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Dream About Messy Hair meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What's this dream mean?

Okay, so awhile back I had this dream that I was in this magnificent ballroom. It was gorgeous, and I saw it in detail.
Well, there was big circled ceilings, large archways leading to all the different sections of the 'palace'.
I was wearing a long, white dress. And I was the only one on the dance floor. Soft music was playing, (the same song I fell asleep listening to) Alone by Heart. =]
But then, from one of the four archways sorrounding me a boy appeared. He was taller than me. Had light brownish/blonde, longish, messy hair, and blue eyes. I danced with him to that song, but I've never seen this boy in my life.
Also, I've had other dreams before where there was a similiar looking boy.
Dreams like, I'll be walking down this dark, cold, corridor and then there'll be a light flickering at the end. I reach the end and there's that boy, AND two young children shackled to the wall.
A guy is also standing there burning them.
What's this mean? I have no idea.

I think it means you'll meet a couple of guys with the same intentions (which explains why you have the same looking guy in your dreams but somewhat different) which is something that you have to be very cautious about.Get to know the first b\c only then will find out who the man is from the boys.
The 2 children represent your personality and state of mind if you let a man take control of you, you will feel worthless and powerless and you dont need that in man, like I said be cautious as to who you date.Get to know them first like I said and then use your instincts to tell you the rest.

Example: What's the meaning of my dream?

I cant find sufficient meaning on google and theres no exact meaning about someone tying your hair.

My dream:

I dreamed of someone tying my hair by her hand. In my waking life this someone is a friend I avoid talking to 1 and 1/2 years ago. And in my dream its as if we were close.We were lauging and all. My hair ended up in a messy tied up hair. I was sitting on the ground that time and I sat up and pulled the hairtie on my hair because its messy and tied my hair again by myself.

What's the meaning of this?

Example: What do these dreams mean?

Dream1: I found loads of lost items in my hair and suddenly my messy hair looked nice again.

Dream2: I was watching the news about two strange planets colliding in space, one made of fire the other ice and ice flew off one and was predicted to hit Russia.

Dream3: the whole dream was me in a game similar to sims and I was able to go in the sea and got life rent game worlds.

Dream4: I was sat on this bench and everyone started masturbating around me. I wanted to get up and leave but for some unknown reason I had to stay there. Then this homeless looking woman with hardly any teeth put her finger up her **** which came out with poo, pointed at me then wiped it on my nose. I was retaliated this time as I couldn't take any more so I started to fight with her. Then I was taken away and I was put in PE but it was a a cross between my primary school and high school. We started playing games and I was told I had tb. Apparently I caught it from her (is it possible to catch tb?!) then I woke up

Example: What does this dream mean? about a boy?

this is going to be long so sorry. i had a dream that this guy i used to like but not anymore and he used to like me but i dont know if he still does or not. heres the dream:

It started with a small tv on the floor and (lets call him kevin but thats not his name) i was sitting on the floor watching tv and there was a couple of people, but i only remembered kevin being behind me. i was being squished by the people sitting around me and i moved a little and this other guy behind kevin was bothering me so kevin went to tell someone (i forgot who) and the other guy got in trouble and when he came back he had to stay on this futon that came out of no where.

then i heard my aunt but i couldnt see her, she showed me my shoes and she said "morgan, guess (lets say my name is morgan) what i did to your shoes" i said, "umm you washed them?" she said, "no, look i put your laces back on" (in real life i took out the lace in one of my shoes for some reason i forgot) and i said "ohh thanks!"

the scene changed and i was in my room and kevin was with me, my room was messy i dont know why. and we were on my bed (nothing dusgusting) and he was styling my hair. my hair was curly and he put it in pig tails and made it really straight and put another scrunchie on the bottom. and i looked in the mirror and i took out the scrunchies on the bottom and he said "what you dont like it?" and i said "no i like it i just dont know why you put an extra scrunchie on the bottom."

i was resting my head on him and he was just hugging me and all that romantic crap. then we watched tv but it felt like we were actually there, we saw a bunch of tigers traped on the other side of the fence (tigers are my power animal or animal spirit guide or whatever you wanna call it, but im not gonna go into that) and this guy built a barrier so they wont get to him but the fence was small and there was a table and i thought 'this guy is stupid, the tigers can just jump on the table, jump over the fence and kill him'

then we turned the tv off and we were just talking and he went on my computer later and i put some, actually i put a lot of perfume on and he said "that smells bad" it kind of hurt my feelings but i went upstairs to take a shower and when i came out i put jeans on and my bra and a towel over me. when i came out i was in my parents room and kevin told me that he had to go home and he picked up my house phone and called his mom and i asked "are they going to come pick you up?" he said "yea" but then dissappeared.

then my mom came out of no where and just floped down on her bed and said "*yawn* im tired" and went to sleep. then i was kind of sad because i wanted to hang out with kevin some more but when i went downstairs to my room, kevin recorded something and when i watched it i saw him recording my messy room and he put it on him and he said "heyyyy morgan!" and he went into another room but it wasnt familier and he picked up a dog that wasnt mine and said "aww hey cutie, go to your mom" and he gave it to me and you see me on the side taking the dog but i was in the shower when he recorded that. o_O
does that mean anything or is it just nothing?

Example: What does this dream mean?

Ok background info: I broke up with my bf of 10 months a month ago... it wasn't messy just very sad and heartbreaking. Finally got the closure I needed and a day later I have this dream. Oh and I'm in a wheelchair.

