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Dream About Minivan meanings

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Example: What does this dream mean?

Ok. Well, for some reason I was a Warrior cat(by Erin Hunter) Firestar as an warrior, and I dreamed I saw Spottedleaf (refer to Into The Wild) and I don't remember what she said, and then a white minivan almost hit me. I wasn't on the road, and later I talked to Sandstorm as an apprentice about Fireheart's feelings about her and the old law (med. cats can't have mates). What's it mean?

Dear Lan P...

The warrior, represents your ability to confront life challenges. The cat in your dream, symbolizes an independent spirit, feminine sexuality, creativity, and power.

The minivan in your dream, symbolizes family gatherings and family values. You may be experiencing the burdens and responsibilities involved with taking care and providing for a family. Alternatively, the minivan represents conservatism. You are settled down.

The feeling or emotions expressed in this dreams is a way for people to act out the feelings that they normally would not express if they were awake. The dream provides a "safe" outlet for these emotions instead of letting them get pent up.

Example: What do these thing mean in my dream?

In my dream, it was someones birthday, we went into a minivan and we went to this this green valley, and later i got off, and i went on this train like thing, and there were Five Owls staring at me, the train later crashed and i got off, and had to walk back, this time there were three owls and one was sleeping. I later went to this market like place, and there were many many geese, a white one fell out the sky and died, but no one cared, later a black one died and everyone became worried, later i saw another black one following me, so I kept it as a pet, walked down these flight of destroyed stairs and came to this underground like place with my family, and then my dream ended

Example: What does this dream I had mean?

In my dream I was with my mom and two little brothers, and we were on the run? But we stopped at this little store that looked like a hotel to get some food. I kept trying to tell my mom it was a bad idea to be there but she wouldn't leave, so then I knew things were going to be blowing up? so I tried to guide her around it but then she went by soda bottles blowing up and she got hit and dropped what she was carrying and fell over (i couldn't tell if she was unconcious or dead), so i ran out to the car (it was actually a minivan) with my little brothers and had them sit in the backseat while i was driving, and the whole time i was thinking 'i swear the joker did this, he's right beside us in the white car gotta go!' so, we were driving then my brothers were telling me there was someone in the car, and therer was and i thought it was the penguin but it looked like a one eyed alien with tentacles? and i pulled the car over and blasted him with a gun til he died, then i kept driving until i realized there was a little bird back with my brothers, so i pulled over got the gun to blast the bird but my brothers screamed at me he was their friend and the bird tried to tell me he was nice, but i blasted him til he turned into a bigger bird then a little boy like my brothers but i didnt recognize him. so we went back to our house and my brothers and the boy were watching tv, our front door was open and i reralized '**** the joker and the others guys are outside the front of the house' so i quietly told my brothers and the little boy we were leaving, and i grabbed a bunch of blankets and my favorite stuffed bear, (i almost grabbed a bear like my stuffed bear instead so if we got caught my bear would be safe, but i ended up bringing my bear cause i didnt want them to burn the house and have my bear die that way) and my dads keys because his car was in the garage and the garage was locked, so we went out the back and i screamed at them to run fast so my youngest brother and the strange kid ran ahead to the garage and me and my other brotherv were walking slowly, then i noticed once my brother and the other kid were in the garage, all the goons were in there, and i went to run to save them then i stopped and realized, if i go to save them thebn all of us will just die.. so i grabbed my brother that was with me and ran away letting my little brother and the other kid die.

then i woke up terrified, completely pissed off and shocked with myself that i not only left my mom to die, but i left my littlest brother and some strange kid that i felt strongly attached to die just to save my own ***...

I fell asleep with my TV on and when I woke up a Batman cartoon was on, that could be why the Joker/Penguin were a big theme? this is confusing me an d still bothering me that i ditched those three people like that, and its bugging me trying to figure out who that little kid was, i swear i know/knew him but i can't place my finger on it..

