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Dream About Mess Hall meanings

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Example: Meaning to this dream?

The landscape was large, but you could see everything. From where the dream was mainly, it was about 100 feet wide. It was room like, with 5 feet tall grass as walls except for a 3 foot break. There was no roof. It was fair weather. The was a huge bed at the edge of the north "wall". It was about 95 feet in length and about 10 feet wide. It was red, and very fancy with a roof above it. There were three beds, but they weren't separated. Then where the 3 feet break was, it was like a river that was probably 2-3 feet wide, with an island about 1 foot in completion. Then that lead to a mess hall.

So I was with 2 friends, one being a guy who I will call E, and another who is a girl that I will call K. We were on our beds, mine being in the middle, K's being on the left, and E's on the right. We were told to go the mess hall for dinner, so we got up and swam through the small river and sat down at the hall. I was across from E, and next to K. There were plenty of others from my school at the tables.The mess hall was gray, and there was a huge screen on a wall. There were only 3 walls and a roof. Of course tables and food though. We watched as they showcased clothing on the TV, and a mans voice on an intercom said that those were our options of clothing tomorrow. There were themes and that one was old diner themed. We got up and walked back. We were up very late, playing on a Game Cube. Then I told E I was getting tired so changed into my shorts and tank top then went to bed. We woke up and changed in the many diner themed clothing they gave us. There was quite an assortment as there were many shirts, skirts, pants, and shoes options. I remember I wore a tight skirt and a crisp white t shirt with tall white boots. We went around our day there. Then we walked to the mess hall again. K was late but she did come, wearing a short blue dress. Then the voice said the the next theme was coal, and they showcased the outfits. I remember it was Tuesday, and everyone would be leaving on Thursday. We all got up and left. E and I took a long route to our place, going through rocks and such. He said he needed a song to sing, one sweet. I don't remember to who. (I usually listen to a playlist of music when I sleep which would explain my lack of options) I said he could sing If I Die Young, and I sang it to him. He asked for more options, but I said I couldn't think of anymore. We got to place and changed. K was sleeping. I remember thinking of what Coal Miner outfit I would wear, and I decided with the baggy black pants and t shirt rather than the tight black skirt with a matching belt and tank top. Then I woke up.

Nghtmare. Dreams have no hard and fast rules to interpret , just a wave of mind on the given day having limited hidden meanings. Normally, they depict the desires, events and anxiety on stress event. So the same can be interpreted in this perspective better by the dreaming person himself .Normally , repressed love or sex desires are seen in ex, crush, bf, stranger man or woman and stress and insecurity in nightmares, spiders, Zombies, snakes ,ghosts or alike factors but there nothing to be worried. Pregnancy dreams means, u are scared to be preggo or if pregoo fear to lose baby It is for the time being reaction of mind in the given circumstance. May Lord keep all of us in peace and best of luck x

Example: What does this dream possibly mean?

Okay, I'll give you some background detail. I don't have R.E.M. (rolling eye movement, it allows you to see and remember your dreams) but last night I ended up having a very vivid dream and I don't know what it's supposed to mean So I'll give you the dream and hopefully you can help me out here =) alright here it goes.

I was at a house, one that I did not recognize. It was a split style- So had the platform that you walk into with a stair case going up and a stair case going down. When I walked inside of this house I saw one of my old friends who I haven't seen in months. (we had a fall-out), She looked as normal as ever, we didn't act any differently towards each other- we didn't even pay attention so to say- All She said Was 'I gotta go pee guys, be one moment' and headed off to the bathroom down the hall. Then I looked to the other people, her boyfriend was there, My ex boyfriend was there, and a good female friend of mine as well as a few other people that I can't recall. Then to top it off, there was an older couple. (They weren't old- just in their forties fifties, It just popped out at me because everyone is fifteen/sixteen/seventeen/ in my group). My ex greeted me with his charming smile, and gave me a hug, ( I think his new girlfriend was there too but I can't remember) and Sarah greeted me typically as well.

When I was all situated in (which only took seconds) I felt a cramp gathering in my stomach, and rested my hand on my stomach to only be notified that yeah- My stomach was bloated. I figured I had to pee, though the cramp I was getting felt a little stronger than that. So I did what any other person would have done- I went to the bathroom. I knocked the door, leaned in on it a little bit and called out to the girl I mentioned before "C'mon I really have to take a piss, hurry up!" I heard myself, and I was answered with-

"Hold your horses woman! I just got in here!"

