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Dream About Mosh Pit meanings

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Example: What does this dream mean?

When I "woke up" in the dream, I was in a hospital bed. It was strange to wake up as well, because my eyes were taped shut with a thin ribbon of bandage tape - it was a purely audio and tactical dream for quite a while.

I was allowed to roam outside of the hospital, and suddenly I found myself wandering around my childhood town, hearing and smelling and touching things that washed away in Hurricane Katrina. I met with some of my friends again - oh how I wish I knew how they looked! I hadn't seen them since the hurricane as well.

I went back to the hospital and a doctor took the tape off of my eyes. I inspected the rest of myself to see what else had changed. At first, I saw nothing... then I noticed a tiny, stitched wound, about 2 centimetres long on my left wrist. A small bump was evident under the stitches.

The doctor escorted me to a door and shoved me in the room, where a rave was taking place. I've never liked loud techno music and glowsticks, but something was alluring. I joined in with the rave. The writhing, dancing bodies bumped me into another room, where a mosh pit was in full swing. I've never liked mosh pits either; they are too rough for me! But I was running against people and into them and having a grand ol' time too, all the while minding the wrist with the scar.

The mosh pit faded out into a plain white room of gargantuan size and again the doctor walked up to me. "How did that make you feel?" he asked.

"That was... AMAZINGLY FUN!" I exclaimed. "It was great! It was wonderful! It was..." and I continued on, blathering about what a great time I had.

He told me to lie down on a bed, and he put an anesthesia mask on me...

And I woke up.

Can you help me interpret it? I've gotten mind control or peer pressure (was that a chip in my wrist?) and lack of empathy (my eyes were shut and I could not fully communicate with my friends) but what else is there to it? Not many dreams stay with me past lunchtime, and it's vivid now 14 hours later.

Thank you.

The ones You remember so vividly like that are the ones that stay with You. I can remember vivid ones from My teens now.

Well the first part sounds like pure longing for the way things used to be. Like some big void in Your life needs filled that only those times can fill. the eyes being bandaged is probably a symbol for the reality of life that's keeping You from going back to those days, the not being able to see them really points this out. Now about the item that was surgically implanted..I'm unsure, perhaps You feel like an outside force is controlling You in some way, or maybe that someone is going to deep into You business perhaps. Now the rave and the moshpit could be a metaphor for the fact that Your growing up and asserting Yourself and preparing to take your place and a wider more turbulent world. I think You had a lot of feelings and perhaps agitations in Your subconscious trying to make themselves known through a dream.

And of course, Your welcome, hope I was of some help.

Example: Okay so...what does it mean when u have a dream about a song you have never herd?

(in the dream)-okay so i was like at a show and then this band comes on and there like big balls and bubbles then i get pushed in the mosh pit and the song
Bad Sun by The Bravery

Example: Can someone interpret this dream please? : )?

okayy this was my friends dream, she has a boyfriend named jon. jamie is her ex boyfriend. jamie has a girlfriend.

everyone was in the cafeteria at school and the tables were like pushed around the outside, and it was a big dance mosh pit thing in the middle. they had this train conga line thing going, and instead of putting his hands on dani's shoulders they were on her hips. after they went outside and jon was just playing basketball. dani and jamie and a few other people were talkingg in a circle and jamie was like cuddling with dani like with his arms around her and stuff. jon was like staring at them and came over to talk them. jamie started tickling dani's thighh and was like 'does that feel good?" and he kept on grabbing her *** all in front of jon. jon was just staring and like it didnt matter like okayy whateverrr. then she woke uppp.

someonee tell us what this means?
best answer goes to most detailed.

Example: Weird, reoccurring dream? What does it mean?

I keep having the same dream over and over again:
I go to a concert where the main act is going to be the Script but strangely, the band Suicide Silence (one of my favourite bands) are supporting them. There is about 3000 people crammed inside what looks a little like the Brighton Centre and there are people spilling off the walls and things its so packed, i was sitting on a wall then I fell down into the mosh pit when SS came on..Suddenly the setting changes and I'm on a beach I do a flip onto the pebbles and go and grab a marker pen from my friend because I see Suicide Silence band members walking along the promenade and I go up to them and get autographs but begin to draw on Mitch Luckers' (frontman) face, then the dream stops. It's beginning to annoy me that it comes every night...

Anyone know what it may mean? O_O

Example: What does this dream mean? Or is this one of my past lives?

In my dream I was poor in my 20's living in a small town in Louisiana in the late 1800's with one real time detail. A man incidentally killed a young girl running her over and dragging her by chains in the dirt roads. Everyone was talking about him getting death penalty. The day finally came and the judge let him live. This mob of everyday folk got him, hung him and torched him. Then it was like a mosh pit coming down the main street in the town and they where tossing his body around. I was standing on the side of the street and I saw the man face and I ran into a town church and ran to the last row and hid. I saw a stack of USA today papers talking about the town has gone mad. Then I heard someone walking in the church and the steps where coming in my direction. This very old black woman had a torch burning in her hand and she was about to lite me on fire. She stood in one spot leaning over to burn me up but she was kinda drifting vertical up and down motion. I got the courage to stand up and turn her around in a different direction and she did and left the church. I could not go back to sleep.

