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Dream About Middle East meanings

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Example: What does my crazy dream mean?

My dream last night: My family and I were in a car sorta late at night and we were driving to out house. There is a 3-way intersection near where I live. A man was standing in the middle of it shooting everyone in sight. My mom tried to run him over to stop the shooting but missed. He got angry and chased up our big lane to our house.

I must have been scared cause I woke up right there, what does that dream mean?

Hopefully it's not a sign of the future. The way things are going may be right around the corner. Should you see someone doing that I wouldn't advance towards them and give away where I live. I'd try to turn around and go the opposite way as fast as I can.

I say sign of the future because I had a dream a few years ago that terrorist dressed in black with the black hoods on their heads kicked in our back door with A-k's and ordered my family to the floor. (Meant they were taking over)

Had another dream that I was somewhere outside and a mam dressed in a white suit was sitting at a table with a white table cloth and had his hand under a white cloth napkin. Next thing I knew an old truck overloaded w ppl sped by and began shooting everyone. Looked like Middle East decent people (civilians)

I looked and turned around to the white table and the man in white suit shot me in the neck. Stunned with disbelief I couldn't move and couldn't ask for help. I put my hand over the wound and bled out. Finally I gradually made it to a neighborhood with a lot of people partying outside and no one would help me. I squawked the words ambulance and they laughed so hard at me; crying, I made it to the back door and they told me to go inside so I passed thru all the people and see the man in the white suit inside laughing at me. Everyone laughed and I woke up. Never have figured that one out but still bothers me to this day. Maybe I'll post it here and see what reaction I get.

Example: Meaning of religious dreams. CHRISTIANS ONLY?

Hey guys, I was hoping some Christians out there could tell me the meaning or significance of 3 religious dreams I've had most recently.

Dream 1: Jesus came up to me and said "I got something I want you to think about. What can others gain from your suffering?" (I think he might be telling me he wants me to start some sort of religious blog, where I talk about all of my life's struggles and how he the Lord, brought me through them so that others can see that they're not alone in life's struggles? But I'm not sure? Any other ideas or thoughts on what he could've meant?)

Dream 2: I was standing in what I believe to be the Old Temple Mount (before the destruction of the Jewish Temple). Two young Hebrew boys walked by and then Jesus comes up to me and says "I want you to teach the children of Israel" (Given the current situation in the middle east, I'm pretty sure he's not calling me on a mission trip to Israel right now, so what could it be? What did he mean by that? Thoughts?)

Dream 3: the devil appeared to me in my apartment in a dirty, filthy, muddy-like?, soot-covered, messy-haired version of myself or my mom (one of the two), opened up my night table and took out my favorite bible, ripped lots of pages out of it, angrily THREW it to the ground and then spit in my face. He then started slapping me and beating me but I just stood there, knowing that sooner or later, the "tirade" would be over and my faith would still be intact.

And then he said to me "and you said you wanted to kick my *** too, did you not? Did you not know that I am the one who actually saved you from that heart attack you had that 1 time?" to which I said "I prayed for THE LORD to save me from that heart attack so it could've been Jesus -- could've been anyone, really". And that's when he started beating on me even more but once again, saying in a high-pitched demonic voice "I hate you, I hate you, I hate you!" I just stood there and took it, knowing sooner or later, he'd be finished and my faith would still be intact.

Finally, he taunted me with "well, I DID get you to give in to the sin of lust last night when I got you to watch that porn, etc", and I immediately prayed to the Lord "Lord, I know he's only spirit but please allow me to strike him". So I took a baseball bat, prayed in the name of the Lord for 2.5 seconds and then struck him with the baseball bat repeatedly.

When I paused for a brief moment and looked at the door entryway to my apartment, I saw my ex-boyfriend (a druggie who left me for another woman and cheated & lied to me repeatedly), standing there, not saying 2 words, arrogantly smiling at me. I said to him "the heck YOU looking at?" and went back to beating the devil with the baseball bat, until I pushed the devil out of the apartment and down into the woods behind my house. As soon as the devil left, my boyfriend did also.

What do all these dreams mean? Any thoughts? Interpretations?

Also. What types of religious dreams have you guys had and what is the meaning of them, if you know? lol :)

Thanks guys and God Bless!

Example: Meaning of Dreaming about Henna?

I had a dream last night that I had beautiful ornate henna covering my fingers, hands, arms, and feet. Is there any meaning to this?

Example: What does teeth falling out mean in a dream?