So, I gave up within two seconds. I walked off to the living-room/kitchen area and walked down the stairs to the entrance of the house- and trotted my way to the back yard and escaped to the words- There I did my deeds, I won't get into details, but Let's just say- it lasted a good while, and it wouldn't stop- So I gave up and pulled my pants again.

Deciding that I was to finish my deed in the actual bathroom in the house- I dashed back inside- and rushed passed through everyone. Something felt really wrong by now, I was getting shaky, my cramps were getting worse, my abdomen and my 'downstairs' were getting hot- I ran into the bathroom, slammed the door shut- quickly pulled down my pants, but I fell to the floor before I could reach the toilet. when I was on the floor I looked down to see my legs as well as the white tiled floor (which now looked like my dad's bathroom) covered in blood. In a panicked reaction, I pulled myself back, dragging myself further away from the mess and in view came a fetus.

Screamed, and pushed myself back even more away from the fetus on the floor- the door swung wide open, my ex was right there, and so were the older couple- They all rushed in and came to help me. They help cleaned me up, discard the fetus, etc.. By the time everything was done- we were magically sat in their living-room in the dark. The woman rested her gentle hand on my knee saying 'I'm sorry for your loss... Who was the Father? We can help you tell him"

And I burst out, full of tears "I've been trying to tell you this! There isn't a father! I don't even know how this happened, I never even had sex before!"

And then I woke up. Heart racing.

In my dream, I was Virgin. In actuality, I'm a Virgin, and yet in my dream- I had a miscarriage. I saw an old friend who I tried cutting all ties with (but ended up talking to today through an instant messenger), My ex was there, there was an old couple involved, I saw my dad's bathroom instead of a different one, I was in the woods. There is just so many things that I think could be signs- and I just don't know.
Anyone know how to interpret this?

Example: What do these dreams mean?

Last night I dreamed that I went to Texas and lived with a family with my gf. Then somehow I ended up on a huge ship and was in the mess hall. Then I ended up being told to open this hatch on a submarine on the ship and when I opened the hatch it was all bloody and organic. Then all of a sudden the guy told me to crawl inside but I was afraid. He told me to hurry but then when I didnt it turned out to be an orca and I cut the top of its head off when I opened the hatch and He wanted me to crawl into it with its brain. It fell off the deck of the ship like a hundred and fifty feet up and the ocoan below was solid ice. It hit the ice hard and I thought it was dead but it jumped up and was right infront of my face looking me in the eyes. I dont know if it was mad or wanted to eat me but it had urgency in it. It kept doing that over and over each time it hit the ice its body would get more mangled and broken and bloody. but it kept doing this and destroying itself and blood and broken bones everywhere. just so it could jump up and look and me and be beside me. Like I said I dont know if it was hostile or not but urgent definately. Then eventually it hit the ice and itsa body just burst open and guts went everywhere and it was dead. I had another one like this months ago where an orca was chasing me and at first I was terrified and thought I was gonna die but it wasnt trying to eat me it was trying to tell me something with urgency... but scared the hell out of me just like this dream. My gf was in that one too... What does this mean it is giving me serious anxiety and I just dont feel good about it.

Example: What do these dreams mean?

disturbing dreams:

1. I was with my aunt and my bother at a log cabin. The mail came at 3:05 instead of 3 o'clock. My aunt knew something was up.I ran out to the post mail and got the mail. then i felt a big heavy package and looked at it. it was for my aunt. i ran towards her when she suddenly became terrifiyed that i had the envelope. she angrily yelled, 'give that to me!' then i said no and started to run away. i saw my brother and i threw it to him. he ran down the hall and then back to me and gave me the envelope. then all of a sudden a gigantic huge fat man was running after me. blood was all over his face and i guessed that he killed my aunt and ate her. i ran as fast as i could to get out of the house but then he jumped ontop of me and a huge toung the size of my body licked me... then i woke up

2.it was the setting of an empty room with a huge clock above the door and a bench in the middle od the room. i wasn't exactly alive at that point but just watching. a couple came in and sat down on the bench. the clock striked 12 and the a reaper came out and cut the boys head off, but there was no blood. then the girl screamed. That scene played over and over in my head the whole night.

