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Dream About Mirror meanings

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Example: What does a portal mirror mean in dreams?

its weird but i dreamt that there was this sort of big mirror in my closet and when i would go inside i would end up on this stage. but when i went back stage i was crawling out of my closet. i could like pass through this thing.
what does it mean? or does anyone have any similar answers?

Have you been reading (or watching) C.S. Lewis or George MacDonald stories?

A mirror in your closet might represent your "prayer life". You know how the Bible says "Go into your closet and pray." So, in your private time with God, you look into His word as if it was a mirror, and it shows you the truth about yourself.

So, you go out onstage, which means means you are living your normal life, out in front of everyone. Because we really are "on display" in front of people and they can see if we are really who we claim to be. We are supposed to "display" God in front of them by living as He wants us to live. In fact, we are even on display in front of the angels and satan and the demons, to prove God's power to them!

But, in our own "prayer closet" God shows us our own hearts, and we can pray that we will come to be more and more like Jesus instead of the weak people we will be on our own. Then, we go back out again "on display" for all the world to see.

I pray you and I both will become more like Jesus each day
so that others will see HIM in all we do and say!

God bless you!

Example: What does this mirror dream mean?

Last night I had a very vivid dream and woke up right after. Here's little background before I tell u what it was: im a 21 year old female who does not think of herself as very pretty. Im chubby and have a big nose.Im light skinned, have basic wavy brown hair and brown eyes. When I look in the mirror, I dont really like what I see if i dont have my hair and/or makeup done...

Well in the dream, all I remember was kneeling down in front of a tall mirror and just falling in love with what I saw. It was me, thinner, with clear, lighter skin, beautiful green eyes (which I dont have in real life), and a more beautiful bone structure. I was just staring and couldnt stop smiling.. it was like true love just seeing myself that way and i just stared and touched my face.
When I woke up, I felt the usual thing everyone feels after a good dream, and wanted to go back. I felt disappointed that I woke up and had to face the usual me in the mirror that day.
What does this dream mean? I cant stop thinking about it... I feel like I wish it were true :/ I've never looked at myself in the mirror in a dream and remembered it so vividly.

Example: What could this dream mean ,god,devil,mirror and eminem?

I had a dream I was in a church I think I was walking down a coridor the next bits hazy but I think there was a demon or devil , eminem was there I don't remember if I was him or just saw him i think its a refence to slim shady ?
I then saw my reflection in a big mirror thato looked like the one on my wall and i was half a devil/demon half god/angel thingy i think some of the mirror stained glass effect


some of a /

Example: What does my dream mean the devil, mirrors, and money?

In my dream me my husband and my daughters were going to a basement because all my old toys were down there and my girls wanted to play with them but I was scared the whole time then we head into the basement and my oldest daughter goes into another room that the wall is aligned with mirrors in the mirror I see the devil but no one else can im yelling to my daughter to get out but she wont listen she just wants to play with the toys in that room she doesnt get until until my husband yells to her to get out but still no one sees him in the mirror

then it switches to where the devil is wearing all black and then he is havign sex with a girl under some stairs I'm watching but I can also feel myself in her position

from there it switches to where my husband comes over to me with a stack of money 20's 1's and crisp 100 dollar bills he gives them to me and says go shopping

then I dreamt that someone was waiting for me and I was getting dressed but I couldnt not find my bra and my parents got home from a vacation and they were saying they had a suprise and everyone kept beeping for me to go outside and I was yelling to wait I had to get dressed then my niece from florida was coming up the stairs and she told me something but I ignored her so she called me a fatso

Example: Breaking a mirror dream?

What does it mean if you dream about breaking a mirror

Example: What does a mirroring dream mean?

I had this dream that whatever action i do would be mirrored in the real world. Like i was in this reality & i would go left while my sub conscience would know that in the real world i would turn right, by the end of the mirroring stuff i felt fear .
Its kind of confusing . . But in the dream i knew i was in another reality

Example: What does it mean when you dream about a mirror?

Last night i had a dream that me and my friend where looking in a mirror then i stepped away but my reflection on the mirror was still there, my reflection wasn't smiling it was serious, kinda mad looking at me, when i saw this my heart started to beat fast cuz at first i though it was a ghost but i wasn't scare of it, then i started shouting at it (in my dream)" go away! I don't want you here, leave!" N thats all i remember what can this dream mean?!

Example: What does it mean to dream of a turning mirror?

I had a dream I moved back into my childhood home with my wife. It was old and dusty. We fixed it up and moved right in. The first morning in the house I woke up to find my older brother sleeping in our living room along with two huge dogs (looked like dobermans). I asked him what he was doing there and he responded that he had been living there this whole time.
The next night I heard loud bangs coming from our front door. I told my wife and she quickly woke up. I stopped her, got off the bed, and walked into the hallway to check. By the time I went to the other room, she was in there with my older sister and older brother. My siblings were asleep and as I walked in she pointed to the hallway like she saw something.
I turned around and saw a standing mirror turning on its own. The mirror kept turning left to right. I tried to wake up my siblings but they just would not wake up. I yelled at them louder each time and the door to the room kept slamming harder each time.
Finally the door shut. As my brother woke up, the door opened and I woke up from my dream.
Does anyone know what any of this mean?
It was a pretty intense dream and I almost never have nightmares like this.

Example: What does a shattered mirror in a dream mean?

I had a dream where a shattered mirror appeared twice.

First, I was standing in a bathroom looking down and I didn't see the mirror shatter but I heard it shatter and it was suddenly all over the floor.

Second time, there was a shattered mirror on the floor of my bedroom when i walked in.

What does it mean if there's a shattered mirror in my dream, in the ways that it happened those times? If anyone can tell me that'd be really great! Thanks! :)

Example: What does my dream mean about a brokn mirror?

I dreamt I was trying on my prom dress and then I started dancing in front of the mirror and then I looked up and the mirror was broken

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