Example: What does this strange dream mean?

Okay, so I had this dream a long, long time ago, but I still remember VERY well today. I was on the top of a minivan that was parked at the edge of some forest looking into a large field with the two main characters from the Spy Kids movie. There was a blue tarp we were all sitting on with all these weird bones under it when we looked under. The only person that we could see was this old man wearing a yellow jacket. Somehow I knew that if I was to slide down the windshield to get off of the minivan it would be bad. The spy kids both slid off in a short time because they thought it was good. Just as they got to the bottom with the old man there were like plastic fishing nets that went over them out of thin air from their waist to the top of their heads. After getting netted they ran over with their arms unable to move inside the net and started to play volleyball in the field where a volleyball net was with their heads to hit the ball back and fourth. Even though I knew I didn't want this to happen to me, I slid down the windshield of the minivan and got netted out of thin air myself as well! I walked around for a little while and then the next thing I knew my parents were there and they apparently were good friends with this old man who was capturing us. I went over to talk to my dad and he just said that "these things happen" and to not worry about it and go on my way. Frustrated I went over to my mom standing nearby and she was deaf and unable to understand. At that time I somehow knew that this was because of the old man and that she had caught the deafness like another person would catch a cold. I woke up soon after that sweating, and being very scarred of this, even though looking back it really wasn't a scary thing at all. Please tell me what this means?!

Example: What does this dream mean?

Okay so I had a dream.. it was rather, off to say the least.
Could you please tell me what it could mean?

I was in my house and i go outside, and there's this kind of old looking minivan with old ish paint like baby blue but soiled and rusted. It drives by, I can see two little gun tips on one window. (like the end of a gun where the bullet comes out)
He reaches the end of my street (it's a dead end) and returns. Then he comes by again one more time but this time he's shooting and 1 bullet gets up in the skin over my shoulder. I felt it like a thump, and then i could feel it lodged in there under the skin..
All the time somehow I was labeling the car and person that shot me as a 'kkk' redneck type.
(by the way, I'm cuban--aka hispanic. and I live in North Carolina.. so I guess that part just depicts that I'm kind of éhh'about people here)
So I wait for my mom to get home, and she's saying they're going to drop two nuclear or idk what kind of bombs to clear some land out.. So I turn the bathroom light off and hide in there (my bathroom's on the middle of my house with no windows)
So we wait for the two bombs to drop just in case there's a malfunction, then my dad comes home and we go to the hospital.
They do it more like a regular checkup.. They checked my weight, ect. Then I see my friend there and I'm talking to her and instead of the doctor getting it out she just pushed it out (lol) and it was done with and it just had the little hole where it came out through. So I hang out with her for a while then go home to find that Joey (this 'Blood' gang member that I know.)
*random information you might need to know: I'm a Crip, I don't like 'Bloods', but I get pretty well along with Joey and his friend Cedric.
Joey got sent to a boot camp, so in my dream he's returning getting off the car and ggoing across the street.
Cedric, another blood 'friend' of mine, is moving into the house next door. I wave and say 'Whats up slob?' but happily.
(slob = derogatory term for Blood)
and he was going to flip me off but my dad was in the yard watching, so he just waves.
Then I show my mom one of the other bullet holes in the wall from when the car drove by..
Then I woke up. ...?

Example: What does this dream mean? Im pregnant and before bed i asked god to let me have a miscarriage...?

anyways i fell asleep shortly after and this was the drea i got...

Me and someone else were driving in the minivan, it was getting dark and windy, i looked out the back window and saw what looked to be a tornado, but it was red and had lots of red lighting coming from it...anyways we freaked out and started warning a bunch people that this tornado was coming no one was listening so we said screw it and ran into this tall highrise building..

