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Dream About Money Pouch meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: I dream about a university, what does it mean?

The dream started when I have been summoned by an authority to investigate this said university, I am still a student though studying in a state university. I was asked to become an undercover agent and investigate this private university.

I went with a group of students who are transferees; I do this so that I could blend perfectly in them. My aunt was there, she is with me although she doesn’t know that I am an undercover agent. I entered the school and it doesn’t look like a school but a historical Spanish house.

We climbed the stairs; these are the conversations that everyone has… I was just quietly listening to them speak. I have been investigating the place and observing the actions of the ones who run the place:

“Unlike in the state university, students here pay for their education and we make sure of a high quality education where students get to learn from credible proffesors.” I stare closely at the directress, she is a young woman, about 27 or 28… pretty… but tactless and corrupt. I whispered to myself, “I have to take a closer watch to this woman.”

A student already studying in the university told her, “Why haven’t you renovated the second floor? Why haven’t you upgraded the materials? We have been paying too much for our education and it seems that the state university has better facilities.”

I looked closely to the woman who seemed to ignored what the student had said, I saw her handing a pouch with coins into one of her assistant. I thought it was a bribe or maybe corrupted money from the school.

I looked closely to the students and saw that they are tall and intelligent people, and they are not getting the right treatment that they deserve. They have been studying in a university who actually looks like an old Spanish house. I looked at the ceiling and noticed that the wood has been too old that it would almost break when a strong typhoon hits the place. I looked at the stairs and I had seen the same scenario… I climbed down.

The ground floor was pretty cool, it is clean and decent. It gives me the thought that there has been development in the place but it is a slow process because of the corrupt directress. I went on the garden…

There are no flowers but the grass is fresh, there are dogs, a mother dog and her children… probably about five of them. I saw my dog, my brown dog, tied into the side of the garden and I felt rage when I saw my dog has bruises. The caretaker told me they have to train the dog so it would be obedient… but I felt rage because they have been hurting my dog. I went on…

I was with the directress and my aunt, we have been preparing food to eat because we are guests and they are celebrating for new students.

The directress was trying to intimidate me but it only made my rage grow. She was plotting things against my aunt, and probably she would harm me and continue in doing het corruption in school. This directress has to be destroyed. I asked her to go to the school’s covered basketball court. It’s the gym.

I noticed that my hands are not my usual hands, it is a male’s hands… and I looked at the glass and saw my reflection there and I had seen a handsome male who wears a black jacket… he also has a long black hair and dark beautiful eyes. I was him, and I am powerful.

The directress has spoken, “Would you harm a lady, sir? I know your kind. You’re going to demote you dignity by killing me and absorbing my energy… I have little energy and it wouldn’t benefit you. You need to kill someone who has great amount of energy.” I didn’t actually pay my attention to her because my patience was running off. She could have less energy but she has been causing these children the inability to learn in a decent environment.

I summoned a snake that’s made out of rock. It looked like a tower, it has a beak of a slug… but sharp and pointy… it is gigantic… and is colored black. The directress started to run and I started to follow her… “I’ll kill you.” I whispered to myself.

We run in swirls upwards and the snake-slug was in my control… the beak of the snake-slug stabbed her heart. She was stubbed from the back.

I drank her blood and it tasted sour.

Every one told me that the directress was in loved with me and the reason why the blood tasted sour because she has been experiencing pain because of this love for me. An unrequited love, that her heart was feeling like it has been washed by acid.

The sourness of her blood remained in my tongue but I know it’ll fade in a short while… I have consumed her few energy and I felt stronger. I have saved the private university from a corrupt leader.

The longest dream I have seen on Yahoo Answers!

The private university symbolizes your own personal learning system, inside your head. By being a spy to check it out, you are able to self-reflect and examine things that might be wrong.