3.This was my most recent dream. I was at a school that ive never seen before. I was outside by the main door and right under me was a circle with two direction. straight ahead was North, 45 degrees to the left was West. i went north and through a very low bush that had my dogs leashes on it. through there was a huge feild of rice growing. knowing that i went back to the bush and back under it leading back to the school.Then i was surrounded by trees. i noticed a man to my left with a pumpkin knife and stragight ahead were three guys holding something. when they noticed i was there they ran off. back to the guy on my left. he had harry potter glasses, a black beanie, and a black bandana around his mouth. he was really scary. Then he runs up to me and pushed real hard on my left collar bone, but i managed to escape. Then he tried to stab me with the pumpkin knife but then a girl screamed and had a huge sword in her hand. the guy threw the knife at her but he missed. he trew another one and managed to scratch her arm right above the hand. then he turned back to me and a woman drove up in a van. she was quite large and looked like she had 3 kids. the guy put his arm around my neck with a knife in his other hand to my stomache. she asked the boy, what are you doing? but she said it as if she was terrifiyed. then i woke up

Example: What does my dream mean?

Last night I had a dream. In the dream I was at school and I needed to get to class but I spilled something on my shirt. My friend said he had a spare shirt so he gave it to me and I went to the bathroom to change. When I got in the bathroom there was a whole bunch of clothes on the floor. I threw the spare shirt on the ground and took of the one I had on. By this time I was already late and feeling scared because I didn't want to get caught tardy. I went to pick up the spare shirt but it was lost in the pile of clothes (This happens to me all the time in real life by the way). I was searching for my shirt for what seemed like 15 minutes when I finally found it. When I went to put it on, the neck was too small so I couldn't put my head through the top but the rest of the shirt was the right size. I decided to forget it and use my messed up shirt. I sneaked out of the bathroom and saw some teachers in the hall so I took a door outside. I walked around the perimeter for about 10 minutes. When I saw a door that looked clear, I decided to open and try to get to class. But when I opened it, I stepped into the back door of my real life house and my mom was waiting there. She said, "Caught you," then walked away. It was a really scaring dream because I always stress about being on time at school. Sorry this was so long, but what does this mean?

Example: Dream meaning, do you know?

I was wondering if there were any good sites that you could type in your full dream and someone could automatically answer it for free. I found one a long time ago that worked really well but I can't seem to find it anymore. I might as well tell you my dream so ----

I was the only human in a witch clan, and me and my friends were wandering the halls of a theatre house, I had been hanging in a witchy store just messing around , with these three guys following us. I was able to push off from walls and windows and I could fly. I told one of the other witches this and tried to show her and I wasn’t able to fly. (Fast forward to a place outside) Still in the witch clan, me and chandler walk around and A boy has a crush on me. No matter what he keeps on trying to get my attention. The boy is a shorter brown haired boy, but leaves as a tall slender blonde haired boy. We walk into this ride entrance, but as we climb on in to this closet with seats, guided by this very trashy lady, me and my best friend sit together and I find someone’s small black fur pouch in my hands along with a small nearly destroyed wildflower, the boy who has a crush on me is holding my small spell pouch and I don’t try to take it back. We plunge into the darkness as the ride shoots down and into the light, we glide through a baseball game, down through electric wires and back into the ride beginning. As we climb off the ride I see the flower and pouch are gone, and I search frantically. I tell the boy who has a crush on me and we climb into the ride we just got off to find that the trashy lady sitting in the ride, her face is bloated and red, and shes silent and still against the wood. We run off the ride and the guy who has a crush on me leans against a small well, he is very angry for some reason. I walk up to him and try to get him to stop thrashing around. He stops and looks at me, I wrap my arms around his slender waist and he seems to be very surprised. I can feel these emotions bubbling up inside of me, and he tells me that he can also feel these emotions as well. I felt like I was walking on air, like I was in love to the fullest, and so was he. He also told me that he couldn’t believe he would fall for a non-witch.

So if you think you may know the answer please tell me, and if you know some websites, they would be gladly appreciated.

Example: What does my dream Mean?

so, today I wanna talk about my recent dream I had. It's very weird and fun. So, if you have nothing to do, it's best if you read this..thanks. So, i remember everything in detail and I'm gonna explain everything...how it started all the way to how it ended.