Example: Reoccuring dream? whats its meaning?

for as long as i could remember i've had this dream, I've heard that dreams of flying are relatively common but mines a little different. In my dream it starts off, in a view of the world, the world we live in now. but it looks more like the first level of hell in dantes comedy. everythings gray, depressing, everyone walks around unconfident, confused, hopeless. not in agony or misery but just a sense of being globally lost. i get this feeling they're all lost. and i can hear people, people scattered around this crowd, all suffering horribly, scared, hurt, and they just know that noones coming to help them. at first i wonder around in the darkness looking for them but i never can, it gets to a point where i break down and start crying from failure along with them.

then, in my own tears, in my own crying, in my own cut off hell from the crowd i see before me but are somehow not really there, i start laughing. laughing uncontrollably. just being happy. happy without sanity, and happy without a reason. happy with every reason to be miserable

as this happiness increases, theres a light, like a glowing, and a breeze that seems like its coming from me, and a strange exhileration, like my blood is flowing like a rapid river through every vein, that air is being blown from my body, and feeding an all consuming fire that does not burn but empowers. and still all this does is make me happy, all this happiness can do is grow. until the fire rages, until the blood rush makes it impossible for me to be still, until the pressure of the wind blows so hard it lifts me off the ground, until i just explode.

i take off, like a rocket, with twists and turns and spins weeving between buildings, twisting between cars, going so fast nothing could ever catch me. the motions are more like a dancing to an invisible song of the world then any flying i'v ever heard of. and as i fly faster and higher, the glow gets bigger, surrounding my body. every light blurs past me like a spectrum tornado, and the places i go, everywhere, every direction for no reason. and even though i can't tell thing from thing or person from person, i can tell everyone who i pass is happy, envious, they now see that a person can fly, that i, a person the world does not know, a person with know name they'd ever know, a person who was unimportant to the world until that moment can do something this incredible. they all look like they want to compete, play, like they want to try to be better then me, but in a good way. like i've paved a path, and all can now fly in my wake. then i start to fly between crowds, people chase me and try to catch me with the biggest smiles on their face. and those who come into contact with the light coming from me, get caught up in it, it consumes them, and the pure rushing breeze sweeps them off their feet and into my turbulance. the faster i go, the higher i fly, the farther i take them. the wider my wake and the more people get swept up into it, the more people are so eager to follow me. and we all fly together, in a vortex of pure joy, in a celebration of nothing but a smile, and that a smile exists at all. its like a giant, glowing, airborne mosh pit.

i think it is a beautiful dream, i've always felt like im supposd to make it come true. but what does it mean. and what does it imply that i have to do? become a pilot? become powerful? and the people, the people crying all alone, i never find them, i can never tell if they made it into the light, and when i wake up, i cant shake the feeling that i abandoned them, that i'm a coward and that i gave up on them just like everybody else. that somehow, now they're all dead because i wasnt there to save them.

could anyone tell me the psychic or psychological, or any meaning of this dream whatsoever? if so thatd be great. thank you

Example: What does it mean when your teeth fall out? ?

I has a dream that I was mosh pitting and when I got out my 2 top front teeth fell out one by one my mom told ne that it means somthing bad is going to happens

Example: Please tell me our funniest and weirdest dream?

i need some humor you dont have to though

Example: Fighting dreams where I feel mi hits do nothing, but I win!?

So i've had a couple fighting dreams lately, but well I feel no pain in the fight, and I feel I hit people really really week, like my arms are numb, but I still always win...
In the first one I was walking down the street, when like 100 men came after me to kick my ***, I ran away but one guy got me an we started fighting, I felt like my hits did nothing and I just wanted to knock him out to escape the other guys, so I choked him until he went out, he was full of blood from the hits, and I won in the end...
This other one, there's a group of guys I ******* hate in school, they're group hates my group, and I was standing in line in school, and he tried to pull my pants down, so I tackled him, and tried to hit him in the face, I was conscious during the dream that I never got to really hit someone with all my strenght in my dreams before, this time I only hit him once and somebody break us apart, and I wasnt andgry or anything I tought it was funny...

I've never got on a real fistfight in my life, just a couple of very violent mosh pits, and I do allright...


Example: I feel like i wasn't meant to live this life...?

As childish or dumb as this sounds i watch a lot of anime and occasionally movies and i just wish it was real. I wish the world was an adventure. Like naruto ,or avatar . I wish we lived in a world with more possibilities. Without so many limitations. I had a dream today that i was a bender in the avatar world and i was sad when i was awaken to this world. This world has no advanture. This world has no worthwhile mystery. This world is about going to school for the first half of your life and then spending the 2nd half of your life being a mindless drone working a 9-5 job. I hate this world...

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