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Dream About Molesting A Child meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my dream mean?

So here it goes. The dream started off with my sitting around with family. Then all of a sudden and man told this little girl "take your clothes off so you can bathe." So she did and then he held her in his hands while saying a prayer. All of a sudden his stuck his finger up her butt and started touching her. I started yelling saying "that's disgusting!" and a couple of curse words, then I left the scene. On my way leaving, a dog started chasing me and then he bit me so I threw the dog and jumped out a window (the dog followed me out the window too) and I woke up.

What could this mean? Is this child molestation? If it is I never been molested and what about the dog biting me?

Yes the dream portrayed child molestation. Maybe you have read about someone or knew someone who molested a child, and you found it very annoying? It bothered you to the extent that it was brought up again in your dream. Or possibly you was molested as a child, and do not remember it. Your subconscious recalled it. This is just a possibility because every event of our life is stored in our main computer, the brain. At times, our subconscious will call up things that we actually do not remember. Regardless, you must move on and do not allow this to torment you. Child molestation is sad, but it does happen, and will happen and we cannot change that. You must live your life, enjoy it, do things that make you happy, be careful to help others in every way you can, and be kind to them. The good book says to do unto others as you would like them to do to you. This will bring you a revenue of happiness. Please do not dwell on all the bad things that happen to people in life. Dwell on what you can do to make life better for others, and this will indeed make life better for you too.

Example: What could this dream mean-snakes and children?

I dreamt I was sitting on a big bed with a man I didn't recognize but I seemed to know him, and we had a child between us about five or so. The man and I were babysitting him so we were watching a movie in the bedroom. The boy was holding a baby black snake and asked the man if he wanted to hold it but while handing it over the snake sped away and disappeared under the bed. We found flash lights and crawled under the bed to look for it. The under side of the bed was huge, like I could crawl on my hands and knees. The three of us looked but didn't find it before I woke up. I remember feeling worried for the snake that it may get hurt.

I looked this stuff up separately but couldn't patch it together, any ideas?

Example: What could this scary dream mean?

I dreamed that Hitler was trying to molest/rape my four year old niece...I woke up and was so scared. I am very close to my niece and can't stand the thought of something hurting her...What could the dream have meant?

Example: Dream:What does it mean to dream that a child is being molested?

I have been having these weird dreams lately today I woke up in shock I had a dream that a little girl was asking me what some things meant and in my dream i told her then she handed me a paper and written on it was a message that said can i touch you private parts signed with my bfs name. In my dream me and the little girls dad confronted my bf and he smirked and shook his head he denied it.

None of the characters but me and my boyfriend actually exist and my boyfriend is overseas. What does this dream mean?

Example: What does it mean when I dream that I touched a small child?

Let me explain my past as that may be of important. I have never touched a child in any sexual manner. On the contrary, I was sexually molested when I was a child. I watched Freddy last night with my sister and told her that I was ready to go to my molester's hearing and testify. Now I'm having a nightmare where I'm the molester. What does this mean as it really terrified me last night. Please do help.

Example: What does this dream mean? My mom cheated on my 2nd stepdad and took my child-molesting 1st stepdad back...?

So, here's the context
I found out about a year ago that my mom is still prostituting herself. Somehow, this shocked me, though I knew it was how she paid the bills as I was growing up. This has really bothered me because my stepdad has no idea.

She now has me (18 yrs old), and a 4 year-old daughter. She's been married to her latest husband for 6 years, and they seem to have a healthy relationship minus the fact that they're both drug addicts--unlike all of her previous husbands/boyfriends, he doesn't beat her, and he provides for our family.

My 1st stepdad molested me when I was 6, and I immediately went and told my mom and grandma but they both said that I was lying...err, "dreaming" all of it up. The abuse continued for another year until it was discovered that my stepdad was cheating on my mom and he had molested her 12 year old daughter once. Thennnnn they decided to take me seriously and I got my day in court. The guy is still in prison serving 5-15 for the other girl and 4 years for me.

