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Dream About Mercury meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean?

I dreamt that there was a big red snake under my bed, which I had bought but forgot about. It had doubled its size and it had escaped it's box. It was huge, its head as big a mine's. Finally, I manged to sell it for a good amount of money.

So big snake under the bed . what does it mean? Seems very Freudian, but if it matters I had a fight with one of my ex long time friends

What do dreams about snakes mean?
SNAKE DREAM Mystical Meaning:
Entwined snakes appear on the god Mercury's caduceus, which is a symbol of the medical profession to this day. The Greeks attributed healing powers to the snake and similar symbolism may be found in Indian Kundalini yoga where it represents the life force that rises up the spinal chord. In particular, the cobra is a symbol of divine enlightenment and associated with the god Shiva. There are many strange superstitions about snakes. It was beleived that to see a lone snake and feel threatened by it in a dream or in real life shows that you have a bad enemy that is working against you, it also a warning against bodily harm from an enemy. To dream of many snakes in a pit was also considered to be a foreboding of much bad luck in love or business. If in a snake dream you overcome and kill a threatening snake in your dream, it shows that you will overcome your adversary and win out.

Example: What does this dream means?

I always dream of 2 dreams before i get sick(usually fever).. What does it mean to dream that i'm in a small room with a single staircase being filled with water.. Note: i can't swim.
And the other is.. I really don't know how to describe it.. But it fells like being in front of a black and white tv and i'm really close to the tv that i can't even see the boarderline.. But there's really nothing on the sceen.. It's like when there's no signal.. And there's this wave going up ward and it feels like water.. I'm sorry i really don't know how to describe the second one.

Also.. The first one is almost always in sepia(brownish) color while the second is in black and whit color..

Does anyone knows what it meant? I already searched it over the net but how can i know what it meant for room with a single staircase being filled with water mean.. They only say a single thing like a staicase.. What does the whole dream meant?

Another note, might be irrelevant, i almost always wakes up at exactly 4am after these drams and i already got a fever by the time i wake up..

Example: Can someone tell me the meaning of my dream?

Can someome help me interpret my dream:

It was a rather frightening one, and I had trouble getting back to sleep after it. I was at my home, and there was a decapitated horse with its head in a bag and blood and entrails everywhere, also there was this case with a person. The bag was laying on the top of my sofa, and I was just sitting there watching tv and my cat came over and tried to urinate on the wall and I was trying to stop him. Outside, my mercury mountaineer was covered in blood as well. The calendar on the wall said it was sometime during the 1990's but I didnt get a good enough look at it. Outside my front door it was late afternoon/dusk, but out my back door it was pitch black darkness. I had a feeling that the thing that causes the blood massacre was lurking in the woods and darkness behind my house, and then I woke up. Horrified.

Example: What does it mean to dream about being pregnant/giving birth?

Last week roughly i had a dream being pregnant. It was me and my friends but we were really small, like in size running away from evil. I was trying to make sure my baby didn't get hurt. After we were free we opened a new shop and lived on what ever money we could make, but were relatively happy. Just last night, I was at home and I was pregnant again. This time I was giving birth to the child, after the baby came out my mother told me it was a boy, I paused and held him in my hands and named him Mercury. Not too long after that infant baby boy already knew how to speak, and i was surprised to see this, and in a flash he grew up into a teenager. >.>

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream that I was pregnant with this guys baby, the guy being my ex boyfriend. But I don't have any feelings for this guy whatsoever. And I was in labor and had my baby, who was a little girl I think I named her Aurora. I told my (girl) friend not to tell the guy that I had his kid. But she did anyway, and he was like all surprised and wanted to see me but I wouldn't. I moved in with my aunt who has a little baby boy and I was sitting there playing with my kid when ( a different ) guy walked in and wanted to take a ride and meet my baby. But I don't have feelings for him either we are just friends. So we did and I put her in the back car seat and I sat up front. I remember the car was the type of car that I wanted ( a black mercury comet with the soft top. ) and we just drove.

Could anyone tell me what this means?

Example: Weird dream, does it mean anything?

I had a dream where I broke a thermometer and the Hg Poison spilled out of it and went all over the bathroom floor. The mercury was not liquid but solid. I cleaned it up but it came back and the mercury started to attract ants. Some of it got on my leg and I was worried about being poisoned. While picking up the spill I noticed a lot of pee around the toiled and became grossed out and woke up.

Example: What do dreams of water mean?

