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Dream About Mouse Running Wheel meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Help? My parents are letting me get another pet?

My pet ferret passed away about 2 months ago from old age. I love animals and since I don't have I pet I asked my parents if I could get another pet. They said I could but only if I paid for it... I agreed and I want a fancy russian dwarf hamster. What are all the materials I would need to get?

Home. A hamster’s dream house would be something close to its original wild environment. There are a lot of cage types that you could pick out: tanks, wire cage or plastic cage. Let me warn you that dwarf hamsters are great escape artists. The tank type or the plastic is ideal because there aren’t gaps for them to fit into and make an escape.

If you buy a wire cage, make sure it’s similar to that for mice, because it has smaller gaps. Hamsters are also tunnel diggers by nature, so let’s thank whoever invented the plastic tunnels for them to move around in. Buy the ones of smaller size that would fit your dwarf hamster just right.

Allocation of Food. Don’t judge these creatures by their size, but they can eat just as much as the Syrian hamster, which is twice their size. You can feed them with seeds, grains, pellets, and various dried fruits and vegetables. Be careful though. Avoid fruits with high citric juice content such as oranges because it might cause hyperacidity. Also put control in feeding them with green vegetables. Remember the last time you ate green salad? What happened to your stomach?

You can also reward your pet with treats once in a while. Some options are oats, dry catfood, bread, cheese and cooked meat. Don’t give them sweets, ever. If you do so, you’ll give them sugar high and diabetes. Supply them with proper rations of food and water everyday. Speaking of which, you will also need to buy a water bottle.

Materials for Nesting. This will serve as your dwarf hamster’s bed when it’s sleeping. Providing them with a box would be a good idea. Safe materials to use are shredded tissue paper, brown paper bag, or any unscented paper that you use for printing. DO NOT use that fibrous cotton-like material where they can get tangled in. Or they might swallow the material itself and might congest their breathing.

Substrate. Another perfect way to simulate your hamster’s wild environment would be to add substrate. You put this on the cage flooring so that your pet can dig their hearts out. Substrates can be made out of wood shavings such as Aspen or softwood. DO NOT use Cedar shavings because it contains scented oil that can cause respiratory problems.

Toys. No, I don’t mean dolls or stuffed bears. I meant chew toys. You should know that a hamster’s teeth never stop growing. They need to trim their teeth, and they’ll always feel the urge to chew or gnaw on something. If you don’t give them a chew toy quick, you dwarf hamster might end up munching its cage and damage its teeth. You can purchase dog biscuits, lab blocks, soft wooden toys and calcium chews for your pet.

Exercise. Again, small size, high energy levels. These small critters are really full of surprises. They are natural marathon runners, so give them a running wheel to expend and unleash unused energy. Make sure you buy a smaller than usual wheel, and the better if it’s solid plastic with no gaps so their foot will not fall through. You can also use hamster balls so they could run outside their cage. Let me remind you that they don’t have food while inside a hamster ball, so make sure they aren’t out long.

Regular Cleaning. We all want our hamsters to live comfortably, which is why it is strongly recommended for you to clean the cage and all the accessories at least once a week. Use mild detergent and soap and rinse well. Make sure the cage is thoroughly dry before putting in a new set of substrate. Set aside a portion of your hamster’s nesting material, and bring it back in the cage afterwards. Let’s just it has sentimental value for your pet. Hamsters also like to clean themselves in a sand bath. Simply give them a sand bowl where they can roll in. Replace it regularly as they are prone to soil them as well.

Shower of Love. Lastly, all the material things need to be partnered with a hug, a touch, for the care process to be considered complete. Like human beings, holding your pet will make it feel more secure. Hamsters are awake at night so it’s the best time to handle them. Scoop them up with both hands, and hold them for only a short span of time. Be cautious though, they might be aggressive at first.

So don’t forget: H-A-M-S-T-E-R-S. These adorable pets require a certain amount of care and effort. But I assure you that your time is not wasted. Caring for these precious diamonds in small packages are definitely worth the investment.

Hope I helped x

Example: Poll: Can You Name A Movie That Starts With An "M"!?

Example: What are some good songs about life?

