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Dream About Mountain Trails meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my dream mean?

I have had this dream and I don't know what it means. I was at the beginning at a hiking trail with friends, a big group like six people. You know the area where theres dirt and all the cars are parked before the trail begins, except no one else was there but us. The trail was very long and ran to the top of the mountain which was not super high but very long. It looked like a jungle but no exotic plants just big trees like oaks, more like a forest. We started the journey and I could see us all walking from a movie point of view like i was watching a movie. Then we were all in this house that was in the forest. It was huge, like a mansion. It wasn't nice looking, it was very choppy and open and had many hallways that where very long and had lots of room. It was new looking but had a weird fake feeling to it. The walls were all sorts of colors like red and blue. We discovered someone was dangerous among us, like this one guy was a criminal or something and he had disappeared in the house. So half stayed down stairs and I was up stairs with that guy, i didn't hear everyone saying he was dangerous. He was telling me someone else is in the house that is dangerous and we need to look for them. We were upstairs going down long hallways, then I started to feel very uncomfortable with him and nervous and could feel something was wrong, I just knew then that something was off about him. I got downstairs with all the others but he followed along. Then a couple other people from the group joined the guy I was with and it was obvious they were all dangerous besides half of us including me. I think they were killers but there was no indication. We saw out a window of the house, cops at that beginning area of the trail where my dream first started. We could see them because the house was high up in the mountain. We started running back down to them. They were telling us to hurry but then my dream ended. Weird right? never watched anything or any TV. that I could of picked up scenes, all totally random.

It seems to me that there is someone in your circle of friends that you do not trust. In fact, it seems you feel as though this person might have malicious intent. Do you think they're trying to murder you? Probably not; however, your dream might be saying you believe this person is trying to destroy or kill something of great value to you (e.g. Something you live for).
As for the cops approaching the house before the end of your dream... Perhaps it means you're contemplating about telling the authorities? Or someone you trust and believe has the power to do something?

Example: Dream of Anacondas, what does it mean?

It was a wierd dream,

I had a dream where I was walking with a complete stranger and his grandma through a trail, but trail went from on land to being slightly submerged in water, the problem was he told me, to not walk off the path as the snakes, alligators would kill me, we came across this part of the path that was about 12 inches submerged in the water, as i walked through it, i got bitten by the snake and as i crossed it, his grandma fell in and he said not to worry about her. In the 2nd part of my dream, i was walking with family and family friends, we were hiking through mountains and it was on the way back where we split up, my mom, dad and I went first with my sister and rest of family following, we got home and my sister and the rest of family strayed behind, I went back to try and find them and found them in a lake with 2 giant anacondas. One of the anacondas had grabbed my cousin so my sister who is unable to swim dived right in, my cousin somehow escaped and my sister not being able to swim sunk, i jumped in trying to save her when the 2 anaconda's saw me and came after me.

I woke up unsure if the Anacondas were actually going to attack me.

Example: Meaning of this dream?

It was summer (July/early August), I had been hiking and stopped at a spot where the trail headed down a hill into an opening, at the foot of some mountains at the opposite side of the opening. (NOTE: all this is very realistic. I spend much of my summers hiking, and live in a wooded, mountainous area).

I was about to take out my lunch when I thought I saw something down in the opening moving. I took out my binoculars and saw a small group of bears. I wasn't able to see them clearly enough to tell if they were grizzlies or brown "black bears", but either way...I was keeping my distance. I decided to sit there quietly and watch them.

While I was watching the bears a bull moose came out of nowhere and walked straight at me. I was scared because I thought it was going to charge at me, but it wasn't and it didn't ...it just kept a steady pace and walked straight at me. I lifted my pack above my head and made loud noises, attempting to scare it away, but it just kept walking at me.

When it reached me, it smelled me...all over my head and back and face. I didn't know what to do about the moose, so I did nothing. I looked down at the bears, they were oblivious of us. I didn't understand why the moose was interested in me, but I sat down, and the moose laid down kind of behind/beside me. It was very interested and friendly to me, in a very calm way.

I don't know a lot about moose but I know enough to stay away from them, they can be dangerous, and are usually ...um, shy? not sure what the word is, but not friendly. Thoughts on what this dream might mean?