I can't figure these dreams out. I was with my entire family. I was invisible to every one of them, except my 9 year old brother. My brother was able to speak to me and see my like normal. However, everyone else had no idea I was there. And when they spoke it was muffled like I had my ears plugged. They left the house to go somewhere but I never heard where. So I wander the house and find my bedroom. I go in and it's an absolute disaster. Stuff everywhere, not one clear space in the floor. And the furniture is all in the middle of the already tiny room so you can barely move anywhere. I notice little jars and glass candle holders placed around the room and filled with water. The sunlight coming through the dirty window makes the glass sparkle and they look really pretty. Then things go a bit crazy. The fish in these votive candle holders start to swell. They grow like crazy, and the water begins to disappear. I find an empty mason jar and go fill it up quickly then run back to my room. The furniture has moved and the candle holder are in new spots. So I have to look for them. I'm making the room even more of a mess as I'm trying to fill these tiny glass holders with water, but the fish keep growing. I finally find a huge vase and fill that with water, then put all the fish in it together until I can find a bigger, better fish tank. I turn to make sure I've found them all, then I turn back and the water in the new vase is milky. It looks almost like mercury except it's white, not silver. The fish are still growing, and now they beginning to eat one another. The only thing I can see clearly in the water is the tale of one of the fish. But it looks like the tail of a tiger shark, except the color are super vibrant like something from Lisa Frank. I hear a car door outside and the family coming up the sidewalk and I start to panic. I'm looking around for a way to separate these fish but I have no other jars. And the room is even more of a disaster. The carpet is beginning to soak and my feet are freezing in my now wet shoes. I can hear the family inside and my mother and my aunt come into my room and I freeze, but they are happy. And can't see me. They continue their muffled conversation as I find that I can't move and I hear the fish in the bigger vase behind me splashing around, fighting each other.
This isn't the first dream with fish and water that I have had. The other night I had one that my 13 year old brother and I were on a dock and the dock collapsed into this lake and I swim to the surface and find these fish are creating this current that's pulling me farther from the dock. When I look around for my brother, he is standing on the part of the dock that didn't collapse. He's laughing and I can't help but smile. So I swim to the dock and as I get there, it's not my brother. It's someone I don't know. My brother is clinging to the dock. His hand slips and he begins to drown. The fish are creating a different current pulling him under. So I scream and swim harder against my current, then hold my breath and dive under after him. I'm kicking my legs as hard as I can and he's reaching for me and screaming under the water. I finally get close enough and grab his hand and manage to get us both to the surface. I pull him onto the rest of the now empty dock and we lay there for a minute. I'm panting and gasping for air and he's laying there like nothing happened. We get up and begin to walk back to town, but we have to walk back through this trail in the woods. As we walk, we never make it back to town, but to a clearing. There's a fire pit in the middle of the clearing, and a stage with torches. I notice it's gotten dark outside. I stop, feeling unsure, but my brother continues like I never stopped. He disappears and I feel a hand on my shoulder. I turn to see this guy. He's handsome, but looks severely ill. His smile isn't comforting at all and his eyes are odd. The whites are blood shot and there is no iris, just a pitch black pupil. He introduces himself as Death, and he doesn't say my birth name, but he calls me another name. I turn back to find my brother and he is no where. It's just Death and I in the clearing. He continues to speak but he becomes muffled, like he is underwater. I can't understand him but I feel sick to my stomach. Then I manage to wake myself up.
Any clue as to what either of these dreams mean?

Example: What Is An Mercury Sign Mean?

mines is a Mercury Sagittarius 10.07degrees

do it like respesent how i act or what?

Example: What does my Dream Mean?

So ok in my Dream I saw the Moon, and it was Extremly low in the sky. Next to it was Mercury, Venus and Mars. Then I saw another Planet I guess flying Towards me and then A bunch of Spaceships came in and Many little like 1 foot tall Aliens were invading my house. I was Stabbing them with Big Knifes, kicking them With my Steel toe boots And I was Shooting them with Bee-bee guns Which I don't own any of. I actually was Able to feel A Sadness throughout and after the dream. Well That's basically the Whole thing In a Nut Shell. What's it mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I am driving down a road adjacent to a river. I look over to the left and I see my mother waving here arms frantically in an attempt to get me to stop. I drive up to her and she points over to the water. I know something is wrong so I rush into the water and I see an infant drowning. I immediately dive into the river and grab the child. I bring him to the surface patting his back and he begins to breath. I ask my mother who the child's parents are and she tells me that they are camping. I then wake up!

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