The directress is some part of yourself that has been running the show. If the first floor is in reasonable shape, but the 2nd floor not, that some "higher" part of your learning is lacking. Perhaps you have the basics of life down well (the ground floor), but higher or more complex ideas are in need of repair. "We have been paying too much for our education" is like saying some of the lessons that you have had to learn in life have been at great cost, and perhaps there is a better way. Your internal directress is ignoring this comment. You (as directress) are not giving you (as student) the treatment you deserve.

Dogs often symbolize either or both of loyalty, or a kind of happy-go-lucky way of being, because that is what they are like. If your dog is not well treated, then perhaps one of these aspects in you is suffering. This is what started your rage.

Your male hands, and you male appearance in the mirror - I think that this is a strong, male-like characteristcs taking charge, and killing the directress. There are parts here that I don't feel that I have good interpretations for (yet), but I will think more about them, and respond further.

Example: R these lyrics good? Plz answer!?

Warriors! Come Out And Play! X2
Warriors Ey Ey x3

Gd Up From The Feet Up ABCDEF
Im A G To The End The End Of The Road
But Back In The Kitchen At The End Of The Stove
Looks Like We At The End Of The O
Drop A 4 In A 20 Ounce And Call It 24
U Sit On 24s And We Sip On 24s
Got The Caddy's Sitten On A Pair Of Gucci Penny Loafs
I Get Money **** With Bitches That Get Me Mo
Man You Know The Plan Same **** Different Hoes
Ya We Cut The Ears And The Tails Off
Mickey Mouse Never Been A Rat Never Had Him In The House
Call Me Captain Kangaroo But I Got Money In My Pouch
But I Don't Mean Loose Change When I Say Money In The Pouch
Ya Dig Ya
Im Getting Paid That's What I Already Said
Seek These ****** Like To Brief On These ******
Got A ***** Name Nina And Nina So Sluty
Cus She Do Him And Never One Of His

Are You Listening? Is Anybody Listening?
Walk Into The Room And You Can Smell The Clive Christian Scent
A Lot Of ****** Threatened My Postion And
Thrillen Bars You Think Im Writing With not jus no one
I Need Rossi
Never Mind The Pricing
Know We Brought Cake To The Party, No Icing
No Ice On Big Phantom No License
**** If You're Feeling Me As Long As Your Wife Is
No One In My City Got A Pocket Like Drizzy
I Can Rock Fitted Jeans Cuz My Credit Card Skinny
Its Pitch Black And Covers All Incidentals
And Mrs Wrong Sorry You Aint Notice My Potential
**** Yall Rappers And Your Self-Proclaimed Status
I Can Only See Green Now I Happy Saint Pattys
Ya I Know Your Waiting On The Last Quote
Check The Sound Scan And You Can See Im The Last Hope

I Told You ****** 9 10 Times Stop ******* With Me
Put That Knife In Ya
Take A Little Bit Of Life From Ya
Am I Frightening Ya?
Shall I Continue
Put The Gun To Ya Let It Sing You A Song
I Let It Hum To Ya
The Others One Sing Along
Now It's A Duet?
Nd You Wet, When You Check Out The Technique
From The Two Teckz
And I Don't Need Two Lips To Blow This Like A Trumpet
You Dumb ****, This Is An Unusual Musical I Conduct It
You Looking At The Black Warren Buffet
So All Critters Can Duck Sick
I Don't Care If You See The Laurens Tucket
Or You Bill O Reilly You Only Ralling Me Up
For 3 Years They Had Me Peeing Out Of A Cup
Now They Bout To Free Me Up
What You Think Im Goin Be? What? Rehabilitated?
Man I Still Feel Hatred
Im Young Black And Rich So They Wanna Strip Me Naked
But You Never Had Me Like Christina Agulari
But Catch Me Down The West Side Driving Like Halle Berry
Or The FDR In The Seat Of My Car Screaming Out The Sun Roof
Death To Ya
You Cant Kill Me I Live Forever Through These Bars
I Put The Wolves On Ya
I Put A Price On Ya Head, The Whole Hood Would Want Ya
You Starting To Look Like Bread
I Send The Boyz At You I Aint Talking About Feds
***** The Body Snatchers ***** You Heard What I Said

Example: Help with dream i just had?