Example: What does a dream about a gun mean?

Last night I had this dream where this person was leading a group of people on a mountain. I was next in line to go with the group of people. I went to the back of the line but the person behind me pushed me to go. I was in the line and this other person who leaded the back of the line started to whip me. I remember saying in the dream that I can't do this I want to die instead. But the person pointed a gun to my jaw and not my head to make sure I suffer and not die but live without the lower half of my face. They were also smiling as they pointed the gun at me. I remember moving my head in real life as if I was acting out my dream (i.e. moving my face out of the way of the gun) What could this dream mean?


So i was having this dream last night and in it joe jonas was married and his wife was about to have a baby. she has a miscarriage and they drive to this place (with police escort) that is REALLY pretty (mountains, forest trail) but only on the right side was in mountains and a forest the left was just open land on grass. so on the dirt joe jonas breaks down crying (on his knees and covering his face) and his wife bends down and tries to comfort him. out of no where there is a white tomb and these people had already put the baby in a coffin. they put the coffin in the tomb and as they r about to close the tomb the parents (jonas and his wife) say their goodbyes and both tell the baby that they love her and kiss the coffin. this made me cry because it was just so sad and just so gentle. they leave a note on the coffin and a man then closes the tomb. i then immediately see a picture and it's of a little girl toddler who is chinese whom they had adopted from china a couple years after the miscarriage. the toddler's name was jessica.

wat does this dream mean? does it mean anything? did i see the future for that couple? i never saw the woman's face but i remember she was brunette and she was wearing a very pretty pink blouse and jeans. no one was dressed in black. the woman's name was sarah. i dont think joe jonas is dating anyone right now i could be wrong. or maybe im crazy. plz comment. BEST ANSWER GETS 10 POINTS!

Example: What does my dream mean?

I dreamt that I was walking through a forest with some friends, my boyfriend, two of my ex boyfriends and my best friend (who things have been very strained with lately), there was a railway type thing in the middle of the forest and new age type cart thing came along and some of my friends got on it and me, my two exs, my boyfriend and my bestfriend missed it, so we just walked along the cable line type thing until we reached a part where we apparently had to jump off the sides. As I was getting down from there, I noticed I had stilettos on and there were about 20 tunnel web spider homes in the ground. I don't remember a little bit but then I'm in a mall with my mother and best friend and in the dream I had 1 younger brother (in real life I have an older brother) and my mum and brother were sitting in the food court eating while my friend and I went shopping for an outfit I could wear to a party that night, suddenly we were still in the mall but in a part that looked like a house and my friend opened a door underneath some stairs and there was a little room splattered with blood. Any help?

Example: Saw a car fall off of a snowy mountain cliff in dream--meaning?

This dream is bothering me so much!

I was driving in a ton of snow and took a wrong exit.
It led me to a swirly edge-of-a-mountain trail (huge, snowy, mountain). I immediately thought of how crazy the road looked and had to take a picture. I got out my phone and when I looked back up, I saw a car falling off of the top of the trail in the distance ..pieces of it were breaking off and I sat there with my mouth open in horror watching it drop from the sky. My stomach just dropped thinking about whoever was inside :(. I thought ...well, that's why you have to be careful on these mountain trails- especially in the snow! I looked ahead and saw that there was no railing on the road and it was extremely narrow and became absolutely TERRIFIED. I looked ahead again and saw a truck that was stopped on the road get smashed by an icy avalanche. I didn't know what to do bc I couldn't reverse up the steep, icy, freeway ramp! I thought about work and realized my phone had died so I couldn't call in. I looked up and noticed that my car was in a safe place that couldn't be crushed, so I climbed up the exit and found help. It wasn't an exit after-all - it was a nature trail at a national park of some sort! I told these girls with walkie-talkies about drivers getting confused and thinking that it was an exit and asked to borrow their phone to call the police. Red helicopters came to scene and hovered over where the car fell off the mountain. I woke up.

It scared the crap out of me! What do you think it means?!? My stomach is in knots :(.

Example: What does this dream mean?

Normally I remember little about my dreams but the other night was an exception. It was very scattered as usual but very vivid nonetheless.

