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Dream About Mummy Case meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Dream about human feces (what does it mean?)?

I had this dream in which I was surrounded by human feces.

I have looked it up and I have an idea of the possible meanings. But all the pages I have found say that it depends on the kind of dream and how one interacts with the excrement. So I include a narration of the complete dream with details for those who want to examine it.

I am treating this issue in a serious way and I expect serious answers.


(Before you read it, please, keep in mind that this story is very GRAPHICAL!)

<<How I saw it>>
I went to the bathroom in the morning after waking up (in my old house, where I don't live anymore).

As I was about to walk into the bathroom, I saw two butlers, or male servants, who worked for my family (in real life, my family has no butlers or maids). They looked at me as if I had done something.

Everything was normal at first. I went to the bathroom to defecate and I did not notice anything unusual.

Only after I finished, did I notice the excrement; and it was a lot. There were human feces all over the bathroom, big ones, slightly larger than normal. They looked "healthy", so to speak; showing no signs of runny stomach or constipation. I particularly remember two big ones in the sink. There was no smell by the way.

<< My reaction>>
As for my reaction, I was obviously disgusted but only at the beginning; and not so much. After that I was just uncomfortable and I wanted to clean myself to get out quickly.

I cleaned myself but there was not enough toilet paper. I even thought of cleaning the bathroom but the idea of removing all the feces with nothing but toilet paper DID disgust me. So I just cleaned my self.

After (or while) cleaning me, I realized that my right hand had some stains of excrement. I had no soap, and by then I already had no toilet paper. Luckily, the faucet was working fine and I had running water. So I rinsed my hands with a lot of water, rubbing the stains out. Then when I looked at the mirror, I saw that there were stains in my face as well.

Now, here's the thing: hen I saw the stains on my face, I was not disgusted or grossed out at all... I got angry! I can clearly remember the anger in my face when I looked at the mirror. It was a feeling of being fed up... as if the fact of being surrounded by excrement was no longer an issue; I just was pissed off. I took water and started scrubbing it all from my face as if it were mud. And then I was all set.

<<After leaving the bathroom>>
When I left the bathroom, the two men who were looking at me earlier (the servants) asked me if I had been the one who made that mess in the bathroom. I said no. I don't remember much after that. All I remember is that the culprit was caught.

I was in my parents' bedroom (still in my old house), and I heard that the culprit had been one of my sister's three sons: the middle brother. But in real life, my sister has only two sons, so that middle brother in my dream was neither of the two sons she has in real life.

Her eldest son is 12; the youngest is 1 and a half. The boy in my dream was in an elementary school age. The last thing I remember is hearing screams from the bathroom. It was my sister blowing up and giving hell to that second son of her for messing the whole bathroom. He was crying a lot.


I always dream about my old house. I rarely dream of my current house.

In situations where other people overreact and get caught in their emotions, I keep calm and examine situation.

It is important for me to carry toilet paper wherever I go and sometimes I don't have it when I need it.

My sister tends to yell loudly at her eldest son for his bad behavior, too much in my opinion.

That day I had seen a documentary about mummies throughout history, and the modern day mummies kind of grossed me out a bit.

I have been in treatment for gasses. I have been on a diet so I kind of miss eating the junk I used to eat.

The kind of porn that I watch includes women urinating, but I don't like women defecating; I find it gross. However, I have accidentally come across videos of women doing so in my search for "peeing" videos. This has happened only once or twice though.
I also watch porn that involves heavy anal penetration and insertions, as well as anal "gaping" and enemas, but with no presence of excrement - I don not like scatology (Please, take this information seriously)

Bathrooms typically deal with cleansing some issue; toilets in the bathroom deal with the "crap" in our lives. In your case/dream, it is very clear that this is some crap dealing with male family members, as you had family's servants as the symbol. Crap all over the walls, and your angry look in the mirror, explain this dream. You have probably repressed alot of anger at male family members. Most dreams are messages from our subconscious, and yours is not very pleasant at all.

Example: Can anyone tell me what this dream means?

