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Dream About Molder meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: How many words can you make from MONSTERA DELICIOSA?

I need to find words in the word MONSTERA DELICIOSA I have a few but I really need some more!
To make a word you can jumble up the letters, but you can only use a letter once. Except for O,S,E,A,I since there is more than one of them.

a, ace, aced, Acer, aces, acid, acme, acne, acorn, acorns, act, acts, acted, action, actor, actors, actress, ad, ads, ade, ades, admission, admit, adore, adores, adroit, aerial, aid, aids, ail, ailed, aileron, ails, air, aired, Aries, aisle, aisles, alarm, alarmed, ale, aler, alert, alerts, ales, alias, almond, almonds, alms, am, amend, amends, amiss, amoral, an, and, anomalies, ant, antler, antlers, ants, arc, ardent, are, area, arid, aril, arils, arm, arms, aroma, aromatic, art, arts. as, asset, assent, assert, Aster, asteroid, Asters, at, ate, atom, atoms, atomic,
cad, cads, calm, calmed, calmer, calms, camel, camels, camera, cameras, candle, candles, car, cars, care, cared, cares, carmine, carol, cart, carts, cartel, cartels, carton, case, cases, cased, caster, castle, castles, cess, cilia, ciliate, claim, clam, clan, clans, class, classier, clean, cleaned, cleans, clear, cleared, clod, cloister, cloistered, clone, close, closer, closest, closet, closets, coal, coarse, coat, code, coil, coiled, coils, coir, cold, colder, coldest, considerate, consort, cool, cooler, coolest, come, comes, condor, condors, coral, cord, cords, core, cored, cores, corm, corms, corn, corned, corns, corset, corseted, cosset, cost, costlier, costs, cradle, cradles, cram, crams, crass, crate, cream, crease, creased, creases, creed, creeds, creel, creels, cress, cried, crime, crimes, criminal, criminals, crone, crones, croon, crooned, croons, cross, crossed,
dailies, dainties, dairies, dais, dale, dam, dame, dames, dams, damsel, damsels, damson, dare, dares, darn, darns, dart, darts, date, dates, deal, deals, dealt, dear, decimal, decimals, decimate, decimates, decor, decorate, decorates, deer, deletion, delicate, demean, demeanor, dementia, demon, demons, demotion, derail, dereliction, derision, desertion, detain, deter, dial, dials, diaries, dice, diet, diets, dime, dine, dire, direction, dirt, dissect, dissection, distance, distances, dolor, dome, dominate, done, donee, donees, donor, donors, door, doors, dose, doses, dossier, drain, drains, dram, dream, dreams, dries, drone, drones, dross,
ear, eared, ears, ease, easier, eat, eaten, eats, edict, edicts, edit, editor, edits, elate, eldest, elicit, elision, emote, emotion, emotional, enamor, enamored, end, endear, enisle, enisled, ensile, entire, entrains, ermine, erode, erodes, erose, erosion,
idea, ice, iced, icier, Ides, idle, idles, iliac, in, incest, insect, insert, inset, inter, irate, ire, iron, ironic, irons, into, is, isle, isn't, it, It's, item, iter, iterate,
lace, laced, laces, lacier, laciest, lade, lades, ladies, lain, lair, lairs, laird, lame, lamed, lamer, lane, laned, lanes, late, laten, later, lead, leader, lean, learn, learns, lease, leased, led, lemon, lent, liar, lice, licit, lie, lied, lien, lies, lime, limes, limit, limits, line, lined, lines, lion, lire, loam, loan, lode, lodes, loom, loon, loose, loot, lore, lorn, lose, loser, loses, lost, lot, lotion, lots,
man, mania, maniac, manic, manliest, manor, mare, mares, marine, marines,marlin, mart, marten, mass, massed, mast, master, masters, masts, mat, material, matins, matricide, me, meal, mean, meat, meats, meet, meets, melt, melted, mental, mere, met, metal, mete, meted, meteor, metes, mice, mint, minted, mints, mist, mister, mists, mite, mites, miter, moan, moaned, moans, moat, moats, mod, mode, model, models, moist, moisten, moister, molar, mold, molder, mole, monad, monitor,monitors, moon, moor, moose, moraine, moral, morals, more, mores, morn, moron, mortal, mosied, moss, most, motion, motions, mot, mote, motes, motel, motels, motor, motors,
nail, name, named, names, nares, nasal, nastier, near, neat, need, nest, net, nice, nicer, nicest, nide, node, noisier, noisiest, nomad, nomer, noose, nor, normal, Norse, nose, nosier, nosiest, nostril,
ocean, ode, oil, oilier, oiliest, oils, old, older, oldest, oleo, olid, olio, Om, on, one, onto, oral, ordeal, ore, ores, otic,
race, racial, radial, radio, radios, radon, raid, rail, railed, rails, react, read, real, ream, reams, record, redolent, reel, rein, reined, relic, remand, remands, remedial, remiss, remission, remit, remits, resale, resin, rest, rests, rice, ride, rides, rile, riled, riles, rinse, rinsed, rinses, riot, rioted, riots, rise, risen, road, roam, roamed, roams, roan, roans, roast, roasted, rode, rodeo, roe, roes, roil, role, roles, rood, roost, roosted, root, rooted, roots, rose, roseate, rosin, rot, rote, rots,
sad, saint, sainted, salad, sale, sales, salient, salmon, salon, salt, salted, saltier, salts, same, sand, sandal, sandals, sandier, sandiest, satin, scaled, scare, scared, scion, scone, score, scored, scorn, scorned, scream, screamed, scree, screed, scrod, sea, seal, sealed, seam, seaman, seamen, seamier, seams, seat, seats, section, sedan, seder, see, seed, seem, seen, seer, selection, semen, senile, sensate, sere, serial, serials, series, side, sidle, siesta, silicate, silt, siltier, simian, simians, since, siren, sirenic, sisal, sled, slice, slid, slide, slim, slime, smelt, smile, smiled, smiles, smiliest, smores, snail, snare, snared, snares, social, soda, soil, solar, solder, solicit, son, sonar, soot, sore, sort, sortie, staid, stain, stained, stains, stale, staler, stamina, stand, stands, star, stare, stared, stars, stead, steadier, steam, steams, steed, steeds, steer, steers, stem, stems, sterile, stern, sties, stile, stoma, stone, stoned, stoner, stones, store, stored, stores, storm, storms, stormed, strand, stream, streams, stride, strode,
talc, tale, talon, tam, tams, tarn, tea, team, teams, tear, tee, teed, teem, tense, tensed, tenser, tensile, terminal, tern, tiara, tide, tie, tied, tier, tilde, tile, time, timed, timer, times, tine, tired, tires, toad, toe, toed, toes, told, ton, tonal, tone, tonsil, too, tool, torn, torsion, torso, trade, trades, train, trains, tram, tread, treads, treadle, treadles, tree, treed, trees, tress, trice, tried, trim, trod,