(the beginning)

My character wakes up in the floor next to the big stairs in my high school that takes you to the top building. I get up and I begin walking around when all of a sudden i see my mom. I asked what had happened and everyone told me that the entire world (the human race), was under a huge virus outbreak and that the infected turned into flesh eating zombies. I soon (somehow) end up in my Biology classroom with no one in it. It was dark in there and there was a lot of mess, almost as if people were running all over the place with papers flying everywhere. That's were I meet my two friends (Valeria and Gianella). As I look outside rain begins to pour down hard and everyone (high school students + teachers + some other random people) begin to grab their stuff and continue to run. The sky turned so gray that it look like the moon was covering the sun and the clouds had taken over the sunshine. I asked my friends (the twins) what everyone was doing in Loara High School. They had told me that Loara was an evacuation area for the residents of Anaheim. (I remember seeing a laptop...could mean my notebook laptop that I'm getting for my birthday). I go outside and all of a sudden, i kiss Valeria...(i made a WHAT THE **** look after that). I then go down stairs and I see a bunch of people outside under the stairs of the tall building in my school trying to make fire and shelter. It was raining more and more and I saw my mom in her car. I tried to run to her but there were fences surrounding the school campus (in case the infected got near). I finally make past and I asked my mom where she was going and she said; "I have to deliver these cookies to a lady". I helped her with the bags and she started to drive away. (I kind of felt like that was the last time I would see her). Most of the dream i kept walking in the school campus, trying to figure out why I woke up in the floor. Then my other friend Ashton comes along the way and she and I begin walking too. All of a sudden grass had begun growing. By this time Loara's front area where the Counseling offices are, everything was destroyed with grass and woods all over it. The parking lot next to Mr. Freeman's class and the rest of Anaheim facing that direction, had turned into a swampy like forest. As Ashton and I continue walking deeper in the forest, there is a small building in which old people were. I walked in and everything was with grass and old like oak trees had grown in there...it didn't seem to matter for the old people. There were leafs in the pool. It was like a sauna but a therapy area for old men and women. Ashton and I leave and as soon as we walk out, the ground begins shaking uncontrollably and savage. Almost as if Mother Nature was finally getting payback for the disasters that humans had created ever since they stepped foot in it years ago. The sky begins to get darker and darker. The rain begins to get heavier and heavier. Thunder and Lighting begin to mix with each other and huge black circle begins forming in the sky. The entire school campus begins to tremble and little by little the school begins to fall. I rush to my Biology class (by that time Ashton was no longer with me. I think she died..lol) and I grab the laptop and all of a sudden I see miss Lee (my Biology teacher), she's getting her papers and starts running. As I run outside the stairs begin to fall piece by piece and the top part of the building (where I was), begins to rotate side ways (so now the hall way that leads to Mr. Chavez' class was facing the ASB room). I fall off and I hit the ground. As I try to get back up to the second floor, Miss Lee gets hold of my laptop and begins to throw it in a garbage disposal. I begin to argue with Miss Lee and the other Biology teachers. The floors in the bottom had turned into a flood gate. People were running in agony. As the the entire school begins to shake ever harder, I see the girl I fell in love (in real life), Jenny. She doesn't notices me but she just stays still. Watching everything around her fall apart. All of a sudden frogs begin to appear all over the campus. They were just sitting in their lazy butts looking at all the suffering humans. Finally after the frogs show up, the raining stops and everything stops. The sky was still gray, just a little bit lighter than darker. I look at the frogs and they all stared at me in a funny way. (the frogs were green by the way). As soon as I hear a loud voice...i wake up. (I wake up and I take a shower and head off to school. in real life. i was late for zero period. *giggles*).

Example: What does this dream mean - murderous teacher?

