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Dream About Molotov Cocktail meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean? [pt. II]?

I remember being in some restaurant in the basement of I think an apartment building or a hotel. I told my mom I needed to go outside. After I got where I was going (I think to a grocery store, Giant), I started walking back. I saw this small swamp/large puddle/ditch type thing. I had a feeling there was going to be a crocodile in it. Sure, enough, my biggest fear ever lied beneath the water. I ran back home to tell my mom what I saw. She had always told me that crocodiles don't live in Pennsylvania. I told her what I saw, it sounded like she believed me, and I had to really beg her to come look for it with me. She did. But when I got there, the ditch, the crocodile, and all were gone. I looked behind me, and my mom was gone, too. I looked back and there was a small field with a hill in it. I saw a small house at the bottom next to a forest. I went inside and Hawk-Eye Pierce from one of my favorite TV Shows, M*A*S*H was inside. He told me how he lived there. I decided to stay there for the night. We became close friends. While he was sleeping one night, I decided to open up the door a crack to see if I saw anyone coming. The hotel/apartment building was there. One of the doors opened and two men came outside. He said, "Molotov cocktail, anyone?" and threw one at our small house. I tried to awaken Hawk, but he wouldn't budge. I ran outside and the entire house was on fire. I started crying and screaming. I came back after the fire was gone (Somehow, no emergency vehicles showed up, but the fire managed to subside anyway). Hawk-Eye Pierce was dead. Burnt up and dead. I couldn't take it, so I ran home (Which is the restaurant somehow). I told my mom, and she told me I was a liar. I just ran away. I ran into my friend, Alex on the side of a highway. We decided to go to a shoestore for some reason. I really wanted a new pair of shoes, so I told the people who worked there that someone stole my size 10 1/2 Converse All-Stars, in hopes to get a free pair, since I had nothing else to where home. I didn't originally have Converse on but those were the shoes I wanted. He took me into the backroom. We were looking at shoes and I saw the ones I wanted but he told me to follow him. We went to some exremely dirty bucket of used shoes and he gave me a pair of his Converse for $3.00. I walked to Alex's house because he left went I came out of the backroom. As I was walking, an elderly teacher of mine saw me and offered to give me something. She told me to meet her up at this home improvement store. I had just been up there four miles back. That's where the shoe store was. She left before I could tell her I wasn't going back. So, I kept walking. Alex's dad saw me and picked me up. He had The Who playing in his radio as always. When we got to his house. Alex came out and we started walking. We got to the side of a highway. A bunch of emergency vehicles were up the street. I saw some Cajun guy and Alex said, "Isn't that the ugliest guy you've ever seen?" I said yeah and started making fun of him. I heard him say, "We just got a report of a burning house." I immediately screamed, "HAWK-EYE!" I was in the middle of the road and headlights started glaring right at me. Alex told me to get out of the road, but I couldn't respond verbally or physically. I was stunned by the fact that I could be getting hit by this small car. Alex jumped out and pushed us both to the side of the road. I looked at the car, and it was actually a firetruck, speeding down the road.

This is all I can remember, can anyone interpret this for me?

The gayness is strong in you, young Evan.

Example: I had 2 dream where i died? Someone Interpret?

Right firstly im a harry potter fan and last night i dreamed voldermort tried to kill me in the holiday resort where i just stayed in turkey, my want didn't work and i ran away eventually i got found and killed. I then woke up it was 11:00. A few months ago i had a dream where i was in my old school chucking molotov cocktails in the science lab. One hit me and as it was fire i felt like i was burning and i woke up. As it was early morning i woke up and went back to sleep, no more trouble with that one. What does this mean?

Example: What do really loud noises mean in dreams?

@Nafew: The part where the really loud noise came in my dream was... well, I was pouring gasoline around some place and went all towards through my house, I saw visions of a closeup of pouring gasoline from a molotov cocktail, but those visions were kinda purple. Then, I lighted the gasoline up and OH MY GOD GIANT EXPLOSION! That was the really loud noise.

Example: Can anyone decipher this dream I had?

I dreamt that there was and American Idol type show being held, in a very poor area of Latin America. In the studio, an attractive latina was the presenter, and she was supposed to famous in that country, although I had no idea who she was.

Right at the start of the show she walked on stage wearing expensive, glamorous clothing. You could tell she had an attitude and thought the audience were not worthy of her presence (which were mainly very poor people, desperate to get a shot at fame).

She spoke to the audience through the mike and joked "you'll never be a success like me, but at least you tried"

Suddenly anger flared up in the audience without warning, and one man furiously shouted "you only got where you are because your a stinking puta!" Members of the audience started throwing things onto the stage at her, and screamed "puta!" repeatedly, in unison.