I want some songs like Miley Cyrus- The Climb, Demi Lovato- Skyscraper, Katy Perry- Firework, Daniel Powter- Had A Bad Day. You know, inspirational songs like that about life and overcoming the obstacles that are thrown at you. Do you know any songs like that?

Example: What the heck could this dream mean? Caged mouse...?

I was in my old college dorm room (I graduated 17 yrs ago), but it felt like I was at a new job. I looked up and saw a mouse running on a wheel in his cage. The cage was hanging from the ceiling. I'd never seen it before and I panicked because I'd been at the job for 3 weeks. I rushed to the cage and the mouse was still running. I gave him some water and he drank it. Of course he was very thirsty. Then the dream skipped to an outdoor scene where I was carrying the mouse in my hands. He bit me and I dropped him. And he ended up hanging off a ledge. Then that was it.

What the heck could it all mean? It's even stranger that I remembered this all from this morning.

Example: I need a song to sing... UNDER 3 minutes or 3 minutes! HELP?!?

I love to sing and my school is having a talent show and i need a 3 minutes song or under 3 minutes! PLEASE!

Example: PS/2 mouse exhibits odd behavior under DOS on new motherboard. Why?

The mouse (a vintage Microsoft Wheel Mouse) worked fine on my ~2004 motherboard, but upon upgrading to an Asus M3A78 motherboard two or three years ago, the mouse quit working right when running DOS. (I tried both DOS 6.22 and DOS 7.)

The mouse still works fine on Windows. (I tried Windows 98 and Windows 2000.)

Under DOS, moving the mouse side-to-side results in the mouse pointer going up and down, while moving the mouse up and down does nothing. I'm not sure if clicking works or not.

Any ideas what happened? Where there any changes in the PS/2 mouse standard since the year 2000?

(FWIW, the Windows mouse drivers are from 1999. Since they work, it seems that the PS/2 mouse standard hasn't changed. And so I shouldn't need to update my DOS mouse driver. Which, BTW, came with the mouse.)

Example: What does this dream mean?

I'll retell what I can remember and the feelings i felt in the dream:

I was returning to school, but wit was twice as big as before. the hallways were twice as long, it was twice as tall, and all the rooms were HUGE. but i wasn't scared of it, it was more exciting, like i could explore more.
So i did. I ended up in the library, after I ran into a teacher I used to know. But i never even had this teacher, i just knew who she was. anyway, the library was ginormous, with shelves like 20 feet tall. I was looking through the books and found one giant version of a little child's book called "mouse soup" and im like "sweet this was a fun book, and now it's super long!" so then i tried to put it back, but i accidentally leaned ont he shelf, and it moved. I didn't see that it was on wheels before. So i apologized to the person on the other side of the shelf that i almost ran it into, as I moved it back into place.

Then I left and i guess looked around some more.

then i ended up in the bathroom, which was more like a shower room. I was going to take a shower when i glanced at myself in the mirror and i thought i would make a rather handsome boy. and so i turned into a boy. so then i was taking a shower in one of the stalls, which had super low walls. in the other stalls were a bunch of little kids taking a shower. we all had soapy suds in our hair. one of the stalls had girls in it, but it wasn't weird because it was the shower room, not specifically the boys room. but it still was a little weird to me. then al of a sudden this man showed up and started yelling about some story... i don't even know what he was talking about, but then the princible walked in to stop him (and the princible wa Regis... from Regis and Kelly...). So Regis took care of the weird guy. By now the scene had changed into a sandy beach. All I saw was the sand made bright by the sun.

and that's all i remember.
it's weird.
sorry it's so long.
i've been trying to use dream interpretation sites to figure out some words in my dream, like school, bathroom, beach, ect. But what can you get out of my dream?

Example: I don't want to live anymore?

okay, yeah, doesn't mean I'm gonna kill myself, but I've lost interest in life. It's like, I used to be all hyper and excited about things, but now, my family is super annoying, serious, uptight. My school is difficult, teachers are always angry at something. My work is annoying cuz my manager is a jerk. I REALLY don't have ANYEONE to talk to cuz EVERYONE is going through some kind of ****. So... I figured, what's the freaking point of living?

Example: Does anyones know any really nice contempory songs?

like before it's too late
cat and mouse
the call
a drop in the ocean
songs like those?

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