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Dream About Mucus meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What could it mean to dream of a crow bulging out of my head?

I went to sleep very relaxed after meditating for a while. I believe I've been quite stressed lately and a bit paranoid about people's intentions towards me. Well it happens that I end up dreaming about having a twinge on the upper right side of my head and I feel as if something is opening my skull and popping out... Then, I pull out a crow (apparently it was dead since it wasn't moving) full of mucus ... I never saw blood. I was thinking about it all day long and the possible meaning of this nightmare. Can someone with experience help me figure this disturbing nightmare out?

Fascinating. You are disturbed by this dream on waking, is that the way you felt while it was occurring? Or are you calling it a nightmare because it handles darkness?
You admit that you have been entertaining some dark thoughts during this time of stress in your life.
That your head opens up like that suggests that you have been examining these thoughts. That the crow was dead, and you removed it suggests that on some level you have decided that this negative attitude is doing you no good, and decided to put an end to it, to "lay it to rest", so to speak. What I am looking at here is that your head opens up ( so you are examining your head), the crow pops up (you are examining a 'tude) and you remove it, the crow is a dark, negative, or annoying attitude, it's dead, it's done, you've decided enough is enough, it's not for you, it's gone. Good for you for finding the time and space to meditate, it may be what is helping you to examine this attitude.

Example: What is the meaning of my dream?

First,I dream of 6 numbers,then I see a gorgeous man riding a white horse with an eagle..ing to me,he hands me the eagle and says we are at the end,he lives me with the eagle and left.
The next dream,i see a bird with letters WIN and it voices it out," you are going to win"
The next dream i was sleeping and i hear celebrating noise of people waking me up that I should join them to celebrate,they have come to celebrate my win...

Then,I dream't running from some one with my friends and so many other people,and I was the first to reach a safe place,with no sight of any one else.
Yesterday,I dream't of going to the market,found a mother with her little son selling peanuts,stopped to buy some peanuts from her,but her son blew his nose in my peanuts,and asked her,are You sure,you are packing for me those peanuts with your son's mucus in it,she said it is okay,take it.

Ha ha ha,i could not take it,left them with my money,didn't take the peanuts..and that was it.
All these are consecutive dreams every day...

Can any one please help me interpret for me what all these dreams could mean?
Thank You so much.

Example: Pretty brunettes & Fiats: What does this dream mean?

I walked out onto the heavily populated school-bus loading zone where fellow students sat or stood apart from the buses. To my left, they we either huddled on the grass in front of the school's warm brick walls or packed in the shade underneath the covered walkway. For whatever reason, they did not approach the dirty and yellow caravan of buses lined up before them.
Parked separate on the grass were three Fiat 500s with a red and white paint-job that was reminiscent of one the Geek-Squad applies to it's VW Beetles. I don't know why I was receiving special treatment, but I, along with a few other students, were always driven home in one of these lovely little things instead of rocking uncomfortably in a cumbersome bus.
I walked passed a car I instantly recognized to be Fiat #7 and stood near #8, my self-assigned ride for that day. The driver (who looked like Michael Hyatt) soon appeared and we exchanged unrecallable words before she threw a beige car-cover over #8. I didn't understand why no one could leave, but headed toward the covered-walkway where something was unfolding.
Standing on the road in between buses were parents who were apparently pissed about their children not being taken home yet. My mom was among them, though, I couldn't expect her to see me in the mass of students. She was yelling at school faculty who were also there but stopped and eventually stormed off. I instinctively knew she was heading for the school's office and I turned to disentangle myself as I tried get back into the entrance I used to get onto the loading zone.
There was a group of 3 to 4 brunette girls (that all wore purple t-shirts and denim) walking slowly toward the double-doors. I followed behind them for a while, listening to their chat since they were blocking the corridor. I could only see the back of their heads, however as soon as a branching hallway became available, I somehow identified the girl in the group nicknamed 'Turkey' (Wtf?) and asked her to accompany me. This stranger came along without hesitation or a farewell to her friends.
We ran toward the office where my mother was just exiting. Turkey and I followed my mom who ,in turn, followed a trail of clear mucus drippings toward the nurse's office. There we found my little sister. The end.

Can anyone make sense of this, lol. Thanks.

Example: What does this dream mean?