Frightened, she ran backstage where security rushed her to the back entrance. The mob of angry audience flooded onto the stage and started smashing tv cameras, tearing props and setting fire the stage drapes.

It was chaos, and a huge riot. The studio was completely flooded, and the floor managers were taken hostage by some of the angry mob, trapped in a small back room.

The female presenter (described earlier) was shoved into a car by security, and drove off. The mob surrounded it kick out windows, and puncturing tires, all the while the female presenter screaming from inside they car, thinking she was going to die. Somehow the car managed to get away.

One member of the mob threw a brick at the car, shouting "If you come back here we'll kill you b**ch, we'll f**king kill you!", his face red with rage. The riot moved further afield, the entire city enveloped in the World's biggest riot with windows smashed, looting, handguns being shot in the air, and explosions of pipe bombs and molotov cocktails.

Then I woke up.

What does this dream mean?

Example: Four dreams in one night?

Last weekend, I ate very little and had about 1/2 bottle of Pinot Grigio When I went to sleep, I had serious nightmares about the following
1. The pillows tried to eat me alive
2. A bear with a bag of Molotov cocktails kept lighting at throwing them at all the high-rises
3. I started a new job where I turned on the radio and it kept going - even during a meeting in adj. office
4. Random people screaming in my ears

If there's a good book I can get on Amazon, plz tell me

Example: Kidnapping/rejection dream? Can someone interpret?

So I had a dream I lived in a big house with lots of people I'd met throughout my life, then I saw all these spiders in a glass room and got worried, but no one else was concerned, people were walking through the room etc.

I felt embarrassed after that for some reason, so I went to leave the house (which felt like a really big deal, it felt like people weren't supposed to just leave).

As I opened the door, 4 men (which I don't know) rushed at me and kidnapped me, carrying me down a big flight of stairs away from the house. They took me to my boyfriend and his best friend (I live with both of them uhh...in real life : P) who were making Molotov cocktails (WTF!?) and totally unconcerned with me being totally stressed about being kidnapped.

So I went to go back to the house and my bf didn't care, i remember being hysterical. On the way I met someone else who'd left the house, a man I met once in Thailand. He declared he'd look after me, and took me to live in a tent just behind the house kinda secretly. Then he rolled a joint (weed) and I tried to smoke it and it fell apart.

The end.

WTF!? What is all that supposed to mean?!?

Example: This Is The 4th or 5th Dream...Why do I keep Dreaming about them?

There's This Acquaintance That I Have had short Dreams about at least four times in the past month.I'll only skim through 3 here:

The First one I remember had us in a college setting and she was teasing my friend(She's been called mean in real life...I find this hostility amusing). I was sitting in front of her and she decided to insult me instead. I told her I wasn't in this and went back to work. Suddenly She got up and kissed me on my cheek. I freaked out and asked her why she did that and moved to another seat.

The Second Was in a similar setting but instead someone was joking with me and she smiled at me and suddenly said, "thanks for being such a good friend."
In real life I am not her friend so why would she say that?

The last one was in some cold rural place and I was in some strangers house. This man was a molotov cocktail maker/farmer. Weird..anyway there was a knock at the door and there was that girl again with a fellow classmate. They asked if they could come in and I told the girl that she could come in but the other person had to stay out(I was joking not serious)

Dreams Rarely Have an Obvious meaning, right?So this is confusing me. Thanks for any help.

Example: Please interperet this dream about a fight? =]?

Last night I had a dream that I was at some outdoor concert which was held on my elementary school field. Then a fight broke out between two of my friends [don't know who they are in real life, they were dream world friends] and I tried to stop it but realised I was going to get hurt because they were getting violent so I ran to the other side of the field. One of them followed me and I felt trapped and scared because I couldn't get away from them, and one of them threw a molotov cocktail at me and I didn't run, I just curled up in a ball. It hit me and my back caught on fire, and this was when I woke up because I found myself pulling up my tshirt in real life to try and stop the fire.

What could this mean? It seems so weird to wake myself up with an action that was happening both in dream world and in real life. Thank you!

Example: I want to move to LA please help?

Im 17 years old and i graduate high school in June. My friend and I really want to move to L.A when we graduate and go to community college. We currently live in the Bay Area (about 7 hours North from LA) I know it sounds impossible and everyone in my family keeps saying we can't do it but we really have our minds set on it.

We looked up a couple studio apartments that are only about $500 per month, meaning we'd each only have to pay $250. It seems reasonable but my dad's like "How are you gonna get a job, everyones losing their jobs blah blah blah" just bein hella negative. I know the economy isnt so great but people still get jobs.

We just really need help getting this together and nobody wants to help us so if anyone has any advice about how to get a job out there BEFORE we move, or any other advice on how we can make this possible PLEASE help. we really need it. Thanks

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