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Dream About Mother In Law meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream last night, that my In-laws became seperated. My mother-in-law seperated from my father-in-law because she found a new guy. He was really pissed. It was weird, but its freaking me out. She told me a few months ago that she was moving and getting her own apartment because they were having problems.Ever since then it hasn't seemed as thought they've had problems, so I thought she was just talking. I hope that they aren't going to get a divorce because my husband is in Iraq and he has enough stress over there. What do you guys think this means? I sometimes have dreams that come true and I am just hoping that this isn't one of them.

this dream just means that you are worried about your mother & father-in law getting a divorce.
sometimes we dream about things that we are afraid will happen
but just because you dream it doesnt mean that it is going to happen.

keep your head up during these bad times & stay optimistic and positive
everything will be alright.

-la la la lillian.

Example: If I dream my mother in law died what do it mean?

I just dreamed that there was bad whether with thunder and me and my boyfriend went home by him where his mom live also and she was laying down on the bed dead. In the dream I didn't know what she died from and for some reason his family members came over and had food and everything and no one was acting like she died so I ask my boyfriend and he said "she ate one slice of bread and leave home who does that" and "she was malicious anyway". In real life this isn't the type of person he is and I like his mom so why would I dream this? In the dream I was the only one crying

Example: What does my dream mean?

I dreamed that my mother in law was my gynecologist. What does this mean?

Example: What Does It Mean of Dreaming of Someone Elses Mother?

I dreamnt of my late ex-mother in-law about 3 or 4 times this year since her passing. I haven't been with her son now for over almost 2 years now and we have a 4 year old daughter together. The last time i talked to her was on the phone and we talked about how my daughter was doing and how much she has grown. I knew she didnt have much time to live cause my ex had texted me about it. He didnt tell me much about what was going on. I also couldnt believe him of what he was saying. When i talked to her she didnt tell me that time on the phone about her condition. I was even sure if i culd believe it so i didnt bother to ask. Then last christmas i lost a lose cousin and a lady i knew from her told me she really wanted to see my daughter and that she was very sick. I was sad about losing my cousin @ the time i didnt think she was on her death bed. The lady who told me gave me her number to get ahold of her and i tried to call her after awhile but lost the little paper. A acouple months later i got the news she had passed on. Since then i had acouple dreams of her. Is that even right to dream of your ex-mother in-law? I do feel gulty and miss her. I wish i hadn't miss placed the little piece of paper. :'(

Example: Dream meaning of mother in law holding new born?

what does it mean when u dreamed that mother in law is holding ur new born baby but dont have any kids yet?

Example: Dream meaning of my mother in law.?

Can someone please tell me what it means to dream of my dead mother in law coming back to life and talking about her first Marrage with me.

Example: What does it mean to dream of being hit by your mother in law?

i have dreamed twice of being hit by my mother in law for no reason or her thinking i disrespected her and later in the dream she starts to behave like a little kid? ? its pretty weird because we get along so i dont know why i dream that

Example: Dreaming about my mother-in-law?

I had a dream that my husband was playing around and chaseing me around the house and my mother-in-law was standing around laughing at us what the that mean

Example: Dreamt I killed my mother in law?

I'd be curious to have an analysis of this one..

I dreamt I poisoned my mother in law with arsenic while comparing her to Hitler..

I'm fairly certain that it just means she irritates me beyond belief, but I'd like other opinions.

Example: I have got a dream , as my mother-in-law is giving the tulasi japa mala to me , what does it mean ,?

i have got a dream , as my mother-in-law is giving the tulsi japa mala to me , what does it predict, whether it is good or bad.pleas let me know.

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