So I had a dream that I woke up in the middle of a cold night (it felt like it was late in the year but I could be wrong) and I went to my bathroom for some water. I looked down into the garden, and there was an old woman sitting on our low wall that separates the lawn from the patio. But she wasn't your average old woman, her skin looked like a charcoal colour and she was really wizened and wrinkled.. like a cross between a mummy and the woman that was head of the cult in Doctor Who in 'The Fires of Pompeii'. She called up to me 'Would you like a cup of tea?' and I called back 'No thanks love, shouldn't you be getting home? It's very cold!' And she said 'I suppose you're right, dear.' And she got up and started walking. She looked okay, so I went back to bed. Then suddenly I'm downstairs with this female teacher from my school that's head of the Charities Committee, and we were outside and the old woman had collapsed in the bush and we were trying to do CPR. I told her to carry on with it, but she was doing it wrong so I went to get help, saying to her over my shoulder 'Two rescue breaths with every thirty seconds of chest compressions to the beat of 'Nellie the Elephant', push in to two-thirds the depth of her chest, release and compress again.' and then I quickly showed her what to do with her hands while compressing.
And then it was the same dream but I have no idea how, I think I was kissing some guy a lot that I didn't actually really feel anything for {this guy in my year. We flirt but I don't actually like him (I'm not a whore, we're just a flirty year-group plus I just broke up with my boyfriend a few weeks ago so I'm enjoying being single) as anything apart from a friend so we text but it's just friendly.. except he got a bit weird last week and he and his friends sexually harassed me for like half an hour solid in the common room.. which was strange.. but anyhoo} and that was in my dining room that we were kissing and hugging, and I felt a bit uncomfortable and wrong about it.
Then I was suddenly at school waiting to go into Food Tech and I was looking in my bag and for some reason I remembered that my friend (I think this 'friend' was Brittany out of Glee) had wrapped a newborn puppy up in plastic and put it in my bag and I was crying going 'It'll be dead! No, please don't be dead!' because it would have suffocated. And I got it out of the plastic and it was still warm so I did three chest compressions like you'd do on a baby and it coughed and it was alive and I cried and cuddled it and then my Food Tech teacher arrived and congratulated me and said because of that and something else I'd done I'd have more 'points' towards my exam or something..

The whole CPR thing in two bits of the dream may be because I always have it in the back of my mind in case I ever need to save a life (I even have a booklet on First Aid in my school blazer pocket in case of emergencies), but I don't know.
The puppy thing may be because my dog died in August and I still miss her sometimes, and it could be linked with our new dog who is 8 months now and I'm very protective of him, maybe because I couldn't save my old dog (she died of cancer) and he reminds me so much of her. I'm not sure.

Oh and then at some point I was visiting my old school and then I was at my Granny's old house. Those are linked because they're basically on the same property, as my grandparents founded the school in 1955. Over 50 years later the school was in debt so the family sold it to a trust who changed a lot of stuff and since then most of the family have had a level of resentment towards the school and what it became, really. Also my granny had to move out of her house when we sold the school. The trust insisted because it was technically owned by whoever owned the school.
So yeah basically visiting the school and visiting the old house (and I think I was visiting it in present day except in the dream she was still living there) is linked, I gave a vague background so you know the feelings associated with the house and school.

Then at some other point I was on a screen talking, might have been on TV, and because it was a low quality blurry screen you couldn't see my braces and my teeth looked awesome and I was really pleased because that's what my teeth would look like when they came off. The dream had a slight dystopian air to it, maybe because I've been reading the 'Hunger Games' trilogy. The teeth thing may be linked to my mum yesterday talking to someone visiting about how they think my teeth look amazing now under my braces.

Can anyone tell me what this means? I have weird dreams all the time but this seemed different. I can't remember the exact chronological order of all the parts of the dream but there are all the elements. They see

Example: What does this dream mean/how do I get it to stop?

I have a kinda messed up dream a lot, its not every night but its very frequent. It changes a tiiiiiny bit every time, but its basically the same thing.

Pretty much, what it is is that I'll be walking around somewhere unfamiliar to me in real life, but in the dream I just know for some reason its my house. (this is the part that changes, the time period and clothing in the dream or the furniture styles of the house will change) Anyway, yeah I'll be walking around doing whatever and then my mom (who doesn't look like my mom at all, yet again I know its her or represents her anyway) will come and find me and ask me to help with cleaning.

Sooo, I do. We get the whole house done and finally we get to the last room. No matter what the house looks like this room always has a big glass case, almost like a hearse with no wheels, with curtains around the outside. When I walk into this room in my dream I get very very uneasy, because my dreamself knows what's in there behind the curtains. It's the body of my step dad (I know weird right? x_X)

So while we're cleaning the room I avoid it as much as I can, yet I have a really strong curiosity to peek in. Eventually I always do, I pull back the curtain just a little bit and through the glass case see his face. He almost looks like a mummy without the wraps, you know dry and stuff. And his eyes are always wiiide open. He had very very bright blue eyes, so its very shocking to see them just wide open. Also, they're always looking RIGHT at me.