I am 16 years old and in the dream in question I had abandoned my family and arrived in a dirty industrial city which was alien to me. I holed up in a grubby flat for the night and ended up sharing a room with three chinese people. One guy and 2 girls all in their early 20's. I didn't really communicate with them and assumed they didn't speak english.

Then in the early hours of the morning the guy woke me up and told me in perfect english that we had to leave. He said men in suits were coming to "exterminate drifters like us". Puzzled I took his word for it and the four of us spent the day in a shopping centre hiding amongst shoppers despite the fact we were penniless. We returned to discover the flat to discover it was burnt to the ground and were indeed spotted by a guy wearing a suit and holding a device akin to that in ghostbusters.

We fled to the outskirts of the city and ran up this mountain all the while being chased by a group. By the time we began to descend the other side it was getting dark and we were exhausted. We fled into the woods below but the girls soon became separated from us. And the chasers were hot on our heels. We soon split unintentionally and I blindly tripped over a rock knocking myself unconscious.

When I awoke the woods were full of light and life, it was at odds with the dark heavy rainfall prior to that point. On a trail nearby was a procession of a load of people in my year at school, none of them my friends, largely people I don't really talk to. I myself am starting a new school in a different country in real life and in the case of the dream I had quit. I joined the group without any acknowledgement from any pupil or teacher. After a few hours of solid walking with me far in front of everyone else I reached the destination, a castle built on a headland out to sea.

I entered the castle and in one wall was a gaping hole which exposed a flooded room with the waves crashing in and a hole leading to the sea in one corner. I stood looking at it for a while then three pupils came up and entered the water. To me it looked extremely dangerous and the waves were rough but they seemed fine. I jumped in after them and ended up being thrashed about on the rocks. All the while they ignored me. They just stared at me and then continued doing whatever it was they were doing. I was knocked out.

I woke up still in the castle a few days later in a bed. A kindly women filled me in and my former schoolmates had since moved on. Instead a girls school were there consisting largely of strangers and a few girls I know. I chatted with them for a while but soon the corridor cleared. I opened a door to find a bed. Thinking it was mine I got in only to discover to my terror that there was a baby in it. Except it was deformed and it skin was uber sensitive as if it had been burnt. I freaked and it started to wail loudly. The women burst in and started shouting angrily at me. Next thing I know I'm in a cell with the chinese guy and then it ends.

I know it drags on a lot and I don't know i it's maybe two dreams spliced into one but i'd really appreciate it if someone interpreted it or gave it a shot.

Thanks a lot

Example: Can someone ease my mind about this dream? What does it mean?

I was with a group of friends and we were hiking. All around us were the most beautiful foliage, mountains, pristine walking trails, sunny, beautiful day, etc. There were no signs of the modern world around, no phone lines, signs, etc. At the top of the mountain we were on, there was a rock face and caves filled with water. In order to get to the other side of the rock face, we had to hold our breaths and swim through the caves to the other side. On the other side was more beautiful scenery, but this time there was a crystal blue perfect river. We hung out, swam back through the caves and started home. But on the way home we were met by these bird-like Deliverance type mountain people who wanted to chase us and kill us. They were terrifying. Then it was just me and my wife together and I just wanted to get her away from them. I woke up before a resolution but I was really freaked out. Any ideas what this dream means? Thank you so much for reading and answering.

Example: What does it mean to dream of climbing the Himalayas ( Mt.Everest)?

ok so last night i dreamt of riding in a car to a snow mountain i also walked a little bit I knew i was in the Himalayas because i could see Mt. Everest not so far from where i was in the dream i was with my father and some other random people whom i don't know it surprised me because I don't have a good relationship with my father we practically dislike each other and i havent seen him in along time. the dream ended by me arriving at a log cabin, which was like a restaurant/skistore, we stopped there because of bad weather (blizzard) i remember the log cabin being close to the summit of the mountain the storm passed quickly when we got out there was no road because of the snow storm so thats when i started walking forward following the trail to the top there were no more gray skies the sky was all blue and clouds below us but this time i was just with my dad. then my alarm goes off and i wake up ! what does this dream mean ?

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