Andes, Arals, Arles, Asia
Laos, Lima
Madeira, Malta, Monte Carlo


Adele, Aleta, Alice, Alicia, Art, Asa,
Carl, Carla, Carmen
Dale, Dan, Darla,Daniel, Dee, Del, Delia
Lea, Leda, Lee, Lena, Lisa,
Mara, Maria, Marla, Mina, Moira, Mona,
Nola, Nolana, Nora,
Ramon, Ramona, Rina, Rona,
Sadie, Sandra, Sara, Satan
Tara, Teresa, Tina,

Example: What does the poem women and roses by robert browning mean?

Also if you could point out poetic devices too Here's the poem:

I dream of a red-rose tree.
And which of its roses three
Is the dearest rose to me?


Round and round, like a dance of snow
In a dazzling drift, as its guardians, go
Floating the women faded for ages,
Sculptured in stone, on the poet's pages.
Then follow women fresh and gay,
Living and loving and loved to-day.
Last, in the rear, flee the multitude of maidens,
Beauties yet unborn. And all, to one cadence,
They circle their rose on my rose tree.


Dear rose, thy term is reached,
Thy leaf hangs loose and bleached:
Bees pass it unimpeached.


Stay then, stoop, since I cannot climb,
You, great shapes of the antique time!
How shall I fix you, fire you, freeze you,
Break my heart at your feet to please you?
Oh, to possess and be possessed!
Hearts that beat 'neath each pallid breast!
Once but of love, the poesy, the passion,
Drink but once and die!---In vain, the same fashion,
They circle their rose on my rose tree.


Dear rose, thy joy's undimmed,
Thy cup is ruby-rimmed,
Thy cup's heart nectar-brimmed.


