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Dream About Mirror Room meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my dream mean? water, broken mirror, stabbed in the back?

I use to suffer from sleep paralysis about a year or so ago, maybe more, it hasn't happened in a while. Just now though, literally 10 minutes ago it happened again. I'm a freshman in college, I'm in my dorm taking a quick nap before writing my paper. I literally got off my computer at around 11:40 to nap. I fell asleep almost instantly, my dream started and I'm home in my bathroom setting up a bath for my little sister, but she's nowhere in sight, it's just me in the bathroom. The water starts filling up the tub and I'm just sitting in the tub not moving or anything, our tub is also a shower with sliding doors, the doors are closed. The water is now at a decent level but for some reason I don't even think of turning it off, I just keep letting it go higher and higher until it's close to reaching the ceiling yet for some reason I'm still sitting at the bottom, cross-legged, not moving, not breathing. I kind of know I'm dreaming throughout this whole thing so I realize, I CAN breathe so I start breathing but I still don't move, I was actually kind of enjoying being down there breathing, doing something so unnatural. Then I realized I'd get in trouble so I should let the water go but for some reason it just won't so I try to open the doors now but they're jammed shut. I swim around for a while and figure something out to make the water go down, I don't remember what it was now. I still know I'm dreaming and try to open the door thinking in my head that I can control it and when I open it I will be somewhere I really want to be, which is in Ecuador. I finally get the doors open but it turns out I'm still in my own bathroom but the whole room is completely warped. The walls are slanted in and in front of me instead of the door is a broken mirror, but the mirror is too far to the left and I can't see myself but I think to myself in my dream, I wanna see who it is when I look in the mirror, this is when I start not being able to move again. I want to move but I can't, I woke up at certain points in my dream not being able to move too, or talk. I closed my eyes and was right back in my dream but I could kind of see myself in the mirror now, and I was able to move over slightly, in the mirror I saw myself, then the reflection turned sideways and I had a knife in my back, in the reflection there was another me smiling. So there were two, me with the knife in my back and me smiling, so I did it. I stabbed myself in the back. I then woke up again but still couldn't move or talk, my room mate was sleeping too and I was trying to tell her to wake me up all the way but I couldn't talk :( do you think I'm stressed, what does it mean? why am I having sleep paralysis again?

i think this is caused from being mean to somebody! i have a dream like this a lot of the time. it's normal!

if you have more questions email me: tjmarusak@yahoo

Example: What does a dream involving a mirror, mouth, blood & tooth mean?

In my dream.. Ilifted up my head & looked in the mirror at myself, opened my mouth and dark blood poured out.
I also had a small broken tooth on my lower teeth.It was dull light in the room and I looked awful in the mirror, no smiling or healthy looking, etc.I wasn't frightened.
What does this mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I was in this dark secluded room with three of my friends.My friend Brianna had blood all over their shirt. My friend Alexis had a steak knife stabbed on her left wrist, while there was a scissor stabbed on her right eye and her body was just twitching. And my friend Selena had spikes through her neck and her throat was cut open and it was bleeding. I looked at my hands and saw blood all over it.

There was a gun on next to me and I saw blood stains all over the floor. I tried to stand up, and saw that one of my legs had been cut off, and I saw that my decapitated leg was on the other side of the room. I tried to crawl, but then I saw a door appearing. There was this person with a smiley face mask, but it had blood covered on one of the eye holes. The person was breathing heavily and it looked like they didn't see me, even though if I was next to them.

They went over Brianna and reached out a pocket knife out of their pockets and slit her throat and stabbed her multiple times. As the person was done I saw that Brianna's lip was torn out. The person then grabbed Alexis's hair and dragged her twitching body next to Selena. They cut Alexis's head off and then started beating Selena's body with it. After that, they got a camera out of their pocket and took a picture of what they did. They then cut all of my friend's eye balls and bloody splattered all over them and the walls, plus.

The person then went over to this other person's body. I didn't know how that body appeared since I only saw my friend's body. The person cut the other body's stomach out, then took the organs out, and opened their mask a little and ate the kidneys. Then they cut the body's throat out and started cutting little bits of pieces of skin and ate it.Then they ate the hands and the other leg Then after they were done, they started throwing up all over the room and I saw that they body was actually my body.

