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Dream About Mountain meanings

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Example: DREam meaning?

last night i had the weardest dream, it was long. this is how it starts (i was in a cave like place my brother was trying to put a snake inside a bucket and close it but the snake kept getting out, i was scared to get near, than i went outside and rode the train, the sky was gray and my friend was sitting next to me. When i got out i went down a little hill cover by trees and saw this green lake. This woman in a wetsuit jumped in, but then came back, then two more people and when i looked where they were going i saw a snow covered mountain with people skiying. i put just my feet inside the water and it was cold, then i looked around and deent see my friend) is it just weard stuff or does this long dream have a meaning?

dreams either have a deeper meaning or it's triggered by certain things you think of before bed.. or memory triggers in your brain.. like the snake can be a problem with your brother .. the train can be a journey ahead that your needing to take .. sky may have been gray because you feel bored or dull.. you might have saw you friend or thought of them.. eh... stuff of that short..

Example: Saw a car fall off of a snowy mountain cliff in dream--meaning?

This dream is bothering me so much!

I was driving in a ton of snow and took a wrong exit.
It led me to a swirly edge-of-a-mountain trail (huge, snowy, mountain). I immediately thought of how crazy the road looked and had to take a picture. I got out my phone and when I looked back up, I saw a car falling off of the top of the trail in the distance ..pieces of it were breaking off and I sat there with my mouth open in horror watching it drop from the sky. My stomach just dropped thinking about whoever was inside :(. I thought ...well, that's why you have to be careful on these mountain trails- especially in the snow! I looked ahead and saw that there was no railing on the road and it was extremely narrow and became absolutely TERRIFIED. I looked ahead again and saw a truck that was stopped on the road get smashed by an icy avalanche. I didn't know what to do bc I couldn't reverse up the steep, icy, freeway ramp! I thought about work and realized my phone had died so I couldn't call in. I looked up and noticed that my car was in a safe place that couldn't be crushed, so I climbed up the exit and found help. It wasn't an exit after-all - it was a nature trail at a national park of some sort! I told these girls with walkie-talkies about drivers getting confused and thinking that it was an exit and asked to borrow their phone to call the police. Red helicopters came to scene and hovered over where the car fell off the mountain. I woke up.

It scared the crap out of me! What do you think it means?!? My stomach is in knots :(.

Example: What does it mean to dream about breaking down mountains?

In my dream my mom told me that I have to use tools to break down these mountains in one day.She told me had a map and said in the map I cannot break down the white moutains but I can break down the brown ones.I never actully saw the map though.I thought this really random,maybe no meaning at all?

Example: What does a dream about mountain climbing mean?

I dreamt about being out on this mountain climbing excursion. The location was out in the desert, there were many people and for some strange reason the city bus route ran all the way out there.(strange) So we checked our equipment and began training for cliff jumping and repelling. It started raining(hard); noone had a tent so everbody did some kind of ninja disappearing act and I was stuck out by myself. So, now I'm in the mountains, in the desert, alone in the rain, and the last bus to town just left. What is this about?

Example: What does it mean if you dream about mountains?

Recently, I've been having lots of dreams that I'm in the mountains, or going on a mountain retreat with a group of people. I think this might mean something significant, as I don't live in the mountains and have only been to the mountains once in my life.

Example: What does this dream mean? mountain, and a wolf.. read please?

this is not my dream, but my dads.. it goes like this..

"im all the way on top of this mountain, i can see the sun setting, and i see some rocks in a circle as if i was going to make a fire.. i think to myself, wait i need some lighter fluid. so i start walking down the mountain to go home to get the lighter fluid. and it gets dark, like pure dark i cannot see nothing at all around me. so i say "f*** this..." (should i add that he cusses alot) "...im going back." so i turn around at the end of the darkness i can see some light.. and i see a wolf at the end of the light.. i start running towards the light and the wolf starts running towards me and we're going head on. im not going to back away i am not scared to play chicken with this wolf, and hes BIG. so this is happening and were about to hit then i start screaming and we bump and it felt like the wolf went in me or something and i wake up bcuz my wife woke me up bcuz i was screaming...

can anybody interpret this dream for me plz. i kind of have an idea of what it means but i just need a clearer picture.. plz and thanks

Example: Tigers in dreams...mountain lion? What does this mean?

I wont explain my life and what i am going through...but here is my dream last night

I am in an open field...like you see in the animal planet channel...like a safari. I see what looks like a cougar or mountain lion lurking in the tall brown grass. I am afraid of it...but when it comes out of the grass...its actually a tiger. I was pretty scared. But I do sense that the mountain lion was still around somewhere and I was fearful of that too. I felt it like maybe behind me or bak in the tall grass watching me. I know I must face the tiger now...and all I had was a basketball in my hand. lol! (comical part of the dream) But I felt like I have been there before though...like maybe I had this dream in the past and forgot about it...and in the past when I throw the basketball the tiger chases it and leaves me alone. So I do the same this time but it does not work...after I throw the basketball, the tiger is still walking towards me. It gets on top of me, grabs a hold of my neck but does not succeed in killing me. I am able to fight it off. But the tiger continues to walk towards me...and when about to strike again, the mountain lion jumps in front of me and the tiger bites the mountain lion in the neck, kills it and drags it away...I feel relieved afterwards and then wake up. I woke up like...what the heck was that all about? I know it has to mean something?

What can this mean?

Thanks for all your help.


Example: What does it mean when you dream of talking/singing mountains?

It was a bright, clear sun shiny day. I was reading a book and right off the pages the red clay mountains looked like faces. Beautiful and colorful. Someone next to me told me to shhh and watch and that's when the mountains began to speak/sing. I was laughing and so amazed.

Example: What does it mean when you dream about falling off a mountain?

I was walking somewhere where there were a lot of mountains, and some of my friends and family members were there too. We came across these mountains that were connected with this rope and I wanted to get to the other mountain that was connected with the rope. My friends and family didn't say a single word, they just followed me. We didn't grab the rope to get to the other side, instead we walked on it. But then I fell halfway through the rope and my friends and family just looked down on me as I fell and then I woke up shaking and sweating a little.

I've dreamt of that several times but the last time I dreamt it (like last week or so)it was a little different, everyone fell down with me. I don't know what it means and I find it really strange.

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