Dream: I'm at home talking to my dad and he says he wants to talk to my ex about something. So we drive over there and we park across the street. A petite girl with very short brown hair and green eyes (I want to say that she is me bc she looks like me) answers the door. I'm sitting in my chair in the living room (in my dreams I am never in my chair. She says my ex is sleeping but to come on back to the room. So I push my way into the room where my ex's two brothers are. She jumps on the couch next to one brother and I see my ex sleeping. My dad wakes him up and they disappear to go talk. Taylor Swift's "Last Kiss" (the song I hear and think of the break up) is playing in the background. While talking to his brothers, I see what I think is my shoe (I never leave my things over there). Its got gum all over it but it fits my foot. I ask the girl about it and she said if she finds the other one, she will make sure I get it back. By that time, my dad and my ex come back. Dad said everything is fine and we have to go. So he starts pushing me (something I wouldn't let happen in the real world) to the door but I don't want to leave. I look like I'm going to cry and my ex says, "please don't cry" which causes me to cry. I am crying and arguing with my dad and my ex and finally, I say "I hate you" to my ex. And that was the end of my dream.

Any info or help on this would be helpful. I woke up feeling very confused this morning, not sure what to make of it all.

Example: What does my dream mean?

This is a dream that I had a while ago but I've always wondered what it could mean.
Its starts off with me walking down a road, the town in which I'm in is like what old England looks like I guess with the old street lamps and stone roads. Its dark and the street lamps only give off enough light to barely see whats in front of me and I'm wearing a button-up jacket so I'm guessing it was cold. I stop momentarily to ask a woman (she is middle aged with messy curled hair and looks poor/homeless) If I remember correctly I ask her when the "Pen Keeper" is. She doesn't say anything I don't believe but she points on ahead to a darker area where the lamps seem to be running out of oil. I go onwards until I reach a tall and very narrow tent just on the side of the road and don't even pause but I go right in. Inside Is the pen keeper, apparently this town has no Documentation of anything (no signs, no books, nothing that is hand written exist except for in this tent). Its crowded because of how narrow it is, there is a tall and slender man dressed very well hunched over a very large journal it looks like (this book is hug and looks to have endless pages) he is writing really fast with an old style Quill pen (one of those feather pens). When the in runs out his hands shoot to these shelves above him where there is jars and containers full of all kinds of different pens and he chooses various kinds as I watch him. He stops when he notices my presence I'm guessing and turns around in his stool he has no face from what I can see, its either hidden from the shadows or his bangs (he has his long hair pulled back but his bangs hang losely and he seems in his later 20s-30s) as soon as he is facing me I feel like I am in love or maybe in just overwhelming awe of him like he is something unreal and so fasinating. I want to say so much but I cannot think and I think I finally see his smile, he grabs his most used pen and lays it in my hand and bends down and whispers to me that he is done and now it is I that can write. He walks out and vanishes and I seem to be drawn to the stool and take my seat before the huge leather bound journal. When I look onto his writing a flash flood of memories of my real life take me by surprise and the I woke up in a cold sweat and thats all I remember of the dream. Its really wierd /: Can anyone help me break it down into its meaning?

Example: What does my dream means?

I dream that I am lying to sleep when the person that I love was also lying below my feet, i feel shy and my foot is so near to his pillow, and so as not to disturb him, I just curl myself, i removed my feet near his head, and i reversed in position, now my head is already near his head instead of my feet ...then he also moved so that his head got closer to my head, and he fix my messy hair then, he sings a song with the lyrics i can remember it says" dont think that I'll forget you, coz I wont" and I laugh and teased him, but he was little bit annoyed i think and left, but he also purposely left a picture of him, in his picture, he wore gold long sleeve clothing, and he's sitting on the chair, and on the table with a glass/es and a glass of water..what does my dream means. thanks a lot

Example: Thick,dry,messy hair?

Am a guy who want's a perfect hair like most guys wants. I like to have a hair that is rich soft and very easy to style. The problem is my hair is Thick,dry,greasy,and hard to style even with water or gel. I want hair that is shine silky smooth and perfect. Another problem that i had is making it grow. This is a problem that i had for so long. Every time i want it to grow even a little it always looks crazy and very messy. Please help me and tell me what can i use to make it perfect cause that is my dream.

Example: What does this haunting dream mean?

It was raining and i was living in a large house with many people,it was like a school but the building was a classic manor.
The rain was so catastrophic(i didn't see it,they just told me)that a room that we forgot to close the window had gotten all messy.Me and a red haired boy with glasses looked at the mess and decided to leave it be.But just as i was going to walk out,he persuaded me to look carefully in the soil that covered the floor.I found the heads of three small squirells.
I felt very sad but not disgusted.Then the heads became real squirells and then they turned into three colorful plush dolls that looked like puppies.
But in the dream they weren't plush dolls.They were little dog corpses and we played with them sadly.
Just as we were going to throw them out of the window,they turned into female dolls.But in the dream they were dead children.I felt even more sad and tried to be sure if they were really dead or not.
I decided they really were dead and tried to leave them in the room,so i asked them one last time:are you dead?one of them moved and replied:no!
the other one did the same.
i hurried out of the room and asked my best friend who was waiting outside instead of the red haired boy what to do:leave the doll-children be or welcome them in the house?
she was very worried and tried to warn me to leave the children in the nature outside.I didn't know what to do so i asked for the protection of the headmaster of the school,that was a person from my art school in the dream.

Example: What does this dream mean?

My partner has been having this constant recurring dream.
He tells me he can see a little girl in a ragged nightie, wearing boots, with blonde curly messy hair and dirt on her face. He also says that she is stood in the middle of a cobbled street (during London blitz time). She is facing him, but there is a man behind her wearing a German/Nazi uniform, pointing a machine gun at the girl.
this is usually the part where he wakes up crying. He cannot place the girl from any of his children, family or friends.
He has this dream at least 4-5 times a week and it keeps him up all night.

If anyone has any interpretations then please share. Also if anyone has any suggestions on how to stop/resolve a recurring dream then please help xx

Thanks xxxxx

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