At this point in the dream I kinda wig out a little, and run to the other side and peek in on that side. Again, the eyes are looking right at me, which means they had to move. So I stare a while longer, and little things just keep twitching and moving, so I get very scared and tell my mom to come look. She does, and when she sees him move she FREAKS out. I figure she's scared and start to leave the room.

However, she opens up the glass case, pulls him out, and starts hugging all over him. Which, as you can imagine, is a shocking image in and of its self... My mom clinging to this disguising old dead body, I won't get too detailed here but rest assured its grotesque. He starts to hug onto her, and she just is obsessive about this dead body that moves for a couple of days and sits with it/him constantly.

Eventually the thing gets more and more mobile and starts a classic nightmare zombie type chase, but the dream never actually ends. It just ends with my mom and I running out onto the porch, as soon as we get outside its just anticlimactically finished.

I know what this means to a degree, my mom married a guy who was my step dad (lol obviously), and he beat me when she wasn't around. When she was around he'd act like he was the most innocent thing, and she'd basically cradle him. So I'd see her cradling a "monster" so to speak. Which is exactly what happens here.

What I'm wondering by asking what this means is, WHY do I have this dream? More over, why do I have it over and over and over and over, why do small things like furniture styles change each time? Is there any way I can stop having this dream? It truly terrifies me, not gonna lie.

The first time I had it I had NO idea as to wtf happened, but after a couple times I pieced together what was going on compared to my real life experiences... But it just simply keeps happening. I don't think about it during the day, I don't think about it before I go to bed... It happens about twice a month, so I don't sit there and worry about having it or anything. My real step dad died quite a few months ago, and it started then. I very very rarely think about him, or anything about him really. This just comes up out of the blue for no reason, any ideas as to what's going on?

(whoaaah long post sorry x.x)

Example: English proofreading, plase?

I really want to improve my writing abilities, and I thought that writing about anything would help. Please, if you could let me know what you think about my English? What can I improve? I had problems with word order, connectors, and punctuation.
Any constructive criticism is welcome.
It has been quite a while since I last wrote in my journal. Sometimes, I think people get well enough and then stop writing about what’s going on…my case but I’ll do my best to journal a bit more.
My life has changed a bit lately. I’m still undertaking my internship and learning a lot about this huge technology. It was boring in the beginning but now I got used to read manuals, practice in the computer and write schemes to make sure that I’m actually learning.
The good thing about the internship is that I get to see my father every day as we have lunch together Monday to Friday. We didn’t talk much for few days but now we talk about my grandmother, his desires of getting into the property market, and other daily things. The other good thing about the internship is my boss…he seems nice, and I don’t talk much with my work colleagues because that often means trouble. (I know I should talk more but there’s no need for me to talk anyway)
I haven’t given up on the idea of travelling but I just have to be patient…anyway, I know that the British economy is quite rough at the moment. I’ve been in touch with few of my university friends, and it is quite sad that they’re still unable to get jobs. I’m not really sure if they’re picky about jobs or if there isn’t any job at all. I often read the newspaper and it seems is not just statistics but is something that is actually happening!
On the other hand, my gorgeous kitten has turned into a bigger cat now. She is such a darling…I think she thinks she’s like a puppy cause she follows me everywhere in the house, and it doesn’t mean she’s hungry. I think she thinks I’m her mummy.
With regard to my ex…well…I still think of him every day but I now know he will never become mine…which makes me sad but I know all is okay…that’s what I expected anyway!
My sleep habits are a lot better now. Last night, I went to bed at 10.30 and got up at 7.00am…No dreams, no sleeping pills, no time to have thought of Scott. The fact that I kept a diary of my sleeping habits for 10 days helped me find the pattern of my inability to sleep. It was down to my thoughts, dreams and desires about Scott, the ex. It is just so bad to fall in love with someone that doesn’t care enough. Been there, done that, and I know how things should be next time! At least, I have hope!

Example: When it comes to children of today, do you believe...?

that beatings should be re-instated, or just maybe bring back the old school way of raising kids. My grandfather is a very respectable man, yet now, my daughter disrespects me all the time? Did we take a wrong turn somewhere? How about the "rite fo passage" for doing your time in the military? THAT is another issue I have, comment on what you wish! Thanks in advance. Kids just don't respect their elders like they should, and it gets me so angry. Especially, since most of those "elders" have been put through MORE HECK than those kids could ever dream of!

Example: What does my dream mean?