So here's the dream: somehow or another, I found out that my mom was sleeping with my 1st stepdad. I cried, blah blah, but then I realized I was only dreaming. Nevertheless, this was still bothering me so I went and asked my mom about it one day, and she was like, "yeah, I took him back, we're together now."

Suddenly, fast forward and it's dark and rainy outside, and my 2nd stepdad is driving erratically down a country road. Then, fast forward and we both get out of the vehicle in a deserted parking lot, and we start hoping fences and all sorts of things because we're trying to find my mom. Eventually, I can't see myself in the dream anymore and suddenly the "camera" pans over my mom and 1st stepdad who are kissing at the top of the overpass that was about 300 ft from the house where my 1st stepdad used to molest me.

I then woke up. In a week, I am going to see my mom and stepdad for a month before I leave for Africa.

Any thoughts on what this dream means?

Example: What does it mean if a 13 year old dreams of a child molester?

My 13 year old girl told me about a dream she had...She dreamt that she was in a car with me and this man tries to grab her. Then she said the dream skipped ahead and she was trying to kill the man that was trying to molest her. I just think this is very disturbing... Does anyone know if this means anything? She never watches or searches anything about any of that...

Example: What does it mean when you dream of being molested?

I know when I was a child I was molested by my next door neighbor, and possibly his brother but I can't remember due to repressed memory. Last night in my dream I was at home with my parents and my sister and my neighbor's brother came to stay with us and he kept checking me out and making me very uncomfortable and making remarks about how I grew up nicely and going kaching every time I walked past him. at some point in this dream I was asleep in my room and for some reason my family left me alone with him and next thing I knew he was touching all over me and at some point even tried to rape me but I ended up running to my neighbors house which was someone I barely knew but he was close on my heels and almost got to me. This dream really freaked me out a lot I am 24 now but I was molested when I was 5 and 6 I am also under a lot of stress right now cant sleep and feel really stuck and like I am always making the wrong decisions. my grandmother who I was very close to and who I felt safe with passed away in January, please if anyone can help I am so scared and don't know what is wrong with me and I cant afford a psychiatrist but I am desperate for answers thanks in advance.

Example: Dreaming I almost molested a child?

I'm an adult lesbian who was sexually abused as a child by several different men, at different times. In my waking hours I have no pedophile feelings, but the night before last I had a dream that I was planning to molest a small boy. Needless to say I am disgusted with myself, and I'm desperately trying to find out if the dream could have an alternate meaning. Any input is appreciated. :(

Example: Is it abnormal to have fantasies of being raped and dreams of being molested as a child?

I know this is really weird. I am a woman and I am fearless. There is literally nothing that I am afraid of. I have never been scared before ever. I have friends who have phobias, silly things like spiders and snakes, and what not. I am not scared of any of those things. I have even been in a crisis situation and was not scared during the entire situation either. I have seen people really scared before, and just don't get it!

On top of that, I have always wondered what it would be like to have a stranger attack me and rape me. I wonder if that would really scare me? I am not saying I really want to be raped, but in a sense I just wanna know what it is like to be scared, and maybe that would scare me.

The weirdest thing is that I have had dreams when I sleep since I was a teenager of my father molesting me when I was a child. No such thing ever happened, and my dad and I have a very good normal father daughter relationship...not malicious in any way.

I am happily married, and have been for 11 years now. My husband and I have a very healthy relationship, and a very healthy sexual relationship. I have told him of my rape fantasy and we agreed to role play without any violence. Neither one of us were ok with that...just the surprising me and taking me by force. Of course that was actually fun to me, because it wasn't really rape.

So really where are these dreams and fantasies coming from? I just think it is so weird. I am not an emotionally unstable woman. I am happy, healthy, and not overly insecure about anything. (Not saying that I am not insecure about things, but mostly things that most women tend to be insecure about)

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