In my dream I was at the party I was suppose to go to the day after I dreamt this. I saw a lonesome girl on the swing. So I went to talk to her she had dark circles around her eyes and greasy hair. Right when I went to say something she started chasing me I was running so fast and then everyone even the girl was gone. I stopped and looked around. I went to leave and everything turned dark red and figures were black like trees. The next thing I know the girls on me and bites me and I think she drank my blood. After that I passed out I woke up and I was in the same spot and everything was normal colored. There was still no one around. I felt so sore and week like I died. I then saw the girl on a hill so I went up there. She wasn't trying to attack me. She was just on a swing. I went to say something and started to throw up black mucus with dark red blood in it. It felt warm and weird like was choking. Everytime I tried to talk or even open my moth I'd spit that stuff up. Then I started to feel light headed and as I was again passing out the girl came closer and I noticed she looked more normal. Less weak and dirty. I woke up feeling weeker with a bar shoved threw my ankle attaching me to a tree. I tried to scream but I just kept spitting that stuff up. Then she was gone. I was in so much pain. I ripped the bar from my ankle and ran/limped into a near house wichita turned out to be my old house. I fell when I got threw the door. Then I saw a huge man running toward the house. I knew he was comming for me so I went into the basement and hid. He instantly knew were I was grabbed me and injected me with a needle. I blacked out and woke up naked on a narrow dark table my writs and angles were chinned to the table so I couldn't move. I was surrounded by people in black cloaks with hoods over there faces. They were chanting something in another language. I felt like a zombie and kept throwing up the bloody black mucus. And since I was laying down it was gettin all over me.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream last night, I was in the kitchen with my parents chatting, and had a stomach cramp first thought was I'm going into labor, hut my mom said no and my dad was laughing. I told them she turned she's ready I then felt a little form in my stomach but I could 'hold' her from side to side with my hand. I then went to the bathroom, as I had a bowel movement I heard someone say oh no, and a hand reach into the toilet( not mine but I was alone) I then reached into the toilet bowl and felt the baby and pulled her out. As I saw her she was a little bigger than my hand, and she was not fully developed but you could see she was a baby, she had her hands almost in a prayer form. To her left I saw another baby, I felt it was another girl, but she was smaller than her sister. The babies wasn't soft like you would assume, it was like they were covered in mucus, but it felt like candle wax, and stuck together? I had a red towel next too me and wrapped the babies in it and went to give them to my mom, because I thought you had to report miscarriage/stillborns. Some how I was relieved, but I as I sat on the top stair (my parents was downstairs) just before I called them I realized I just had twins( a life long dream of mine) and it felt like I lost everything, like my heart was ripping out of my chest. I saw my mom out of the corner of my eye look up and see me. But I didn't hold the babies close, I held them wrapped with one hand?

I'm 23 and not pregnant. Please help me make sense of this it is really confusing and bothering me, since the emotions from the dream bled through afterwards and I still feel like I've lost them.

Thank you!

Example: Dreams:what does it mean when your pulling hair out of your throat in a dream?

For the past month ive had the same thing happen in different dreams, i always end up pulling a big rope of hair and mucus out of my throat and it never stops coming out.. what does it mean?

Example: What does mean when you have a dream about coughing up black mucus?

Last night I had a dream that I was standing at my bathroom sink uncontrollable spitting and coughing up black mucus. What does this mean?

Example: What does it mean if you dream about your mucus plug coming out?

im 37 wks pregnant and i keep having these really crazy dreams, everytime i try to look the dreams up and their meanings online they give me nothing...but this dream was that i was using the bathroom and my mucus plug came out and it was like jelly like and another piece of it looked like another vagina ;/ i know that was tmi but i cant get it out of my head does anyone know what that means?

Example: Im 30 Weeks Pregnant,And I Keep Having Dreams That My Mucus Plug comes Out.What Does This Mean?

My Mother Has Been Having Dreams.This Is My First Child So I Dont Knw if This Is That happens to everyone.

Example: Dream of throwing up mucus? What does this mean?

Hi,I had this dream last night that I don't remember much about,but what I do remember is that it was not a good dream.I also remember clearly throwing up what seems to be gallons and gallons of mucus.I spit up so much that it felt like my whole body is filled with it.I remember the taste,the gag reflexes...At first it looked like I was spitting out slugs with no eyes...but then I realized that it was nothing but mucus..when I was done,I felt like I cleansed my body...but there was nothing left in it. I don't know why I had this dream? I mean lately,I've been fighting alot with my friends..Yesterday I got into a huge fight with my best friend. My parents have been fighting alot lately.And everytime I look into the mirror,I see myself as the ugliest person on earth. I feel so bad about myself most of the time...

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