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Dream About Miscarriage meanings

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Example: Extremely weird miscarriage dream/nightmare. I'm not pregnant. what does it mean?

Here's my dream:
I'm in an unfamiliar church with my mother and a lot of strangers. (I'm not even religious and haven't been to church in years.) I get up to go to the bathroom, sit on the toilet, and out of nowhere I start pushing out a baby (Even though I'm not pregnant and wasn't in the dream.) It's completely painless with no blood.
It's a female, fits in the palm of my hand and is dead. I have absolutely no idea how I became pregnant and start wondering who the father could be.
I run out of the unfamiliar church (now empty) with this dead baby in my hands, and somehow end up at the railroad tracks I used to walk on when I was 15. The sky is dreary and grey like it's about to rain, but there's no storm. I find this little transparent glass box, put the baby in it, and dig a hole next to the tracks to bury her in. I then bury her, Cry my eyes out, and decide her name would have been Mary. I walk back home.. Which is a house I've never seen before or lived in. I walk in the door and sit on my couch, alone, Still crying and mourning. I look beside me, and the baby in the glass box is next to me. I pick it up and look at it, still closed. then she comes to life and starts SCREAMING, scaring the crap out of me... Then I woke up. What the heck does this mean? By far one of the creepiest dreams I've had. Any interpretations would be appreciated.

It seems that you have pain inside and your dream reflects it. The church means that you are considering the spiritual aspects of your life, the people simply represent the world around you, the toilet episode reflects that something precious to you was lost such as family, a relationship, or a personal goal which caused you bitterness, thus the name Mary (bitterness). Going back home is trying to move on. The tracks represent your life path. The box with the baby is your memory of loss. When the baby comes to life, it reflects that your dream, relationship, or goal has not died. It is still latent in your heart.
Dreams reflect life events whether real or imaginary. I recommend that you spend time in prayer and ask God to guide your life since He created you in the first place. Besides, He loves you unconditionally.

Mr. M on "what does it mean."

Example: What does it mean when u dream your pregnant daughter has a miscarriage?

she is 5 months pregnant and i had dreamed she had miscarried she is ok but as a mom its driving me nuts why i dreamt something like this anything anyone could help with this i would deeply appericate it i have looked in a dream book but havent found anything and yes i have broke it apart and still cant find the meaning thank you

Example: What does it mean when you dream about having a miscarriage?

I had a dream that I was driving around with a couple of good friends from a spiritual retreat camp that I went to over the summer and was feeling very sick, they took me up to the nearest doctor which was a gynecologists office because I was so sick. We got there and for some reason the OBGYN was one of the priests from the camp who I became friends with. So he gave me an exam and everything and he said that it turns out I had been pregnant but had a miscarriage and that was why I was so sick. We decided to leave while he prepared to get the baby out, and the whole time I was wondering how I could have gotten pregnant in the first place? I figured that the baby had to have been my ex's because he's the only one I ever did anything with.
So we went over to his house and I told him and he came with me to be there with me while they cleaned me up and everything.
Now in real life I have not had sex but I had given my ex-boyfriend oral and he would finger me. Also I had this dream about a week or two after I went to the spiritual retreat camp (which my ex was at also) and about 1 1/2 or 2 months after me and my ex broke up. While we were at the camp things were very tense between me and my ex and I'm guessing that has something to do with it but I'm not quiet sure what it means.

If someone here could tell me that would be great, thanks!

Example: Miscarriage dream meaning?

My friend told me this morning that she dreamt of me last night. My co-workers were talking when all of a sudden I rushed out from the bathroom crying because I was intensely bleeding. They freaked out because I told them Im having a miscarriage. What is the interpretation of this dream? Does it mean Im in danger? Does it have anything to do with my health? Pls help me.

Example: What does it mean when someone dreams about a miscarriage?

Example: What does it mean to dream of a having a miscarriage?

Example: Can someone tell me what a miscarriage dream means?

I'm currently pregnant and I had a crazy dream about my boyfriend walking out on me and i had to use the bathroom and blood was in the toilet and i went to wipe myself and it was nothing but blood clots and i popped up out my sleep can anyone tell me what that means

Example: What does my dream mean? i keep dreaming about having a miscarriage!?

what could it mean?

Example: What Does A Miscarriage Mean In A Dream?

I'm a guy, I'm going into college for the 1st time
I had a dream I was following a woman, most likely my wife/ girlfriend (I don't have one in real life) & she was on a gurney type thing & the doctors were wheeling her down the hall
The hall never seemed to end, as she was crying & screaming in fear & pain (Mostly fear) & she was having a miscarriage/ something wrong with the birth
She was holding my wrist tight, as I was scared too, but also very sad

I'm not married or have a girlfriend in real life (Or ever had one)
So what does a miscarriage/ something wrong with the birthing process of your wife mean?

Example: Miscarriage dream?

last year i dreamt that i was pregnant and had a miscarriage in early stages of pregnancy, after a few months, i dreamt i had another miscarriage, and this time it was later in pregnancy, i could see the baby's features already, it was terrible. This year i really suffered a miscarriage in the 6ht week of my pregnancy, i am scared i will have another one when i get pregnant, i never dreamt i had a baby and i would love to have one. could it be that i will have another miscarriage before i have a baby?

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