I was in a tall highrise building, looking out the window from maybe the 100th floor, it was over looking the city and it was dark, and as i was looking out the tornado became 2 tornados and it was dark and these fire lightning like stuff started coming out of it and from the sky burngin and zapping buildings from across the way, even people, it was pretty scary and loud and bloody...i had binoculars and could people getting struck by this fire lightning and it was gruesome...the tornado wasnt near us just yet...because it was across the river (the building was onthe opposite side) but i could see everything that was happening, there were other people in the building too and they were freaking out cause the tornado was getting closer to us...anyways as i was watching this happen, i looked to my side ( iwas on the balcony) and saw a third fire tornado right new to me and then i woke up...

what the hell does this mean..i dont dream like this ever.

Example: What does this dream mean?

Okay, it was a first for me (this particular dream).

I was in a car, my dad was driving and I was in the passenger seat.We came to this little bridge where we seen one of those old hippie VolksWagon minivan things, it was yellow, and it was trying to drive up a very steep ramp. Then it overturned and went on fire. The person in minivan got out on fire, and his/her skin was burning off.

It was a mental dream!

Example: What does this dream mean?

Last night i had a weird dream. There is this girl I like quite a bit and last night she was in my dream, I was with some friends and they told me she had been taken into hospital and i should get there quickly. I told them i knew and i was going there. Next thing i know im with her in hospital and she has a baby in her arms, turns out she is my girlfriend, we are engaged and its my baby, and then we just sit together and we are really happy. I've never had a dream like this before about any other girl, even ones i've liked as much as this girl. What does this mean?


Example: What does my dream mean?

Hi, I dreamt I was walking with a blind man that I didn't know across a street where there was no pedestrians nor footpaths down the road from where I live. Suddenly a minivan hit the old man as he was walking ahead of me. Upon hitting him the van just slid a couple of yards and the driver walked out smiling from the car... the Driver was a guy who used to be my boss, who I didn't like... but I never really hated... I quit that job back in June and I recently saw him about two weeks ago. Back to the dream now, I never saw my boss after this..

Then I put my hands on the old man and I healed him and brought him sight.. and now he was able to see and walk just fine. That's all I remember.

Thank you

Example: What does my dream mean?

Heres the story, recently in the past week or few days, I've been having some oddball dreams, Inception style where I would have like several dreams in one night and most of the time I could remember some of my dreams. For instance in three dreams(different nights) I dreamed that I was Spiderman.
The first dream as Spiderman didn't last long so I hardly remember it.

In the second dream, I was in a minivan that fell though the roof of what looked like a broadway musical, when I spotted someone strange among the musicians who was playing a violin. That was when he stood up and I realized it was a master samurai/ninja who must have mistakened me for a worthy opponent. I used Spiderman's web swinging ability to dodge his first attack( which destroyed the stage somewhat),I quickly decided that if I wanted to live I would have to attack fast, and to my suprise there was a shurikan to my side, I did the first thing I could think of before he would attack and I multiplied my one shuriken into many more by doing what ninjas did and making many appear as one. I threw the shurikens at him faster than the speed of light, which only enraged him and forced him to tranform into Akuma from street fighter with the Skull head of Ghost rider. He unleashed his fury in the form of hellish energy blast which reminded me of Dbz, I did a Kamehameha but his attack was equally strong which was when I yelled louder while doing a kamehameha and over powered him. Where I transformed into Ironman and flew away while doing donuts in the sky.
In the third dream, I was Spiderman swining through the city of sunny Manhattan when I noticed an elderly woman about to be flattened by a gasoline truck. I swung over to pick her up right before the truck would hit her and put her down on hte roof of a building. Thats when the green goblin decided to strike whiched caused me to fall off the side of the building(falling down some number of floors). The Golbin took off his mask which revealed the face of Harry Osborne smirking at me(Spiderman in pain), but then I shot webs at his face to distract him for a moment so I could swing away to escape.
He chased after me firing a heat ray, but Spiderman had successfully escaped.
Just want to hear your thoughts on the subject and what you think my dream could mean.

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