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Dream About Melting meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does "snow" mean in dreams?

I had a dream. Everything was covered in snow, outside my house, the road, the trees, the cars. What does it mean?

Psychological Meaning: Snow can indicate frozen emotions but can also symbolise transformation and purification. Clean pure snow can represent a fresh start. Melting snow can indicate that obstacles and fears are dissolving whereas an avalanche of snow can indicate that you fear being overwhelmed by emotions that have been held in check for too long. Are you ‘cold’ and lacking warmth?

Mystical Meaning: To dream of watching falling snow indicates that a letter will arrive shortly. Some superstitions claim it will be from the person you will marry. The truth is that most oracles consider this dream to be one of good luck.


Example: Wet dream. Need meaning of dream.?

First off I'm a guy. I had a dream about me and my friend. We were in the bed and I had a can of whip cream. I had put the whip cream all over his d**k and licked it off. Will someone tell me what this dream mean and what should I do.

Example: Dreams Meaning: Hug; Cats?

If anyone can suggest/help explanation for these two different dreams:

1-I was somehow trying to run away on an old train. I was very frustrated and worried, and when the train finally stopped I met my crush. While I was walking away from him and everything around, he grasped my arm and hugged me. He hold me for a long time, then as he got away from me he got a look at my face to see how I reacted. I was smiling with all my teeth.
[Consider this guy is a very shy one: hardly speaks, he's very quiet and polite. I have no idea how he feels about me, but I like him. We talk sometimes.]

2-I remember a lot of cats in my dream, they were everywhere. They were not doing anything in particular, they were just... all over my house, garden, garage. I remember not being very happy about this. Meanwhile I was trying to bake a man-shaped cookie but the cookie would just melt again n' again, and I was sad cos it was like he was a real man dying. Then I figured if I could move the soul of the cookie-man into another human or living thing, he'd be safe.
[I really just think this is a pretty weird one... Tho I don't really like cats.]

Thanks anyway

Example: What does this dream mean?

My class and I were going on a trip to some ice cream factory. Nobody sat by me on the bus, and all the other seats around me were packed. My boyfriend was in the far back, and couldn't move to sit next to me because someone sat down between him and the isle. So, he waved to me and mouthed, "I'll sit next to you when we stopped." I waved back and smiled, and then realized I felt self-concious, because I had a huge bowl of ice cream on my lap ((in the giant bowl I used yesterday to put ingredients in for the cookies)) and no one else did.
We were almost to the place when I heard someone really pretty across the isle talking about me. "Yeah, (my boyfriend)'s being called a worm now because his girlfriend is one."
I turned to the girl and asked her, "Really, has everyone been saying that about me?"
She replied with ease, right out to my face, "Yeah, of course they have. You're so ugly."
And then this adult man behind her started laughing and agreed. He then said, "Are you gonna eat all that ice cream by yourself, fatty?"
And then started some confidence battle thing...the only thing I had over him was that I had less acne than him. Otherwise, he pointed out that my eyebrows were weird, my nose was to long, my lips too thin, and my hair was too plain. The discussion finally ended when I pointed out his acne, and he sat back with a "hmph."
The bus ride ended, and we were at the ice cream factory place. I didn't get off the bus, but sat the ice cream on my lap, and my boyfriend came over and sat next to me, taking my hand. I felt happy again, but it still stung over what the girl and man had said...and I could just feel that my boyfriend heard the whole conversation. I excused myself to go inside the ice cream place and get two spoons to share the insane amount of ice cream I had.
Inside was a futuristic looking Dairy Queen, but it was insanely big. They were showing a projection of two movies on the history of ice cream in two different rooms, and I had to go off to the side to get some plastic spoons. However, even though I was on the side, a lot of people turned to look at me, and the lady behind the counter (who was watching over just the silverware or something) awkwardly looked away from me when I grabbed two spoons. I then near ran out, and could still feel them looking at me.
I made it back onto the bus, and my boyfriend was there, waiting for me silently and happily without talking to the pretty girl that had insulted me. I sat next to him again, grinning near stupidly. I put the two spoons in the bowl, but the ice cream was melting. Shane laughed lightly and put the ice cream aside, and then gently took my hands and pulled me closer. I thought I was going to kiss him for the first time, but then he made a face, that was like everyone else's in the ice cream factory, and of the girl, and of the man... I looked back at the ice cream on the seat beside us, and it was completely melted.
And then I woke up crying. :(

What on earth does this dream mean? And why the heck was it ice cream themed? o.O

Example: What does my dream mean?!?

I dreamed that I what a sleep and I kept twitching to try and make myself wake up becuase I could breath of I thought someone was tounching me and then when I did wake up I had my bed in a bathroom (I didn't need to pee) and I was covered in ice so when I got up it all melted and I put it in the bath tub but the whole time the dream was going on P!nk's one foot wrong was playing in the back gronud..
Dose any of this mean anything or do I just have wired dreams?

Example: Friend had a dream their face was melting off what does it mean?

a friend had a dream their face was melting off, do you know what that means?

Example: I dreamt that everyone's faces in my family was melting on its own.what does it mean?

throughout the entire dream,no one talked or moved around except me.all the way in the begining,my grandma and i were at this volcano,and these red bats were chasing us.we got on a boat,and ran home.my grandma mysteriously disapeared,but i went inside anyway.then everyones faces started to melt,and after the last of my family's face melted,i woke up.WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?

Example: I had a dream my skin was melting from acid what does that mean?

in my dream i stuck my hand in a bucket of what i thought was water but it turned out to be acid then slowly my hands started to melt then all the way up my arms

Example: Dream meaning for melting ice over lava?!?

In my dream I was in Iceland and I was standing on ice which was over a sea of lava, the ice was melting quickly and there was an erupting volcano near by.

There were many people around me and they were all panicking, I was standing on my own on a piece of ice which were breaking off from the main part.

I walked away and walked through a door which brought me to an empty bedroom and it was dusk, the only light was the moon from the window I lay down in the bed and stared into the mirror on the wall across from the bed, I was looking at myself and looked totally detached and emotionally dead.

Any interpretations are appreciated, five stars for best answer.

Example: I had a dream where I was melting what does this mean?

I recall slowly approaching an 18th century protestant church (I am not protestant) made of wood, painted white. There is extensive activity outside amongst the townsfolk, who furnish typical 18th century colonial attire. I remember the hats particularly well, they appear to be felt hats of the clerical style, but I could very well be incorrect. I enter the structure, and I see nothing but candles, candles from wall to wall, and they are all within these massive cabinets which are stained black from all the soot of these seemingly endless fires. Every single candle was burning, I approached one of the openings for a closer observation, and somehow one of the candles is extinguished. Immediately afterwards I enter a third person view point and I observe myself melting. Somehow I continue to proceed outside of the church as I take the form of a molten candle, until I awaken, it was around four thirty in the morning. I cannot recall having experienced anything significant which could trigger such an experience.

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