone was cloned at birth, and their heart was failing later on in life, doctors could just remove the clone’s heart and place it in the actual human being. This would obviously spark huge amounts of controversy and people would suggest this as unethical because perhaps these clones would be viewed as “people” too. If these things were created with the sole purpose of bettering our lives and the generation’s to come, it shouldn’t matter. If these beings were manually created by scientists in Petri dishes, they’re not natural beings, but are rather creations of man. If cloning becomes successful in the future, people will have to understand that these life forms will be used for scientific and medicinal purposes only. There would be so many pros to successfully cloning a person and keeping them healthy so that they would be able to house organs and genetic information for others to benefit from. Harvesting brain cells from a cloned organism would be a ideal. Scientists learning to clone human brain cells and study them would be a big step for mankind as eventually cures for diseases, such as Alzheimer’s, would ensue. With greatness, comes danger and there would be a lot of “danger” in cloning. There are great debates on this subject today, and if it were to occur successfully, many people would most likely be upset with the fact that these beings are created and then destroyed. Like stem cell research, there are many people against cloning. They figure that diseases and bodily malfunctions for unknown reasons are natural events that happen in life and that there is no need to interfere with nature’s course. Although everyone is entitled to their own opinions and views, these aren’t going to stop people from trying to successfully clone humans. It will happen eventually and it may mean many embryos will unfortunately die along the way, but eventually human clones will exist, cures for diseases will be found and perhaps some of life’s medical mysteries will be finally be solved.

I have to spend another hour at rewriting it. I have no idea what to put now.

Example: Why are you against the decriminalization of Marijuana?

Just to rebut these most common answers right away...

There are many ways to consume marijuana that do not cause cancer...
I.e. Vaporizing(which is doctor recommended for medical patients)
and lets not forget that there are many ways to extract the content of marijuana so as to make it edible, and topical amongst other things.

It's not illegal in all states, only in the 41 states that haven't had legislation passed yet to make it acceptable for medical use... That means that 11 states have already decriminalized it. (medically)

Many people do not believe it has medicinal properties... I know this to be incorrect based on my personal experiences.
I was prescribed Xanax for Anxiety, and choose to use marijuana instead of that potentially deadly drug! Marijuana works the same, if not better..
It's effects are instant in an anxiety attack, as opposed to taking 20 minutes like Xanax does. I'm not saying everyone should smoke pot, but shouldnt the people who make that choice have a right to... ?

The us constitution is founded on the values of the American people being able to pursue the American dream of life, liberty and happiness... Pot sure does make me happy!

For all of you that believe it's an act against God!

Gen 1:29 "And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed.

This is an issue i hold close to heart, i've worked at and managed a California cannabis dispensary, and i've seen the pain and torment that cancer victims, Crones survivors, anorexia sufferers, and many more plagued with horrible illnesses have benefited from the use of the HOLY Plant!

Decriminalizing it would not make it so that you personally Have to use it, it would simply make it possible for those suffering from serious illnesses to make the decision for themselves, in their quest for quality of life for the remainder of their time on this planet... How can we "Non-Sufferers" make this option UN-available to them?

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