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Dream About Moose meanings

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Example: What does my dream mean?

I've been having this reoccurring dream for awhile now, and I just can't figure it out:

My mum and dad are back together, and I have five or so sisters and five or so brothers (I don't in real life). We're in the garage and waving good-bye to our parents; suddenly, alone, they tell me a man has broken into our house. So we pull down the ladder from the garage ceiling and climb into the attic, where, out of nowhere, a long, seemingly endless wire bridge has appeared. On each side there are ever-changing landscapes and terrains. My siblings start running and I hear my name being called by the man who broke into our home. I keep tripping and tell my brothers and sisters to wait, but they won't stop or can't hear me. For whatever reason I remember turning my head and seeing, standing in the snow to my right, a moose. But then nothing happens, so why that is emphasized and always happens in this dream beats me. I wake up sweating from hearing my name called; I can't tell if the man is chasing me or I'm trying to find him. I can never figure out where his voice comes from, it seems to echo everywhere.
If you could help me out I'd be very appreciative. I've already tried looking up specific things from this dream (i.e. moose, tripping, running, bridge, etc.), but I wonder if it means something different when combined together. Thanks in advance!

Okay, so no takers. I'll give this a shot. ;)

Not knowing your personal waking life situation, I can offer you this:

Your dream siblings (since you have no real life siblings) represent close friends. Either your coworkers, friends or even your peer group in general (ie. your generation). You are in the garage which means up until now, you've been idle or just in a holding pattern in life. Saying good-bye to your parents indicates that you are getting ready to move onto the next phase of your life (either they or you are moving on). They tell you that a man has broken into your house which indicates that you have guilt or maybe that you are being self-indulgent instead of doing what they think you should be doing.

But you go into the attic, which symbolizes your repressed thoughts or memories. To explore them, you'll have to take a long, precarious journey that will take you back through a lot of memories.

While your friends make a break and progress onward quickly, you keep tripping on obstacles in your life.

It seems that you believe the "right" thing according to your elders is to be cold sexually or frigid. In other words, sexually inactive.

Do you have repressed memories that you are not dealing with? Are you experiencing conflicts about career versus marriage? Do you have feelings that you should be living the way others are living?

Since you can't tell if the man is chasing you or if you're trying to find him, it does not appear to be a threat or an assailant. This means, then, either a romantic interest in your life or your own assertive nature that wants more or is causing you not to keep up with your peers.

Wish I could help you more.

Example: What could my dream possibly mean? anyone?

So lastnight i dreamt i was at the beach drinking alcohol with heaps of people, and then one falla took me back to his house. and i tried leave but he wouldnt let me go, and when i Looked him in the eyes it seemed he was serious and nothing was going to stop him from letting me go, in my dream i felt sceard because it was a feeling where he would hurt someone if i tried too leave, but for some reason at the same time my feelings of being afraid change and i liked how he didnt want me to go. then it skipped to me in the guys house still but waking up after being drunk in bed with one of my other guy mates, and i had jeans and just my bra's on with no shirt, i ran outside and called out to another guy mate who was driving past and i asked if i could get a ride home, i was trying to cover myself as i was running and he was laughing at me, and i said, i didnt do anything with anyone its just me inside i just took my shirt off, ( but i was lying) and he said oh ok. then i went back inside and my guy mate had woken up and started putting his clothes back on, i knew we hadnt done anything, but i was wondering why we wokeup together and we were naked? After that part, i had woken up out of my dream,
does anyone know what this could possibly mean, the guy i dreamt of now,who in my dream didnt want me to leave i just looked on his facebook page, and saw that hes just recently been taken to prison? ive never dreamt of him or anything before. it felt so real for some odd reason?. my ex-partner of 5 years is in prison at the moment, could this have anything to do with it?

ps: the guys in my dreams are all friends of friends or ive spoken to them before, but nothing serious, or no close friendship.

Example: Meaning of this dream?

It was summer (July/early August), I had been hiking and stopped at a spot where the trail headed down a hill into an opening, at the foot of some mountains at the opposite side of the opening. (NOTE: all this is very realistic. I spend much of my summers hiking, and live in a wooded, mountainous area).

I was about to take out my lunch when I thought I saw something down in the opening moving. I took out my binoculars and saw a small group of bears. I wasn't able to see them clearly enough to tell if they were grizzlies or brown "black bears", but either way...I was keeping my distance. I decided to sit there quietly and watch them.

While I was watching the bears a bull moose came out of nowhere and walked straight at me. I was scared because I thought it was going to charge at me, but it wasn't and it didn't ...it just kept a steady pace and walked straight at me. I lifted my pack above my head and made loud noises, attempting to scare it away, but it just kept walking at me.

When it reached me, it smelled me...all over my head and back and face. I didn't know what to do about the moose, so I did nothing. I looked down at the bears, they were oblivious of us. I didn't understand why the moose was interested in me, but I sat down, and the moose laid down kind of behind/beside me. It was very interested and friendly to me, in a very calm way.

I don't know a lot about moose but I know enough to stay away from them, they can be dangerous, and are usually ...um, shy? not sure what the word is, but not friendly. Thoughts on what this dream might mean?

Example: What does this bizarre dream mean?

