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Dream About Mineral Water meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: To much makeup for fourteen?

I see girls at my school that wear almost everything. Liquid foundation, powder, eyeliner, eyeshadow, lipstick, blush, bronzer, eyebrow pencil. Yah its pretty f'd up, they look like twenty five. I was just wondering if I do the more I guess natural look because you can actually see my skin under my makeup, I dont like cake on the powder and concealer like most girls do at my school.

Like you said, there are girls this age that's wear way more. If you have acne/other imperfections then the concealer is necessary, and concealer makes the face look greasy and a pressed powder or powder foundation would cover that. I would recomend mascara over eyeliner though, eyeliner makes your eyes look tired and squinted. And I mean, everyone gets dressed up for events. I'm only 13 and I wear maybelline dream fresh BB cream, pur minerals power, and essence extreme volume lashes mascara (I also have waterproof because my right eye water a lot, but I hear it makes your eyelashes fall out.) But only rarely eyeshadow, I don't feel I really need it.

Example: What is the meaning of number 7 in a dream?

I had the dream few days ago and made a note to look up the meaning of it. I don't recall much of the dream except for the fact that it was a phone number and all the numbers were 7s. Can someone please interpret the dream. Thanks!

Example: I had a dream i was eating rocks, now i cant eat.?

I was walking behind my manager down a rocky trail and I was eating donuts and for some reason every bite I took it was full of rocks and dirt and tasted disgusting. I woke up and still have the taste in my mouth. I feel so sick I can eat anything now. I feel sick just thinking about it.

Example: Is Israel going to run out of Water?

One of the consequences of Zionist rule has been the appalling environmental degradation of the Levant.

Over-exploitation of the Dead Sea's minerals has led to its
rapidly decreasing water levels: the Dead Sea is, basically, dying.

Same is true of the Kinneret, which supplies Tel Aviv with its
water via an aqueduct. The Kinneret is in danger of extinction.

Also, the coastal aquifers are drying up and becoming salty again due to over-exploitation.

Israel is now dependent on the Jordan river and mountain aquifers of the Golan and Samaria to keep its population from going thirsty.

But for how much longer?

Eventually, Israel will be forced to reinvade the Sinai to reach the waters of the Nile. Likewise with Lebanon and the Litani.
This will also fufill the Zionist dream of a state , as promised to Abraham, stretching from the Nile to the Euphrates.

Example: I want to accomplish my dreams?

Hi I'm justin I'm a 14 year old boy currently a freshman in high school and my goals in life are to be a professional golfer and a body builder golf isn't the problem I'm starting varsity but bodybuilding is I workout 5 times a week very hard but my diet is the problem I want to know how I can eat better during school and I want to know how I can get better with golf what do I need to become a pro in golf and a body builder

Example: What does it mean when u dream about a quarter and a key?

Laying on a bed

Example: Meanest sleeping prank ever done?!?

Okay, so my friend thinks he is so much better than me, and deserves a good prank on him! So im having a couple friends over, including him, and i needed a good sleeping prank for him! I need it to be reallllllly mean and bad! haha. He is an extremely heavy sleeper, ( before, we have sat on his face, thrown pillows at him, and even cariied him around and he didn't wake up!) so we can get him really good! And BTW, all of my other friends that are coming over are complete muscleheads, except for the victim!

Some supplies i have are handcuffs, mineral oil ( half hour laxative!), saran wrap, duct tape, underwear, zip ties, haha, rapist stuff like that. So.. any ideas? lol

Example: Weird, disturbing dream?

Okay, so I have had this exact same dream since first grade. I am in ninth grade now.
I used to have this dream every time there was a thunderstorm (which was quite frequently); no idea why.
This was how the dream looked:
It was always a plain black background. There was always a heavy, big brown book filled with yellowing pages. The cover of the book would open, and the pages would start flipping slowly (by themselves!). They would start flipping faster and faster, until it was just a whir. For some reason, it felt like an invisible force caused by ME was flipping those pages.
I would always wake up sweating or crying after this dream. It would always scare me to DEATH, and I haven't the slightest clue why. I mean, why would that dream scare me in any way?
I haven't had it for a long time, but I had that same dream again recently, and I woke up really scared. Immediately after it, my leg froze up and it really hurt.
I'm kind of wondering if this dream means anything?

Example: What is the meaning of these dreams I keep having?

I keep having dreams that involves killing, blood, and sometimes ghosts/demons. There's one dream I had that really stands out to me. I was a demon, and these people were chasing me. Their clothing made them look like soldiers or something. I went ans hid in this little building. It had only one door, and no windows. As soon as you walk in, you see a big empty space, and a stage. If you look to your right at the far end of the room, you see a stairway that leads to a bottomless, pitch black basement with no light switch. Anyway, I could hear the people coming, so I flew over to the basement and hid on the stairs. Even though I was a demon, I was deathly afraid of thd darkness behind me. Then the soldiers crashed through the ceiling. I waited a couple seconds before attacking. I then began ripping their heads off, the room filling with blood and rolling heads. I was absolutely horrified at the sight, but I couldn't stop myself. I wake up from these dreams wanting to vomit. I don't understand why I keep having these kinds of dreams. So please tell me what they mean.

Example: I had a wiiieeerd dream...?

where I was plunging into water from very high up. And when I hit the water I kept going down until I couldn't breathe. When i woke up my chest was tight, and I remembered we were going on a field trip (going to someplace that has to do with mineral water).

And in some of my dreams i cannot look up, as hard as i try I cant.


thanks for the help (:

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