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Dream About Mountain Person meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my dream mean?

I was in a large group of people running through the mountains, swimming across a river all while I was bleeding from a hole in my ankle. No one noticed until I collapsed on a dock next to the river. They were running towards me when everything went black and I woke up. Before this dream, same night, I dreamt I was in a hospital and needed a transfusion for blood loss. The nurses put the IV in the spot that I was bleeding from in the second dream. What does it mean?

These dreams you described contain a lot of symbolism. These symbols are what we use to gather meaning. The main symbols that stand out are: running, mountains, river, swimming, blood, and water. So based on those here is my interpretation: Running in a dream involves a desire to escape from a person or situation in our waking lives. The fact that you say you collapsed in the dream indicates great fear and anxiety. The River in our dreams represents the emotions that flow through us. Mountains in a dream represent obstacles in your path that you must overcome. Loosing blood in a dream suggests that you fear weakness or being disempowered. Flowing water in a dream means change or movement in our emotional lives. :o))

Example: Do dreams mean anything?

I have had the last 3 nights just a random dream like the first night I was just flying and trying to run away from something. Second night I was trying not to get hit my a train and just last night I had a dream that I was in school and walking in the gym and a guy bumped into me and I thought my arm was broke but then at the end it was fine.
Do these dreams mean anything or symbolize anything?


Example: When you dream about a person you don't know...What does it mean?

It's like this... I had this dream before each on with a different ending. The first time I dreamed it I was chased out and the second time I ran out.
My dream is: (At least the second one...)

I was in a mountain with my oldest cousin. We were hiking to go somewhere we could to a cabin up north. But something caught my attention when we passed threw there. There was like a huge door, open. I called out for my cousin and she ran towards it. When we peeked in there was like a town, with towns people. Everyone was wearing a different shade of gray. Women wore a long skirt up to their knees and men wore a short sleeved shirt and some gray pants.

Once we stepped in so we could she better, a woman appeared and started screaming at us that we couldn't stay. I was only holding my pillow and said we were passing threw but we needed a place to stay a night. She looked at us with a glare and let us pass. We even stayed at her house. We saw her husband and her youngest son. We ate until we her oldest son came down the stairs (and this is the guy i'm talking about. Seen him so many times. I guess I even saw him grow threw out the years).

He had black hair and blue eyes. I don't remember his name(because every time I wake up I forget but I know it starts with D). When he saw me he got happy. at first I didn't realize it was him but then I did. We started to talk like if we were old friends.His mother seeing this got mad and sent him to a sliding door at the end of the hall. He stood up sad, and went towards the door. I asked the father what was going on. The only thing he said was "the boy you once knew is going to change". After that all I heard was screaming and whipping noises. I got scared and peeked threw the sliding door. I saw some men in black coats hitting D (I guess that can be his name for now.) When it was all over, D rolled out of the room with a wheelchair. I blamed myself for what happened. But he patted me multiple times on the head and told me it was alright. He gave me a note on a folded piece of paper but I didn't want to opened. (Because last time I did, I got chased out and almost killed.) So I placed the paper on the pocket of my jacket. I told him I had to go and he got all sad and told me he would miss me. I told him not to worry that we would see each other soon and ran out with my cousin back to the mountain.

Then I fell down my bed and woke up.

((Damn I can write I story like this O.O ... ))

Tell me what it means? Please?

Example: What is the meaning of my dream?