In my dream, me and a few family members were getting into a car, not sure where we were going. I'd gotten in an argument with my aunt(by marriage), so we went our separate ways. I ended up taking a walk down some street next to an auto repair shop. It was night outside, the only visible light was coming from the orange street lights up above. As I'm passing the shop, I see a mechanic, then I see a full grown pig charging towards me. Me being an animal lover, I'm both amazed and terrified by the snarling beast. The mechanic runs after the pig, as I'm running from it. He catches the pig, and I'm not sure what happened to it after that. I then ask the mechanic "Was he excited to see me or was he trying to hurt me?", The mechanic replies "He was trying to hurt you.". After that I wasn't in the mood to walk anymore, fearing that more vicious animals would be wandering around, so I asked him for a ride. He said that he didn't have a car. So I had no choice but to continue my journey back to my home. All of a sudden, I come to a long empty farm road thingy. I start walking down the road, it's now filled with ALL wild animals(lions,moose,deer,wolf,zebra,etc... ! so I start running. The animals pay me no attention, but they're everywhere, and this road didn't seem to end. I finally wake up, I never did stop running.I've searched the web but can't seem to find a meaning to this bizarre dream, does anyone have any explanation or thought? Well, that is if you chose to read the whole thing, sorry it's so long lol

Thanks for your answer, enjoy your points ;)

Example: What could dreaming of wendigo mean.?

I had the strangest dream last night. i don't have the slightest idea of why my entire dream revolved around wendigo. even when demons are in my dreams they aren't of ne specific creatures. im not even really sure of the part i played. i mostly just sat back and watched. and i think i tried to help a little. i don't even know if i was scared. but i saw wendigo at first as invisible shifting through the woods going after an injured officer. then as a giant beast with more of a moose like head then a deer head and of course the human body. seemed to not want anything to do with me. but was stalking others. i also saw it take form as a boy that was eating himself and his girlfriend alive. i know wendigo is known to cause chaos when someone or more then one person is lost in he woods with nothing to eat. and people supposedly go cannibalistic or get stalked by it or it takes form of someone then kills. but it seemed as if the people i actually tried to help didn't get hurt. the others i ddnt help had terrible fates happened to them. i don't know if any of that is relevant but why would someone dream of wendigo? i dont even recall if i was scared of all that was happening or just Curious and exited. all i know was wendigo definitely look fierce. i was also told to burn down some of the forrest to kill it. but that ddnt help. and it didn't even seem odd that i could be right by it yet get ignored.just a strange dream i guess.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I'd love some analysis of this dream; I have many like this.

I dreamed that I was walking in a beautiful Gothic-type building; supposedly, it was a school, but I saw no other pupils and I was walking on a raised bridge structure- it did not appear to be a pathway. There were gold chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, and it entire inside of the building was illuminated with a diffuse golden/beige glow. It was entirely dark outside; the glass windows were black. Then the pathway arched into a room that brought to mind a mausoleum; there was a great domed ceiling. The floor was dark blue and concrete; it looked like the sky. There were taxidermied animal heads on the walls, and I jumped in surprise when one of the heads (a large brown moose head) turned to me and spoke. It asked me a question, but I don't remember what it was, only that it reverberated with me. I answered it, and it told me to look at something, so I turned to see at another preserved animal near me. It was a gray bird mounted on an artificial nest, and its feathers were rustling in a non-existent breeze. It had no head.

Thanks in advance!

Example: What does my dream mean?

Ok, so in my dream, I'm running in the woods, being chased by a moose with a porcupine on its back. I'm running more and then I see a squirrel in the middle of my path and jump over it. The moose, however, squishes it and continues to chase me. Then the Macy's Day Parade comes through the woods and I stop because it is going right through my path. The moose stops as well. After it passes by, I continue running until a beam of sunlight from above shines through the darkness and a piece of bacon with wings and a halo begins descending. I have affectionately name it The Holy Bacon. Then I see a giant orange in the middle of the woods.

Suddenly, I wake up. It was by far the weirdest dream I've ever had. And I've had some weird dreams.

Example: What does it mean when dreaming about moose?

Example: What does it mean to dream about eating moose?

Example: What did this dream mean? It had a moose in it?

I've been having a dream that's persisted for a couple months now...I've had it on and off...

In it, I'm somewhere that involve mountains and sloped prairies and forests all at the same place. I was walking--maybe I was sketching the trees, because it was summer and it was warm in the dream--and I came across this moose. It was wonder; in every single dream, it lifts its head from eating grass, its coat is so sleek, thick and shiny, its antlers are large and defined, and its eyes always glow like dark stars. It walks to me slowly and I run my hands along its coat. I walk with the moose through the forest--it's really amazing, it's just so majestic--and eventually night falls. The moose lays down and I rest against it, and it lets me sleep against it because it's fur (do moose even have "fur"? I think it's called something else...) is just so comfortable.

In the morning I walk with the moose again, and I feel so at peace...but then we come across train tracks, old and rusty, and then there's this giant explosion. We eventually find men blowing up the side of the mountain. They want to kill the moose. Scared, I get on the moose and I force it to run across the forest to the other side of the mountain. We ride away from the mountain--we can still hear it explode--and eventually I get off the moose and we walk along the train tracks. Night falls again and its so peaceful. We walk past a lake that's dark and reflecting the stars in the sky, and the moose looks up.

That's the end. What does this mean?

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