Deep, as drops from a statue's plinth
The bee sucked in by the hyacinth,
So will I bury me while burning,
Quench like him at a plunge my yearning,
Eyes in your eyes, lips on your lips!
Fold me fast where the cincture slips,
Prison all my soul in eternities of pleasure,
Girdle me for once! But no---the old measure,
They circle their rose on my rose tree.


Dear rose without a thorn,
Thy bud's the babe unborn:
First streak of a new morn.


Wings, lend wings for the cold, the clear!
What is far conquers what is near.
Roses will bloom nor want beholders,
Sprung from the dust where our flesh moulders.
What shall arrive with the cycle's change?
A novel grace and a beauty strange.
I will make an Eve, be the artist that began her,
Shaped her to his mind!---Alas! in like manner
They circle their rose on my rose tree.

Example: Does anyone know the lyrics to the cheerleader song?

its on Bring it On:all or nothing. at the part where winnie makes the routine skanky. its like "im a cheerleader and your not"

got the lyrics?

Example: Has ANY Middle Eastern Country achieved anything NEAR to what Israel has achieved?

Granted, some middle eastern countries may have been great sometime in their past, but I'm talking about NOW, in the present, modern world.

Israel does not destroy homes of palestinians, since there IS no palestinian people. There are arabs living on Israeli land.

The Pals must be absorbed by the local arab nations as recompense for the costs israel has incurred by absorging all the Jews kicked out of the middle eastern countries.

It just about evens out.

Think of it as a population exchange, which is not uncommon after a war.

Example: Atheists: how can you not believe in the soul?

how come when you die you dont feel any body pain when the body still didnt molder then?. doesnt make you think that its the soul that was hurting, not the body?

p.s. dont be aggressive as its only a question. and if you dont get my question, then dont answer it.

Example: Battle Hymn of the Republic?

In the third verse of the song Battle Hymn of the Republic, there is a line which says, "I have read a fiery gospel writ in burnished rows of steel."

What does this line mean?

Thank you!

Example: What makes you can also break you, how much truth do you think there is in that quote?

Example: What kind of figurative language is in The Rainy Day poem?

I need at least 3 figurative or imagery things about my poem. The Rainy day by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.
here is the poem.

The day is cold, and dark, and dreary;
It rains, and the wind is never weary;
The vine still clings to the moldering wall,
But at every gust the dead leaves fall,
And the day is dark and dreary.

My life is cold, and dark, and dreary;
It rains, and the wind is never weary;
My thoughts still cling to the moldering Past,
But the hopes of youth fall thick in the blast
And the days are dark and dreary.

Be still, sad heart! and cease repining;
Behind the clouds is the sun still shining;
Thy fate is the common fate of all,
Into each life some rain must fall,
Some days must be dark and dreary.

it would mean alot to me if you can help me out by telling me if there is any repetition or something like that. Thanks(:

Example: I had a dream about my dead dad that was weird?

My dad died two years ago. I was at my moms mothers house and my whole family was there and I noticed out her back window my dad was standing there looking the opposite way of me. I was in complete disbelief and was shocked to see him so I stood there quietly staringbecuase I didn't want him to dissappear and I was enjoying the sight of him. Finally my sister yells "holy crap dad is outside" and everyone ran outside by the time we were all outside he was gone and people were sayin I don't think that was really him. Finally he reappeared and everyone was drop dead silent and I said "dad is that really you?!?" And he said "look at me" then proceeded to walk towards me the closer he got the more I reliesed he was all burnt and slimy looking and he was eight feet tall. Then he said "I'm not you dad but we were friends" I can't remember what else he said but then I woke up. Please somebody tell me what this means. When I woke up I felt like I had been crying all night.

Example: Book of Mormon translated by power of the Holy Ghost ?

There has been over 3000 grammer passage and wording changes in the Book of Mormon since the 1830 print and now.Some spelling problems are found, and some word mix-ups as well, such as "mouldering" for molding, "wrecked" for racked, "constrain" for restrain, and "arrested" for wrested. The ONLY parts of the book free from such errors are the parts which parallel the King James Version word for word. Yet it is claimed the book was translated "by the gift and power of the Holy Ghost, could it make such mistakes? " The Bible manuscripts, by comparison, were (also) written by some unlearned men (Peter, James, John), yet the grammar and spelling in our oldest manuscripts are of the highest quality. God wouldn't have a perfect translation for this new fullfilment of the gospel?

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