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Dream About Milk Products meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does it mean when you dream of eating cheese and honey...?

I had a dream i was eating cheese and honey..What is the dream symbol meaning for that..?

Your dream reflects the biblical expressions about milk and honey that refer to abundance. The Land of Milk and Honey is a place where everyone has not only what they need, but enough to enjoy life and to provide for others.

Your mind made a minor alteration in the expression by processing the "milk" into a milk product that might be more appealing to you: cheese.

Example: How to save dream whip?

hi , i added milk to the dream whip but its still too runny (beat it quite long enough nearly 6 mins) and not like "whipped cream".
how to save it? Can I add corn starch? or something? I don't have more dream whip left. I added a little extra Icing sugar already. how can i save it? I badly need the topping urgently.

Example: MUSLIMS:what does it mean when dream of a baby white lamb?

Example: What do my dreams mean?

i fell asleep early last night woke up 45 mins later cause I had a dream a car was coming towards me, I tried to move back away from it but it hit me, at that point I think i moved my arm out but my bedside table is high up and far away so I am not sure how, I have a bruise on my arm and whacked someting off it, a glass of water, i woke up heart beating really fast and fell back to sleep to dream I was at the beach but he sand was on top of the sea and all lumpy? Î have asthma and in my dream i was grabbing the peir ledge even though I wasn't under water so maybe I couldn't breathe properly while I was sleeping. Then I was in a mall and a giant windmill moved round the pool killing people and me and my mum tried to get out, the only way to leave was to pay to get out gates and locate them. Later I was in a toilet and asked my mum where she had been, she said nothing? I started to cry and knew she had died and was a ghost, and my sister also. My sister said to me in my dream, we had an easy way out have fun staying, and my dog had been taken away also. I started crying and stayed there a while, then I woke up. What does this mean? i have woken up feeling a bit weird to be honest

Example: If a person passes ALOT of gas when they drink milk but dont if they drink any, does it mean they are lactose?


Example: Does anyone have a recipe for Macaroni and Cheese w/no milk?

We have some Latose Intolerent people in our family

Example: I stayed off milk for a long time and my eczema went away...Then I started drinking milk again and it''s back?

I didn't know I was lactose intolerant, I thought my eczema was from other stuff. I only had 5-6 bowls of cereal. How long before it goes away? And do I have to stay away from bread?

Example: What does ''carbohydrates (of which sugars)'' mean on the back of most products packs?

I was wondering what does this mean. For example, on the back of a natural yogurt is says: Carbohydrate 7.6g of which sugars 7.6g.

Shouldn't it be either one or another as the quantity is the same 7.6g? And also, what does that sugars mean - why sugars and not simply sugar? Besides, a natural yogurt should not have any sugar in it as it's natural and 7.6 grams is quite a lot of sugar for a 500g pot.

What's the difference from sugar and sugars? From what I know, it is gramatically incorrect to say sugars as it's not a countable noun.

Thanks for suggestions

Example: What does declared milk mean?

I heard on Z88.3 FM that Soy Silk milk was being recalled (choc. flavors). They due to "declared milk"? All dating up till May 7th.

Example: Can milk products give you bad dreams?

If I drink milk LATE at night...I have bad dreams? Is there a KNOWN cause for this? Its weird!

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