First, let me say i dont dream much at all, so having such a detailed dream is very unusual for me. Here is how it goes.

A close friend and I are going to some camp for the weekend (three days). Im thinking its just some camp were you set up a tent and stuff. But when we get there i discover its a boot type of camp where they work you and make you do things all day long. On the first day we are required to put our stuff away and grab a cot, this entire scene occurs in a hall that was at my old school/church from when i was in the fourth grade. I leave my ham radio by my stuff and try to grab a cot, they are all too small for me. I feel guilty and unsure of what to do, so i look towards my friend and hes staring at me like "just grab one, you'll sort it out later." So i grab one and leave my stuff.

Next, we go outside to a place I've never seen before, we then get one of those little pouches that used to store money around our waist (like the one's that merchandisers wear at theme parks, which i work at one that uses these exact pouches) and they are full of heavy ping pong balls. I remember the exact detail of each ping pong ball and how it felt, it felt very real. We then have to run the track and for every ping pong ball we dropped along the way, they were thrown at us by our peers. Additionally, along the track they had dodge balls that were thrown at us. Some kid hit me with one, but he never let go, so i said i was not out, and an argument started between us. I just left and finished the race.

Later, i have no idea how i got there, but we went to my local strip mall, all of us. We then were playing some game or were at a bar and i then blacked out. Next thing i know im asking my friend what happened and did he drop me off at my house (the local stip mall is about a 5 minuets walk to my house) and he said no and that someone else took me. I then went back to my house to gather close and i was in a rush, i felt as if i were late. My parents came home and started talking to me, i was explaining to them what was going on and that i was late. Next thing i know, im back at the camp.

I was putting away some things, and the next thing i know the secretary (mid 50's) was getting out of our shower. I knew she was there, but acted like she wasnt. She finally came out and told me to look away. When she passed behind me, i look back and, well, saw a cow bell hanging from here vagina, and she said something else. She then put on her panties, but i then started to touch her breasts and we ended up on some bed. I then black out.

Im back at the strip mall, i end up talking to the group for awhile and then we somehow get to what felt like my grandma's house, but it wasnt the exact same place, a few details were different.

I then go up to a very attractive girl (one i would go out in a heart beat with) and ask her if she was the one that took me back to my bed. She responds with yes, i then say "thanks" and start to walk out. Some guy then says, "hey do you guys have each others numbers?" We both say no, she smiles and says "here, let me give you mine." She walks up to some high ledge and starts to write out her number, first she gives to the other guy and then to me, on the same paper she has my number (the two are on the same paper, but she rips her number from my number). I then put the number in my pocket and start to walk out the door. She then asks me, "are you one of those guys who seperate from their friends and begin to loose contact?" i dont respond. she says next "dont make me be the one to keep us together and you better show up." I felt at this point with 100% certainty that she was referring to all my relationships and my youth group attending habits. I say i'll try to keep in contact, but im that type of guy who just doesn't" She looks at me with pure beauty and i walk out.

And thats my dream. Some details about my life.

-I have always had trouble keeping relationships alive.

-Never had a girlfriend, but have had feelings for girls.

-I am socially anxious.

Example: I feel like I''m forgetting something?

I got my plane tickets from Orbitz, with connections between US Airways and Air Europa.

I have to fly out of Greensboro, and my final destination is the Aeropuerto Barajas Madrid.

I've made detailed lists of things I must do to prepare, but I have this feeling that I'm forgetting something. I keep having these awful nightmares where I get to the check-in point and I've forgotten everything... my passport, my luggage, I haven't packed.

I've risked my life and sacrificed everything for almost 30 years (including my sanity and my health) to make it possible for me to go to Spain, and I'm so afraid of doing something stupid and screwing it up.