After the person left, and was still throwing up while going out of the room, they dropped a mirror. I picked up the mirror and saw that my throat was cut, and I was the person whose body was last to be beaten. What does this dream mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

In my dream, my mouth seemed like a small room, my teeth short walls. When I looked in the mirror, I saw into my mouth. There was dust and dirt everywhere, a dead cricket, a few cicada shells, and spider webs. It felt dry and disgusting and I was extremely terrified because I couldn't eat with all that stuff lodged into my mouth. There was space to get food into my mouth, and I wasn't choking, but it was just dirty in there. What does that mean?

Example: What does my dream mean the devil, mirrors, and money?

In my dream me my husband and my daughters were going to a basement because all my old toys were down there and my girls wanted to play with them but I was scared the whole time then we head into the basement and my oldest daughter goes into another room that the wall is aligned with mirrors in the mirror I see the devil but no one else can im yelling to my daughter to get out but she wont listen she just wants to play with the toys in that room she doesnt get until until my husband yells to her to get out but still no one sees him in the mirror

then it switches to where the devil is wearing all black and then he is havign sex with a girl under some stairs I'm watching but I can also feel myself in her position

from there it switches to where my husband comes over to me with a stack of money 20's 1's and crisp 100 dollar bills he gives them to me and says go shopping

then I dreamt that someone was waiting for me and I was getting dressed but I couldnt not find my bra and my parents got home from a vacation and they were saying they had a suprise and everyone kept beeping for me to go outside and I was yelling to wait I had to get dressed then my niece from florida was coming up the stairs and she told me something but I ignored her so she called me a fatso

Example: Reoccurring dream...what does it mean?

ever since I was about 9 I have had this reoccurring dream. In the dream I am running through a old house. its filled with old baby carriages, mirrors, porcelain dolls, things that look like from the Victorian. I finally reach this room with mirror covered with a white clothe. I take the clothe off and I see myself but not really me in a Victorian dress. Then all the windows shatter and i see my reflection covered in blood. This dream happends every year, the only thing changes is my age. what does this mean? why do I have it every year? is it a sign or memory of a past life?

Example: What does it mean to dream of a turning mirror?

I had a dream I moved back into my childhood home with my wife. It was old and dusty. We fixed it up and moved right in. The first morning in the house I woke up to find my older brother sleeping in our living room along with two huge dogs (looked like dobermans). I asked him what he was doing there and he responded that he had been living there this whole time.
The next night I heard loud bangs coming from our front door. I told my wife and she quickly woke up. I stopped her, got off the bed, and walked into the hallway to check. By the time I went to the other room, she was in there with my older sister and older brother. My siblings were asleep and as I walked in she pointed to the hallway like she saw something.
I turned around and saw a standing mirror turning on its own. The mirror kept turning left to right. I tried to wake up my siblings but they just would not wake up. I yelled at them louder each time and the door to the room kept slamming harder each time.
Finally the door shut. As my brother woke up, the door opened and I woke up from my dream.
Does anyone know what any of this mean?
It was a pretty intense dream and I almost never have nightmares like this.

Example: What does having three dolls and a mirror mean in a dream?

I'm curious. I seriously can't forget this scene from my dream. I dreamed of three porcelain french doll. But during the dream, what terrified me was that they were all burnt. They were chasing everyone in the room. Later, I was told or I felt that we had to put the mirror in front of all three dolls. When the mirror was placed in front of them the stared and disappeared. Finally,..the odd part was that they said I'm sorry, the first two came and then the last one. When I was woke up, i felt calm but curious in what the heck I was dreaming. So does anyone have any knowledge of this? (Even though it sounds so freaking weird)

Example: What is the meaning behind this dream?

I had a dream last night of walking into a room with a mirror hanging on the wall. It must have been a bathroom and the mirror was quite large, large enough to see my full reflection. At first I knew it was me. Then I was horrified to realize that both the reflection and I were standing in different positions so I moved my arm and the reflection did not. This really scared me and so the reflection spoke to me as if it knew I figured this out. It said: "Don't worry, I'll have you soon enough." What could this mean? Could that be the Devil talking to me? It really bothers me. Tell me what you think.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I was in a white room facing a full-length mirror. All of a sudden life size porcelain dolls circled around the mirror. I remember only the doll that stood on the exact opposite side of the mirror because it looked like a twenty foot version of the porcelain fairy doll I had in my room. I looked back at the mirror, and saw a zombie version of me. The zombie reflection the grabbed me by the neck and suffocated me.

The next day when I told my mom, she said is probably the family "curse" (The women on my mom's side of the family have a history of only remembering dreams if it means something horrible, usually death, is about to happen.

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