So i had a weird dream the other night, where i was in my friends house and my gums felt like they were getting swoll and then my two front teeth fell out grew back a second latter and in other dreams i am constantly being put in confrontations with other people or animals such as wolves or bullies. I dream i killed a wolf that was growling at me with my fiends pocket knife, i wasn't scared but had more of a need to defend my self. So i would like to know what this means about me and i am looking for an islamic veiw.

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream I was at an airport in a middle east country, my had taken me to the airport. She had to speed to get there we were running late, I get there probably 20 minutes after my plane is supposed to leave and I see a continental flight flying low and I remember thinking that's probably my plane but it turns like its coming in to land as it turns it starts to have trouble as its landing on the runway and starts to sway from side to side. It then becomes upside down to which it flies parallel with the ground for a few seconds then it turns up like a fighter jet as if it was gonna try to come back around and it seems to straighten out behind a building but then there is a loud boom and fire cloud. I'm curious to know what this all means together.

Example: What can these two dreams mean?

Recently I had another dream of the Middle East; preferably Israel erupting in all out war. The first dream I was in the U.S. military. I believe I was in Palestine. Even though I'm Jewish I'm happy about learning about other faiths and cultures. In Palestine I go to a coroner store. I purchase a poster of Ahmed Yassin (founder of Hamas). As I leave I'm nervous of being seen by anyone coming out of the store. There is a school I go by and the people seem modern to me. They have cell phones, latest outfits, and there are also; for some reason dead whales on campus. I walk around and then I'm lost in Palestine. I never get attack or get in trouble by the Palatine people. I do get captured by my fellow troops for some reason. After that I wake up and wonder what I have seen. Last night I had a similar dream. I'm in Israel. I'm at a party with friends. I discuss various things with this lovely Jewish girl and then I'm off down the street in my pajamas. I see the IDF (Israeli Defense Force) walking the other way toward me. They seem to notice me. A group point their guns thinking I'm a suicide bomber from Palestine. I told myself that in my dream. I figure I would just cross the street to avoid being attacked by them. I see myself quickly surrounded in a war-zone. There are two military helicopters in a chase. Like a cat and mouse or high speed chase with cops. The Israeli military copter shoots down the other military helicopter in a river. I tell myself in my dream Muslim fighters took weapons from an American state figure. Which has started a large war. I see myself in military uniform with a brand new rifle. Which scares me to death. Because it all felt like I was really in battle.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream that there was a man with good looks and very attractive to woman. I was trying to figure out what type of girl he would date and I saw him talking to a black lawyer who was pretty but weird looking - charming but a little annoying - she told me she had focused her energies entirely on the conflict that was happening in the middle east and if I did as well, my problems would be solved. It didn't make sense to me but I woke up remembering that.

Example: Horse Dream in the middle of a Sandstorm?

Had a dream this morning of me riding with a group of horseman in a middle of sandstorm.
These group of horse (myself included) were all riding brown horses; the men (mainly) who I was riding with were a mixture of cowboys and guys wearing in all black

Why wearing black in the middle of a desert is beyond me, but I digress.

There were sand devils (mini-tornadoes) going on, but we continue riding, out of the blue I see a group of other riders in the distance.

Now here's where the events become blurry but case in point; the other group turned out to be hostile, but only one rider from them came up to me - specifically. He looked almost cyborg-ish, and riding a horse. He almost looked like me almost just with some weird odds and ends.

Anyway, myself and my cyborg double rode up to each other - in the middle of a sandstorm - and drew our swords. We rode full speed towards each other and we started exchanging blows. Our respective entourages kept their distance.

After some time, I made a swipe down the cyborg's chest, landing a fatal blow. He doesn't fall off the horse, but he is obviously mortally hurt. Dunno how I know, but I just do.

That's all.

Example: I saw sun rising from the EAST in my dream...means?

This is my dream and I think it iis from God. Trust me. I never get this type of dream. It was like SHOWN to me. It was night time and dark in my stairs & I was going up the roof quickly. Don't know why. . I was walking fast and when I reached the dark roof, I saw from the opposite side(EAST) The sun rose and it came in the middle of the sky( Like afternoon time 1 PM in few seconds)

I was really scared. I just want you 2 tell you that I have a very hard life going on. Like some decision , important decision making thing about my life. I just cannot decide which one to choose...I mean It is been years that I cannot decide between the two paths. I mean. I cannot decide what to choose between heterosexual or homosexual. My religion denies homosexuality. And my life is now completely MESSED up by this decision. AND I cannot take the decision. Its been 4 years now.

What does it means?

Example: What does this dream mean?

last night i saw my full dream that i saw was earth needs oil under the mud the. oil is black what did that mean?

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