So I understand most of this dream but there are parts of it I don't.in this dream I was getting ready to go to a dance with my brother,but the thing is I don't have one...I'm an only child...but I was talking with him as if I have know him for a long time(well my life).so we go to the dance and then two earth queakes happen,one smaller than the other but still big.every one starts to run in panic,I find a small path and walk along it.it takes me into a forest were every thing I would look at would catch fire and burd.I continued to walk and I ended at some small town not sure of where it was.in the blink of an eye I'm up on the foor of some building hamering at the wall along with other people,but I didn't feel right doing that and was thinking about jumping off.I spent like five min think if I should jump or just stay up ther and wait,I couldn't wait so I jumped off and landed fine on the floor...with out a scrach or broken bone.then ther was a small brown dog that I guess I knew,I would call to it and it would come to me. Me and the dog started to walk and ended up a a fork in the road,it continued to go straight and I would call for it but I just kept walking,I felt super sad at this point but then I just started to walk again.so I took the other road and ended up at the beach but at the same time it felt like I was up on a mountain.out on the water ther were three big wind twisters making the water go crazy,and in the distance ther was a volcano with white smoke coming out of it(in the dream I knew that this was a bad sign).after I saw that I whent home and talked to my mom about the volcano.later on I whent back to the moutain beach and ther was this building right at the edge where you could climb and look out to the sea,it had 4 flours.so I whent in and walked to the third floor,getting ready to go to the top,I steped on the first step and felt really cold I looked up to try to see out side and all I saw was thick mist.I was getting ready to go but woke up.

Example: What does this dream about climbing a mountain mean?

i had a dream that i was climbing up a mountain with my crush and his two best friends who were helping me climg the mountain, and the view at the top was really pretty and sunny.
we were taking pictures, and i remembered being really happy because my crush liked the pictures.
suddenly they were gone, and i was scared of going down the mountain by myself because it was unstable.
what does this dream mean? any help with interpreting it would be great.

Example: What does my dream about me climbing a mountain mean?

last night i had alot of dreams
one of them were about me climbing a mountain.. and theres a sign at one point where i think it said "this is the point where no one else had gone farther than" or something.. and i keep climbing and then im at the top!
what does this mean? plsssssss help
i appreciate it :)

Example: Repetitive dreams, one about a mountain lion one about a tree, what do they mean?

I used to have this dream every night when I was a little girl and I have recently started to dream it again every night. In my dream I am standing on a huge flat rock that lays in a field of tall green grass there's a white picket fence that runs on both sides of the center of rock ( the rock is the opening of the fence) I stand quietly on one end of the rock and on the other end of the rock about ten feet in front of me stands a beautiful mountain lion on the other side of the fence. We both just stand there staring at each other, I am not scared, and the mountain lion shows no aggression.

Dream two: I am standing in the middle of the woods, and I am holding a wet white rag and am cleaning a big tree with white bark (not sure what type of tree). I keeping gazing at the trunk of the tree as I clean it, never looking up at its leaves. I have an extreme attachment with the tree, and it calms me, but am for some reason I am sad and I am crying.

Example: What does this dream mean?


I was rock climbing with my dad and my sister and step mom when my dad got arrested for falling off a rock climbing mountain and I was the only one who seemed to care. I cried alot and he didn't call or anything and my sister and step mom and the rest of my family completely forgot and I went to the jail to try to break him out but they threw me in with a zebra and we cried together and then at the end of my dream I saw a picture frame with me and the zebra

Lol what it means? Thanks


Background Info: I have this teacher who we will call Mr. Zeem. Mr. Zeem has zero personality and is the wrestling coach at my high school. Mr. Zeem doesn't really seem to like anyone but the wrestlers, he doesn't say hi to anyone or look them in the eye. Overall, not a personable human being. He has attempted to flirt with me; Always sits me in the front row, uses me as an example, smiles toward me, uses his very dry sense of humor more and more. Mr. Zeem is married and has 2 kids btw.

In my dream: Mr.Zeem had taken away my phone and as my punishment he took me to the upstairs commons and had sex with me. His point was to embarrass me but nobody paid attention. So basically he and I were having really pleasurable sex in public.

IDK what my dream means! Does he like me or something?

Example: What does this dream mean ?

We were playing Carol with all the members of our Church. It was night and we were returning home but I lost my way. I shouted for them but I was left alone in the darkness but I kept on walking up that stairs and then I reach a mountain top where I saw a small wolf pup and when I looked into the horizon--- The sun came out and I was in a beautiful green pasture.

What does it mean ?

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