I had this dream that in my school , there was a teacher that killed someone, but no one knew how or what exactly happened. That very same year, I had that teacher. It was during open house or something but my mom and I were going to meet him. The class he was in was located right in the same class I have now for 8th period. Sitting on the desk in the far right was my 7th grade 7th period teacher. Anyway, we were walking through the school and was asking for that teacher ( forgot his name in the dream). He got recruited back to school somehow. The lady that was helping out with directions let out an exaggerated "Oh...him of course", and then pointed right to the right where the classroom was. We walked in, and he was sitting facing backwards to us as soon as we entered the door. My eyes wandered around the room where I thought it was my 7th grade 7th period teacher who was teaching us until my mom called out his name. I then notice the man. He was dark skinned and a little chubby, but turned to face us. He was polite and introduced himself, and I did the same in a friendly way. I shook his hand and he held it there longer than usual. That's when I had to pull it away. The story changes when I'm currently sitting in my 7th period class this year, and someone calls my friend ( who was not even that class in real life but in my 3rd) and I to come up along with other people to introduce us more than to the teacher who was known to have murdered someone - that was the rumor anyway. We got special insiders on the murder, what happened, and stuff like that. Later, he invited us to dinner. My friend and I later returned to our ( or my ) 7th period class. The other kids were watching a movie about the murder that he was said to commit. "Oh you guys are lucky...all we had to do was see this movie," they were saying. My friend and I turned to each and asked if we were going to the "dinner" he invited us and our parents to. "Probably," she said. However, it was known that the "dinner" was at school and the floor downstairs where we were all in at the current moment was his "hunting ground" where he would kill us all. This was of course a rumor. My friend and I thought that this wasn't likely since there were too many people and parents. The scenes usually flashed back and forth. Then it zoomed by dinner, where we all supposedly though the teacher was going to kill us all. There were a few people running through the school hallways at night, but that was about it. Then, I was back in my 7th grade hall and waving to a few friends I knew or the past teachers. I also saw my 8th period teacher - l.a. All I know is that there has something to do with the numbers 7 and 8. Then the scenes changed again and I was in this really old theater where that teacher invited us to be. In this scene, he was actually polite and made sure everyone was under control. The doubt was still under that he was a murderer. We already picket out the lines of what we were going to say before hand. However, instead of acting it out on stage, we had to sit in our seats in the audience and say them instead. All people who were going to perform had to do this. After nearly halfway through the booklet, I realized someone else was saying my lines for Margot ( I don't remember what play it was, but I had to read under the name Margot) . I think they must've realized it to, because they stopped the person, and that's when I started. I started saying my lines, but I kept messing up ever so often. My eyes also went dizzy and cross - eyed that I couldn't read the words properly. The "murderous" teacher then came up to me and asked if I was ok and if I wanted to step out to the "eye relaxer". I forgot to mention - before I entered the theater, there was a thing outside the first gate that looked like huge binoculars on a stand and when you look through them, you could see letters. It was supposed to relax your eyes apparently. We tried it out b4 entering the theater, and they even welcomed us to step outside and use it whenever we felt that our eyes were strained. Going back to when the teacher said that, my grandpa who was sitting next o me opposed and refused to let me go outside the theater in the middle of the night alone on this abandoned road to let me look through the eye relaxer. "There can be someone that just can kidnap her...," he was saying. Then the teacher said something along the lines of, "Of course, I'm not sending her alone. There has to be someone with her." That made me feel better, because my suspicion for the teacher had not ceased, and I thought he was going to murder me near the "eye relaxer" thing when I was alone. The dream stopped at that. Please help me with this. Thank you, and 10 points for best answer! Sorry it was long.

Example: Could this strange dream mean something?

I dremt I was in a place where the song
" D.A.N.C.E " by Justice was playing

But for some reason i was a cartoon sort of character

And as the song kept going i was running though these hall ways
And there were doors
And as i passed by i saw a pig sitting at a table
Eating a burger

Then i ran inside one of the doors
And fell
I was just falling an then i landed in some purple water and the sun was spining really fast

Then i was pulled down under the purple water and i saw people getting on top of tables with hammers and throwing them at eachother
But they weren't even getting hurt
They were all having fun

Thats all i can remmember right now :(

Ill have to update you guys later


Example: What does this long strange dream mean?

In this dream, at first I was with my mom, and brother (he was around 8 but he is actually 24) and my mom was wining about me getting mail on a computer because it was making noise on her and my brothers whenever I got mail. Then some psychiatrist my mom had hired asked me about this so I explained.

Then I was back with my boyfriend at his place. My mom told me I should go to my apartment in the city. I was mad at myself for forgetting I had an apartment in the city.

My boyfriend drove me to the apartment. I told him I would be right back. My apartment was on the 5th floor so I ran in the stairs. For some reason a guy friend of mine was playing in a band in the stair case but I did not stop to say hi.

In my apartment I noticed I had a flat-mate and he had invited a bunch of nice people that just seamed to squat there.
I noticed it was a very fancy apartment and felt angry at myself for never staying at this place that must have cost a fortune. I was thinking that I was missing out on a lot of things.

I was also depressed when I noticed that I had left my room as a mess. My flat mate looked nervous as I walked in the room. Then he went in the private bathroom that was attached to my room and told a naked girl in the bathtub to get out of there. I told him it was ok.

My mom had told me to get something but I forgot what it was and I was feeling upset about this. I noticed a nice asian cupboard. The flat-mate told me he got it from a trip in Africa? He told me about an other country he visited. I said a joke and walked out the door.

When I noticed my guy friend wasn't in the stair case anymore, I was very disappointed. Then I saw him in the hall and even though I could see my boyfriend waiting for me in the car I went to talk to him.

My friend was laying down on the floor and didn't seem to really cared about me talking with him. He seemed like he was high on drugs...

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