I made a list of what I'll need at check-in:

1. My confirmation emails from Orbitz
2. All messages (traveller's insurance, health insurance, itinerary, etc) from Orbitz
3. My message from Orbitz that they send 2 days prior to departure
4. My passport
5. My driver's license
6. My luggage (they have size/weight limits)
7. I need to loosen my guitar strings all the way so that the neck won't break due to air pressure (yeah I know I won't have a lot of time to play it but I'm still taking my guitar, it's like a part of me)

According to Orbitz, you get a boarding pass at the check-in gate.

I know that this question may sound naive... but it's been five years since I traveled out of the USA... I'm a bit rusty at this.

I just can't relax, can't even sleep!

Example: Help! Hi mates, my 2yr old climbed into this kangaroo''s pouch, and she ran away. I''ve called the police. HELP!

We regularly care for sick roos and such. We have foster mothers here too. This one female kinda helped our daughter into her pouch then ran off. The bush here is pretty thick and she's gone. The territory we're on is over 45 acres and we've lost her.

We've hired 2 trackers and a search party is out. Please pray for her safe return. Thanks mates

poachers shot and killed 35 roos today...one of them had our daughter. funeral services will be held tuesday. I want to prosecute them poachers for murder

this was the nightmare I had last night. no more midnight pastrami sandwiches for me

Example: Dreamed about lost dogs, can someone interpret dreams?

This morning I found myself dreaming that two dogs, I'm not sure what kind, but the faces were similar to that of a corgi. I can't recall if they were both light colored of if one was dark. Anyways, they had something like a leash or rope that was still attached to them, kinda colorful but it had been chewed through. On them one had a bandanna around it's neck and another had a pouch, kinda like a ... fanny pack ... sounds weird, but no one ever said that dreams had to make sense. Inside that pouch was a wallet. All it had in there was money and a few papers which I'm assuming is receipts or other miscellaneous papers. I notice a card with a face, and figuring it has to be someone from town that owns it so I begin a search for the owners. That's were the dream ended. I should also note that it took place on my back porch. I don't know if the dream has any underlying meaning or if it's because I had a conversation with someone about people throwing out their dogs and taking them in, but I'd like to know what everything symbolizes regardless. Thank you.

Example: Can someone help me out with this?

I dreamed that I was walking down a road that passed between two huge cemeteries. There were two funerals going one, one in each cemetery, and there were people dressed in medieval style clothing who had been hired to sing at each one.

As I passed the cemeteries the path entered a forest and a little boy who had been singing joined me. He asked me, “Doesn’t that hurt your feet?” I looked down and found that I was barefoot and that the road had turned to gravel and that there was snow on the ground even though the sun was shining and the trees and grass were all green. I answered, “Not really, it isn’t that bad.”

Then he asked me why I didn’t want to walk on the grass by the side of the road and I pointed out that there were little statues here and there and said I would have to jump over them to walk on the grass. He asked me about the statues and I explained that they were Dosojin, and were there to protect travelers.

He then held up a pouch full of money which he made from singing at the funeral. He said, “It was a good day today.” I shook my head and said, “For you maybe.”

“I guess you could see it that way.” he said. Then I woke up.

I have no idea what this could mean - anyone have any ideas?

Example: What''s your favorite Sweeney Todd quote?

Example: This ones for you soccer god...?

i love youuu<3333

Example: What should i take to a rock concert?

hey everyone! so lately ive been dreaming about the wen i'll finally get the chance to see HIM in concert. ive already missed him so many times, but thats enough! as soon as he puts a toe nail in Dallas, im flying my *** over to werever he's performing! and im not letting ANYONE stop me! lol ok ive lost track of myself.
So yea before i go to his concert, i wanted to kno, wat should i take in my handy HIM pouch?
If ya have any tips on anything that would be awsome too, like wat time i should arrive or how much money should i take with me.

Thank you everyone! hope to hear from ya soon!

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