In my dream, I am at my former college (I transferred) but the campus looks like my current school. I had just attended an assembly of sorts and as I'm walking across campus, I pass the basketball team that has just been in a freak accident so they're bandaged up almost like mummies.
A second group, not bandaged, then passes and I tell them to feel better and good luck. This kid proceeds to hug me and say thank you. He introduces me to the group he is with, telling them I am extremely nice. So I cross campus with them, talking and learn that they are all younger than myself and have been traumatized from some form of abuse or their parents have abused substances which has affected them in some negative manner. They take me to a beat up house on campus and begin to hold a meeting almost like a therapy session. The one girl, who I had spoken the most to, shared what had happened to her that week and how she dealt with it. The "therapist" asked her some questions and she sat down. I wrote down my information and handed it to the girl who gave me a hug and thanked me again.
I left their meeting for a club meeting across campus. I entered this building that I didn't see the exterior of but has been in my dreams before. Inside is a multipurpose room. To the right were two stair cases. One looked as though it began to spiral but it was too dark to see. The other, directly beside it, had tiny stairs that you almost had to crawl up. A few feet in front of these stairs was a mini slide with stairs to the left of it that lead to an open room with desks and students were studying. To the left were doors that looked like doors in a restaurant that lead to the kitchen. I enter those and go down a small dim lit hall way. I go through another set of doors similar to the ones before and enter a dark hall. There is a dim light coming from the end where I had apparently previously left my things before originally going to the assembly. I venture down the hall, grab my things and wake up.

Example: I''ve wondered what this dream meant my whole life? please interpret?

I had this dream when I was really little, like maybe only 4 or 5. Somewhere around the time of my first memories, maybe a bit later. The dream took place in a wooden hut, amongst a forest. It was really shady. There was this boy there, the same age as me at the time. He had dark hair and pale skin. I can't remember distinctly seeing his face, I never really see peoples faces clearly in dreams. But it was like he was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen. It was kind of like I fell in love with him? But I was only 4 years old so how is that possible? And in the dream my dad was there and I said "Daddy can I marry him?" my dad said yes so I asked the boy to marry me but the boy said no. I cried so much, I was actually heartbroken.
This dream stuck with me my whole life. I'm 19 now.
Can anyone interpret this?

Example: Dream interpretation?

last night i had a dream, or nightmare, that a few people (men) in my life died in somethin that seemed like tomb. (This winter break i went to universal studios and went on a ride on the revenge of the mummy and got sooo freaked out. i dont know if that has anything to do with the dream though.) So they were all in boxes and burning to death and one was my boyffriend, one was my step dad, and one was my brother. I went in to get them but it was too late. only their heads were left. but later in the dream, i went to dinner at my boyfriends house and everything was normal. This was last night and i am soooooo freaked out and definitley confused and im sure you are too...i might not have explained it so well either...PLEASE HELP!

Example: When I dream of my baby he always gets hurt!?

I'm 17 weeks and whenever I dream about him (it's always a him lol cuz that's what we want not found out yet) and I know you support a babies neck but in these dreams his head falls off! No blood, no panic I just pick it up and put it back on! It happens multiple times in the dream, when I'm holding him or when I'm handing him to someone. It's so calm like it's natural. And when I push him in the pram (a travel system) he somehow falls out! No crying, I just pick him up and put him back in. What does this mean?! Am I going to be an awful mummy? :-(

Example: Can you help me with my dream? Very important. Need to figure this out.?

They are 4 parts to the dream i had tonite.

The 1st part...I went grocery shopping. I only spend $150 out of $200. Then my dad, my sister in law and me was in this room, and we seen my mom. "In real life she past away in feb 2009 of a sudden heart attack", she was suppose to be in her coffen, but some how she wasnt there and she was wrap up in white tissue like the mummies. All of a sudden she was moving around in a fatal position cover up in her comforter in the bed "which i use now" and i kept telling my dad she not dead look.

Part 2. I was connecting with my friends love ones. They couldnt see them, but i could see thier spirit and there was this mirror so i can see the human form of the spirits. My friends was line up, and the spirits ask for the person's name and i took the spirit to thier love ones. I took my friends hand and place it on thier decease love one hand and they went about talking very happy.

Part 3. When it came to me, I was scared to see my mom. This time i dont know why. "I ususally see her, talk to her, play with her any other time in my dreams, but this time i dont know what happen". In the dream i kept saying no, i dont wanna see her yet, maybe i was scared to see her in her physical form in the mirror, the way how she died in the hospital.

Part 4. I contacted this young girl i dont know. She died, but was showing me the events off how she died. We was in the train station, and she got into a fight and this girl kick her in the stomach and she bleed to death, and she was telling me the story and i woke up.

I wasnt scared or anything when i woke up, just cant put the pieces together. Can someone tell me what these dream mean?

Thank u!

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